A Kickstarter where you can pick up a 2015 calendar if it gets funded:


Puppies-With-Guns-2Check out more pictures and info over at the Kickstarter project page.  I like the idea!  At $20 it would make a great stocking stuffer for someone on your list who is into dogs and guns.

LOL puppies are hilarious… the look on some of their faces.  It must have been hard to get some of them to sit still.  Either that or they set it on burst mode with the quick shutter speed.



Real talk.  Word to R. Kelly you’ll be sittin in VIP smoking and drinking and kicking it:

With Your Precision-Guided Firearm Purchase Starting Black Friday, TrackingPoint will Gift You an Incredible 3-day Las Vegas Trip including Hotel, Airfare and Meals.  You’ll even get free tactical training at Front Sight Firearms Training Institute.

That’s whats up.  Ignatius Pizza even will train you at Front Sight.

Now all you happily married guys will just have to convince your wives the trip for you and her is half paid for if you buy the precision guided firearm you’ve always wanted.  Wait… better yet tell her she needs a break from working so hard, buy the gun, then give her the free trip and tell her to go with her girlfriends.  You get a weekend alone to shoot your new gun and do whatever you want, and she gets a break from you.  Win-Win, that’s how you dooos it Jerry.  When she gets back you’ll be Feelin on that booty.  Why am I so alone, with such good looks, and such fire ideas? LOL life isn’t fair.


Head over to TrackingPoint and start making some good life decisions with your credit card for once.  If you ask nicely they might even wrap it in lights for you… maybe not, but Costco has a hell of a spread right now in the Christmas section. You could do that yourself and throw a ‘gram up, which guaranteed will get more likes than your last food pic or mirror flex selfie.




I’ll cover a gun shape in cheese puffs mannnnnnnn.  Safety is an illusion mannnnnnnn:


The standard art “purpose / intent” statement by the artist Sharareh Khosravani:

The gun made out of cheese puffs. Obviously the gun ties into the theme of violence but by covering it in actual cheese puffs, I hoped to add a dimension of humor to the warning. In part this work came about because of events such as the Boston Marathon bombing and recent school shootings that made me think about the way violence affects children today. We want to believe that schools are safe places and children are innocent, but sometimes that safety is only an illusion. You may feel safe even when you are actually in the line of fire. (Source)

Yea like obviously guns are violent.  I mean pfftttt do you know how many of them go off on their own and kill people?  The extreme irony here is that foods like cheese puffs which contribute to obesity kill more people than guns annually by a long shot.

Cartman-Cheesy-PoofsShe should have covered criminals convicted of gun crimes in cheese puffs, and painted their faces like clowns.  That would have been a statement on safety being only an illusion.  See I should have been a metaphorical artist.

Thoughts?  Would play Call of Duty while eating from said cheese puff gun, trying not to let your mom’s ridiculous demands and pressure she puts on your life, stress you out?

Hat tip: SayUncle



Royal Nonesuch:

Royal-Nonesuch-357He mentioned in a previous video that he didn’t want to do “build videos” because of potential personal liability issues.  I hear that… smart thinking.   The part layout at the start doesn’t really tell you much, because those are all obvious external parts anyway.

<– Screen grab for posterity.  Proper ear pro (from 1925) AND eye pro!  Wow… all jokes aside I’m glad he’s finally doing that.

4:24 – “Now we wait the customary 20 minutes before we remove the barrel from the gun because the round could still be very hot and burn me when it comes out”  <— LOL trollin trollin trollin.

Like he said, looks like it will be a fun gun to play around with.



Make sure you get in on this if you’re interested. It ends today:



Head over to ENDO Apparel.  The flag sold out shortly after I posed it last week…. the multicam one is gone now too.  In the mean time I’m taking backorders though, so you can still get it at the sale price but you’ll have to wait until the week of Dec 17th for it to ship.  The one with muliticam stars (which is not on sale) will ship the week of Dec 10th.

Thanks again!  Lots more products coming soon.



My mind explodes on so many levels watching this:

God Rock Ministries / Expert Karate is the YouTube channel.  Yea I don’t get it either.  So it’s like a church / dojo?  LOL cool I guess?

Ok this vid is hilarious from the jump, but at 0:13 when the dude had his solo then banged his head on the wall I lost it LOL.

0:38 – “Sulso Doko come out!” *pew pew pew pew*  Nothing like sending the one girl out in front of the line of fire to do barrel rolls on the ground while firing.  TIER -239 shit you probably couldn’t handle.

1:34 Me = Dead LOL:


I hope those girls come around quick to see that the point of this seems to be “Simulated shooting at a wall as an excuse for a lonely guy 3x your age to spend time with you”.   This isn’t useful “training” of any sort.

I love how the guy has what looks like a sheathed survival knife on his left hip too hahah.


Hat tip: Mitori