MrColionNoir is back with a funny one:

haha a lot of good references in this one.  Some real awesome ones too that I bet a lot of people won’t get.

Dat FN five-seven *bites bottom lip*.  Two-tone too… damn Collins you’re highspeed!

I always just revert back to the “police officers carry guns, why can’t I?” argument then I normally get a big lecture about how they have millions of hours of training, and that they should shoot the guns out of criminals hands if at all possible, rather than killing them.  hahaha you really can’t win.

MrColionNoir is wearing the AR-15 Builders Club t-shirt, which you can pick up over at ENDO Apparel.




Cook County Chicago is trying to make it happen:

Cook County Board President Preckwinkle is eyeing a violence tax on guns and ammunition sold in the city and suburbs

The idea is to curb the number of guns in circulation, he said, citing a report issued last summer showing that nearly one-third of the guns recovered on Chicago’s streets were purchased in suburban gun shops. Other statistics are more dire: Murders in Chicago are up 25 percent this year, according to recent police statistics, and the county jail is filling up — with 9,000-plus inmates, nearing the 10,155 capacity.

Full Story – SunTimes

I imagine it would probably reduce crime to nothing, considering Chicago is an island surrounded by a force-field where no guns or ammo from any other place can get in or out.  Oh wait…

This is what DERP to the power of infinity looks like.  I can’t even wrap my mind around how they think this could possibly work.

Oh the county jail is filling up you say?  *mocking Waaaaaaaaaahhhhh* That’s what you get for making jail too comfortable and treating criminals like actual people.


Hat tip: Andy



The gun store guys completely melt unarguably one of the ugliest guns ever made:

hahah someone on youtube suggested that they make bullets out of the melted hi-point, then shoot the bullets out of another highpoint.

Just to troll they should have pretended the hi-point wouldn’t melt, and made a serious video about it.




Taking the fun and difficulty out of shooting.  WANT!:

I’d like to own that setup just for the pure novelty of it, even though I probably wouldn’t use it all that much.  I have so many questions about this… Does it work on moving targets?  Is wind somehow accounted for? How big is the entire system? Can it be programmed to say “HEAAAAAAD shot!” when the bullet impacts the target?

Not much info on this system out there yet, but here’s what we know:

  • 50x zoom digital tracking optic and smart trigger
  • Integrated with .300 Winchester Magnum XM2010
  • Using 220 gr. Mk248 Mod 1 Ammunition
  • Streaming video from heads up display

This video leaked, so it might disappear soon if they didn’t want the world to see it.  You can sign up for updates at the TrackingPoint website though and they will likely let you know when they come out with something they want you to see.


Hat tip: TC



A MrColionNoir Q&A:

Not so sure I like this format of video.  Reminds me too much of Buck Yeager / Gun Store Guys style… MrColionNoir is normally king of the funny observational humor vids, so this one kind of took me by surprise.  Can’t fault the guy for trying to interact more with his audience though.

You can’t really see it until the end, but MrColionNoir is wearing the Run Guns t-shirt from ENDO Apparel.

As far as my answer to the question, the last time I called the cops on something I thought didn’t look right I ended up feeling like the one that was doing something wrong because of the massive amount of questions I had to go answer and the personal info I had to give.  I just felt like saying “Are you going to send a car or not?  Because I’m just about to leave and I really don’t give two shits, but I figured calling you was the right thing to do… anyway I have to go.”




*eye roll* what a surprise:

Anyone watch the full show last night?  Was it better than expected?

Fitting that the show would feature at least one bleeding zombie Obama shooting target, considering how much Ted doesn’t like Obama.  Stay classy Discovery Channel…

If you missed Episode #1 and want to see what Ted Nugent’s Gun Country is about you can check out the trailer.