From Firearms Policy Coalition.  Awesome stuff… it would be a short game if you’re watching mainstream media.

Hat tip: Eric



Royal Nonesuch everyone… holy this kid is awesome. Below is just a taste…

Homemade .410 Revolver Carbine:

Ahhhhh no eye protection!

Rapid reload technique for slamfire pipe guns:

Interesting… I’m surprised that works so well.  DAT gold / tiger strip tho…

And people say guns “could” be completely banned / disappeared.  Yea right… this is a perfect example of how that’s never going to happen.  Royal Nonesuch graduated highschool just a few months ago.   I see a bright future for him as long as he stays safe.  I’m definitely not as confident in pipe integrity as he is.

Royal-Nonesuch-YouTubeI think it’s safe to say his channel is definitely worth subscribing to.

BAN PIPE!  Ban smart young guys who can weld and like to tinker around with weapons!

You can get the Selector Switch Shirt he’s wearing in the first video over at ENDO Apparel.




Just in case you forget what type of gun you own, it kindly reminds you:



It’s just too bad there wasn’t more room on the slide for a larger font.  It would have been classier if those slide serrations weren’t in the way, and they could have engraved “MAGNUM RESEARCH” about 1 inch high on there too.

Jokes aside I’m sure it’s a perfectly great 1911.  You can pick it up only at Cabela’s for between $750 and $1100.

Thoughts?  Do you wish “.45 ACP” was engrave really large somewhere too?



Taofledermaus smokes a pipe:

As usual, I wouldn’t want to be hit with that.  Not the most predictable trajectory which isn’t ideal, but better than nothing.

BraveTheWorld-Shotgun-TanktopRoyal Nonesuch is a YouTube channel that’s relatively new to me.  The guy who runs it tagged me in a Instagram picture of him and his homemade .410 revolver pipe shotgun, and he was wearing one of my shirts.  Really cool channel this guy has (he’s getting his own post after this one)… small world that Taofledermaus talked about him today!




Xbox Ahoy looks at the AK-47 even though Obama banned Russian import of them:

Gotta love Xbox Ahoy, his videos are a real treat to watch / listen to.  MMMMMM Helvetica.

I sell a lot of AK-47 related shirts over at ENDO Apparel.



Mmmmmmm manufacturing and testing:

I knew Brownells sold magazines, but I had no idea they actually MADE their own.

1:17 – I always feel sorry for the test firing guy when the gun is strapped into that torture device and he just has to go through the motions.  In a perfect world that guy could develop some excellent bumpfire skills while on the job instead.

ClipMagazineLessonCool to know that they sell the same mags to you and I as to those who operate in operations.

It’s nice to see Brownells being safe about things such as eye protection there too, as opposed to the Mantra AK-47 magazine factory haha.



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