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Cartman-Cheesy-PoofsMeh, I’ll probably put it on and jam some popcorn and various teas into my mouth for approximately 1.5 hours once it’s released.

Judging by the trailer, it doesn’t really surprise me it’s bypassing the theaters.  (Nov 4th / Nov 15th release, depending on format).



This man in Alaska figured it all out on his Remington .308 (and is selling it):


Notice the 3 sets of rings? LOL Priceless.  Here’s a closer pic:


For only $4000 you can get this rifle which will NEVER lose zero.

The extended details:

Remington 700 SPS .308
Location Fairbanks, Alaska
Price $4,000

Rem 700 308 Build 20 ” SPS 1in 10.
Over 5,000 $ to build
McMillian a3-5 glass bedded armor black
Timney 1.5 trigger
Bottom metal for AI mag, 10 round
All metal including scope sniper grey ceracote
Nightforce nxs 8-32/56, vortex scope level, badger ordinance 30 moa rail permanent one piece to action bolted, pinned and tig welded, well over 1000 yard dial up
Tripple nightforce rings
Surgeon bolt knob
Ctk precision mono pod, harris bippd
Precision armament muzzle brake
1/2 moa with four different shelf loads fusion, gold metal
Front stud for forward mount bipod
Price doesn’t reflect rifle itself, very smooth shooting platform


Gat tip: Maison



I don’t know if I’m more troubled that Costa looks like Eleven… or that Eleven looks like Costa.  *thinking face emojii* hmmmm.

Who would you rather operate with?  Oh and if you haven’t already watched Stranger Things on Netflix, you’re missing out.


haha this video tho:

sammy-davis-jrNom nom nom haha.  I’ve heard good things about their stuff.

Their YouTube channel wasn’t on my radar until I exchanged emails with an ENDO Customer / Vortex employee recently and checked it out.  Sadly there aren’t more videos of animals eating their products.  I was holding my breath for a crazy shark video, or a honey badger massacring a scope.



DO NOT flirt with this man’s girlfriend:

Fat-Guy-Virtual-RealityEnough said. Go ahead… Try him and get 360 no-scoped.



The RN-K he calls it.  It’s slamfire and you will be able to order it in multiple calibers:

Royal-Nonesuch-ENDOYa using AR parts is a no-brainer.  Guys in the comments don’t seem all that trilled he decided on this simple slamfire… they wanted a kit for the semi-auto grease gun.  I’d have to agree with everyone on that.  Maybe he will reconsider once he sees the comment outrage.

Naturally there are also several comments similar to this one from wrangww2 LOLOL:

i hope you get someone to weld the guns for you… Your welding gives me cancer