Everything seems to be going swimmingly up until 3:19:

3:19 – Sandwich rifle in your knee pit before you crouch down, then continually muzzle sweet your buddy’s head while you’re trying to help him.

Combat-Medic-Rifle-Sit-DownIs there a legit reason to do the above maneuver?  It just seems to me that in addition to the muzzle direction problem, it would make everything 100x more awkward and uncomfortable.  This is an AR-15 for god sake, not some jam-o-matic that’s doing to cry foul when it gets some dust from the ground on it if he were to put it to his side or in front of him.  Plus, if he ever needed to get to his rifle it’s an awkward spot to have it for that too.  Actually he grabs it at 4:09 just before he’s about to take the injured guy away and looks like he passes it across his calves a couple times.  Ross (the instructor) is a former US Navy Combat Media with several combat tours.


Gat tip: no uno



At a Chicago protest against police violence:

OOOOOOOOooooooo that’s my shit right there!  I’ve loved that track forever.

Disrespectful?  Racially offensive?  What do you think?  I’d say more disrespectful than anything just due to the noise aspect… people want to make EVERYTHING about race.  If he would have been cranking out “IM ALL ABOUT THAT BASS NO TREBLE” people would have been like “That song is for cracKA ass CrackaZzzz, everybody knows that!  RACIST!”

Anyway… according to the Chicago Tribune article, the officer will be suspended for 10 days.

Some of the lyrics in themselves aren’t racist … but I know it’s also been co-opted by groups, maybe bigoted groups, as an anthem of Southern pride and those Confederate-type values,” said Michael, 30. “That’s what was so jarring to me. To hear that playing from a police car at the end of a protest against police brutality and the murder of African-Americans, it was just jarring.

HSLD-Operator-Rio-Police-OfficerLOL cool story bro a.k.a. “Michael, age 30″.  So fucking jarred bRah… hopefully you recover and your doctor prescribes you some medical for PSHASD (Post Sweet Home Alabama Stress Disorder).

I bet the cop now wishes he played “Wu-Tang Clan – Ain’t Nothin Ta Fuck Wit“.   10 days is 10 days.  Wu-Tang clan membership is 100% black too, so could that even be called racist?  Probably, like inception racism or something complicated.




Relax and take notes:

DIY-Bullet-EarphonesDamn that’s what I call using a drill to its max potential!

I have a pair of Munitio 9mm earphones which the company gave me, which I’m still using daily (I LOVE them).  For those on a budget though, and want to make a bunch of pairs up for friends it might be worth buying all the sandpaper and getting your hands dirty with this DIY.


Hat tip: Brent, Jim



Arrested for attempting to make a bomb?! Well this is unfortunate for him:


From the TMZ story:

We’ve learned an arrest warrant was issued in Clark County, Nevada. Bilerzian has been charged with violating a law making it a crime to possess an explosive or incendiary device with the intent to manufacture it.

According to the criminal complaint — obtained by TMZ — Bilzerian had ammonium and aluminum powder, along with ammonium nitrate mix — and when mixed it acts like pure TNT.


Oh shit… sounds like he may have mixed Tannerite and then didn’t use it immediately.  Easy mistake to make for sure if you didn’t read the warnings, and didn’t have anyone around to tell you specifically not to do that.  That’s the problem with all these laws… some you wouldn’t even think would exist, but they do.  He really should just have a lawyer follow him literally everywhere like his girlfriend and assistant do.  Yea that would probably be a bit a real buzz kill with a man of the law being like “Dan, I’d be real careful what you do next with that Victoria’s Secret model before she signs this waiver”, but if you want to do crazy things and not have to spend time in jail, maybe it’s a good move.

tannerite-binary-explosive-targetDan is currently being held without bail, and apparently could do 1-6 years in prison.  Wow, weak!  Well who knows if this will even stick once more details emerge.

Thoughts?  Do you think some ATF playerhaters hating, or do you think there might be a legitimate case here?

Gat tip: Tom, Rick, Jon



haha this show is so edgy:

Conrad-The-ConstitutionI knew Conrad would carry a Glock!  Right on :P

LOL @ the “Hands up don’t shoot” protests and the looting too.  This episode is bound to piss some people off, even more so than other episodes.



Silencerco now has their own sub-sonic line of ammo:

Silencerco-Harvester-AmmunitionDo they make it themselves or does a large ammo manufacture make it to their specs, and they just re-brand it?  I don’t know… what I do know is that the cost v.s. operational benefits of this ammo is likely alright.

I like the branding, and I like the video. $30 for a 20 round box over at Silencerco.

I haven’t been keeping on top of .300 BLK… but has it reached “MUST HAVE” status yet?  I initially was under the impression that it was cool and all but you mainly just got it because it was brand new, and if your disposable income allowed you’d buy a rifle chambered in it to stunt on all your poor friends. Naturally you’d then constantly recite the advantages of the round, letting them know what they are missing out on. Later though you’d feel like an idiot after you guys went hunting and to the range a few times together and your groups / confirmed kills were not as nice as theirs.