Associated Press under fire! haha so much butthurt over these pics:


Full Story – Politico

Wow people love to get upset over everything..  The GUY WAS SPEAKING AT A GUN RANGE.  There are gun posters and guns everywhere.  I see what they are saying though that this could be used by the other side to subliminally paint Ted Cruz into a more negative light for his positive stance on guns.  It’s a dirty game, but it’s not like we don’t already know the tactics.  These guys just have to stay one step ahead of the competition, or else just laugh it off when they pull something sneaky.  I love how in the 2nd pic, AP caught him in 1/2 derp too.

I don’t follow politics, but Ted Cruz seems like a gun bro on the surface of things.  I’m sure you guys will correct me in the comments if he’s actually not.



Big things happening in Colorado Springs:


Officers were called to St. Francis Hospital in Colorado Springs, CO about 7 p.m. on reports of a man injured in an accidental gun discharge. Adam Hirtle (age 30), however, told police the shooting was completely on purpose, and that he shot himself in his garage.  According to police, he said he wanted to know what it felt like.

“Hirtle stated he took his boot off and shot it, then placed his boot back on his foot and then intentionally shot himself in the foot,” police say. “He did not sustain life-threatening injury nor was anybody else injured.”

Adam Hirtle, 30, is suspected of prohibited use of weapons, reckless endangerment and child abuse in the shooting. Sgt. James Sokolik, a police spokesman, said Hirtle was served a summons in the case and released.

Full Story – Denver Post

Aw man… “prohibited use of weapons”, “Reckless endangerment”, and “child abuse”?  Can’t a guy just do things just to do them anymore?  I mean if there were kids around, that’s very irresponsible and setting a bad example, but “child abuse” seems like a pretty broad.   I hope they really looked into this before throwing the book at him for being a dumbass.  People should be allowed to Darwin themselves in my opinion.  It’s supposedly a free country still.

Can you guys figure out the part about why he took his boot off first to shoot it… then put it boot back on and shot his foot?  The only thing I can think of is he maybe wanted to go for a specific area of his foot, and wanted a pilot hole made from the first round.  Damn what an idiot though… did he not know how much this little experiment would hurt?  It’s like he’s never even had a paper cut or anything in his life, and had nothing to compare it to.

Lucky his health insurance (HA!) covers stupidity and negligence.


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0:04 – Is the esteemed announcer talking into some type of large Russian sausage?  He seems quite sauced.

0:22 – haha that careful ice running to prone

0:51 – “Shoot somewhere fast”

Dude lights up the targets and it’s a wrap!

Russian-VS-SnowmanAll in all the four rules were respected, and they had fun.  Although I don’t condone drinking and shooting, Jeff Cooper obviously didn’t want to be a buzz kill, and toss a 5th “Always be sober” rule in the mix.

Note to self: Participate in Russian biathlon. In hindsight that would have made some good 1st week of Engineering shenanigans. I hear there are even girls now in Engineering! Epic.




Cartels gonna cartel:

Intennnnnnnnse!  I can’t pinpoint why for certain, but I’m not a big fan of Emily Blunt.  I think it’s maybe because she is the same way in EVERY movie she’s in.

I really like cartel related movies.  The Schwarzenegger one called “Sabotage” was pretty decent, but I’d have to say the best one I’ve seen in the past couple years has to go to “End of Watch“… that movie was awesome.

sicaro-movie-posterI know I’ve mentioned this before, but Mexico officially scares the shit out of me.  I don’t plan on going back.  I managed not to be murdered, die of alcohol poisoning or food poisoning the first time on spring break, I think it’s asking too much to have that happen again.

Sicaro will be in theaters Sept 2015.




Yawn… this should get some attention / spark outrage:


We seek to ensure that everyone using the Uber digital platform—both driver-partners and riders—feels safe and comfortable using the service. During a ride arranged through the Uber platform, Uber and its affiliates therefore prohibit possessing firearms of any kind in a vehicle. Any rider or driver found to have violated this prohibition may lose access to the Uber platform.

Source – UBER

As the saying goes though “Concealed is concealed” amirite guys? ;)

uber-logoHow many crimes do you think this will prevent?  I’m sure criminals are very into reading the “terms of service” and making sure none of their actions are in violation of even the smallest detail.  Warms my heart… what a good bunch of people criminals are.  Also, besides the obvious crime this will prevent, it will also insure the “feelings of safety and comfort” for both driver-partners and riders are preserved.  Wow how nice.  I wonder if they will start prohibiting other things that may make some drivers uncomfortable?  Maybe they should really piss everyone off and enforce some illegal bans on non heterosexual people (that would go over well)… maybe even they could even more old timey and ban skirts above the knee and low cut tops?  Don’t forget turbans and any other sort of religious clothing… because that tends to make some people uncomfortable too.  Gotta cover all the bases right Uber? *smh* I can’t believe companies still try and pull this shit in 2015 for what they think is the greater good.  Someone should show them some statistics.