They nuke their nests with flamethrowers of course:

Why not right?  Any opportunity to use a flamethrower is a good one in my opinion.

I wouldn’t have been the guy steadying the barrel though… probably safe enough, but that doesn’t sit well with me.


Hat tip: Kyle



Shrapnel that is.  It was only a matter of time:


Lucky that piece of shrapnel didn’t find its way to FPS’ designer sunglasses instead.  Although on the up side he would have transformed from a fake Russian to a real pirate in an instant.  I could see him embracing that…

Wear proper eye protection, and don’t stand too close to hard targets and exploding targets!


Hat tip: Tyson



Check out the tutorial over at Instructables.  The top picture I actually grabbed from a company called thodio‘s website, where they make the ammo can speakers and sell them.  If you have more money than time and know-how, you can pick one up from them for $307 – $430 depending on the specs you want.

If you need an empty ammo can you can pick one up at your local surplus store for cheap, or on Amazon the price isn’t that bad either.

I don’t know how good of sound these things throw, but I imagine it’s probably good enough for the beach or a night of parking lot drinking.  Just be prepared to have more guys than girls impressed with your DIY expertise.


Hat tip: Eric, Scott



The boss of one of Europe’s biggest gunsmiths Gaston Glock is facing a police investigation in Austria after claims that he he held a realistic looking replica pistol to a photographer’s head and pulled the trigger.

He claims the 82-year-old tycoon then fired the gun at him which was a water pistol and then told him: “I bet you’re glad that this is not a real gun.”

Full Story – HERE

Translation: “WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH I’m a bottom feeder and someone shot a water pistol at me and then said something I didn’t like.”

Get a real job that doesn’t invade people’s privacy and then maybe i’ll give a shit…. NEXT!

I sure hope Gaston doesn’t have to lose any sleep over this case.




Hipsters can flip the script on attempted violent crimes:

Looks bulky as hell, but effective.  I still would rather see violent criminals dead rather than “scared”, but I suppose there is less paperwork and long term effects with scared.

For $100 over at indiegogo, at least it’s inexpensive.

Thoughts?  Anyone seen/used one of these?



It’s no surprise some people don’t make it to old age:

As you can see the entire video he’s swinging the gun around with both his fingers on the triggers.  Like poor trigger discipline with one trigger and one finger isn’t bad enough.

When he felt the recoil and let go, that might have damaged his ego a bit… but I’m gonna assume they were all drinking and proceeded to do it again.. and again… and again…