Open-Carry-Most-Interesting-Man-In-The-WorldCaleb from GunNuts drops 10 points you need to know for a successful open carry. Here are the first three to wet your OC whistle:

  1. Don’t Be A Dick
  2. Have A Goal Beyond “Just Open Carrying”
  3. Don’t Go Looking For Trouble

You nailed it Caleb.  Check out the full list over on his blog.

Does dressing like a grown up preclude tactical arm tape, notch hats, and magazine bandoliers?





I never was into Zombies, and now I’m really over them.  This will save you some time if you were thinking of watching the first 3 seasons:

I’d like to pretend I have way better things to do than waste my time watching anymore of The Walking Dead… but the truth is I really don’t so I’ll keep watching it no matter how many derpy plot twists, surprise new characters, loudeners they add to their firearms, etc…

The-Walking-Dead-AMC-ZombiesSeason 4 started up tonight on AMC in case you didn’t already know.

Thoughts?  Have you given up on this series yet or are you happy its back up and running?



FXhummel1 grinds his feet on the couch of a new track he’s working on:

Looks promising. I’m still waiting on the FXhummel1 album, along with a Carnik Con album.  I wish I could Suge Knight those deals.  I’d shave my head, wear track suits, smoke big cigars, and hang dudes by their ankles off balconies who messed with us.  The parallel story continues in my mind and is even more elaborate up to the height of FXHummel’s career when he’s playing SHOT 2018, it’s fight night, and we’re cruising just off the Las Vegas strip in my black BMW 7 series when someone opens up on us at a red light with automatic Deagle brand Deagles over some YouTube beef.  I sustain minor injuries but FX is rushed to University Medical Center, and takes his last breath 7 days later.  Music by FXhummel containing premonitions of his death is posthumously released, and rumors he is still alive circulate the internet.




Taofledermaus grows silver crystals on a .223 Rem cartridge like a boss:

jackie-chan-mind-blownBorrow silver nitrate from someone, throw thousands of your .223 brass into the silver nitrate solution, scrape silver crystals off and…. profit?

Science.  I’m trying to hold some Platinum Nitrate.  I’ve been dreamin’ too long, too long, too long. I don’t like to dream about gettin’ paid.




Lightweight and compact way to carry around 180 rounds:


$25 from Grey Ghost Gear.

Simple, effective, inexpensive… I like that.

You can check out the review over at Gear Whores Anonymous.

Thoughts?  Would operate with? Perhaps would open carry troll with? haha



Keeping little-ones’ booger hooks out of your handgun bang switches. Looking cool while doing it:

Lots more details, and you can get in on the initial run of these things over at the indiegogo campaign page.

The fit and finish looks incredible.  I get the hidden hinges, and the strength of the aircraft aluminum are impressive… but I’d really like to see this thing hit once with a sledge hammer, then see what’s up.  That said, this shouldn’t be a “safe”, but rather just a safer place to store a handgun if you have kids or other people running around your house.  Thieves are going to find a way into anything no matter what.

2:21 – The RFID wristband and ring are possibly the gaudiest things I’ve ever seen.  I’d probably try cutting the chip out and sticking it underneath my watch clasp or something if it’s really small.  The renders of the rings and the wristband in the indiegogo campaign are actually nicer looking, but still not my thing.  I’d rather just have a keyfob, be able to program it to an existing RFID keyfob I have, or baller status would be programmable compatibility with an owners subdermal RFID implant haha.

2:29 – Phone notifications and GPS tracking when someone tries to mess with your gun box.  See when your gun box ends up, grab some buddies with guns and see whats up?


  • $180 (Retail – $240) – Basic.. only has the RFID scanner
  • $225 (Retail – $300) – Biometric scanner and RFID scanner
  • $390 (Retail – $420) – GPS tracking, Biometric scanner, RFID scanner (Need to pay for GPS monitoring.. no idea how much that is)

Gun-BoxThe introductory pricing is really reasonable if you ask me.  Even the retail pricing isn’t bad at all for what you’re getting.  Sure there are cheaper storage solutions, but none are as cool.  In the end, isn’t the point just to try to look as cool as possible, as often as possible in life before we die?