Lessons on recoil management and target acquisition from an ad for the TV show Sleepy Hollow:


You can see it in his eyes… Ichabod be like “Oh shit, this is going to end up on the internet”.

If you draw a line down the sights, you’ll see that apparently her chin is doing the aiming.

OMG the Headless Horseman in Disney’s Legend of Sleepy Hollow scared the hell out of me when I was little.

Thoughts?  Be honest, are you going to practice your two finger trigger pull now?   Two is one, and one is none guiZe.

Hat tip: Chad



Sometimes people think something is one way, but it’s really another:

haha pretty good.  I didn’t know some of those perceived stereotypes existed, but now I do!

Tactical-Operator-Military-VanLOL tactical reloads… that was the best one.

Thoughts? Small scar 3rd knuckle on right hand, 2/10?

Hat tip: Van



This is cool enough for a trailer I suppose:

megan-fox-toe-thumbsHoly Megan Fox is looking good.  I still hold the whole Brian Austin Green thing against her, but whatevs… if she’s happy with the guy then good for her (them).  Yea I wasn’t on 90201 and my initials are not B.A.G. but I still think Megan could have at least given me a shot.

Thoughts? I know you gamers have big opinions on these games before they drop… is this one something to look forward to or will it be a bust?



Everyone knows clothes add drag:

Bikini-Glock-Tattoohaha it’s great when people can have some fun.  Is this IPSC?


Hat tip: Van



Not sure if serious, but as usual there’s a kickstarter:

If I ever have a girlfriend, someday a wife, and then possibly a daughter, I hope they will want to learn how to use a gun and hopefully exercise their common sense… not rely on some stupid looking / restrictive garment.  What do I know though, maybe there is a huge market for this type of thing?  Talk about living in fear though.  The fact rape / rapists exist makes me so angry.  You guys know my feeling about the death penalty for things like this… I say light all of their asses up.  Maybe there’s a market for men’s anti-rape underwear too?  Just trying to lighten the feel of this post.


Imagine if a girl got too drunk to remember the stupid combo and then had to go to the bathroom?  Yea that wouldn’t be pretty, you’d have to get the jaws of life in there ASAP.

You can check out the Indiegogo campaign for more info and to help the cause if you’re interested.


Hat tip: Bart, James



Conan with an exclusive:

Walking-Dead-Season-3-Blu-Ray-SetHigh-powered crossbow?  Not a high capacity assault crossbow?

I haven’t watched any episodes of this new Walking Derp season yet… is it any good?