In part 1 we saw the homemade shotgun. This is the test firing:

Royal-Nonesuch-Homemade-12-GA-ShotgunLOL at him not giving a shit it is shooting the rounds into the air at an ever increasing angle.

When he test shot by hand at the end, it’s lucky he had on his protective Oakleys and earbud headphones just in case ;)

I saw in the YouTube comments he said that the critical dimensions didn’t change at all.  So awesome.  Thoughts?



Holy…. these two geniuses in La Quinta, CA:

Here’s the backstory:

We were on our way to my friends house and we were at a stop light. When the light turned green my friend began to make some weird motions and really freaking me out. I told him the light was green and he had a deer in a headlights look. A deputy walked up and asked what was going on I told him he was acting weird I don’t know. He asked if we had any weapons and I said ‘no.’

At this time my friend was still doing some weird motions and finally answered the deputies question if he was okay. I had mentioned that we’re in the middle of the street and he came to and stepped on the gas and drove onto the corner. I jump out of the car and walked out with my hands up and was standing where the recording took place. Deputy drives up comes out of his vehicle with his gun drawn. That’s when I decided to record.


Yea that doesn’t sound shady AT ALL! *sarcasm* *extreme eye roll*

I want to know what fastfood restaurant the cameraman (Alejandro Natividad) works at, and what his ARFCOM user name is just for my own satisfaction.

Since when are cops trained to take someone’s word for it that they aren’t armed?  Especially considering the shenanigans that went on beforehand. Note that the quote excerpt above is a direct from the camera man, so it’s not like the police made that up.

Oh and this is the best part – The driver of the vehicle was arrested for DUI of marijuana and released the next day.  So in summary, these two were most likely high as kites (or sure, “maybe” just the driver) and freaked out when the cops pulled them over… then the cameraman thought he was going to be a hero and take a stand for America and for mankind. *slow clap* Cool story bro, I bet you’ll get a ton of chicks with this badass video LOL.

Harold-And-KumarIt’s lucky for the cameraman those cops let him stand there and rant / cry.  I’m not one to promote a police state, but it seems like there was good reason for the cops to be nervous. Mainly because the cameraman was obviously extremely nervous. I’ve seen videos of guys shot over waaaaayyyy less than this.




As one would expect, it’s painful:

The premiere episode of “Game On” features Kendall Jones and her best friend Taylor Altom as they slip away from college for a weekend to go gator hunting in Lake Charles, LA with Louisiana native and farmer/rancher Charles Schultz.

When I was done I looked at the time and was like “Holy, that was 11 minutes?  It felt like 4 hours.”  You likely forgot who Kendall is, so here’s a refresher complete with pics.

Kendall-Jones-RemingtonI’m not a big fan of Kendall’s or her hunts.  I realize they were perfectly legal, I just don’t see the point of shooting rhinos, lions, tigers, zebras, elephants, hippos etc… especially when there aren’t exactly millions of elephants for instance.  Someone explain to me how killing that elephant helped save elephants as whole.  I honestly don’t know very much about hunting, so I can’t wrap my mind around that.  Same with the lion… about that she wrote “Controlling the male lion population is important within large fenced areas like these”.  Sure fair enough, but it couldn’t have been tranquilized and relocated? I’ve seen them do that on shows before.  Again maybe I’m just ignorant to how this has to work, so it would be nice to know.  If the answer is simply “It’s perfectly legal for her to shoot these, she likes shooting them and that’s all the reason she needs.  Quit being such a pussy Mike.” then that’s fine too, I’ll accept that.

The best part about all this, is the only reason the even showed up on Reminton’s radar, or the internet’s radar in general is because shes: young, a girl, and a “cheerleader”.  The world is so predictable now, it’s hilarious.




I hadn’t heard of these guys (Gould Brothers) but they are self proclaimed “Harlem Globetrotters of Shotgun shooting”:

22plinkster-YouTubeHaha yup those guys are good.  I’m sure some of you guys could do a few of those things, but all in all pretty impressive.

22plinkster’s vids could benefit immensely from high quality slow motion footage.  Most of the time I can’t even see what he’s doing and just take his word for it.



Coalition To Stop Gun Violence grasping at trying to make you feel guilty / responsible for mass shootings and other gun violence:

You didn’t buy the gun. You didn’t pull the trigger. But if you’ve voted for politicians that refuse to support common sense gun laws, you’ve helped to facilitate mass shootings in America.

Christian-Bale-Pointing-MemeOMG!  The blood is on your hands… it’s on all of our hands! *eye roll*

Oh and imagine that… both Aurora and Sandy Hook are both “Gun Free Zones”.  What a breathtaking coincidence a psycho decided to go on a rampage at those places.




Yes-way Jose… it happened. Jose with a negligent discharge:

Twenty-five years after making World Series headlines by helping the A’s win a title, former Bash Brother Jose Canseco made news of a decidedly different kind Tuesday, accidentally shooting himself at his Las Vegas home, according to his fiancée and Las Vegas Police.

He had been at the shooting range a few days earlier. He didn’t know it was loaded,” Knight told The News. “The middle finger was hanging by a thread, and I wrapped his hand in a towel and then called 911. The doctors said they would either have to amputate or do reconstructive surgery. But if they do surgery, he won’t be able to use it again. He blew away an artery and a big bone chunk.

Full Story – NYdailyNews

And here’s a RiFF Raff song called Jose Canseco just to irritate some of you guys who didn’t know RiFF exists haha: