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Oh man, he straight roasted lil’ V: Someone call the burn unit.  Get this man some aloe vera.  Get him to elevate his feet and have a damn nap. 😂😂😂 I haven’t seen such a burn in a long ass time. Thoughts? Gat tip: Maison

This: hahah he posts these types of videos occasionally, of him doing derpy shit with a gun overlaid with some inspirational speech etc.  Like I said before, I’m so happy this guy is so gassed up on himself… it makes for really great content. Cool t rex snatchbacks, jerky movements, and Israeli moves brAh. Oh […]

I have spare time today, but you better believe I’m not watching FUNKER x VODA for a damn hour and half: The Funker marketing machine knows what they are doing though, I’ll say that much.  VODA’s shitshow is the hot topic right now in the gun community.  I’m sure the video contains tons of “because […]

The man already went off the rails numerous times… then he continues to release bullshit like this: Ugh seriously?  Not even 5 seconds into the video he’s already saying how he tucks his unholstered loaded gun between the seat and his crotch when he’s driving. 1:13 – Place your gun on the dash?  Yea I’m […]

Holy… I normally don’t like to soak the blog in VODA stink more than necessary, but here’s more: Unbelievable.  Like I mentioned in the previous post, these amateurs and their comfort level being at “guns are toys” is concerning. Thoughts?

Stempling with King General .357 of BLACKPACKERZ™ / President of Urban Sharp Shooters Atlanta: Yea… these guys really need stippled guns… that’s their current biggest problem… no stippling. After watching the video I’m pretty sure “Stempling” is defined as “attempting to stipple, when you have no idea what the hell you’re doing” I couldn’t make […]