There was some buzz on the internet about this Photoshop I posted in back in 2009:

I don’t remember any company jumping on the bandwagon and actually getting them made in 2009.  Looks like Palmetto State Armory thought it would be a good idea to capitalize on this year’s upcoming November election so they are making some up like the mock-up pictured below:

I’m assuming it’s supposed to be Anti-Obama by the “NOBO12″ part of it… but that’s the only giveaway that it isn’t meant to support Obama.  Kind of a fail if you ask me.  The original Photoshop got the point across better.

I really couldn’t care less about “custom” AR-15 lowers with dumb markings on them.  Seems like i’m in the minority on that opinion though, because every time someone says they are going to run a batch anything but “SAFE” and “FIRE” on it, people go nuts.

Thoughts?  Are you a sucker for custom/different fire selector lower receiver engravings?



Erika talks about her journey to fem-operator status, and equality:

I don’t know why they wouldn’t link to the original FateOfDestinee video, or even acknowledge that it was her that did it.  Just “a girl did a video”… interesting.

Erika has the exact opposite view and experience as FateOfDestinee.  Erika is extremely confident though, so i’m sure a lot of guys are scared of her and her skills when they see her at the range.  Don’t get me wrong, FateOfDestinee seems confident too, but just on more of a girl next door level.

I still watch all cory07ink’s vids… sure I made fun of a few of them too (for good reasons I think), but Erika has come a very long way.  Those two are a tactical power couple if I’ve ever seen one.  I’m just waiting for Cory to put a five carat diamond depleted uranium picatinny railed ring with platinum accents with on that finger, and propose to her while repelling from a helicopter into a james-yeager-photographers-down-range-to-capture-the-moment mock gun battle scenario.




I’m one of those “if it isn’t broken don’t fix it” kind of guys.  My full size Glocks both suffer from pignose, but I really couldn’t care less because they work fine. Come to think of it, I should start blaming my less than impressive marksmanship on that hahaha.

I’m actually surprised that the “fix” he demonstrated in the video actually worked.  I though the Glock frame would be made from a polymer that wasn’t so affected by heat.  Sure those heat guns blow air that is “hot”, but they don’t get that hot.

Thoughts?  Does pignose actually bother any of you?  Are you going to fix it?



The gun store guys handle some pink guns and show alternatives:

I really think the whole “pink” conniption some people have is hilarious.  In general i’d say women like pink as a color, so why wouldn’t manufacturers make guns in that color?  The bottom line is if that color didn’t sell, no one would offer it.  They don’t make burgundy colored firearms for either sex for a reason…. or do they? :P

No thoughts on shooting illegal Mexicans immigrants in this particular video, so that was refreshing. I still can’t believe they went there.

Thoughts?  Ever see a guy with a pink gun?



CCI breaks it down for us:

They manufacture 4 Million rounds of rimfire in a day?!   Wow… that’s a lot of shooting.

CCI does make some beautiful looking .22 LR ammo, compared to the Winchester and Federal bulkpack stuff.  Interesting how much human interaction is still involved in the process.  The video looks oldschool though, so I wonder how many of those people have been replaced with machines since then.

<— They really need to put an ammo dispensing machine in their lobby where customers can sample after a tour. :P




TMHonFire102 mows down some fish with his AK:

Heh ‘why?’ you ask?  AMERICA! That’s why.

I can’t imagine what the lead levels in that pond are… he’s probably put 10s of thousands of rounds in there since I started watching him on YouTube.