The below comment (essay) was left by Israeli Krav Systems instructor Nir Maman on the Kosher Costa And The Bottomless Pit Of Israeli Tactical Derp post.  Funny enough, Nir Maman is actually the instructor in the Cursory Safety Check Then Point Guns At Each Other And Pull The Trigger I poked fun at (which he conveniently failed to mention). Yea it’s really long winded, but an interesting / funny read.  An occasional occurrence on these Israeli derp videos is that other Israeli instructors or methodology enthusiasts say “they’re doing it wrong!”… the below comment is no exception.  Anyway, this guy is very disappointed in us, and our reaction to the video.   Read why in the below 2055 word (yes it’s that long, I shit you not) essay:

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Red-Jacket-1022-Chest-Rig Mother-Of-God-Meme

Neva ben done befo’.  So sought after it’s sold out internet wide.

I bet that guy in the picture has seen some shit.  If his eyes weren’t cut off for OPSEC purposes I bet it would be an emotionless 1000 yard stare.

I know a guy whose cousin’s uncle’s friend knows a guy in special forces who says they run this exact setup.

Thoughtful that they included PALS webbing.  I’d put coms there, so my mom could tell me when the cookies are ready.


Hat tip: Zack



The LAV takes a look at the 40mm Milkor M32A1:

Larry-Vickers-Hover-SunglassesThe video is not as exciting as some of Larry’s recent other ones, but still cool.  I want… no NEED a 38mm version of this. Or some similar type revolver that launches drink cans haha.  Does anyone make one?  Yes I know single shot ones exist… im talking a revolver like this.





Here is her justification of why her shooting range is now a Muslim-free Zone.  Oh cool she has a “media company”… yea this plan is pretty see-through.  Standard attention grab at the national level.  Create OUTRAGE and you’ll lose some people but overall probably gain customers through bigotry and free advertising.  I don’t know enough about Islam to comment on the validity of her arguments on the excerpts she grabbed from the Quran.  I went to school with numerous Muslim guys and girls that were great people so regardless of what “some” people who follow Islam have done, I can’t hate.  White people of all religions have done terrible things since the beginning of time too.  The holocaust, Oklahoma city bombing,  etc… what’s next a Jewish range owner banning people with German sounding names from their shooting range?  Yea that would be derpy too.

Thoughts?  Genius business plan in these ISIS times, or derp-level-infinity?



This is hilarious:

LOL that shriek at the beginning.  Phone-EG Loadin’ rockets into the UZI and shit.

So good.  The channel 4YallEntertainment where this video is from has a whole ton of other funny vids too on their channel, check them out.

phony-canadian-rapper-gun-shyEyebrow game intense.

Hat tip: Brandon



NRA Women takes a look:

The “simulator” appears to be similar to airsoft more than an actual firearm, but whatever starts the conversation, introduces the woman to proper handling, and the idea of firearms in general is awesome.

I feel left out by the name though… “SHOOT LIKE A GIRL”.  I’d like to try that simulator without feeling like a pansy.  This reverse sexism kills me… like I’ve been out a few times recently looking at the drink menu and see a delicious ones with names like “Pink Lady”, “Sexy minx” etc… and am like Awwwwww shit, I guess I’ll just have another beer. :P

NRA-LogoCheck out Shoot Like A Girl for more info on the group.