If you’re serious about protecting your family or assets, training needs to be a part of your life:

Dom-Raso-NRA-News-TrainingMotivational video.  Good delivery.  I’m glad the beard is still around in the video.  The NRA thumb doesn’t have it though which made me gasp before I watched the video.  It’s all good though, false alarm.




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FXhummel1 blacks screens it and Elton John’s one on the keys:

Good track.  Are they paying him a few racks to appear at SHOT this year or what?  Eeeeek my 7 Day Theory!

haha at wheel guns being more polite to folks on your right.

Psssst FX… you should use Helvetica Bold for your lyrics ;)

FX is wearing the Oatmeal colored Liberator Pistol Builders Club t-shirt from ENDO Apparel.




Mattv2099 gets dynamic and high speed low drag:


Those tenifer atoms in the Glock slide are something else!

If you didn’t realize it, this was some taofledermaus trolling… that guy is always with the science that blows my mind.




A 12 year old kid in Moscow Russia shot a family friend negligently at a shooting range:

At some point, the child apparently jokingly took aim at the people in front of him, and pulled the trigger, fatally hitting the family friend in the head and killing him instantly.  While police acknowledge the boy is also at fault for playing around with the loaded weapon, charges are expected to be laid against the instructor for not ensuring the rifle was empty at the time.

Full Story – LiveLeak

shooting-targetNOT cool.  Poor kid, I don’t blame him at all… this is 100% the stupidity of the parental supervision that caused this to happen.  Wtf… “police acknowledge the boy is at fault for playing around with the loaded weapon”?  So police think a 12 year old, or anyone at any age should automatically know that a gun is loaded, and know proper range etiquette?  That’s pretty weak they put any blame at all on the kid, unless it could be proven he had tons of experience with firearms and knew that particular one like the back of his hand.


Hat tip: Arthur



Come for the collab, stay for Bryan Black & MrColionNoir:

James-Yeager-Angel-ApprovedI’ve always been a big fan of Bryan as a person, and ITS Tactical as a company.  Great branding, great products, great information, great people.  Make sure to click the link and check out his site if you’re not already familiar… you’ll definitely learn something.

5:45 – “If you’re a baller and you can afford the PVS-14 and a dedicated scope, that would be the optimal thing” – Oh god Yeager used the term “baller”

7:11 – Oh shit… the reverse Oreo.  MrColionNoir’s got jokes ;)