I really hoped this would go a different direction:

Oh imagine that, there are people who want to do drugs, don’t care about where they came from, and that they are illegal.

I love how legalization isnt even considered as a viable option by any of these guys.  Wouldn’t want to ruin the prison industry and potentially lighten the load / reassign law enforcement to different problems.  Sure legalization isn’t a 100% solution, but looking at past examples such as the legalization of alcoholic beverage consumption, I’m thinking things couldn’t be any worse than they are now if drugs were legalized.  Could open up a whole new revenue stream for the government too.

If any one group of people should know, it should be law enforcement…. CRIMINALS DO NOT FOLLOW LAWS; gun laws, drug laws, alcohol laws etc… No laws definitely isn’t the answer either obviously.

Has anyone ever stopped doing drugs because carrying the guilt of “funding terrorism” was too much to bear? I want to see an A&E intervention containing that.

tmnt-drugs-pizzaYea that swiss cheese border is a whole other issue which needs to really be fixed too, wow.




Shots fired over at Funny or Die:

HSLD-Operator-Rio-Police-OfficerLOL I thought it was pretty good, in a funny because it’s true type of way (true according to what I heard and read on the internet anyway).

Any rustled jimmies or knotted panties in the crowd from this?



Instructor Zero is revving up to go full retard:

Instructor-Zero-Subs-2I’m starting to believe what people were saying in the beginning, that Instructor Zero is simply a genius troll.  Look at the direction his channel has been taking latelyit’s ridiculous.  The video trailer about is just another going down that road.  I can’t wait to LOL at the full thing.

The people are crying for the most tactical person on the planet doing the most ridiculous shit, and that’s exactly what they are going to get.  In HD and without subtitles (or you could turn them on and laugh your ass off).




Story time with Richard Tip:

haha one video from this guy, and that’s what we get.  He’s a natural.  The chin beard is next level… like no hair on the top and no neckbeard, just chin tip.

Gander-Mountain-Logo“Stop hiring people that act like dickheads just to make sales” <– Truth.


Hat tip: no uno, Jon Chaos



Ahoy takes a look at the history in real life and video games:

“What does a battle rifle have in common with a microwave?  They both go ping when they’re done” <– har har harrrr

Either he’s pronouncing the names of all these guys (designers) wrong…. or I have been for years.

m1-garand-thumbNo mention of M1-thumb? Weaaaaaak ;)  Maybe he figures everyone know how to avoid it?




FPS-RussiaMaybe it was just me, but the shotgun seemed louder in first part of this video than in the promo videos.  I’m sure the sensitive mic setup he’s likely running has a lot to do with that though.  Later on when he was shooting clays it seemed so much quieter.

Holy that thing is large though.  Looks like another shotgun receiver and a half attached the the front of the barrel.  I can’t imagine it’s all that light either.

ahhaha the Justin Bieber mannequin.