A little photoshop I whipped up for the Croatian bullpup rifle:

As the wikipedia page says, it definitely does look similar to the FAMAS.

Thoughts?  Anyone ever shot this thing?



Another commercial from Glock:

Everyone knows I love glock, but it’s become obvious that the Glock marketing department recently bought a digital SLR and learned about Adobe After Effects… or were sold the idea by a external marketing firm.  Both commercials so far were quite pointless. (the first one is HERE if you want to check it out)

I don’t really get this whole “Confidence To Life Your Life” campaign either.  Is that implying that anyone without a Glock is likely a scared little bee0tch? If so, i’m sure those sound like fightin’ words to a lot of people.




To Live And Die In L.A.

Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck holds up a rocket launcher turned in during a weekend gun-buyback program in the city. The haul also included 791 handguns, 527 rifles and 302 shotguns — less than what usually is turned in. A supermarket chain donated $200,000 in gift cards to be given out in exchange for the weapons.


Oh.. wait… TRAINER.  *facepalm* Stellar police work Charlie.  How embarrassing.  Is that an inert AT4?

They always flaunt those haul numbers like it’s some massive victory, but I wonder how many of the bought back guns were actually airsoft or 40 year old throwaway guns that don’t even work.




Electronic Arts’ quest for realism hatched this new idea… Partner with real brands:



LaRue Tactical:

US Optics:

The partnership idea is win-win if you ask me.  If nothing else, it will at least help educate the kids in the proper equipment and it’s use.  I just wish other games such as Grand Theft Auto would partner with actual car manufacturers.  hahah wishful thinking I suppose in that case.

To see a full list of partners, check out the Medal Of Honor Warfighter partners page.

I’m dying to know what kind of partnership agreement was reached. It is interesting because it’s obviously mutually beneficial, but at the same time it is a huge advertising opportunity for the brands. My guess is that the companies involved cut Electronic Arts some very hefty checks. Anyone have any inside info? :P

Medal Of Honor: Warfighter isn’t out until October 23 :(  If you want to pre-order it you can hit up Amazon.

Thoughts? Also, I might have already asked this before, but what’s the verdict on MoH compared to COD?



By mid next week I’ll have the 5.56x45mm, California RKBA, Keep Calm And Carry One, and M16 Selector Switch t-shirts re-stocked.

Everyone on the notify lists will be contacted at that point.  I’m going to try and be better with keeping existing shirt designs in stock from now on.

Check out ENDO Apparel for shirts I have in stock, and/or add yourself to the notification list if you want me to email you when i’m restocked on a particular size of a t-shirt.

Thanks to everyone for your patience.



Obviously fake, but pretty awesome:

The muzzle sweep on the initial presentation, and continuous poor muzzle discipline was a nice touch.

Child soldier too!  Trolls gonna troll.   Interestingly enough the commercial was made many years ago by Amnesty International.

Funny how it has the opposite effect they would have hoped for on gun owners, especially those with a sense of humor.


Hat tip: Rick