USB key, ballistic calculator, pill bottle sights, shoulder thing that goes up, snorkel silencing device, forward grip, 120 round high capacity snake magazine.

Dangerous…  we need to keep these out of the wrong hands.


Hat tip: Jesse



Ban assault rifles!  Just kidding… bless this girl’s heart:

This is actually relevant to my interests in more ways than one.  I hate cleaning my guns, and I like the look of her.

She has a Glock cleaning video I posted about a long time ago.

Ashley-EyehandyCue the comments like “She’s too skinny!”, “She has a freckle on her hand I don’t like” hahah there’s always some like that…


Hat tip: Jon



A personal epiphany from an ex firearm enthusiast / whiny little beeotch:


Full Story – HERE

The story starts off where the author scares a burglar away with his firearm.  It was stressful for him, but as far as I’m concerned it did the job it was intended to do… then the story gets weird:

Only in fantasy does keeping a gun in the home make you safer; the statistical reality is just the opposite. Only in fantasy is the possibility of even minimal gun regulation a threat “to take away all the guns.” And only in fantasy can arming teachers and abolishing gun-free zones be seen as a reasonable response to gun violence — for only in fantasy does throwing more of a problem at a problem equal a solution.


First of all, in his story, this “burglar” was running away… that hardly sounds like a situation in which you would shoot unless you wanted to go to jail.  Maybe the rules are different in Atlanta though, I don’t know.


Hat tip: Eric, Will



Like a sir:

The video is kind of slow after the rabbit is shot, but still interesting enough.

If you guys buy a few million shirts, I promise I’ll do that with a brand new Rolls Royce Phantom.  I’ll even get the umbrella holder in the door modified to hold an AR-15 instead.  Maybe I’ll even let Ashley roll with me to clean the guns.

Rolls-Royce-PhantomH1 hummers will never be out of style;  I’d like to get one of those someday too even though the amount I’d spend on fuel would be ridiculous.

Hat tip: Tim



FXHummel1 puts in some 2nd Amendment work on the ivory:

Mic stand and spit guard upgrade FTW!  FX’s songs are always a good listen.

One might say he “assaults” the keys with musical finesse.

Assault Weapons Ban T-ShirtThe Assault Weapons Ban T-Shirt FX is wearing will be back in stock by the end of the week at the latest.  You can get on the Notify list, or else just watch the blog for my announcement.




Get your jammies on and grab a drink and some popcorn:

I made it to about 45 seconds and saw enough… so I skipped… and skipped… and then saw it complete.

If you’re not familiar with Defense Distributed’s magazine making 3D printing efforts check that linked post.

In my opinion you’re better off doing what I did above, and then using your spare time to watch this 5 hour Adriana Lima 1080p checkered flag waving video:

Adriana-LimaIf you skip through any of the above video you’re doing an injustice to yourself, and you’ll make my girl Adriana cry. ;)

I know some of your hardcores live by the code “MOB”, where the M stands for magazines.  haha