Everyone else goes big, Taofledermaus the contrarian goes little:

tannerite-binary-explosive-targetNot bad.  Seems like a slightly more exciting / a bit more costly version of when guys put baby powder in balloons and shoot them.

I couldn’t do videos like his because I always assume EVERYTHING that’s cool is illegal.  Like that little claymore mine they attempted for instance.  Can you mix binary explosives with other random stuff intended as shrapnel? *shrug* I don’t know, and I’m not willing to read boring laws for days in order to still not quite be sure.



FxHummel is back with jokes:

FXhummel-M16-Shirthaha awesome, so true.

If you missed the news, FxHummel is now an employee of Tactical Response (AKA James Yeager).  On a related note, since Yeager became a grandpa he hasn’t been stirring up shit like he used to.  The gun-related internet world is at a loss because of it.




Apple destruction:

Barrett-M82Like Omar said, “If you come at the king, you best not miss“.  I don’t think Omar was referring to shooting Apple devices with a .50, but you never know with The Wire… there was so many levels to all the dialog on that show. *whistles Farmer In The Dell*

I’m actually surprised the trajectory didn’t deviate more heavily.



Mattv2099 is Steph Curry with the shot.  360 with the wrist:

haha at the crank trigger.  That’s legit.  Double feeds are so annoying though.  What if hypothetically you had a mechanical arm (lets say for medical reasons)?  Would you be violating ATF laws by cranking that trigger?

mattv2099-deagle-endoI think that tactical head would be cool if you stuck to small caliber rounds.  That shotgun made too much of a mess.




Some twitter derp for this crisp Friday morning:


*face palm*  it’s no surprise that all these anti-gun types hear is hot-button words and then jump to quick conclusions.  “Assault” “full auto” “high capacity” … all good examples which make their spidey sense tingle.

14 retweets, 3 favorites, and about 100 comments on that little statement of hers though.  I say some pretty profound stuff (no I don’t hahah) on twitter and I never get anywhere close to that and I have a hell of a lot more than 82 followers.

LOL in another tweet of her’s she talks about how in the wake of the Ferguson riots her husband wants to get a gun, but she does not want one because having a gun in the house obviously means her husband will shoot her or her kid accidentally…. or maybe even on purpose because you know how guns “turn” good people evil.  Godspeed Jennifer’s husband… godspeed.


Hat tip: Weerd



The equivalent of *grinds his feet on his buddies couch*:

080516-sniper2haha ok that was kind of funny.  The dark part of my sense of humor though was like, “I hope it gets even more hilarious and he quickly butt-strokes that joker and breaks his nose”.

Hat tip: TFB