Shell within a shell within a shell:

Inception-Bathtub-SceneLOL he went full retard on this to appease the commenters.  At least he’s real safe about it.

meh I would have thought something more exciting would happen… but I guess not.



Gun safety isn’t cool in the hood now, and never was cool in the hood:

Trigger discipline, safe directions, and being sure what’s beyond your target are for NARCs.

I used to have so much respect for the LOX.  This song is a long way from the Money Power Respect & We Are The Streets album days.  I guess you gotta stay topical though… and selfies are (or at least were topical).  At least all the members are looking healthy… eating right and hitting the gym no doubt.

Even the beat on this is weak.  Sounds like something you could choose by default on an electronic keyboard from walmart.

LOX-Rap-GroupApparently the LOX does have a new album dropping Oct. 31st called “The Trinity: 2nd Sermon” *FUNK FLEX BOMB DROPS**FUNK FLEX BOMB DROPS*.  Despite this song, I’ll definitely give it a chance.


Gat tip: James



The concept, the practice, the shirt, and now the kydex holster:


ENDOapparel for the shirt of course.

PHLster brings the heat with the double Kydex holster… he’s always coming up with funky-ass shit like every single day.

He be like “May I, kick a little something for the G’s?”

Me: Yea

Him: “And make a few holsters as a breeze through, two in the morning and the party’s still jumpin cause my momma ain’t home”.

New-York-Reload-Kydex-HolstersThe holster isn’t up for sale on his website yet (don’t be upset girl, that’s just how it goes).  Hopefully it will be soon and I can update this post.
UPDATE: It’s $90 and available on PHLster now.

Thoughts? (BioTCH!)



Hunting… killing… potato-potATo:

Skip to 0:37 seconds to see the magic happen.  Honestly if it wasn’t hogs, my man-panties may have got in a bit of a bunch because if it were deer for instance then I could complain about the “meat not being useable”.  Let’s be honest though, hogs are considered pests and there is open season on them in lots of states which has people nonchalantly annihilating them from helicopters, and the ground etc… then just throwing the bodies on a pile or burning them.  The issue is they cause millions (billions?) in damage and are dangerous to have around in the numbers they grew to.

tannerite-binary-explosive-targetI’m no expert on humane ways to kill animals, but if something is walking around one second… then a millisecond later mist is in the air along with multiple pieces of the animal I think it’s safe to say it’s not “suffering”.  It’s not like the video is “burning hogs alive” or “pouring acid on live hogs”.


Gat tip: TFB



Ask NOIR. the promo segment before the episode:

Full NOIR Episode 15 here.  I’ll embed it once they put it up on YouTube.

MrColionNoir-NOIR-Defend-FreedomI find I watch NOIR strictly for the skits.  A lot of them are really good; take the LaSorte dating advice skit in this episode for instance.  The “Athletic shooter” thing obviously interests a lot of people or they wouldn’t be doing it… but I’m just not a sports guy at all, even if it is involving shooting so I have to skip past it.

MrColionNoir is wearing the Defend Freedom shirt from ENDO Apparel.  Good to see him in ENDO as always.



Better late than never for the NRA to weigh in I suppose:

Lady-Gaga-Rolling-Stone-Guns-AR-15-SBRIf you don’t remember the list you can read it and the article in my previous post back in July.

SPOILER ALERT:  All types of guns make the list.  Shocking I know.