Basement tested, over protective mom / cheeto purchasing lady approved:

When I heard 1/4″ KYDEX I let out a *PFFFFFFFFFFFFttttttttttt* of epic proportions.  This suit is going to get some kid killed.  Batman can deflect bullets… 1/4″ kydex would end up with a real nice hole in it even with the smallest caliber. He actually does only say “bladed weapons” in the above video though.  Best case scenario I see guys getting their asses handed to them while wearing this suit + some restraining orders from some “damsels in distress” they were trying to help.  Ya not rapey at all to have a guy in a batsuit approach you and ask if you need help with your bags in a fake gruff Batman voice… *smh*

Dude is so gassed off his Batman type moves in the vid, it’s fun to watch. Seeing his hair move in slow motion after getting hit with the pipe in the secondary test video is entertaining too haha.

Batman-2nd-AmendmentOh thank god… I searched for the Kickstarter project fully expecting basement dwellers to have thrown like $5Million dollars at this project, but apparently there is some common sense in the world because he only raised $1255.

Thoughts?  Don’t lick the cheeto dust off your fingers and go for that credit card just yet… only the mask is avaible to purchase, not the full suit.  You can read more about the project over at the Armatus Designs website.



VICE is on it:

Boston Dynamics and DARPA are so lit.  I can’t wait until they can program those things to kill ISIS and replace soldiers in many situations, kind of like they are doing with drone aircraft, and EOD robots right now.

Since I’m posting about a VICE video I’d be willing to put money on the fact you guys will make fun of the hipster VICE guy reporting hahah.  So predictable :P.

I can tell this whole new wave of robots is going to encounter the exact same friction guns do.  “BUT IT CAN HURT ME” type statements always being made.  Might as well just form a coalition of “moms against robots” right now and get a head start.  Bloomberg I know you creep this blog son… throw some money at some single moms trying to pay their way through college by putting them on this anti-robot thing.  Robots are the future.  Maybe as long as the engineers make the robots look organic it will be cool… make a black robot though and shit will hit the fan.

5:42 – $2.5 – $3.5M doesn’t seem like that much money for all that R&D.  I suppose a lot of it is probably from students doing it for free though as a part of their thesis etc..

6:28 – LOL my prediction is already reality… “Campaign to stop killer robots” *face palm* what a tool.

11:05 – Aaaaah damn that was so close.  The solider should have dick-checked that VICE guy with the robot and knocked the wind out of him.

14:16 – Uh… how about you do us a favor and quit producing terrorists in your country?  KTHX bro.

24:00 – Go home robot, you’re drunk!

Arghh that lady against killer robots is so obnoxious.   Girl do you even homeland security?

dont-drone-me-broBetter to have a robot and not need one then to need a robot and not have one.

The professor at the end makes some interesting points.




haha people offended by the movie American Sniper.. classic:

American-Sniper-Movie-Bradley-CooperI can’t believe institutions cave to a handful of idiots like that, and cancel a movie showing.  Very sad.

LOL Steven trolls real hard lately, I love it. I think Steven “EVEN LIFTS” now too by the look of it. Brolic diesel looking MFer now if I’ve ever seen one.




You know I love a good manufacturing / render / making of:

Geco-AmmunitionVery nice.  The foreign ammunition company is called Geco.  I don’t know who did that video for them, but it’s off the chain.

I held my breath up until the “firing” sequence to see if the entire cartridge would leave the barrel haha.

Kind of funny the modesty when they were showing the targets at the end… no “ragged hole” here guys, don’t get it twisted.

Thoughts?  Would shoot a pretentious match with?



We find out some new stuff about Jurassic World in this:

Jurassic-WorldI mentioned in the first trailer I posted, I’ll definitely be seeing this.  Chris Pratt is pretty awesome.  I have no doubt in my mind the movie will be predictable and cheesy, but that’s kind of the point.

Interesting choices of firearms in the movie, looks like a lot of custom stuff.  2:17 – sweet WalMart optic bro.

The CGI looks absolutely top notch in this.




Silencerco lays out the scenario real smooth like:

Silencerco-Tramp-Stamp-LogoOOooooooo that opening guitar!

Nothing really much else to say about this video.  That Salvo 12 looks pretty sweet on the shotguns with extended tubes, more so than in does on traditional hunting shotguns IMO.  Either way just aesthetics though, what matters is that it works awesome.