LOL this guy.  Gross:

VizualCandi-Rickyhahah ummm.

On a related note, hayloft shenanigans are the best.  I used to run mad operations in my grandpa / uncle’s hayloft it’s lucky I didn’t break my everything.



Make sure you get in on this before Sunday if you’re interested:



Head over to ENDO Apparel.  Thanks for all the support guys.  As expected, the flag sold out shortly after I posed it last week…. the multicam one is gone now too.  In the mean time I’m taking backorders though, so you can still get it at the sale price but you’ll have to wait until the week of Dec 17th for it to ship.  The one with muliticam stars (which is not on sale) will ship the week of Dec 10th.

Thanks again!  Lots more products coming soon.


Mattv2099 is a sucker for punishment:

Zip-22LR-Weapons-System-2Everything about that gun just makes me cringe.  I love how it’s considered “impressive” when it can make it through a magazine LOL.

That thing is obviously pointless for any sort of self defense.  Range use only just seems frustrating and dangerous.  Lose-Lose situation if I’ve ever seen one.

As soon as he started sticking his KA-BAR all over and inside it, I was just thinking “Please Matt… don’t hurt yourself.  Just do yourself and the world a favor and toss that thing in the garbage before you get hurt.”

Thoughts?  Would operate with?



Fear-And-Loathing-In-Las-Vegas“Unknown to the troops, the drug (LSD) was added to the water on the 2nd day”.  Holy… that’s a sneaky move.

Nothing like drugging a bunch of grown men who carry knives and rifles, and hoping for the best.  Pretty funny how they were all LOL’ing (and some ROFL’ing) though. I don’t know anything about LSD, but I’m guessing they were pretty confident it wasn’t going to make any of the Marines violent. Seems like carelessness (such as muzzle direction and trigger discipline etc…) due to being high out of your mind would be a concern though not? Who knows maybe all their rifles were unloaded for this exercise anyway.

Since the point of the test was to find a non-lethal method of incapacitating enemy forces, I wonder how they planned on doing that?  Would they make prisoners of war drink water with the LSD like in the video? Or would they apply it on a large scale to the areas enemy forces occupied, by LSD-fogging from a plane or something?

Gat tip: Sean



Demolition Ranch does it:

obama-not-bad-faceSurprising that two of those shells where he mixed the lead shot in worked so well. When he was trying to ignite the titanium by itself on the ground with the blowtorch, it was going really slow.

Can’t say I’d rush out to get titanium shavings, but that was cool to see.



I’m giving away two shirts on behalf of one of my favorite YouTubers, Taofledermaus:

Taofledermaus-ENDOClick through the vid to leave a comment and he’ll compare it against YouTube analytics to see where you stand.  You might just win an ENDO Apparel shirt.

“Hey!  You can’t put that up there!”  <— LOL one of Taofledermaus’ buddies reaction to the hoisted California No Right To Bear Arms flag.

Thanks for all your support Taofledermaus!  I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us down the road with the vids.