For their 5th Anniversary: A black bun made with bamboo charcoal and squid ink colored black ketchup:

Source – Burger King JP Facebook

They call it the “Kuro Burger” (Kuro means “black” apparently) and it will be available for a limited time across Japan starting at 10:30AM on Friday Sept. 28th.

*slow clap* suddenly white buns and red ketchup seem so mainstream, I’m no longer interested in them. /hipster




I knew this was going to be good when I saw the title:

This guy needs an internet life coach that can school him on counter-trolling.  Needless to say he’s doing it wrong.

I really don’t blame him for disabling the comments, as he’s trying to run a business and doesn’t need the comments filled up with people telling him he’s an idiot and possibly swaying other people’s decisions.

3:32 – “Just like with terrorists, I don’t negotiate with haters” – ***extreme eye roll*** but I truly hope Buck knows I don’t hate him.  If people find out about his classes through ENDO and decide to train with him, great.  If they find out about him and decide they don’t like him, and don’t want to train with him I won’t lose any sleep over that either.

I have lots of other content I could post instead, but I find a lot of his vids entertaining so i’ll continue to post those if I have something to say about them.




Richard Ryan (iPhone shooter extraordinaire) gives it a shot:

¥52,500 ($672 USD) for the super practical bulletproof case.  I’m not surprised the bullet didn’t penetrate the case, nor am I surprised the phone wouldn’t power up.  That is a heck of a lot of energy transferred to the phone which it obviously wasn’t designed to take.

A bit of a flawed test though considering it’s unknown whether the round caused the phone not to function or it it was from when it flew and hit the rocks.   Fun though, either way.




MrColionNoir has a few words:

“Understand what you’re dealing with when arguing with someone about guns.”  <— Very true. It’s really frustrating arguing with people who use emotion rather than facts.

I agree that you don’t owe anyone an explanation. Thoughts?

You can pick up an AK-47 selector switch t-shirt like MrColionNoir is wearing over at ENDO Apparel.



A 2006 TV Show where 9 of the gayest Scandinavian men faced the toughest challenge of their lives:

LOL this show is seriously for real.  I thought I was being trolled when Ross sent me the link.

A little taste of what Gay Army has to offer.  Shooting the M16:

Priceless… I’ve got to track this show down.


Hat tip: Ross



Like operating the clay thrower like a boss:

hahah I hear kids are also good at picking up spent brass.  What happens when they grow up though and are too young to buy ammo, but want to use up all of yours? :P

Hat tip: Roger