I can’t even tell anymore where the line between fun and serious is with any of these Funker tactical group guys:

Instructor-Zero*shrug* I don’t know, is that serious?  Looks like some drill for LOLz you’d make up with your buddies when you’re getting sauced on the beach some night.  We’ve seen even more far out stuff from Zero though, so part of me thinks that he may actually believe this drill has some real world application.  Like maybe he’s seen the future and in 2018 a law is passed where all guns have to be stored disassembled (of course to curb crime *eye roll*), so being the fastest and best at assembly could save your life.

Thoughts?  Are you over Zero or do you still look forward to all this stupid shit?



By curving the barrel:

Here’s how they bend the barrel in Adam’s sword forge.  LOL only Adam would have a sword forge… dude has so many hobbies, interests, and lots of money to match:


Interesting that the 45 degree barrel speed and the 90 degree barrel speed was the same.  Or is that not interesting?  Sometimes I think I forget all the university physics I took in order to make way for other stuff, so simple things that impress me probably shouldn’t.

Gat tip: Say Uncle



Not the first of it’s kind, but definitely the nicest looking:

I’m still one of those “it’s not broken so don’t fix it” type guys when it comes to anything Glock.  Even the generation 4’s very existence makes me shiver because the gen3 was basically perfect.  Anyway, I do see how something like this TackRack could come in handy for various reasons mentioned.  Sure you’re adding a potential “snag” point, but that’s the catch-22 in this situation because that’s the whole reason you’d be putting it on in the first place.



I lost a bit of respect when I saw the options for engraving were “Punisher, Don’t Tread On Me, and the US flag.”  Two out of those three engravings are in the basic bitch starter kit for laser engravers.   I’m cool with the flag, in case there was confusion.  At least there’s no witty anti-Obama slogan, or “from my cold dead hands”, “molon labe”, or “come and take it”.

While I’m making fun of shit, I always get a kick out of when people use such phrases as (2:23) “Making it easier to gain positive purchase on the slide”…. Oh get the fuck over yourself and just say “get a good grip on the slide”, no one is impressed by “positive purchase” Phil, got it? haha

You can grab one of these things at Wright Shooting Concepts for $30, or $35 with the very rare engraving of your choice discussed earlier.

Thoughts? Would operate with?

Gat tip: Adam



A cool story from a couple bros, if I’ve ever seen one:

“a friend of ours” say Yeager and Jay… and then don’t mention his name.  Who is this?  It’s not Shoothouse Puzikas again as we find out later… and it’s not Cory 11B because he’s in Indiana.

FXhummel1-Tactical-Response-Photographer-DownrangeOh man I really want to see whatever video(s) they are likely talking about that are “unsafe” according to my fellow keyboard commandos.  Keep mind Jay is the downrange photographer at Tactical Response, so obviously his definition of safety is very loose compared to a lot of ours.

4:41 – Jay addresses the Shoothouse Puzikas negligence.  LOL LOL LOL so funny guys so funny, so hilarious Shoothouse shot a student and he’s still operating his school.  LOL amazing.  Uh for real… this is a joke we laugh at now? *smh*

I agree it’s not even going to happen that the anti-gun people are going to be like “Oh ok, we like that type of training but we don’t like this type of training”.  Videos like this are going to continue to be made over at Tactical Response though because then I throw a fit over it, and ARFCOM throws a fit, and ______ throws a fit and then on and on and Yeager adds another few million dollars to the bottom line because people find out about him this way and the “not giving a shit” legend he’s been cultivating for years keeps growing.  Honestly I’m ok with that… if guys want to train at Tactical Response and shoot 2 ft to the left of Jay’s head and get a cool 8×10″, or go train with Shoothouse Puzikas, it makes no difference to me either.  Your time and money.






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Holy NRA, this is INTENSE:

I was like a minute into this feeling like I was tripping out.  Looking for insane CGI camera work, talking birds, racially diverse birds, and jingles?  This video has it all.

2:18 – Garry the goose stays lit AF playing video games until they harass him again.

2:39 – Sweet free gun!

2:54 – Eddie Eagle’s eagle eye is all over it… trying to blame Garry goose.  Garry wasn’t about to take shit though, he didn’t know where it came from.

3:08 – *hot safety jingle #1 from Eddie*  His buddies were like “WAT?”

OMG I love this video seriously.  I feel like if there was a 3D version I’d probably have a sensory overload and need to nap to recover.

5:16 – LOL Garry goose is so high.  Look how derpy and excited he looks when he hears “answers to questions about gun safety and pizza”.  Gotta satisfy those munchies.

6:01 – AHHAHA Garry straight up snatched five slices.  Peep the “beats by Dre” type logo on his headphones at 6:05… that’s tight.

6:23 – *Garry goose mumbles something unintelligible with his pizza filled mouth*… then we hear he doesn’t get the big deal because there are guns in his video games.  The cop bird is like fuck you Garry, it’s not the same… DON’T MAKE ME SAY IT’S NOT THE SAME a 3rd time.  OH I WISH MF’in A GOOSE WOULD.

6:58 – “Look great doing it, like a true fashionista Haaaaaaaaay” LOL amazing.

Garry-Goose-Eddie-Eagle-NRAHere’s the original “Learn Gun Safety With Eddie Eagle” video, which in all honestly is pretty flammable (HOT) too and extremely psychedelic (in an old school way) and he even spits hot fire in the stop don’t touch rhyme basically freestyling at times.  I feel like it’s sorta a pre-rehersed freestyle like the Drake HOT97 blackberry-gate one, but I mean whatever it’s the delivery that counts *can I touch the city Flex let them know what’s up?*  Interesting too how in the old one, Eddie is the only avian and the characters are all kids.  Do kids in 2015 relate to more off the wall stuff like having an all bird cast?  I have no idea, maybe some of you know.

Thoughts?  This video have you feeling like you’re “on one” at work today?