Facebooking a picture of a baby with a gun is always a crowd pleaser:

Wow… an outcry over a stupid little picture like that?  I’ve seen lots of pictures with babies and guns, why did this one get so much press?  If I had a kid brother or sister I would troll the shit out of the anti gun world.

I love how the dad was basically like “meh…”

1:42 – Wow, the amount of derp that comes out of her derp hole is astonishing.

Troll-FaceThat’s weak the store succumbed to the pressure and removed the picture from their facebook page.




Moose aren’t scared of anyone:

Moose-Gets-GlockedThe guy definitely did the responsible thing.  The safety of his son and him is much more important.  Of course the YouTube comments are rife with wild animal professionals.  “But he should have…..”




Natalie Foster x NRA News talks about the blood lust problem we have in the USA:

1:20 – Shots fired at Chris Brown!  I hate that guy… what he did to Rihanna was unforgivable, I don’t care how talented he is, if there was any justice he would be cleaning toilets at McDonalds right now.

1:36 – That Rolling Stone magazine Boston Bomber cover was the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen a publication do to sell papers.  Making him into some James Morrison type demigod.

2:42 – Yea, psychos know that killing a lot of people will make them infamous and turn them into a celebrity.  That’s NOT good.

Great video.  I’d have to say the delivery and message makes it Natalie’s best yet in my book.

Girls-Guide-To-Guns-Natalie-FosterUnlike some other gun blogs out there, I choose to keep ENDO mainly about humor.  Sure blogging about shootings would make me more ad money and no doubt sell more shirts because of the increased traffic.  If I did that  I’d just be part of the problem and I wouldn’t feel good about myself.




The trailer:

Godzilla-2014-PosterLooks decent!  I wonder if Heisenberg stops cooking meth because of the death and destruction?

In theaters May 16th.  Looking forward to it?



For young recreational operators:


Notice I said young recreational operators… not child soldiers, because that shit ain’t cool with me.  When you’re a kid you should be building forts, farting and laughing at it in public, eating copious amounts of candy, and doing everything in your power to avoid cooties… not forced into fighting for your country.  That said, if you do live in one of those countries that embraces kids fighting, then you might as well be safe about it, not draped in some ridiculous PFD (personal flotation device), or duct taping a cinder block to your chest like I’ve seen in the past.

boy-scouts-bearded-kids-2Not even parents who are scared of guns and everything else would touch these awesome little rigs for their delicate little offspring because they look too “military”.

$99 over at The Tactical Medic.




LOL the range safety jokes literally write themselves:

1:19 – Dallas hey?  MrColionNoir and him should link up for some type of epic collab.

2:23 – Yeager talks about Sonny trying to take his “lead” in being the more controversial firearms instructor (duel contract, photographers downrange, talking about killing people etc..).  LOL yea shooting someone is so funny.   Sheeeeeeeeeeit.  Yeager never shot anyone as far as I know, so Sonny has him edged out in that controversial aspect.  Sonny also swings AK-47s at dudes faces, so then there’s that too. Quite the toss-up hmmmmmm.

3:48 – Sonny owned up to his “mistake”.  Cool story bro?

Sonny-Puzikas-AK-Glock-Dual-WieldNot sure why Yeager is trying to resurrect Sonny’s career, but whatever *shrug* … good for him for trying to help a guy out I suppose if that’s what he really wants to cosign.   The video definitely means more controversy points for Yeager which equal more youtube views.

Would operate in Spetsnaz and/or mall security operations with Sonny?  Let me know in the comments.  Me?  I’ll stay alive and continue to talk shit from my keyboard drinking lux drinks, and stuffing my face with popcorn and cheetos. Which reminds me *MAHHHHHHHHHHHM MOAR CHeeeTOzzzzzzzzs!*