Ugh, I literally can’t even:

1:24 – LOL this sneaky-ass old man right here.  This is some real stereotypical gun show material.  So classic.  $1800! LOLOL with a Dick Spider 37mm even (gotta love that safety “rocket” *snicker*).  What make of shotgun is that anyways?  I can’t tell with all that crap on it.

1:35 – “there’s none on the market yet, it’s a brand new company.  They make stuff for the military and private individual stuff.”  Oh man this gets even better.

2:27 – Uggghhh guys… noooooo.  That shotgun and that Turkish Sarsilmaz handgun for $2100.  Nooooooooo LOL.

2:38 – $2100 in small bills.  Real low key like.

3:04 – “This is a hundred round drum?” *CRINGE*

4:19 – He’s just going to walk through a crowded casino and out in public with a shotgun like that.  I don’t know Vegas very well, but regardless of the urban location that still doesn’t seem like that great of an idea to me even taking into account he’s obviously not acting threatening at all + has a few kids and a wife with him. *shrug*

6:49 – Ugh I was wondering what that little girl was carrying… it appears he even got that crappy looking stand.

Thoughts?  I guess it’s good he’s on “our side”, I just hate to see people taken advantage of.

Gat tip: Mike


hahah this on Armslist:

I cwalked all the way to the cank, cut then the seller mysteriously deactivated the listing.  It was funny that he also found the facecook post I made, and commented on it:

haha thoughts? :P

Gat tip: @in_war.victory


Oh no… Hnnnnnnnnnnnnng:

For the low price of $130 over at Raven Crest Tactical.  Naturally the model name ZD30 stands for “Zero Dark Thirty” *cool guys only*.

Here is a video of them being rough with the shovel in a junkyard somewhere:

Ya ok it looks like it works well for smashing stuff anyways.  


Gat tip: @acestrada


These guys win, I’m not even viewing anymore “training” vids in 2017 after this one.  This is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen:

LOL seriously.  Like the competitive breakdancing movie “Step It Up (2006)“, but for the tactical community? Whoever does it with the most style and finesse wins? Do the “terrorists” vote? Or is this like one of those where once I call in, I get a small charge directly on my phone bill?

This “training” outfit is called Pretorian Worldwide.  I found their Instagram page too, and it looks like they have done some protection work for some high profile celebrities.  Cool stuff that’s pretty awesome, I like a lot of celebrities. This all doesn’t mean the video still is above cringing / poking fun at.  As you know this is what I do in between filming my soon to be released multipart show contract with “my 600lb life” and dealing with the energy drink and snack cake sponsorship deal obligations I have.

I could call out obvious time stamps in the video, but the entire thing is “content”. Ok Ok since you’re obviously upset I’m not putting that work in I’ll pick MY FAVORITE timestamp… it has to be 1:24 when he is coming around a corner and hits us with the switch from right hand grip to left hand grip. I saw that and I was like DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN lol.

Thoughts?  Would operate with, or get operated around in a CQ protection non permissive environment?

Gat tip: Basil, Doc, Sam, Steven, Tim, Jason, @paladin17198 and the others who I couldn’t find in the DMs again.



The internet is just the gift which keeps on giving.  So many repeated safety violations in this demonstration it’s insane.

Remember when VODA got his NRA Instructor credentials yanked?  Will this guy join the club?  According to a guy who commented on the Instagram post, it was submitted to a closed NRA Certified Instructor facebook group for “review”

Thoughts?  Would “train” with?


This video is epic:

I know it’s a made up music video, but I’m always saying how weird knife and sword guys are.  There is plenty of evidence to support this fact, so don’t dispute.  My personal favorite is still this katana unboxing video, which I believe absolutely should be translated into every language and put on the main page of google for an entire month so the world sees it.  This alpha m’lady video I’d have to say is a close second.

Oh and I saw this in my feed the other day… of course it’s Funker Tactical.  The marketing machine is in full effect trying to sell his new (wait for it…..) Karambit:

If you need some more karambit laughs this fine Friday morning, I posted an IG video a couple days ago of two dudes with some magical karambit choreography.


P.S. I’m a bit behind on posts and emails since I was wildin during Easter, and dealing with the ENDO shirt sale. I’ll get back into the swing of things and respond to you guys soon.

Gat tip: Corey