Made and sold by Hiller Armament Company.  $16.50 for 10 targets.  Stay classy guys.

The only thing more hilarious than people making stuff like this up solely to piss people off, is that people will actually but these targets and use them to piss even MORE people off. Quite a first product for Hiller Armament Company to come out with regardless. They really set the bar high for their 2nd product LOL.

I lost interest in that case a long time ago.  What ended up happening?  Did the companies that own Skittles and Arizona Iced Tea see record sales for the past few months?



Well I guess not entirely useless I suppose… you be the judge:

.50 BMG Proof iPhone Case - If your pockets are big enough, and your fear of taking a round to the femoral artery is more of a concern than your coolness.

$650 USD at this sketchy Japanese site

And finally…

Knuckle iPhone Case - If you’ve ever wanted to send a text message and a physical message to someones face.

$99 at




I’m apparently “nice” on twitter:

If only there was a site that would rate the blog… i’d probably be an 11.

What’s your twitter douchebag score?  Post it in the comments.

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Celebrating 50 years of 007 with a new watch, and by trolling us with this:

Does anyone that’s not less than 12 years old actually think that the whole cartridge fires out of the barrel? Something I’d expect from a smaller company, not Omega.

The whole animation can be viewed right on the homepage of Omega’s website or here:

I know some of you are going to cry “Artistic license!”  … to that I say “PuhLeeeeez”.

Again… not a “bullet”.  I’m glad I ditched my Omega Seamaster for a Rolex Submariner.

Thoughts?  How long do you think it will be until they realized their mistake and change it?

Hat tip: Anders R.



I didn’t know this sport existed before I saw this video:

  • Random person hiking through the woods:  “Whatcha shooting at?”
  • Hunter: “Dragonflies”
  • Random person: 0.O “uhhhhhhh…”

That’s pretty much how it would go.  People just don’t get the thrill of the hunt.  Just make sure you don’t take more than your dragonfly license allows… I’ve seen guys get crazy fines for bagging too many.

I have an insatiable hunger for dragonfly meat. *scratches neck furiously*


Hat tip: Krystian B.



So Yeager has a 4000 sq. ft. house.  Ballin!  Not my style of decor, but very nice of him to let people stay at his place when they enroll in classes.  He must have a very accommodating wife.

The door should read: “Shoulder Roll All Ye Who Enter Here”

The dinner with the students thing is definitely interesting too.  I like that idea considering if you’re out of town you’re going to need to eat somewhere anyway.

James Yeager is actually starting to kind of grow on me.  When hes not threatening to break someones back or other macho shit he seems like a likable guy.