VICE is calling first’ies guys… screw any of you who thinks they aren’t the first to do a dogfight:

I know a lot of you hate VICE stuff… I like the topics at least because they are out of the ordinary.  The quality of reporting definitely leaves something to be desired though.

Not sure that breathing in Bronx warehouse dust would be high on my list of things to breathe in.  You’d think they could have found a cleaner inclosed area like a school gym or something…. or did Bloomberg ban all fun in gyms yet?

People are getting pretty pissed off in the comments about them calling this a “drone” because drones are autonomous.  The ultimate best comment is this though by “Kibbler”:  “Now they just need a drone that smokes weed, dresses like a hipster and mines bitcoins. Then they will have the VICE trifecta.”

In other drone news, apparently the “drone community” was up in arms that Larue Tactical shot at a drone. This was a mailing list newsletter they sent out:



Gat tip: Keith, Ty



Lost a lot of good men that day:

Thumb over bore is so hot in the airsoft community as you can see, in order to handle that extreme recoil.  Same with those AFG grips.. so crucial. Keymod.. same thing. Picatinny just doesn’t cut it anymore if you’re a TIER -23 bb thrower.

haha @ those operator HESCO barriers too.  Gotta make sure plastic rounds don’t over penetrate and kill too many people.

homer-jump-sharkMaybe it’s just me, but seeing Costa play airsoft and do this whole Japan thing makes me feel bad for him. I know there’s nothing I can do to help him… just have to hope he’s happy with his decisions.

From what I hear and see on the internet…those Japanese guys maybe don’t have girlfriends, but they have love pillows and Costa and that’s pretty much just as awesome.

Thoughts?  What’s with the romantic elevator music at the end?  Creeped me out.

If you missed the Costa Japan memes, I compiled them on that linked post.

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*Insert eye roll here* and the outrage:

One news report on the outrage:

bubbles-trailer-park-boysWow people really need to lighten up.  It wasn’t very funny, but definitely wasn’t like OMG I CAN’T BELIEVE THEY DID THAT.  Please.

I can’t believe this is considered “pushing the limits” now in comedy.  I also can’t believe TV in general (with commercials) still exists, and SNL as a whole.




Two revolvers!  His backup one is even rimfire (.22LR).  I can hear a million heads explode before they realize it’s a troll vid.

Caleb-Giddings-ENDO2:50 – Tertiary backup is the Lionheart LH9.  So hipster.  You’ve probably never heard of it.

Good stuff.



Doing things just to do them.

That rifle setup is worth in the ballpark of $6000-$7000 with the optic and mount haha.  At least they packed it well… that was a hard fall and bounce.

That drone looks like a DJI Inspire One too which I see goes for $2900, yikes.  You’d think they just could have bought a cheap drone off Amazon and saved some money.  Oh well LaRue probably makes half a million dollars off ARFCOM sales alone in a single day anyway.  When I used to go on there lots back in the day, people loved everything made by that company.

Larue-TacticalThoughts?  Does the LaRue Kool-Aid taste ever so sweet?



Just Vizzy Viz being a redneck:

VizualCandi-RickyThat guy’s characters are top notch.  He gives them all some more screen time at the end if you watch through. I feel that with a bit better writing, he could rival Carnik Con (rival… I didn’t say beat ;) ).  Raddondo is priceless.