I don’t get why people are shitting a brick over this… it’s a push button SAFETY.  Who cares?  Why would I even want one besides to be one of those operational contrarians everyone can’t stand?  The standard switch is badass, I’m going to continue rolling with that.

There is a completely useless video on youtube from Practically Tactical, where the screenshot is from.  If you spend all 6 minutes watching it, hoping to see what it looks like disassembled, how it works, who makes it, and to maybe even buy one you’ll be out of luck on all four points.  Again, I say this all the time but that’s pretty standard when coming out with a new product these days.  RULE #1: Make absolutely sure no one can buy your product while the hype is at maximum. *smh*  There is a bit of a discussion on Practically Tactical’s facebook post if you want to check it out and weigh in… mostly people freaking out / saying the standard things though.  Facebook user “Greg Bowling” though does post an interesting related link showing that CMMG made a proof of concept push button safety (by the look of it), in an effort to ease the development of an instereting plastic brick AR-15 lower which they call “Effort Bloomberg”.. cool!  Did CMMG make the safety shown in the video though?  *scooby doo mystery music* no one knows!


Gat tip: SayUncle



Holy shit I want to see this:

Quinn from Homeland FTW!  Definitely one of the best characters on that awesome show.  Strong opening with the Jimi Hendrix voodoo chile riffs.

0:29 – FOUR 1911s!  hahah what’s up with the two upside down ones that are permanently muzzling him though?  Someone who plays these games care to give some insight?


1:34 – I know to most people it’s probably not a big deal, but when I see a blank in a movie a piece of me dies :(  With all the video post production editing done in 2015, that would be such an easy fix especially for closeups where it’s real obvious:


Yea I’ll be seeing this.  Related side note, I don’t know what it is about Zachary Quinto but that kid kind of irritates me.  I didn’t like him on Heroes either.




Ti flame thrower!  *What you know about that? Repeat x3*:

Christian-Bale-Pointing-MemeLOL the intro. This guy… haha.

4:54 – “My plan is to fill up this barrel with titanium powder”.  Beautiful hahah.   Wait a minute, that sucked!  *wompppppp wommmmmmmmmmp*  2nd try wasn’t too bad.

I like these loads.



Keep telling your mom airsoft is safe:

Wow, right?  All over some plastic BBs.  I didn’t realize people fought over airsoft and paintball, but a quick YouTube search shows it’s definitely taken a lot more serious than I thought.

Airsoft-MemeThis video in the post was actually removed from YouTube initially.  Lucky I watched and saved it ahead of time.  Doesn’t really matter though now that someone else re-upped it. I bet this particular video was removed because someone didn’t want the evidence of them flipping out and hitting people, used against them.  Funny how the fight still seemed to be going on even after the camera cut out.

Thoughts?  Anyone run into this type of thing in their own airsoft or paintball games?

Gat tip: no uno



This video takes itself pretty seriously (ya I suppose it is a serious topic), but is a good watch for sure:

Is that Krav Maga they are doing at the beginning in the boxing-style ring?  I was in Judo for a little while when I was younger, and I remember thinking all I wanted to do was to learn how to kick people across a room, and throw haddoukens, what did I get?  I got to roll around on the ground with stinky kids +/- a few years my age and practice holds, leg sweeps, and carefully planed over the shoulder throws.  So disappointing.  I literally thought I’d learn how to kill someone with my bare hands by the end of week one.  I was crushed when that didn’t happen.

6:12 - I always wonder how pulling back on force when training would actually effect your performance in real life.  What do studies show?  If you’re trying not to hurt the guys you’re training with you’d maybe default to that without really thinking about it in a life threatening situation?

6:44 – That scan tho.  No temple index!  2/10 would not operate with. :P

8:45 – It appears like he puts the loaded gun right against his palm *ahhhhhhhhhh*:


Please watch it in 0.25x and assure me that’s the camera angle fooling me.  I want to believe you.  It’s pretty blurry, but looks like he possibly even had his finger inside the trigger guard at that point.

9:55 – Is standard practice when taking a gun off someone to always load it, and likely waste a round since normally people carry loaded guns?  Why would that Asian dude be sticking up someone with an empty gun?

Funker Tactical is a really awesome group of guys seemingly, who definitely have a lot of fun making their vids.  I think great for them… I watch most of their vids I’m really happy they have a massive audience, and hope they continue to be successful.  Funny enough they fired some shots at our Slovenian boys Polenar Tactical on Facebook last night.  Apparently they don’t have a sense of humor regarding Polenar poking fun at their bro Instructor Zero regarding some funny pics he staged, which Polenar I guess had an unwarranted (apparently) “opinion on”.  I love when people send me stuff like this because I just fire up the popcorn machine and watch the comments and back and forth.

Some heat from the last paragraph on the linked facebook post:

We believe the reason for the animosity against us (Funker Tactical) and IZ (Instructor Zero) is that the Polenar guys are firearms instructors themselves and they may believe the best way to the top is by stepping on others on the way up.

haha whaaaaaaaT?  Serious business.  I didn’t realize there was a “top” and a power struggle in YouTube firearms videos, much less any sort of competition at all between what Funker Tactical does and what Polenar Tactical does.  Not even taking into account that Polenar lives and opeates on the other side of the ocean.  I just hope this beef doesn’t end in someone taking a bullet on the Las Vegas strip, Tupac style next SHOT show.  Can’t we all just get along?

Thoughts?  Do you sprinkle any sort of seasoning on your popcorn when viewing internet drama?  What type of popper do you use?  Do you use butter, or are you onto that artisanal olive oil mist game like I am? (shoutouts to MISTO for the illest misters in the game right now)

Gat tip: Matt, Polenar



Steven Crowder knocks it out of the park again:

Steven-Crowder-gunshaha awesome. All that stuff has been said before, but it definitely needs to be repeated constantly because some people just don’t get it.  The vid contained clips from one of his other recent funny videos – 2nd Amendment: Liberal Edition… which a lot of people took offense to because of the title alone. Check out that video too if you haven’t already.


Gat tip: Kyle