A “Second a day” video compilation:

Just because it isn’t happening here, doesn’t mean it isn’t happening.

So as you can see little miss silver spoon decided to sulk about shit getting REAL, rather than loading up some mags, grabbing her rifle and doing something about the situation.  *smh* kids these days.

I-Declare-War-TrailerIn all seriousness, It’s really sad to think how war totally ruins the carefree childhood every kid should have. It’s not like kids (and adults most often too) can just pack up their stuff and move to a safer place.

The video is from a organization called Save The Children. They promise that 89% of all donated money goes to actual programs to help the kids, so I like that idea.




If you’re looking for a cartoon about guns, move along… move along…

I thought PWS was a firearms company and this was supposed to be a firearm related cartoon?  I’ve criticized every episode so far for basically the same reason, they have all sucked.  The story line that is… the animation is definitely nice, but who really cares when the story is the worst?  I was really optimistic at first.


Can they turn this slow train wreck around?  Am I alone with this feeling?



Making guns, not the criminals who use them the problem… then trying to solve it.


Smart Tech for Firearms is the first in a four-challenge series designed to foster innovation to reduce gun violence. It is a request for proposals from innovators around the globe to submit an idea for technology that, when applied to a firearm, reliably recognizes an authorized user and blocks unauthorized use. At least $1 million will go directly toward innovators.

Source – Smart Tech Foundation

I’m not interested in expensive derpy smart guns that depend on technology that could easily fail or not work as intended.

A useless video with soothing piano music and some people talking about the challenge:

I wonder if that San Francisco police chief would be on board with his officers having smart guns?  AHAHHAHAHHAHAHAH right… but he expects the rest of us to have them to keep us safe.

You have until March 31, 2014 to submit your application to make the world a safer place with reduced gun violence.




NOPD does not stand for NO Police Dancing:

haha I wonder what the back story is?  Did they teach him those choreographed moves in advance?

New-Orleans-Police-DeptIn before the “My tax dollars _______” comments. *eye roll*  I bet the 0:53 seconds that took is worth a lifetime of good public relations memories (maybe even taking the place of bad memories) for some of the people that witnessed that, which is pretty much priceless.


Hat tip: Tyler



The sarcasm and condescension is great:

massachusetts-flagFrom the same guys that brought us the video about buying a gun in Massachusetts.

Scary stuff.  haha I knew what was going to be next as soon as the “Do you know Greek?” part came.


Hat tip: Noah



Taofledermaus with an invention to clean and disperse hobos at the same time:


“99 44⁄100% Pure 12GA Awesome”.  They actually worked a lot better than expected.

Wow I just noticed Tao has 176,000 subscribers.  Impressive stuff.  I’m surprised some of his videos don’t get as much hate as Mattv2099 gets on a daily basis, even though they do some similar things but Mattv2099 takes more of a trolling delivery and approach I suppose. Glad to have them both on the blog as a commenters.