A new song about a HSLD soldier who’s home and dealing with PTSD:

Because of my pessimistic nature when it comes to music my expectations were low. The song and video really impressed me.  Deep lyrics, I can’t imagine people living with thoughts and feelings like that on a daily basis when all I do is think about girls, guns, clothes, and food.

My boys Iraqveteran8888 got special behind the scenes access at the filming of the music video:




$20,000 suit from a bespoke tailor in Toronto, Canada:

0:38 – Yea no doubt, I can imagine shit gets real when dealing with oil and diamonds.  Blogging carries similar risks.

1:01 – Did Maxwell ever stop to think that maybe he’s looking over his shoulder because of horrendous suit / tie parings?  Step your game up pimpin and see if that doesn’t change your life around.

1:35 – That doesn’t look like many layers of Kevlar, but he claims .22, 9mm, and .45 stopping power.  No Deagle brand Deagle .50AE protection?  PASS. :P

Here’s to hoping the person shooting at you doesn’t play too much COD and try to land headshots.

Matrix-Neo-Stop-BulletsYou can read more about Garrison, Toronto’s custom bulletproof suit tailor over at their website.

Unconfirmed if they will make a custom Canadian tuxedo (All denim), but I’m assuming they could to meet your needs.

Thoughts?  Better off buying name brand, getting it tailored and putting a vest on?



PHowe x Panteo Productions:


PHowe has always been operator as fuck, but I have a feeling his skill level increased with the addition of that tactical facial push broom.  That thing is glorious.  Paul has so much Testosterone he probably made the decision to grow that Movember beast the night before filming the video.

Looks like the full video will be worthwhile. Panteo Productions appears to come out with some solid stuff on the reg. Funny (but unsurprising) how they dropped “Sonny “Shoot House” Puzikis” after his TOO OPERATOR FOR STANDARD SAFETY PRACTICES negligence.

Thoughts? Is P stunting on you and your Movember peach fuzz?



From an episode of his show Tac-TV.  Russians Spetsnaz are confident sons of bitches. Fueled by vodka?

The crappy old version of the video in case the new one disappears.

Holy shit that guy with the balaclava is high speed… just wait and see what I mean.

1:17 – Hmmmm so he’s putting on a vest… I wonder where this is going…

1:22 – Hmmm 2nd guy walking on to range… OH HOLY JESUS please no…

1:24 – Gun drawn and aimed at guy #1 *My mind explodes*

1:35 – Three shots from guy #2 into guy #1s chest (body armor) *The pieces of my exploded mind explode again*

2:08 – Phew… ok I thought the LAV was going to be like “Meh… good training drill for sure”, but he really doesn’t like it.

3:46 – WHHHHHHAAAAT?!?!??!

4:23 – Human obstacles?  Seriously… I just feel like I’m getting trolled at this point.  

4:47 – Nothing like another few shots next to your head.

Spetsnaz-Mission-AccomplishedPlease tell me simunition is being used in some of these drills.  I noticed some fluorescent tape on some of the slides… not all of them though.

Try as you will, you’ll never be that HSLD.  I’m surprised they don’t raise the bar a bit more and do some of these drills on a busy playground or at a trampoline park considering they are so fancy.


Hat tip: Christopher



M1 Garand at 1000 FPS:

m1-garand-thumbWait for it…. wait for it 3:59 *OOoooo yea…. dat PING*.  Cool to see it go back when the footage is reversed too.

I wonder if Jerry has ever got M1 Thumb?  Who Am I kidding… he’s way too slick.




An animated Mattv2099 operates in food zombie operations:

Mattv2099-Run-Guns-ENDO-ApparelNot sure why “food zombies”… I felt like I was watching something fueled by some sort of crazy tactical drugs.

Matt is wearing the Pistol Whip t-shirt from ENDO Apparel at the end of the video.