Taofledermaus‎ is the absolute king of doing random gun and ammo related vids. This one ices the proverbial cake:

Kids-Gun-Safety-Boise-IdahoPeople actually own cotton candy machines? haha I thought it was just one of those treats you got occasionally at an event as a best effort to rot your teeth out.

Like most of Tao’s vids, the result is quite anticlimactic… Science though amirite?



First PETA was like -.- then they were like :D

Hickok45-YoutubeHickok45 doing it like he does every year.  Not that exciting but still cool.



Not really much to the song, it’s catchy though I suppose.. and the video is nice:

0:07 – Cool little kids are great

0:55 – Oh shit, lil homie just handed a pack off.  Smooth move.

1:13 – If you own a gun and haven’t done this I feel bad for you son.

1:15 – Not a bad grip at all!  I always brace for teacup or full on sideways G style.

1:28 – If tell me you haven’t flex-jiggled your pecs in the mirror you’re either lying or I feel bad for you a 2nd time.

1:30 – SURPRISE… he grew up to be a cop

1:55 – Go be a hipster somewhere else.

2:08 – Fake police bust, then daps all around.  Jeh jeeahh.

2:29 – Go be a white, white t-shirt wearing honky somewhere else.  Oh yea and I’m calling the DEA on your ass.

2:45 – That’s what I’m talking about!  I officially want to hang with these guys, just do reckless shit all day wildin out because we are the law.

3:14 – Donuts in the cruiser, and I ain’t talking the delicious fatty kind.

3:30 – DENIED!  BLOCKA BLOCKA.  Go be white and play basketball somewhere else you creepy-ass-cracker

3:36 – Oooo that’s right I’m stylin on you.

3:42 – OH NO HE DIDN’T… and the Glocks come out, so do the warning shots.  Sup now?  Sup?

4:19 – Hahah the old “sure you can see my gun… NAHHHHH” trick cops always use on kids.

4:23 – Waaaaaah kids with guns.  This is bound to upset some people even though it’s clearly a music video.

4:33 – Little dude better work on his hand strength, or get some grip tape on there or something!  Better yet, he could practice his heel-racking skills.  Oh and here is where teacup comes into play… and a loose looking one at that.


Hat tip: Krystian



Demolition Ranch and his crew have some fun:

The hilarity of using some of those for home defense would be amazing.  I’d love to be a doctor at an Emergency Room when some guy comes in with a Double Bubble or a Skittles wound… that would be classic.

Demolition-Ranch-ENDO-HatHomemade shotgun shells definitely seemed to be the “in” thing to do in 2013.  I’m not mad at it though.




Future military version of groundhog day:

I like the exo-skeletons and the quad tilt rotor craft!

Tom Cruise: “I’m not a soldier”
Emily Blunt: “Of course you’re not… you’re a weapon”

Edge-of-Tomorrow-PosterLooks like it could be decent.  I’m not that big of a Tom Cruise fan, but I’m sure he’ll be alright in it.

In theaters June 6, 2014.




Part 1:

Part 2:

Interesting guy, interesting story.  Definitely worth watching if you have a spare 25 minutes.

There is a new-ish trailer I had not seen out for the movie Lone Survivor as well:

Lone-Survivor-PosterLooks like it should be pretty good.  I know there was a lot of initial hate because Marky Mark is playing him.