Carnik Con doing what they do best:

You really can’t go wrong with an M2 Browning… ever.  The MG 42, another great choice…. DAT ROF *bites bottom lip*.  I wouldn’t want to be footing the bill for an afternoon of shooting with either of those.

CarniK-Con-YouTubehahah his songs are always on point too.  “I dream of freedom, just me and my little machine gun. Born a free man, die a free man”… I know so many of you guys are thirsty for an album to drop.  Hope he releases one sooner or later.




Hickok45 gets his Halloween prep on:

A bit early by my watch, but whatever.  These things seem to be getting earlier and earlier every single year… I swear Costco had Christmas stuff out already in May this year. haha ok not quite that bad…

Good choice on the Deagle Hickok.  He should have had an ENDO Deagle Brand Deagle t-shirt on though.



MrColionNoir takes it down 3 buttons, and spits that 2A flava in our ears:

MrColionNoir-Defend-Freedom-Tshirt-ENDOPeople be like RKBA ROFL.

It would be ironic if everyone who thinks the 2nd Amendment is outdated gets a taste of police response time to a serious incident where guns are needed.  Although, even that doesn’t help a lot of them… Take Colin “The Professional Victim” Goddard for example.




Poachers gonna poach. Vice takes a look:

Holy that makes me mad.  It’s a tough call though since there is a market for it.  I mean if you live in Kenya and your wife and kids are literally going to die if you don’t shoot and elephant and cut out its tusks, then I suppose that’s what you have to do.

They need to squash the market by throwing people who traffic ivory, and the people who buy it in jail for a very long time.

3:30 – I guess I knew they wouldn’t be using carbon fiber compound bows, but I didn’t think they would be working with something that primitive!

Elephant-Gun-Sketch-Drawing4:03 – Is that an HK G3? $100?!  I’ll take all you have sir.




As usual, TrackingPoint has it covered:

Nicely done video!  LOL as I typed insurgents for the title I immediately thought of this Katt Williams bit

You just know once these become mainstream it’s only a matter of time before someone makes an app for soldiers where it scores kills like a video game.  CNN is going to love that!  I wish I owned one of their systems currently so years from now I could be a tracking point hipster, telling people that I had one before they were cool and then proceed to lament “Warfare just isn’t what it used to be, you know?”.

TrackingPoint-LogoTrackingPoint is one of those great companies, where the guys actually go out of their way to send me personal emails.  There are too many emails from companies I get that are like “DEAR BLOGGER, POST OUR STUFF.  KTHXBYE.”… like I already don’t have a billion things I could post instead.  Don’t these other herbs know I’m not a blogger, I’m just a designer / professional-at-keeping-it-real who blogs? Sheeeeeeiiiiiiiittttttt.

More info on TrackingPoint’s Future of War over at their microsite “SHOT MADE”.




Machining more “grip” into a stock handgun slide:

Glock 19 + Trijicon RMR co-witnessed with the suppressor height sights?! Damn that’s hot.

Innovative-Gunfighter-Solutions-GlockFat chance I’d let a company etch their logo on the side of my gun, worse yet that gross looking IGFS one!  I’m assuming that logo is optional though (hopefully).

You can check out Innovative Gunfighter Solutions over at their facebook page if you’re interested in finding out more about their work.

Thoughts? Would operate with? Wouldn’t operate without?