Fails from day 1 of the DARPA robotics challenge:

Chappiehaha it’s like they showed up drunk.  Not quite Chappie levels of agility yet.  If it’s anything like the movies though, these robots will definitely have the last laugh when they turn on mankind and try to kill us all.

There’s a short article at IEEE Spectrum which you can read.  Some of the comments are pretty funny / butthurt.

Gat tip: Luke



“Painting with bullets”.  Meh:

Yawn another Indiegogo campaign.  Shooting at paint cans and spraypaint canisters and calling whatever you have them to splatter onto “art”, is hardly new.  Heck even FPS Russia did that at least once and then auctioned off the canvas.

This short form documentary will focus on me putting an explosive twist to the technique of splatter painting by using high-powered firearms (12-gauge, AR-15, .44 mag, etc) to create a new series of Skull and Flag paintings. All of this artistic carnage will be captured on a Phantom high-speed camera that’s fast enough to capture a bullet in flight and the crazy splatter effects created when bullets hit paint.

Why it’s necessary to raise $6000 to “document” the artist process is beyond me. There is so much high-speed footage of everything under the sun being shot… it’s not going to change my life seeing another bullet go through another spray paint can. I can get that for free right now WITH some Larry Vuitton ad-libs (YA DAWG! That’s what I’m talking about!).

The reward levels really aren’t even worth discussing… however if you click through you’ll see the lower levels ($25 – $100) consist of a couple different “prints” (yes not originals).  One of a regular USA flag but with 50 bullet holes for the stars, then another clipart looking skull with paint splattered on it.  The originals are also up for grabs at the $500 – $1200 reward level.  I don’t see those being worth the money at all, but what do I know?

Karl-Ford-Painting-With-BulletsI seriously can not wait until we are living in a post-crowdfunding-everything world.  For actual revolutionary ideas and products I think it’s amazing, but there is just too much “noise” on those sites.  By noise I mean there are way too many people who aren’t doing anything groundbreaking, just hoping they can market themselves and their “value proposition” well enough to get some quick cash.  It’s painful to watch.

Thoughts? Anyone plan on throwing Karl some money for ammo so he can have some fun shooting at paint with his bros? Oh you’ll get a print (or original if you’re a baller) out of the donation, don’t worry. :P



Corridor Digital really did a nice job on this:

Behind the scenes:

GTA-Corridor-DigitalVery surprising it was all filmed on a GoPro with various extended poles.

It’s interesting that they can fly below the radar and avoid getting permits to film. Also funny, since they have their lawyer there. My guess is they rarely get hassled because they are probably very safe and respectful. Probably the worst case scenario is a small fine in the event they were to get caught and the police officer wasn’t down with the cause.

3:00 – Man I’m seeing those two wheeled self balancing scooters everywhere now.  They look dangerous and fun.  I imagine there will be a lot of cracked heads from those this summer.



Doesn’t TURN IT AWWWWWWWWF while he’s there at Arsenal Firearms:

0:37 – Coolest slow motion shot I’ve seen with the double 1911 so far!

Looks like a really cool old Italian town.

1:15 – Dimitri’s wife runs shit, I can tell.  She looks like a boss.

Interesting it’s the same guy who made the miniature guns Larry looked at before.  I’m surprised that they are surprised the double 1911 is doing so well and is in such high demand.  I’m not surprised no one wants to pay big money for those miniature guns (even though they are really cool).

Here is a much more useful “part 2″ video where Larry Vuitton talks to one of the founders, Nicola Bandini:

4:08 – haha he has the same style magnetic-in-the-middle old man glasses that Larry has worn in other videos!  I didn’t know that was a thing.

Good lighting the Arsenal office… LAV’s Rolex Submariner is really shining nice.  I see you playa, I see you.

5:12 – Holy… that’s crazy how a small variation between firing pins can mess up the POI so much.

Jerry-Miculek-Double-Barrel-1911sSomething I just thought of… how is this thing sighted in?  left and right of point of aim is ideally where the impact would be?

Another thing… can you imagine the media frenzy if this gun was ever used in a high profile disgusting blood bath scenario, or even a controversial self defense shooting they love so much?  Ugh… it would definitely be an “Assault 1911″, or be given some other nickname we’d all roll our eyes at.

I have no idea what Glock’s manufacturing, assembly, quality control etc… looks like, but I’m guessing it’s a lot less of a pain in the ass than what Arsenal has to go through with all this hand fitted-ness.

Arsenal is sure getting a ton of press with this gun.  I wonder if they are paying for it all, and if guys like Jerry Miculek got sent the guns for free?  Was Larry was livin’ large (no pun intended, seriously) in Italy on the Arsenal dime for a bit while he shot these videos too?


P.S. How funny would it be if Arsenal came out with an “ARSENAL AF” t-shirt? hahahha



0:25 – Holy, that laser array!  I like where this is going even though his rats nest wiring is atrocious haha. I’m not really sure why the kid calls it a “laser shotgun” seeing as the platform is obviously a toy AR-15.

0:36 – Ahhhhhh WTF? First order of business should be to kill that moth with fire!

Wow that is crazy.  As cool as I think having something like that would be, it’s just seems far too dangerous.  When I say that, I mean the possibility of messing around with it permanently injuring myself or someone else seems really high.  You’d need to follow the “4 rules” on steroids with this thing… even adding more mandatory rules like welding tint glasses, closed environment with no shiny objects or windows etc..

Shark-with-laser-on-headThe Terminator quote from the title, if you’re looking for a bit of a morning throwback. :P


Gat tip: Scot



VICE reports that these girls are intense:

0:05 – I need a horizontal blue striped shirt (good quality and authentic only) like these kids at the start.  Any good US source someone can vouch for where I could order one from? Man that would look killer with some of my worn in denim. OOOoooooooo hide yo’ girl.  That wide neck is lit this summer too.

AK-47-Kool-Aid1:50 – Is he available for hire as a mag loader?

6:29 – Girl: “My father (a hunter) gave me an AK-47 to shoot with”  Reporter: “Does he hunt with an AK”  Girl and friends: “LOLOL Well, he has an AK and a hunting rifle”.  <— Epic.. those girls look young too and they already know what’s up.

6:49 – A girl doing a timed mag loading, nice!