Hickok45 gets a little creepy for halloween this year:

Sure those pumpkins are “dead”, but I couldn’t help but cringe watching a few of those torture scenes in progress haha.  Like what did pumpkins ever do to you Hickok?! :P

1:33 – Light saber!  haha nice effect.

I found the buried alive, and burned alive ones the most disturbing.

Hickok45-Glock-Pumpkin-CarvingHickok45 is like crazy slingshot guy Joerg Sprave… you just know they will have fun doing this type of shit daily until they die.




Like everything now, this is a Kickstarter campaign… here are the details:

This is the trailer:

GUNLAND peers into the lives of urban youth through a raw and realistic lens. It shows how a community ravaged by gun violence causes kids to be afraid to walk the streets, go to school, and to play.

The neighborhood violence that families have to deal with is daunting. Parents try and protect their children from the gangs and the shootings, but to no avail.  Kids can be shot just standing in front of their house or corner store for seemingly no reason.

I feel like the kickstarter video and trailer should have captivated me more.  I didn’t grow up anywhere near the hood but I liked to think I had an ear to the streets.  Yea I didn’t though, who am I kidding… I just lived vicariously through the raps I listened to.

Chicago is so crazy with the gun violence.  They should ban guns there and fix the problem!  Oh wait….

Head over to the kickstarter page and check it out.  Throw some money their way for the cause if you like what you see.

Obama-Guns-Shoot-ChicagoI feel like A&E has done at least 4 different documentaries I’ve seen on guns and drugs in Chicago, so I’m not sure why this would be any different but I’d still watch it.


Gat tip: MrColionNoir (LOL “gat tip” was actually a typo, but then I was like… sure I’ll tip my “gat” to him.. that works.  Maybe I’ll make that a new thing rather than “hat tip”)



You guys asked for these.  Available just in time for Autumn / Winter:


Head over to ENDO Apparel to pick them up.  Lots of great t-shirts in the lineup to choose from too.

Thanks for everything!



If you don’t have a gun on your hip when you sleep, you should at least have one near your head:

0:37 – “Very difficult to detect…” Bullshit, I did an ocular assessment of the room and immediately decided pillow #3 was suspect… too poofy.

0:43 – Safety sound technology.  That’s some technology alright…

1:09 – Oh shit… gun in the pillow!  I didn’t see that coming from a mile away *eye roll*.  haha “safety device”.  I need to start calling guns in general “safety devices”.

Basically I think there are better options for bedroom defense, and I wasn’t too impressed with the video.  That said, I went over to the Patriot Pillow website, and for the $20 asking price it looks legit so I’m buying at least one for the top of the bed.  Honestly, I’ll probably keep a granola bar and condoms in it though.

There’s a negligent discharge joke that wants in this post so bad… but tonight I’m going to take the high road and be classy.


One looming question in my mind; is the patriot pillow made in the USA?  That would be pretty ironic if it wasn’t.




Posted because this textbook, classic LOX… plus 3:00 is important to gun / rap culture.


From Sheek Louch’s verse at around 3:00:

Out the Chevy I dump and reload
With something out a magazine
Pretty bitch / whip something out a magazine
Gun on me / clip? nah that’s a magazine
I make money flip easy / no trampoline

See guys, rap isn’t all bad… people actually could learn something from this song. MAGAZINE not a CLIP.

ClipMagazineLessonPound Cake is definitely one of the top songs on the new Drake album.  The whole album is hot though, you should check it out.

I still think MrColionNoir and I should drop gun related freestyles over beats we like.

Turn my mic up…Louder:

ENDO, every day I don’t ever take a day off
Coolin out where they rioted after the playoffs
Working for yourself there’s no chance of a layoff
My AR been the shit since I started taking the K off
Troll hard tell me ENDO you’re a wack rapper
What’s a heckler to a koch if the bullets backward?
What’s a hat without a notch for your sunglasses?
What’s a Buck Yeager reference without the pic after?
*drops mic*





Head over to ENDO Apparel for the lineup.

Thanks as always for the support