A preview of an interesting new show the NRA is going to be putting out:

Defending-Our-America-NRADefinitely relevant to my interests.

0:48 – He’s surprised that a bunch of scumbag criminals have different views than him?

2:00 – WhUT?  Why?  What an elitist.

Starts April 2014.




Source – MTV

51:21 is where the gun-talk starts.  I don’t get it… he’s says he wishes the jews had access to guns during the holocaust but then goes on to say we don’t need them in this country *me scratching my head*.  Alright guy… so how do you expect to prevent another holocaust type situation then in the future?  For an obviously brilliant guy, I can’t wrap my head around how he can be so dumb.

NRA-LogoLOL NRA takedown project though… Hilarious.  Sure the guy has a lot of money and makes good movies, but lets be real, he can’t touch the NRA.  “They’re gonna wish they weren’t alive after I’m done with them.” -Harvey Weinstein on the NRA.

Weinstein also talked to ENDO blog reader Piers Morgan on the topic:

In the above interview he states that he’s going to not make movies with gun violence any longer. Interesting considering in the Howard Stern interview he talks about how much he likes making Quentin Tarantino’s movies, and would even go as far as to financially back a Tarantino movie without even reading the script.


Hat tip: Jake



When Vigilant Spectre isn’t trolling Glock employees he’s operating with his bros:

Been there done that.  Anything but birdshot is NOT fun on the wrist.  That said, I type on keyboards for a living so my wrists are probably only as strong as a 12 year old girl’s.

Vigilant-Spectre-Tactical-WallsThe coolest thing about short barrel shotguns is definitely their appearance.




Buck Yeager talks about it:

James-Yeager-Angel-ApprovedAgreed.  If it’s not your fight, stay out of it.  I’ve heard a lot of horror stories and hypothetical scenarios which make me want to stay out of other people’s problems.




BatteryClip. The power to power things, not to kill.  Not YET anyway:


Similar in function to an ammunition magazine or “clip”, The BatteryClip not only organizes and protects batteries from dirt and accidental discharge, it assures that fresh batteries are available in an instant.

$25 each over at the BatteryClip website.  They come in AA, 9 Volt, and soon AAA versions.  I’m unsure if they will release reduced capacity versions for the less friendly states.

Holy, does everything have to have a gun related solution?  I was going to make more fun of the idea of this, but then I realized that just the other day I needed batteries again for my Apple Keyboard (Yes this happens often because I spend like 20 hours a day on the computer eating Cheetos and trolling the internet) and I cut my thumb knuckle on the sharp edge of my Costco Kirkland blisterpack full of batteries.  It was a rough day which will go down in blogging history my friends #NeverForget. A battery clip in my life will no doubt prevent future tragedies.

I’m just really hoping someone takes advantage of this whole “battery clip” (magazine) idea and makes a gun to fire the batteries.  The clips (magazines) even fit in standard rifle mag pouches… how operator is that?!


Hat tip: Adam



An emo look at guns and their function:

The concept and process of shooting a gun is amazingly simple, point and shoot. That may be the only simple thing about it. Our goal here was to take the simple concept of shooting an aluminum can in the woods – almost any gun owner’s childhood experience with their BB gun – and go deeper into what shooting a gun can be. Josh, the talent, narrates about the complexities that guns bring, whether societal, mechanical, or even personal. There is a linear storyline of Josh and the bullet. He takes a moment to think about this piece of lead that he is about to send downrange, and we go back to the beginning. From the melting and casting of lead, to the absolute detail that is involved in creating ammunition. The process in itself is complex and gives visual understanding that it guns are simple on surface, but only that.

So emo.

shooting-targetGuns aren’t “too simple” though I guess because the gun fails to ever fire.  This is likely due to to the fact that around 1:40 he’s loading cartridges which don’t have primers into the magazine… *CLICK – NO BANG*.  OOPS! ;)

Despite the obvious oversights, I enjoyed watching though.  Thoughts?