A virtual Kevin Spacey tells us what’s up:

Looks like he’s had some work done. Holy the weapons and the vehicles look high tec.

VICE takes a look a the implications of Private Military Companies (PMCs):

Call-of-Duty-Advanced-WarfareInteresting stuff.  

Are people excited for this game?   Damn I see it comes out November 4th, 2014… that’s a while yet!



Billy rolled out of bed, put on a black T and hit record:

Rage-MonocleAW HELLLLLL NAW, ain’t that some bullshit.

How come he’s the only NRA commentator without his own show?  I smell a conspiracy that goes up to the highest levels of government.




A new shirt up for pre-order:


It’s really heating up outside!  Get all your gun shirts for the summer over at ENDO Apparel.  

Lots more products coming soon.  I can’t thank you all enough for the support.

Thanks a lot!


What a scholarly looking 18 year old gent.  Glad to have him on our side:

Brick In Yo Face!  Perfectly reasonable to get a joker style scar tattoo on your face, and an AK on your cheek pointed towards your mouth.  Do you Stitches… do you.  I see you have a son who looks to be around the age of 2 or 3… please tell me he already has tattoos and sells baby cocaine or at least plays with huge amounts of similac powder just to become accustomed to powder?

I got an AK-47 on my face, ho / So you know I don’t shoot no pistol

Real talk Stitches.  That lady of streets will indeed know you do not fire anything but rifles, contrary to a few pictures on your Instagram page.

Is this an accurate sampling of Miami Dade county?  The bawsss Rick Ross AKA Officer Ricky AKA Ricky Rozay is also from Dade county as supported by the song Bitch I’m From Dade County.  Must be a rough place.

Oh and one more thing… if you’re sitting down make sure to check out his Instagram page.  

*Gasp* a “DUCK?” I’ve been called a lot of things online, but never a duck…. I’m so offended.

Stitches-RapperHat tip: Kevin, Jayson, Eric



TacticalNooB42 upgrades his SHTF classic:

Mosin-Nagant-Fishing-Rodhahah that’s really awesome.  He should have shot the fish once he got it out of the water.

Someone should mount a rod and reel on an AR-15 and go shark-with-laser-beam fishing.




ALLAHSNACKBAR *KABOOM* could happen any moment:

‘Merica.  Si vis pacem para bellum.

Dom also has a new show coming out called Media Lab:

Dom-Raso-NRALooks like that should be interesting!  I feel like the logo and name could have been better though, because it looks and sounds too generic as is.