its-tape-katana-memehaha this is awesome.  If Can Cannon isn’t paying Matt thousands of dollars per month for all this advertising, they are getting off easy.  I’m guessing a lot of people wouldn’t ever have found out about or cared about the can cannon until Matt started making hilarious videos with it.

He used tactical tape, so I felt the need to use the thumbnail from one of my favorite videos – the katana unboxing.



Me: On your Glock 35?


Him: Yah Bro

Me: Say no more fam


Him: Bro!

Me: You like keymod too right?

Him: Yea bro

Me: Say no more, I got you…


*SMFH* what is this world coming to right?  Some dudes just want to watch it burn.

If you think this is awesome you’re going to want to hit up the company called Rail Scales.

It’s funny how we’ve come full circle… keymod now is apparently too slippery compared to picatinny, so this company that makes these grip scales was born.  Wow *extremely Drake voice*


Gat tip: Cliff


Oh man haha:

bop-it-gunI didn’t own that game, but it was at my grandparents’ house.  So annoying.

I definitely would have liked a gun version better.



Meh so an 8 year old is pulling the trigger on a CZ scorpion, big deal. The real takeaway here is the no-look derp scan:

Nutnfancy-Googly-Eyes-Herp-DerpThe no-look derp scan is basically the bane of the gun side of the internet.  If you’re going to look, then LOOK.  Don’t shake your head back and forth like an idiot without really seeing anything.

It’s a shame that the no-look derp scan isn’t on the radar of child welfare.  :P

Thoughts?  You impressed?  Or have you been pulling triggers since birth?



From the description:

MuzzleSafe™ is a new firearm safety technology that makes it virtually impossible to shoot yourself or anyone close to you (where most accidents happen). It’s designed for target shooting, training, competition, etc.; NOT FOR SELF-DEFENSE! If the government ever makes this technology mandatory, I will teach free workshops on how to disable it. You have a right to own a gun, but you have a responsibility to protect those you love from harm. It is my strong belief that MuzzleSafe™ will save lives and make the shooting sports safer for all of us who choose to use it.

0:50 – “PIMPACT”!  Pimpin been since pimpin since been pimpin (reference) *powders hand if any of ya’ll be hating on this product before even hearing the guy out*

0:58 – LOL wat?  This guy has spent entirely too long on useless visuals so far.  The rest of this video better deliver… and fast, because I’m getting bored.

1:29 – OH LAWWWWWWWWD here it is:  “When the proximity sensor detects that an object is too close, the firearm is temporarily disabled”

1:45 – My sides LOL.  This man built a protype on an airsoft deagle brand deagle no less.

2:07 – The classic “Patent Pending” in case any of you large firearm corporations just thought you could snatch this NXT LVL SHIT UP.  Nah, never that cuz.

2:27 – Saving lives and making shooting sports safers as well.  Preach.

haha according to the YouTube description he’s getting mad butthurt about people getting upset about it being a smart gun:

UPDATE 2016-05-09: Due to rampant phobia of the words “smart gun”, and the inability of people to read descriptions & disclaimers, I have retitled this video, and added an annoying popup at the beginning to ensure that everyone understands what this is and isn’t. Most of the hate I have gotten so far has been due to false assumptions about what this project aims to accomplish.

He talks about and demonstrates the MuzzleSafe:

MuzzleSafe-Smart-GunI think the key here is that MuzzleSafe makes it virtually impossible to shoot someone because NO ONE WILL WANT TO BE AROUND YOU this thing is so damn embarrassing.  Obligatory “Whose mans is this? LOL who let this slide?”

The MuzzleSafe website is a sure bet to keep on top of this.



Oh it’s on:

usher-sipMy man in the video is the Thai Royal Nonesuch.  Needs to reinforce that shit though apparently… peeled that fake 1911’s wig back.

I was going to crack some low hanging Thai jokes, and googled “popular Thai names” just so I could paint a better picture for you guys.  Check this… #2 is “Ice”, #7 is “Benz”…. oh and just in case you thought they were all badass, #13 is “Nut”.  Rolling up on the scene with Ice and Benz is filed under goals as far as real life instagram captions go.

Thoughts?  Now the important part… would operate in Thai operations with?  Would eat pad thai (my favorite) with?  Would eat pad see ew (my girlfriend’s favorite) with?  Damn, I really want to order Thai food now.