Special Purpose Automatic Shotgun:

1:26 – Yessssss that folding stock with the hook, is what really sets it apart visually!

Joe-Biden-Finger-PointAnyone own, or ever shot one of these things?  How are they?  Reliability etc…?

Gat tip: Adrian



A v rare Afghan Special Forces trick shot:

hahaha man people are dumb and take unnecessary risks.  What a turn this video would have taken, if when the can exploded a razor sharp peel of aluminum extended outwards to cut that guy’s jugular vein.  That happening was a very real possibility… YOLO though I guess?  Damn there are like 7 guys there too, and they were all evidently ok with this.

Someone please get super mad and argue in the comments how crucial “confidence training” is to team building.  Do it around mid afternoon though k?  I don’t like eating popcorn in the morning. :P

Afghan-Special-Forces-Drink-Can-Trick-ShotThoughts?  Have I ever mentioned how I love when there are 1080p options on videos which remain looking like they are filmed out of the rear aperture (ass hole) of a goat?

Gat tip: Jeep



If Everytown (and all those other bozos did that), the world would be a better place.

This again.  Guns aren’t allowed in most schools and college campuses now, so that obviously means there are no guns, and nothing bad has ever at those places right?  OH WAIT A SECOND… *smh* I’m not going to pull up a list and copy pasta because I’m not about that negativity, and you guys know the locations and casualties in those particular “gun free zones” anyway.

NRA-LogoI’m not into politics, but in Wayne LaPierre’s defense a lot has changed a lot since ’99, and I’m NOT JUST TALKING HIS HAIRLINE.  *shots fired*.  After I wrote that just now, I was like “I wonder if WayLa has Twitter so I could get at him with that fire tweet about his hairline?”…. I hit up the search and the greatest parody account ever popped up “Lil Wayne LaPierre“, which basically has a lot of gun related rap tweets, some of which are extremely tongue-in-cheek.  My Thursday night = made.




Polenar Tactical helps you replenish the vitamin M:

Manca-Polenar-TacticalA couple of the tips are of debatable value depending on who you ask, but whatevs… DAT MANCA.




Royal Nonesuch could retire right now, and he would be forever in the hall of fame for this one:

LOL really.  The recoil as he said must be insane.

1:50 – LOL climbs the rock face. Yung Batman.

Royal-Nonesuch-ENDOI wonder who is camera operator is.  $10 says it’s his concerned “cool mom”, who also happens to be a single attractive (35-40 year old) doctor at the local hospital.  She knows the risks involved with Royal Nonesuch’s shenanigans but loves how creative he is.  She’s there for camera, and medical support, knowing his hobby holds a promising future if he keeps it up.  Royal Nonesuch I’m going to find your mom on Tinder, and be your step dad.  Belee dat *Birdman voice*.




Gy6vids delivers:

Holy that’s intense.  Lucky he was mindful of his thumbs, they would have been broken backwards for sure if he wasn’t careful.

Dude rolls with Mark Serbu of Serbu Firearms, cool.  I’ve always liked their stuff.  I’m assuming they made that 20mm, even though I can’t find it on the website.

Keanu-WoahI know I used to be subbed to gy6… he must have fell of my radar in an accidental unsubbing or something because I haven’t seen any of his vids I realized in the last little while.