Sure enough, he confirms the video was fake, and explains how he did it:

Joerg-Sprave3:03 – He used MS Paint! haha that’s what I call skillz.  I could think of a few easier ways he could have accomplished that with his video editing software (a “mask” for one), but whatever.. what he did seemed to do the trick.

I’ll definitely watch his Zombie Wars movie when it comes out.  You can go like the Facebook page for that if you’re interested.



Another day another “zero tolerance” suspension:

Full Story – The Blaze

Zero-Tolerance-GunI wonder what would happen if someone went into the school at night and stashed little tiny toy guns absolutely everywhere throughout one of these schools? I’m talking THOUSANDS of them, that would be epic.

Zero tolerance suspension trolling should be the new open carry police trolling.  You heard it here first! :P

<— Yes that is actually the gun pictured beside a quarter. *eye roll*  haha and not only is the kid suspended for 3 days, but he’s also getting blocked from going on a field trip.  Homie is in advanced math, how much of a risk could he be?  Oh but zero tolerance is zero tolerance.

Joseph Lyssikatos if you want an ENDO Apparel t-shirt to troll your school, I’ll send you one for free.  My email address is in the sidebar.




Only the girls working / shopping at American Apparel and old ladies can pull this look off:

OH NOES, gun shows brought back to Westchester County *googles Westchester County* OH NOES! NEW YORK!  haha

0:08 – Making it easier for the criminals and the mentally ill to buy guns.  <— “Gun show loophole” alive and well

0:13 – Sup?

Wait… I’m assuming the people they lost were killed at gun shows, right?  Oh they weren’t?  Were the guns all bought directly from gun shows?  In Westchester County even?


This Rob Astorino guy is a problem…. AmIrite guys? *eye roll*  Thoughts?



If you operate in operations, you probably already know this:


In my opinion kicking the door is a last resort.  Explosives do a much better job ;)

Hat tip: Art Of Manliness via ITS Tactical



Richard Ryan with another Breaking Bad related video:

Richard-Ryan-ENDOBesides the always stellar slow motion footage, the intros on these Breaking Bad videos has been epic.  

That would be such a burn if Walt didn’t even use that M60 in the final episode… I’m sure he will though.

Oh and in case you forgot:





The consensus is that this is fake:

Joerg-SpraveI definitely could see something like that happening though.  Champagne bottles especially are very thick, and if whatever your shooting at it doesn’t have enough force to penetrate it then you’re basically just playing russian roulette with where the projectile is going to end up.  I’m actually surprised it doesn’t happen more often with the stuff he shoots.

Do you think it’s tacky to do videos like this to get views?