Royal Richie on his Bill Cosby shit, hold the pudding and quaaludes:

Tactical Cliff Huxtable… Royal is the GOAT.  2:12 had me DEAD hahhaha.

3:35 – This little magic trick you can do with mags really is a mind boggler for some people.  Those lines and curves…

MS-Clean-Magazine-Shaped-Cleaning-Kit4:38 – Oh actual ear plugs?  What novel idea RICHARD.  Only took you an entire damn year to realize that heaphones don’t provide adequate db reduction. haha *smh*

MS Clean is a good idea, no matter how you operate.  The price is definitely right as well.



Larry slowly turns it off:

haha I love this guy… so epic.  If you missed the full original video make sure to check it out.

LAV is the white Iverson for real.  Yes I’m still listening to that song… it rides, what can I say?

Larry-Vickers-Louis-Vuitton-ParodyLarry is such a pro I bet he had his squad have all those items ready while he sipped a lavender latte in his Range Rover, then they hit him on the cell like “It’s a go boss”.  Larry slid the 7 round magazine into the 1911, took 7 perfect shots back to back and less than 5 minutes later it was a wrap.  He then went home to eat steak and count money and troll some haters (we call them fans though) on social media.



The NRA saw the cool kids were doing it, so they knew they had to:

Meh… Kirsten’s video was better, even though I think that pumpkin carving with a gun is a played out video theme in general.

Just to make this post less boring, here is a video of a kid’s epic Halloween costume.  His dad converted his wheelchair into a StarWars snowspeeder:

NRA-LogoAnyone do anything interesting Halloweeny, shooting related or not?


Beauty and the beast style:

Firepower-United-YouTubehaha this guy is good.  If you missed his rifle reloading with gross motor skills epic troll video the other day make sure to take a look.

Growing up in the 80s/90s Beauty and the Beast was really epic when it came out (1991).

Thoughts?  I really hope this guy keeps at it long term with the videos.  The gun community needs all the humor it can get.

Gat tip: James, Eric


Jerry killin it as usual:

Thumbs-And-Ammo-Terminator-20:45 – At this point I’m like PLEASE DON’T SHOW ME JERRY’S JUNK.

hahah man Jerry is too good at this.  Perfect timing for me considering I just watched Terminator Genisys a couple nights ago.  Great movie btw with LOADS of action if you haven’t seen it.

4:00 – I’m never one to muzzle sweep myself on purpose, this is all incredibly badass though wow.

Would kill machines with?



“Salt was designed around the belief that a gun does not have to take a life to protect a life.” So basically #CriminalsLivesMatter.  It’s so progressive to want to save the life of a scumbag who wants to hurt you.  All criminals should get a 2nd and a 3rd and a 4th etc.. chance at hurting someone else.  Can you imagine how scared criminals are going to be about the potential of someone shooting slow moving powdery balls at them?  I CAN’T EVEN.

“We keep it in our nightstand because it’s not deadly, you don’t have to lock it up,” said CEO Adam Kennedy. “You should feel comfortable having this by your bed, because your kid can’t kill himself with this.”  The $300 handgun is powered by CO2 cartridges and holds seven .70-caliber slugs. They contain ghost pepper extract encased in a ball that breaks on impact like an egg. He said it causes the lungs to constrict, as they would during an asthma attack. He said the shooter does not have to hit the intruder directly, since every shot releases a five-foot spray of pepper extract.  Full story at Fox News.

Hipster-Salt-Self-Defense-GunAHHAHAHA sorry but any “defense method” which depends on CO2 gas, the direction of the wind, type of clothing the target is wearing, the intended target’s ability to just run 5 ft away from the powder is just too hilarious to even fathom.  Naturally there was an Indiegogo campaign for this, which since has been removed for violating Indiegogo’s “This product is a piece of shit policy”.  Haha I wish they were so bold.. but it actually just violated their policy that products can not harm anyone.  Oh well I’m sure these hipsters will have millions of idiots throwing millions of dollars at them on another platform in no time flat.

Thoughts?  Would operate in irritating and possibly effective powdered self defense operations?