Yea this guy is a badass:

Pat-McNamaraI always like to hear the history behind these guys who are well known in the industry.  Sure I give a lot of them a rough time every now and again because I like laughing, but it’s obvious they are doing good work and we’re on the same side.  Some other profile type videos I posted which come to mind were on Larry Vickers, and on Travis Haley.

For a 40-something year old guy, Pat is really agile.  Would gas up and burn things down with.



They released an official trailer:

Looks very intense!  I can imagine that after an hour+ of this (I’m assuming) I’ll probably want to throw up.  The first time I felt really old was watching my younger cousins play Call of Doody and I had to take a walk because I felt nauseated.

Hardcore-Poster-GoProThis “go-pro POV action genre” was originally made popular by the band Biting Elbows who with the same director made a pretty crazy POV music video for one of their songs.  After that went viral they raised $250k on Indiegogo for this movie we just watched the trailer for.

Thoughts?  I’d like to see this… Hopefully it’s something that will come out online or on Netflix or something after it’s TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival) screening.


A Slow Mo Guy meets the plug in Scottsdale AZ:

1:00 – The confetti is a nice touch.  Is that actually in all the cartridges? haha it’s like “SURPRISE! You’re going to hit the ground and shit your pants!” There should be streamers and ice cream cake too in a secondary burst.

Oh interesting… that confetti has the serial number on it.

2:11 – hahah I’m not envious of that guy.  I hope they didn’t tell him this was going to happen to him today, and made sure to take him to an all you can eat Mexican buffet with beers for lunch.

This is probably the best Taser related video I’ve seen / posted in a while:

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LOL nice right?


Wow, this is incredibly brave, and also sounds incredibly dangerous:

Royal-Marines-Apache-Wing-Strapped-Rescue-Mission“The military lacks light helicopters that would normally be used for this sort of work.  It will be another seven years before something suitable is available.

I’ll repeat that for emphasis – It will be another seven years before something suitable is available.”  *smh* bureaucracy at its finest.  Dealing with that must be so frustrating for everyone involved.

There’s a detailed account of the events on Dailymail.

That’s really sad that Lance Corporal Ford didn’t make it out alive.  I can’t even imagine what a physical and emotional rollercoaster every day in a war zone must be.




Everything about this is amazing; what a beautiful time to be alive.  I can’t believe this video has existed on YouTube since 2011 and no one has put me onto it until now.

0:50 – Nice teacup bro.  Can I get you a scone?  You should extend that pinky out so the rounds fly straighter.

Bolt-Force-Volunteer-Crime-FightingHoly, the “character” introductions are amazing.

Is such a “unit” even allowed?  Can you legally troll the streets looking for crime to fight?  Can they make arrests?  What good are they?  If they ever shot anyone, sounds like a massive legal nightmare.


Gat tip: jpcmt


What you’ve come to expect from the Russians, plus a few amazing surprises:

Faces covered to avoid internet embarrassment.

1:14 – Oh lawd.  That looks like what Shoothouse Puzikas did in that Panty-Oh video, but even more retarded because Sonny actually was looking in the direction of one of the firearms at least!  No-look shooting is so fashionable.  Safety isn’t.  Get with the program.

Sonny-Puzikas-AK-Glock-Dual-Wield1:57 – “the drive-by simulator” – key Russian technology.  It’s a real skill to hit what you’re aiming at when you’re dumping mags out the Lada.

2:32 – This linked ammo loading crank device seems pretty cool… a better shot of it at 2:57

Despite some of the obvious theatrics in this video, I’m sure these guys actually do kick some major ass.

Gat tip: no uno