Funny or Die did it:

mericahaha not bad not bad.  I’ve seen worse, and I’ve seen better “gun comedy”.

I really can’t see these type of videos by all sorts of groups stopping any time soon.  Everyone (pro gun and anti gun) wants a piece of the action because guns are such a polarizing topic right now, therefore the videos get exposure.



Yep, blade guys are confirmed weird:

Best-Sword-For-Home-DefenseIf you missed the home defense katana derp from yesterday make sure to check it out also.

2:58 – ROFL a shield!  Oh man if I could be a fly on the wall where someone got home invaded and used a sword and shield to thwart an attack.  I’d literally drown in a pool of my own laughter tears.

At the end of the day ridiculousness aside, I would have to agree that a pokey object would be a lot better than a pillow or fists for home defense.  I’d still pick a gun over everything obviously.

This guy talks a lot of some self defense sword and shield techniques towards the end, like he’s a damn TIER -31 swordsman.


Gat tip: Grindstone50k


You gotta defend your home with some flare.  The katana offers that as demonstrated:

Katana-Home-DefenseThis guy has loads of sword and knife videos.  I always hear about how blade guys are “eccentric”, and I suppose this is some further proof.  If you have some time, he is getting roasted in his own YouTube comments section it’s pretty funny.

You thinking of swording up to defend your home or what?  The fact this video has existed on the internet since Feb 10, 2012 and it’s my first time seeing it, makes me disappointed in myself.

Gat tip: Jeremy


LOL @ everything about this guy:

Instructor-Zero-Subs-3I think I side-eye’d this entire video.  As you’d expect it contains all the currently fashionable things to do with a rifle and pistol.  You can be the judge of whether or not those things are useful, or if they are done purely for John Wick style flare.  You know exactly what I’m talking about… C clamp hyper extended Costa rifle grip, pistol snatch back after shooting a round, shooting a hovering half silhouette on a church window extended washing pole.

1:16 – Standard gas mask operations have me reminiscing.

Do these guys he’s training really even operate?  I mean if they did they would obviously need to have pixel’d out faces like in some of his other videos. :P

Thoughts?  It’s always a shame when there’s nothing being said in the video which will result in hilarious closed captions.



The drum on this thing is too large, it makes me nervous.  Think of the children:

come-thru-its-litDude’s voice and delivery sounds like a computer.  I thought this was maybe the same guy who made the snowball assault weapon with a leaf blower, but I was wrong.

If you build one of these make sure to practice the regular rules of gun safety.  Can you imagine how embarrassing it would be if you had to go to the doctor and explain how a cheeseball traveling at several hundred feed per second detached your retina?

Gat tip: Steve


Whose girl is this?  Who let this slide? LOL:

1:20 – “Whoa, this was not magic.”

I don’t “get” this filming location… Is it the Thirst Trap USA HQ? Did they rent an old folks home out for the afternoon to film this?

Here’s a handy video to demonstrate how you can safely shoot across the room, where hallways and stairs might be in your bullet’s flight path LOL:

Bullet-Trap-USAWe all know how sensors and other electronics are infallible, and I’m sure that “flashing orange light” is worth betting a family member’s life on.  LOL *smh*

Bullet Trap USA is the spot if you want one of these systems.

Thoughts?  Are you putting one of these in your kitchen?  Your kid’s playroom?

Gat tip: Cameron