Tactical Tunes talks about the struggle of both sides:

Thanks TTunes… check behind the flower pot in your back yard for the duffle bag full of cash *wink wink*.

Good song.  The harmonizing he did at the end (over a second voice track of himself?) sounded cool.

FXHummel1-ENDO-Defend-FreedomYou can buy all the t-shirts Tactical Tunes is wearing over at ENDO Apparel.

For some reason when I see subtitles hardcoded into videos I sometimes don’t like them. I kind of miss them on his song ones though when they aren’t there. I wonder how hard it is to run subs you can toggle on YouTube. I suppose I could just google that.




So do we hate Mark Wahlberg this year still? :P  I forgot if Lone Survivor redeemed him or not?

That mortar blowing up in his face thing was pretty crazy.  I’d be mad too.




So much talk about this new pistol, Glock was bound to release another one of their trademark shitty commercials:

Hands down Glock is one of my all time favorite companies, but they constantly drop the ball when it comes to marketing… especially with their commercials.  You’d think a company worth several billion dollars could afford some production value and advice on how to not look like a bunch of newbs.

Here’s my breakdown:

0:02 – Bit of a cleavage tease to show you what you’re in store for.

0:03 – First tight pants / tight top outfit.  “BUT MIKE THIS IS WHAT GIRLS WEAR” say the 12 girls (I think we’re up to 12 girls that follow ENDO now) loudly.  Yea I know… so far I don’t see how this is relevant to the G42 though.  This is basically just establishing the theme of sexuality present in the rest of the video.

0:04 – LOL seriously?  So necessary to sell that G42.  You have no idea. *eye roll*.

0:05 – Oh look she wears makeup.  What an “every-woman”.  *slow clap*… great job at establishing the character Glock.

0:07 – She’s a professional.  LOOK AT THAT BLAZER.  Semi-casual twist with the tanktop though… I wonder where she works?

0:08 – What kind of shitty hotel does she live in?  My girlfriend (subtle humble brag again) said it looks like Glock went to Michael’s and just threw a bunch of random garbage in the cart.

0:09 – First glimpse of her struggle knock-off Hermes bag.

0:11 – OH LAWD.  Behold the G42. *bows down*

0:13 – Yea it’s in .380…. LOL troll successful.

0:18 – LOL nice fake kitchen scene.

0:28 – Looks like her profession is something to do with generic “Dynamic Growth” forecasting.  Awesome stuff.  Really believable graph too!  Bonus points for that.

0:31 – This is when she’s going to blast someone with that G42… I just know it.

0:35 – Oh Glock… you had me on the edge of my seat.  Out of the parking garage unscathed!  Generic cafe type setting with another girl (her lover?  her friend?  who knows?)

0:36 – Sista in the background with the forced acting

0:38 – Crucial rear end shot

0:40 – Pulling a rack out of the ATM.  Ok this is for sure when she’s getting robbed…

0:42 – Shady looking guy with hat pulled down smoking a cigarette… it’s about to get real.  Hmmm nope, oh wait maybe after she leaves the generic “Dry Cleaners”.

0:48 – Nope didn’t get robbed.  Where at a Yoga studio now… you know what that means.

0:50 – Tight outfit, creative camera work.  Totally crucial for G42 sales.

1:07 – Made it out of yoga alive and limber as ever.  Now it’s off to the shooting range!

1:15 – “Some of your shittiest ammo please sir”.  Sir: “Ok, here’s some reloads we re-packaged in the most generic looking Microsoft-paint-looking designed boxes known to man”.  EXTREME ZOOM TO EMPHASIZE .380

1:28 – Did we mention it was a .380?

1:34 – Holy that is the filthiest looking I’ve ever seen 4 shots make a handgun.

1:42 – Yea that ought to do it.

1:45 – “Nice pistol”  LOL seriously?  Dude just smirks and watches her for too long as she walks out.

1:50 – Oh look he’s got this .380 wonder-pistol as well.  What an insane coincidence *eye roll*

Glock-Logo1:56 – “CONFIDENCE – IT’S WHAT YOU CARRY” – Beats the old “Confidence To Live Your Life” line they were using in the past.

Thoughts?  Did the commercial do it for you?  .380 > 9mm?



Did FPS Russia have plastic surgery?  Did he lose weight?  Is he wearing eye makeup?  He looks different in the face:

Well the intro was boring, and in general he talks to much in the video.  LOL at the derpy looking Remington 870 bullpup kit.  I swear some companies design things to look like shit on purpose.  Hopefully it doesn’t some how dick with the classic Remington 870 reliability.

FPS-RussiaI could have done without the music in the background through the video.  That was distracting.

4:20 – He shouts out our guy Richard Ryan for the slow-motion video.  Nice.




FXHummel1 is rebranding:

I never did know what a “FXHummel” was… I suppose I could have asked but I always assumed it was something to do with special effects, which I didn’t know he was into.

I do like the name “Tactical Tunes” a lot, it has a nice ring to it and like he said it definitely describes more accurately what he actually does.  It does sound more like a site or a business than a person though.

Tactical-Tunes-ENDO-California-tshirtTactical Tunes is wearing the ENDO Apparel California No Right To Bear Arms t-shirt in Brown.




When PWS isn’t making mediocre first episodes of cartoons, they make other videos:

Weapons-Education-RetardationDat cutaway.  Really neat that so much can be removed for viewing, but still is safe enough to fire.

Will I ever get sick of seeing brass fly in slow motion? Answer: NO.