Shadow Force out of Red Deer Alberta:

0:13 – Everyone takes a tactical knee when the instructor is speaking

0:15 – Oh a wet floor?  They must have done that on purpose using the buckets earlier.  Getting rid of that new gear look / smell.

0:29 – Tactical T-rex cracking a joke for the lady in the group.  She’s loving it evidently.

2:09 – Yessssssssss exaggerated derp scans in Canada!  They made it!  I suppose with the internet it was only a matter of time.  In the old days news of the derp scan would have been spread by nomadic people through legend.

2:47 – Jimi Hendrix style slide on his knees through the water on the floor… to put his hands in the water filled rubbermaid THEN gets water dumped all on his back and head only to grab the submerged handgun and stand up and start shooting at the targets haha.

3:11 – Oh sweet lord what’s going on here?  Assembly from field stripped while their heads are submerged in water buckets?  SIGN ME THE FUCK UP, I need to train like I fight and I normally fight like that.


4:21 – Gotta practice those pistol head poke then executions.

4:39 – LOL this is borderline abuse.  Did that guy consent?  Took him down hard too before they doused him with that 5 gallon.  He got up like a boss those and grabbed that submerged pistol and got into the fight.

Maple Syrup Militia. More about these guys over at their website Shadow Force.  Thoughts?

Gat tip: Beau



I have no kids so I don’t know….  She’s pretty young haha:

Shooting-For-Boys-And-Girls-Comic-Book-CoverThe camo is on point.  Should have threw some eye protection and earplugs in the mix though.

Initially I was thinking maybe this video was going to go south quickly… like she’d hold the trigger down and one bi-pod leg would catch on the mat and she’d roll with the recoil and shoot her cameraman dad all in one swoop.




Travis rolls through and drops knowledge:

God Travis’ skin… so beautiful *pause* LOL.  *whispers in distance* Turo Skin (TM) *whispers in distance*

I poke fun at airsofters lots, but it’s all in the game though.  Whatever you have fun doing recreationally in your spare time, I’m happy for you.  Everyone needs a hobby.  Honestly if I got really into Airsoft I’d probably enjoy it too.  Please though guys just don’t take airsoft TOO seriously and try and draw parallels to how well you’d probably do in combat because you’re good at tossing plastic BBs .  Just because you pressed your ass up against a HESCO barrier at summer camp and “took out” your sisters friend’s cousin’s aunt at 32 yards with a supreme accuracy 360 no scope headshot, it doesn’t mean you’re quite ready for DELTA.  You also are likely (I say likely not definitely) a beacon of real firearm knowledge either.  Yea you might get there some day if you transition to realness and work hard, but you’re not LAV or Travis yet dawg.

Airsoft-MemeI like this dialed down version of Travis best.  When he gets all spiritual I just feel like a useless dumbass.

Oh here’s a video of Travis getting out of bed, retrieving his handgun from a conspicuously thick mirror and shooting a Kenny Powers looking target in a home defense scenario.


Gat tip: Jerry



Says Moms demand common sense:

Everytown-for-gun-safety-logoOh wait, that was Moms Demand Action, and they want Kroger to ban guns (still).  Guess what?  Kroger still doesn’t give a shit what Shannon Watts A.K.A. “5000 Bitch-a-Watts” wants.  If the law in the states Kroger is in says carry is legal, then Kroger has been allowing it.  What an interesting concept… to just follow the laws rather than trying to make your own.  If Bloomberg didn’t have basically unlimited play money to throw at this cause I’d think MDA eventually backing down from Kroger was a victory for the pro-gun camp.   They will just go after weaker more easily pressured businesses and chains with their schoolyard bully tactics.




So crucial:

Seriously guys.  The fact US training (mostly) overlooks the benefits of the strafing-while-shooting with alternating guys facing alternate directions spaced more than an arms length apart really grinds my gears.  LOL fml.

0:52 – Wow big surprise, someone took a round to the arm (I am told, according to the translation).  This is Sonny “Shoothouse” Puzikas levels of shocking!  I’ll be equally as shocked when Yeager’s down range camera man takes one for the team.

1:05 – “I’d like to apologize for the actions of these few.  They were being herbs and trying to emulate what they saw in some anime.  Please don’t judge us as a country based on the actions of these operators.  Thank you.”

I am told that the NSB is who had this accident and were doing the training (The NSB is apparently the Taiwanese equivalent to the FBI).

Cool story how the carry without one in the chamber too. *eye roll*  because that would be unsafe of course.  It’s obviously safety first with these guys hahahahha.

1:54 – That formation!  Charlie’s Angels-esque, I love it.

Taiwan-Operator-Shooting-TrainingThoughts?  I’m waiting for the “Mike… brah… the world is 360 degrees, that’s why they train like that.  Get off your fat cheeto stained ass and put some rounds down range maybe for once in your life.”

How lit are Taiwanese news graphics btw? Hot.

Gat tip: Mitori, Matthew



Wild’in out with this eLog bullshit:

Drake-Middle-Fingersya Pfffft eLog… shit is tres 1995.  I mean like does it even have iTunes? 2-Step Authentication? Finger print reader? Retina scanner? Blood sample for DNA comparison getter? Voice recognition where you spit your favorite Dylan or Drake verse?  These are all the things I believe should be present before some blood thirsty killer (military or not) should be able to fire a shot.  Oh yea and the GPS should make sure you’re not within 100 miles of a school, on foreign and domestic soil.  For the children.

Thoughts?  Excited for the trickledown to civilians haha?

Hat tip: Reid