ENDO Blog reader Piers Morgan asks some tough questions:

Piers-Morgan-Eyes-Closed-Mouth-Open-Ears-OffWow that Michael Hill kid sounds messed up.  I can’t even imagine.

What’s “the system” supposed to do?  Difficult question for sure.

6:12 – Gun talk starts here.  The brother definitely isn’t for strengthening current laws, he acknowledged that criminals don’t follow the law.  Refreshing.  He doesn’t entirely know what he’s talking about though and lost a lot of credibility with the “The guns that we have in the United States, a majority of them probably didn’t even come from the United States, they were probably smuggled in from somewhere.” Uh… no.

Piers actually seemed like a decent human being in this interview, I was surprised. It almost didn’t warrant the usual Piers picture if it wasn’t for his previous track record.




Gossip website TMZ with the goods:


Zimmerman went to Kel-Tec in Cocoa, Florida … a gun manufacturing company.  We’re told he was asking questions about the legality of buying a shotgun — specifically, the Kel-Tec KSG.


Zimmerman wants a KSG!  Oh the LOLz.

I think it’s interesting that he would want his picture taken on purpose, knowing where it would likely definitely end up.  Did I miss something this past week, or is there still a significant percentage of the population that wants this guy dead?  Did Zimmerman suddenly become a fame-whore?  Maybe Kel-Tec will use him in some controversial ads? Heh… not likely, but you never know.




Rob Pincus lays out his thoughts on home defense:

Here are Rob Pincus’ 5 Fundamentals Of Home Defense:

  1. Run like a lil’ bitch and let the bad guy have the things you worked hard for
  2. Hide like a lil’ bitch inside your own home
  3. Your hiding spot should have weapons
  4. Call the cops and warn the bad guy you’re prepared to shoot him
  5. Respond to the bad guy as appropriate

Rob-PincusI made #1 and #2 look stupid the way I worded them, but in reality pretty much everything that the bad guy is going to want to steal can be replaced by your insurance, and hiding while being ready rather than automatically getting into a confrontation is probably a good idea.  #4 though… WARN HIM?!  Uh… why?  I don’t think someone who wants to take your stuff and possibly your life grants that kind of courtesy.  Can you imagine if the police started warning people hahah “Sir!  Sir.. put that gun away and quit stealing this guy’s stuff and leave his house or I’ll shoot you.  Yes you can run away.  Please don’t come back and do anything in retaliation.  Just know you got lucky, and be thankful for that.” *eye roll*

In my opinion at the very least I wish every criminal would have to live their lives expecting to die every time they try and pull some illegal move.  Want to burglarize a house? Want to steal a car?  Well, that’s a personal choice but as long as you’re OK dying tonight because there is a good chance that’s going to happen.




LOL -> NY, MD, CT, CA.  This is what AR-15 life has apparently been reduced to for you:

As you can see, the upgraded (and I use that term loosely) magazine release button doesn’t move when the upper receiver is in the way because that L-shaped aluminum chunk is pushing against it.  Backing out the rear takedown pin and canting the upper receiver forward lets you awkwardly push the button.

AR-MR2-Derpcessory-AR-15Well the one good thing is that all the criminals will have these things also, so they won’t be able to reload as quickly if they want to kill a bunch of innocent people.

Criminals and law abiding alike can purchase these things for $50 over at the AR MR2 website.


Hat tip: Jay



Like most Kickstarter type crowd funding campaigns, this doesn’t yet exist as a tangible product:


9mm-Vodka-Case$45,000 goal.  You can check out the “9mm Vodka” Indiegogo campaign here.

*Yawn* really?  A gun shaped liquor bottle?  Yea that hasn’t been done before *eye roll*.  Sure maybe there hasn’t been an Uzi bottle, I’ll give him that… but is the world really at a loss because of that?  To make things worse you’re not even getting any liquor at any of the pledge levels because federal laws apparently prohibit offering alcohol as a reward to people backing a campaign (booooo).

I know they say 9X% of selling liquor is branding, but I think all this is just too basic for anyone to actually care.  The bottle itself, if done correctly might look kind of cool… you get that with the $50 and above pledges.  According to the Indiegogo description dude does seem to know his glass.  Trying to raise $45,000 by hawking bullshit CafePress style branded items (see below) to raise the money though is just weak, and further sullies the whole campaign.   Oh and a video of a girl shooting a mini-gun… WHAAAAAAT GIRLS INVOLVED IN MARKETING LIQUOR?  That’s another perk he’s offering that has NEVA BEEN DONE BEFO’. haha


I rarely drink vodka, but when I do I don’t pay a premium for any non standard bottle shape made for the young kid drinking market and pretentious douchebags who think having a bottle in the shape of a skull, Uzi, or whatever else is going to somehow make them the envy of everyone.  Worse yet are douchebags who buy expensive bottles once and then pour cheap stuff into those expensive bottles.  If you like Smirnoff, or that’s all you can afford that’s nothing to be ashamed off!  However, if you pooled together some struggle money to buy a fancy bottle in order to lie and pass your cheap liquor off as being higher class you should be ashamed.

If this actually does reach it’s $45,000 goal I think I made take a bit of a break from blogging.  I’ll draw up a Deagle, AR-15, Glock, AK-47 etc.. all in Solidworks then I’ll render them in realistically in glass using Bunkspeed, start a Kickstarter with the pictures and make MILLIONS.  I won’t even need to contact Smirnoff or anyone about filling my bottles with liquor.  I can just sell empty bottles like this guy! muahahahah.

9mm-Vodka-LogoIf you’re not already turned off by this campaign, the guy repeatedly uses the term “ammunition clips”.  That straight up ruined my night.




Try GripShot! *eye roll* The picatinny rail mounted handgun holster adapter:

Oh and not just any handgun holster, the Blackhawk Serpa.  If you’re not familiar, this holster is known worldwide for people accidentally shooting themselves on the unholster because it involves pressing a button with your finger to disengage a lock in order to pull the gun out.  Remember Tex Grebner?

LOL in some of the website photos the even have the FN 5.7 mounted (pictured) on a short barreled AR.  People constantly shit their pants over that gun ever since that piece of shit Fort Hood shooter used it, and the media reported that the rounds go 291x the speed of light and penetrate tank armor if I remember correctly.


Now I’m not going to front and act like this wont decrease draw time if you’ve already got your rifle pointed at someone, because the handgun is literally right where your hands are.  My question is… if you’ve already got your rifle pointed at someone, why would you suddenly be like “Oh I think I would rather use something inferior to shoot this scumbag”?  Yea I get that if your rifle runs dry and you have no more ammo, you’re going to need to use your handgun, and in this case your handgun is right there.  Really though at that point the best thing would probably be to get your now useless rifle out of the way first, and grab your handgun off your belt (or other normal places) where it should be?

The one guy in the video is so damn highspeed that he is using a grip shot in conjunction with a drop leg holster with another handgun in it.  I’m sure he probably has another backup on his ankle, and possibly even a 4th handgun IWB.  The great news is that Blackhawk (oh excuse me “BLACKHAWK!” because apparently you have to yell the name) makes both right and left handed Serpa holsters, so you can easily mount handguns all up and down your quad rail like a true operator.  Mattv2099, why haven’t you done this yet?  I am disappoint.

The “system” goes for $95 without a holster and $135 with a holster over at GripShot.  

I’m really disappointed that BLACKHAWK doesn’t make Serpa’s for the Deagle brand Deagle. So much for my next project I was going to call the “Reciprocal Deagle” where I would mount Deagle after Deagle on top of one another using the top picatinny rail. “Deagle Centipede”? Like that name better? Maybe I’ll see if Blackhawk would be down for a custom run just to troll.

Thoughts?  Would operate with?

Hat tip: Van