From the same guy that brought us the epic shit shovel AK-47.


There are tons of pictures and info in the Iron Glock thread over at NorthEastShooters.  The guy even fit his parts inside a Glock airsoft receiver and it worked amazing.

Shooting the iron Glock:

This isn’t the first homebrew glock we have seen, but definitely the most crude looking.  Granted, the one I just linked in the previous sentence did have a completely homebrew upper (slide) as well, which was pretty awesome.

For those that don’t know, the polymer (lower) frame of the Glock is the regulated part.  Funny how in most (all?) states, building your own firearm is perfectly legal, and buying and/or mail Glock slides requires no special paperwork, permits, requirements etc… Just like it were something like a chocolate bar.




Three bros come at you.  I swear to their Ed Hardy / Affliction brand god they are going to kill you if you don’t kill them first:

The best part was how he shot holes in the first two bros and stuck his rifle through them to fill the 3rd bro with holes.

A solid training scenario that the old heads like Buck Yeager, Larry Vuitton “The LAV” Vickers, Travis “Skin So Soft” Haley, and Costa “Shark Jump” Lupus are no doubt sleeping on because they think they are so wise and know better.  Well the joke is on them, because bro assault training is an emerging market forecast by me to be worth approximately $128.2 million dollars this year.


Dynamic Pie Concepts is quickly becoming one of my favorite firearm operator groups.  Their logo alone is amazing.

Hat tip: Al



Spoiler Alert: It doesn’t go well:

It’s funny that I made a joke about this exact same type of troll video on the last 22Plinkster video I posted.  Matt emailed me and said he already filmed such a video (the one you may or may not have just watched) for the lulz.

Mattv2099-ENDO-Trollture-TrollingFrom personal experience, trick shots are definitely as hard as they look.  So many things to take into account, I can’t even wrap my mind around how people like 22Plinkster can pull them off with such ease.

Thoughts? Do you have a trademark trick shot you like to impress with?



These cancel your operator card on the spot, regardless of the operations you operated in:


They say those three rings reduce “barrel-whip”, vibration and improve accuracy!  ORLY? hahah but at what cost?…. at what cost?  Yea I know physics and stuff, but explain to me why every operator on earth isn’t using these if they are actually worthwhile?

$10 over at BowJax if you’re interested.  I’m thinking of buying 5 sets and running them up my whole barrel.  That’s bound to get me like 0.0000001 MOA accuracy if my math is correct.




Demolition Ranch tries it out:

Demolition-Ranch-ENDOThe results were about what I expected.  The one he did in the back of his truck out of the tailgate (3:00) was the best.

I want to see a blunderbuss full of mentos fired at a wall of diet coke bottles backed with tannerite with powered mentos mixed into it, backed by another wall of diet coke… then I’ll be happy.





LOL amazing.  I take it this guy didn’t train at Costa Lupus or buy a shark jump life helmet satchel either.

Hat tip: GearWhoresAnonymous