Unit support for those who operate in operations:


This is top of the line forward echelon unit support that is required by elite operators in theaters worldwide. Specially developed to aid in peak performance and regulate temperature during strenuous or delicate operations, this tier one tactical undergarment will support and protect the tip of the spear. Pack of two unit support units. Hexual iconography does not imply any specific NIJ ballistic rating. Works well with beards, side effects may include increased operator effectiveness and unwanted pregnancy. Specify Large or Extra Large in comments when ordering.

$20 for two over at Snakehound Machine.

I’m just glad there are no pics of Snakehound Machine owner AK Jesus modeling it.  He’s on the left in the linked pic… Tactical Snookie on the right.

Probably a good idea to buy a TIER 1 t-shirt from ENDO Apparel and wear it around tucked into this jock strap to further announce to the world how operator you really are.

You laugh now, but when you don’t have this tactical jock strap on and hurt your junk next time you’re operating in a permissive evasive non-urban high-stress environment we’ll see who has the last laugh.




Demolition Ranch with some cool redneck science:

haha when he said how he found the term “redneck scentist” offensive at the beginning of the video I was like “Really? 0.o”  the joke was on me though.


Pretty slick, I don’t know how big of a fan I am of having my neck right next to the opposite side of the ejection port and that near the chamber… That said, I don’t know ho much safer it is having your head 6 inches back either if something blows up.

If he refined the design and produced it I’m sure he would sell tons of them, regardless of how useful or comfortable it is to shoot.




You can help a documentary get made:

The idea of UNTIL it HURTS (UiH) was created by Dave Hall, retired SEAL sniper.  Dave’s plan was to honor his fallen friends and brothers by creating a piece of art out of a target.  He fired his weapon from 911 yards for each teammate that had fallen, one round for each of the 79 fallen SEALS since the wars started, onto the target.  Dave started firing on 9/11/2012 at 8:46 AM finishing at 11:40 AM.

I like the idea behind the artwork, and the fact it raised money but I’m really not a fan of the artwork itself.  Does it matter what I think though? No not at all.

I think this documentary “preview” was enough for me,  It could have been about 30 seconds long and had all the same information.  I couldn’t imagine an hour long documentary on the making of that thing.  If you want to support the documentary you can donate a minimum of $1 over at IndieGoGo, but if you want a copy of the documentary the minimum donation is $25.  The money raised (minimum goal of  $37911) will go towards making the documentary.  I like the colorway on those converse Chuck Taylors you get with at $185 donation.  Chucks are the most uncomfortable shoes on the planet though.

What I think would be a better idea, is if they would take donations of time / equipment to make the documentary and then donate the profit to a pro-military charity for wounded soldiers or something similar.





Mattv2099 working out the menu for his upcoming gun related restaurant:

Mattv2099-ENDO-Trollture-TrollingThat batter looked good… reminds me I need to make crepes again soon.  After seeing the video I likely won’t put .22 LR in them though… maybe I’ll try .50 BMG.  I figure since it’s centerfire it must be safer.

He got some good camera angles!  That’s A LOT of hot oil flying everywhere.  Glad he came out unscathed.

Was anyone else surprised at the results?



Some parents are unsurprisingly flipping out:

CALGARY, ALBERTA – A couple of Grade 5 boys brought shell casings and live ammunition to her children’s elementary school. “They had been selling or giving away the casings to their Grade 5/6 classmates and one live bullet was sold to a boy in Grade 5,”

“If the kids are bringing the ammo to school, how are they getting a hold of it and what about the gun that goes with it? Is it as equally available to them and is that the next step?

Full Story – CBC News

Oh no!  What’s the next step!  Hopefully these kids don’t have 3D printers, or access to a hardware store in Calgary.

Looks like the kids will just be disciplined for “selling personal items at school” which is apparently against the rules.

Officials are now investigating how the students got their hands on the ammunition and shell casings. 

“Sometimes this stuff is found, sometimes they find it in the homes of their parents or guardians, and then if that was the case we would speak to the parents and determine the circumstances behind that,” said Sgt. Duane Lepchuk.

Maybe they should get CSIS on it… this really sounds like something which needs lots more delving into.  Assemble the best detectives, and call the top mounties with the shiniest boots, poofiest pants, and best horses ASAP.


I’m just glad these kids didn’t have some advanced prototypes of R.I.P. Ammunition.  THOSE ROUNDS ACT LIKE A HOLE SAW THROUGH EVERY BARRIER KNOWN TO MAN SO FAR GUYS REMEMBER?!


Hat tip: Jon



Billy Johnson with NRA News talks about the government taking away our guns:

I rolled my eyes at “that’s why they can never justify disarming us”…. like the constitution isn’t being trampled on by those people in numerous ways every single day without justification.

Billy-Johnson-DisarmingI think it would be scary how many people would be easily convinced that disarmament is for their “own good” someday.  I really hope it doesn’t come to that.

I wonder what brand of black t-shirt Billy wears?  Now that’s he’s famous I bet it’s some high-end designer one made out of hummingbird whiskers.