James sciences the shit out of this:

50BMG-Proof-iPhone-Case0:20 – LOL bibles… that would have been great just to see heads explode in the comments.  Well played James well played, should have led us on for longer though and troller harder with the title.

Spaghetti squash ballistics FTW!

Huh interesting… I might just retire my .50 BMG Bullet proof iPhone case and carry a regular iPhone in my chest pocket.  It will just be as a decoy of course, because I’ll be carrying my Android phone I use in my pocket.


Whoa this is close:

RPG-Iraqi-Militia0-100 real quick.  No more info on the video besides the guys taking fire are apparently “Iraqi Militia”.

Whole squad needs clean drawers.

Gat tip: Shawn


Ahhhhh I see what you did there *smh*:

“I see these kids and they’re like, ‘Yeah, eff the cops.’ I’m like, no, no, no young brother. That’s not what we’re saying here. We have full respect for all police officers,” he said. “Here is this message, and what I want you to get out of it is inform yourself.”

That Francisco Carbajal kid is a shithead, masquerading as someone who is trying to “educate” the youth.

Full story at Las Vegas Now.

shoot-cops-t-shirtROFL he sold “more than 100 t-shirts in the last year and a half”.  *slow clap* might as well retire now man… you’re HUGE.   Ahahah later on in the video it goes on to say he has four business partners.  God these guys are jokers.



FPS Russia takes a look:

A marketing promo video from Paradigm SRP, the company who makes the platform:

Looks pretty cool.  I imagine with more programming it could be set up to work like this Arduino AR-15 Sentry Gun.  I hope FPS Russia releases another video where he does something cool with the platform.

I’m not sure if this has “TrackingPoint” style features besides the tagging… but it must make adjustments for windage and elevation too or else that would be pretty useless at any sort of distances.

Hehe Tracking Point released a statement about their rifle software being “hacked”:

Wired Magazine recently reported that information security consultants discovered software vulnerabilities in TrackingPoint guns. We are working with the consultants to verify their assessment and will provide you with a software update if necessary. Until then, please note the following: Since your gun does not have the ability to connect to the internet, the gun can only be compromised if the hacker is actually physically with you. You can continue to use WiFi (to download photos or connect to ShotView) if you are confident no hackers are within 100 feet.

hacker“if you are confident no hackers are within 100 feet.”  It’s just lucky that all hackers wear ninja masks, pound back red bull, and act real shifty so they are easy to spot.


Gat tip: James


Mattv2099 does a rubber band test with his Glock brand Hi-Point 40 caliber .380AE:

Trolling is just 2nd nature to Matt now.

reCAPTCHA-Beautiful-Hi-Point-Troll5:17 – LOL the opposing rubber bands worked.  Even he was excited at the unexpected results.

I cannot get over how ugly Hi-Points are every time I see one. Thoughts?


Ugh whyyyyyyyyyy:

Does it surprise anyone that this is a Kickstarter campaign?  Goal is $40,000 AUD (Australian Dollars), and they are at just under $2k at the time of writing this with 20 days to go.  Too early for me to speculate if people are dumb enough to fund this.

Tactical-Tooth-BrushApparently “glass breakers” are the epitome of tactical.  Who knew?  Too bad it wasn’t possibly to attach a “door kicker” of some type to the tooth brush to make it more operator.

I take my oral health very seriously and will continue to use only toothbrushes approved by dentists, not some fly by night Australian designers trying to shoehorn some tacticalness into keeping my teeth clean.

Massive fail for not even having a Glock attachment, amirite?


Gat tip: Kyle