Mattv2099 is in possession of some amazingly graceful tactical skills:

Mattv2099-ENDO-Tactical-AsThere couldn’t have been a more fitting shirt than the ENDO Apparel Tactical As _ _ _ _ one Matt is wearing in the video.

I love how the Mattv2099 stock continues to rise as he gets more and more hate on YouTube and in the ENDO comments.  I’ve got nothing but love for you Matt, keep doing your thing.




LOL Removed :/


Plus an additional 35 more pages you can look through on the CA DOJ website.

ROFL Added:


Priceless… but at the same time not.  California gonna California.

I’m assuming “Ghost guns” are secretly listed on the removed PDF, but are so ghostly we can’t even see them.

Thoughts?  Are you looking forward to micro-stamping saving as many lives as I am?  California will have approximately zero unsolved crimes by this time next year, I know it.



Diane Sawyer with a creative project to demonize guns:

LOL well done ABC well done… I love that part where they plant the two handguns in the classroom.  Sneaky stuff.  Off camera those kids were probably like “LOL there’s no magazine in here even?  Mrs. Struthers is trollin!”.  I really wish ABC would have put some sort of really low powered blank (definitely not one that could hurt the kids) in the gun so when the kid pulled the trigger it went off, and then saw how the kids reacted. I suspect also kids aren’t as stupid as some people think. Were those two really dumb enough to think two real handguns somehow made their way randomly into the classroom while their teacher conviently said “oh hey boys go have some candy and play with the toys over there.

Blaze TV Dana Loesch takes a look at the video and breaks it down:

Yea, hardly an epidemic.  I’ll agree though that any kids at all dying from negligence or accidents is terrible.  Kids are going to drown in pools, break their necks on trampolines, etc… though too as she points out.

If I had kids I would definitely keep the guns out of their reach.  No creative hiding spots low down they could even find.  I would also instill in them how to properly handle a gun and not to touch them, but naturally if you tell a kid they can’t do something they are probably going to want to do it more.

Dana-Loesch-BlazeThoughts?  Maybe I’ve been in the firearms world too long, but I’m really starting to notice how cyclical all this is.  I feel I’ve seen all the anti gun crap, and the pro gun responses to it a million times.  I’d rather just blog about derpy new products, and fun stuff companies come out with.

Hat tip: Weer’d



You can help the spiritually wounded find the savior:

3:12 – Those girls were all like “WHAT?! For realz John told on Kevin for fapping? That shit is priceless!”

3:17 – John: “LOL I totally busted you.  Good thing he’s not going to hell anymore though right?”

3:30 – Kevin *1000 yard stare*

fap-fap-fapDon’t be silent guys.  Don’t leave the wounded on the great battlefield of girls on the internet.  Rat out your friend / brother etc.. to someone today so he can get help!

Twisted stuff.  Thoughts?



They sing the song from the movie Grease:

haha good times… good times.  This is what happens when there are no girls around and no one to shoot at.

John-Travolta-GreaseThey sure don’t have very strict grooming requirements there!




Les fancy bullpup operations on the 100m range:

Filming between a dude’s legs?  It’s not gay if he’s shooting a rifle!

FAMAS-French-StuntingI’m not sure how many of those shots connected, but Jean Paul definitely looked cool doing it.  Do they have notch hats in France yet though?  I feel he could use one.  Le Notch chapeau perhaps?

Oh and DAT FAMAS amirite?  Thoughts?

Hat tip: Van