An emo look at guns and their function:

The concept and process of shooting a gun is amazingly simple, point and shoot. That may be the only simple thing about it. Our goal here was to take the simple concept of shooting an aluminum can in the woods – almost any gun owner’s childhood experience with their BB gun – and go deeper into what shooting a gun can be. Josh, the talent, narrates about the complexities that guns bring, whether societal, mechanical, or even personal. There is a linear storyline of Josh and the bullet. He takes a moment to think about this piece of lead that he is about to send downrange, and we go back to the beginning. From the melting and casting of lead, to the absolute detail that is involved in creating ammunition. The process in itself is complex and gives visual understanding that it guns are simple on surface, but only that.

So emo.

shooting-targetGuns aren’t “too simple” though I guess because the gun fails to ever fire.  This is likely due to to the fact that around 1:40 he’s loading cartridges which don’t have primers into the magazine… *CLICK – NO BANG*.  OOPS! ;)

Despite the obvious oversights, I enjoyed watching though.  Thoughts?



This sold me on getting the G42:

Glock-Diamond-Bedazzled-Pendant-JewelryI mean Kat Matoon guys… come on, SOLD! *full disclosure – I had no idea who she was until I googled her*  It’s clear that Glock really wants to sell this as a “white lady gun”… I feel alienated, and I’m sure the women of color in the world do as well.  When are we going to get a Glock ad for instance, with a powerful hispanic lady? Hey Glock?  haha there’s me trying to start something.  R. Lee Ermey is such an attention whore, but I love him.




Swing operatatAh operaTahhh Opaaaratttahhh:

Looks like this video was from 2012.. great find though Van, I love this stuff.  How could a guy like Sonny ever been a part of a negligent shooting when he exhibits such respect for firearms and, safety surrounding them? Oh “Big boy rules” right? *chest puffed out eating bacon and drinking whiskey from the bottle*

So 2012 was swinging AK-47s… 2013 was shooting people, and AK-47 no-looks … what does Sonny have in store for us in 2014?

I like those British DPM pants though!  I have a field jacket with 3/4 length sleeves in that pattern.  I wear mine with a scarf, and sip lattes on outdoor patios. #OperatorAs____

Sonny-Puzikas-AK-Glock-Dual-WieldThoughts?  Would it be an honor to have Sonny Puzikas swing an AK at your face so you could pull an operator type maneuver like in the video AND then leave with the knowledge of how to avoid all the future AK to the face swings you’ll no doubt encounter throughout your life?

Hat tip: Van




PWS-Half-Cocked-Cartoon-LogoBetter than the first episode, I’ll say that much.  I guess I expected the episodes to be longer and more substantive than they have been so far.




“A slimline 9mm… that’s what I’ve been waiting to see (talking about the .380 Glock 42)”:


haha I bet the guys at the Glock booth heard that all day.




FateOfDestinee takes a look at a cool prototype Slide Fire had at SHOT media day:

The first look at it starts at 1:23.  It’s a “Spade” style grip setup for those that don’t get the name.

Fate-Of-Destinee-ENDOhaha oh wow, that’s gonna be trouble.  I can’t wait to see all the truck bed and ATV mount setups people on ARFCOM come up with.

Thoughts?  Add to your operational arsenal?