A different take on the timeless classic:


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First people didn’t like bad people with guns… now they just don’t like guns period:

Damn people really need to raise their comfort level, or move to Afghanistan or something.  Pretty funny how cops are being lumped into the mix and people are uncomfortable with them having guns around too.  I really hope the cops in all those cases were like “Oh you don’t like the fact I SERVE AND PROTECT YOU AND YOUR KIDS?… COOL STORY BRO, respect my authority.”

cartman-copInteresting how in St. Louis that guy said Law Enforcement was offered free food, and even 50% off the entire bill if they brought their families in.

Ridiculous.  Thoughts?



IKEA had a similar ad.  Either way, it’s funny.

Evolve does not address legislative issues, but instead focuses on exerting social pressures in order to persuade individuals to voluntarily adopt the most responsible gun safety behaviors in the context of their lives and communities.

EvolveTogether.us is the group who put it out.  Nice website… they pretty much had me on board as soon as I arrived at the site and witnessed the typography, graphics, color palate, and the layout.

evolve-life-country-responsiblityI don’t have time to read everything in their website, but it appears they aren’t a threat to gun rights as some of those similar looking wolf in sheep’s clothing help us help you groups are.  haha they have a Tales Of Dumbassery section on their website linking to several irresponsible incidents involving guns.




Laser grip maker:

“Quality and innovation are fundamental,” he says, “but that’s understood. It’s how to create an environment that puts you on top and keeps you there that’s the part we needed to develop and keep.”

Full article over at Forbes.  Worth reading if you have any interest at all in the “people” side of business.

It’s always nice to see a gun related company doing well for themselves and getting attention like this on a website / magazine not normally associated with the industry.

I though about my business hopes and dreams list just now, but it quickly spiraled out of control and lost any potential usefulness.

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I posted a preview video before, this is the actual trailer:

fury-brad-pittLooks well done.  Good cast.  I know a lot of you are pissed off Shia LaBeouf is in it though. Out of everyone they could have cast instead, I think it’s weird they picked him too… I’ll save my judgement until I see how he is when I see it though.

Thoughts?  Looking better than ever?



ICE-T’s group BODY COUNT is back up in this:

LOL at that intro. “I prefer lemonade”.

Creepy-Ass-CrackerI hate white bread, I hate white teeth, I hate white grapes, I hate Walter from breaking bad because his last name is White, I hate clouds….  Creepy cracker-ass-crackers in the video had it coming amirite? :P

Those Body Count windbreakers with the crest look badass.

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