Unbelievable pictures:

As in the ruins of Beirut, Sarajevo or Stalingrad, the conflict in Syria is a sniper’s war. Men stalk their fellow man down telescopic sights on suburban streets, hunting a glimpse of flesh, an eyeball peering from a crack, using decoys to draw their prey into giving themselves away. During weeks spent tracking the fluid frontline of the battle, veteran war photographer Goran Tomasevic provided daily evidence of an escalating conflict that the UN estimates has killed over 100,000 people. Tomasevic photographed with exceptional proximity as combatants mounted complex attacks, managed logistics, treated their wounded, buried their dead – and died before his eyes.

He talks about minimizing the risk, but I really don’t see how that’s even possible most of the time where he is.  Twenty years in the field though obviously means he knows what he’s doing.  I would have figured that in unorganized wars fought between some of those countries, with little to no set rules of engagement, they wouldn’t have any respect at all for photographers.  It’s nice to see there is still some honor obviously, and they are not just shooting everyone in sight.  It’s interesting when you think about how the simple cropping of a picture, or a caption put on it can affect someones thoughts. As a photographer of this type I would always be worried about how my pictures were being used.

Goran-Tomasevic-Combat-PhotographerMore information about Goran Tomasevic and his work on his Reuters page.  Interesting that the first picture on that page was the one of the U.S. Marine ducking down behind a wall as a piece of it explodes into his face from enemy gunfire.  I remember what a stir that picture caused when it came out.  Incredible shot.

Question: What would you rather photograph…. Hot Shots calendar girls, or combat?  Best of both worlds and the Hot Shots girls IN combat maybe? haha you wish.

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MrColionNoir weighs in:

Basically what he’s saying is that we shouldn’t give up our rights but baiters gonna bait… trolls gonna troll… assholes gonna asshole.  Yea that sounds about right.

MrColionNoir is wearing the Defend Freedom t-shirt from ENDO Apparel.


I really don’t know what the answer is… but like I mentioned in another post recently what I think needs to happen first, is the public needs to be educated on the laws regarding open carry in their state.  This education might have to come from the 911 operator, after he/she asks some simple probing questions.  Whether someones motive for open carry is comfort, to get a rise out of people, or anything else it really shouldn’t matter because the bottom line is if it’s legal, it’s legal.  




Demolition Ranch follows the redneck scientific method again in this one:

Demolition-Ranch-ENDO-HatLego loads: Good for scaring hobos off your lawn, but not good for self defense.  Well maybe Squidward from Spongebob could be used for self defense in a pinch, judging by the video results.

Demolition Matt is wearing the M16 rifle hat from ENDO Apparel.  As you can see, contrary to popular belief you can put any type of curve you want into the visor and it will stay just fine.

Thoughts?  K’Nex shotgun loads anyone?



Richard Ryan capitalizes on the fact that apparently Microsoft hasn’t given up yet:

I was actually really surprised how well he was able to keep two at once on target!  He didn’t even have them at eye level either.

I can’t wait for the day big companies like Adobe, Autodesk, Dassault etc… start making their software for Google ChromeOS so we can be done with these bloated clunking operating systems once and for all.

I’ll have to say I do like my iMacs (I’ve got two 27″ ones if you haven’t seen), but I still like ChromeOS better than OSX…. obviously not everything I need runs on ChromeOS though.

The always informative behind the scenes:

Richard-Ryan-RatedRR-M2-BrowningRichard is wearing the California No Right To Bear Arms t-shirt from ENDO Apparel in the above video.  Stock is running pretty low on those, but you can add yourself to the waiting list and I’ll have them back in a couple weeks.

Holy, the M2 Browning footage at the end is sick!  We need to see a full video of that.




Higher Calibre, Higher Mindedness:

The-Expendables-San-Francisco-ModifiedI feel like the idea was solid, but the execution could have been much better.  I was expecting to laugh, not just go “heh” a few times :/


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Woooooooooo *in Rick Flair voice*:

Miss-America-Mallory-HaganFor some reason I thought it would sound/look faster than it did on video.  I wonder if the cycle speed of the guns ever slow him down at all, or if he was really was pulling the trigger as fast as he could?