Mr shoulder roll himself… the guy who puts photographers down range during live fire brings us a two part troll series:

Part 1 – All Guns Should Be Glocks

With such gems as “1911s are kind of like strippers and Glocks are kind of like fat girls”.

Part 2 – 1911s Suck

“A 1911 that works correctly is just as rare as a Glock that doesn’t”  LOL trolls gonna troll.

What is that shoulder roll about anyway?  Some sort of nervous camera thing? or possibly an injury he sustained as a tactical operator operating in a black op?  School me in the comments.

I’ll admit I watch all this photographer endangerers videos when they come out.  Do I agree with all that he says?  No.. but he definitely has some interesting things to say.




Police are calling the technology a game changer.

Neva’ been done befo’!  anyone? hehe

The camera system they use is the Taser AXON.  Definitely an interesting concept, cameras on police officers.  That wouldn’t be a job i’d ever want because you obviously deal with a lot of scumbags, and you would have to restrain yourself. With these cameras on and recording, they must be in court non-stop.

Anyone that’s with a police force that has cameras want to weigh in?



HALO Jump:

UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle):

Pretty neat videos.  Seems like Richard Ryan is trying a bit harder now to be likable, which is nice to see.  He used to be pretty obnoxious.

I’d like to own, or at least play with a high-end UAV someday. HALO jumping, or skydiving in general I really have no desire to ever try.



And with cheap ammo too:

I suppose if there’s no crosswind, once you figure out the holdover you’re good to go.  Definitely takes some skill though.

Once it gets warmer out I gotta try some stuff like that.

What’s the furthest distance you’ve ever hit something (target sized) more than once? Pistol or rifle..



I present to you a great way to lose friends and alienate yourself at the range:

Save Your Brain with the New EOTech Zombie Stopper!  Use the awesome new biohazard reticle to sight them in and kill them dead (again).

All for a measly $559.  What makes this even more hilarious is that the regular non-DERPified XPS2 is only $519

Hopefully that inner circle of the biohazard symbol is still 65MOA like the rest of their sights.  That would make it slightly less useless.

Maybe if the Nazi product craze catches on once Iron Sky hits movie theaters, you’ll be able to buy a SS branded XPS2 with a swastika reticle to accurately send some Hornady Nazi ammo down range.   Hey.. they jumped on the Zombie bandwagon, who knows what they might pull next.

So who’s picking one of these up?

Hat tip: Jay



From the creator of Counter-strike:

Looks fairly realistic I suppose.  Not as good as a lot of other new military type games, but still acceptable.

At 24 seconds you can even shoot someones dog… now THAT’S realism.  I was waiting for the next scene where they sprinkled crack on the dead body of the innocent guy that was with the dog, but that never happened.   Maybe you have to join the closed-beta test in March to try that out? :P

The URL is real suspicious looking –>   .og?  wtf extension is that?  the ti subdomain threw me off when I first saw it too.   I assure you the site is legit so don’t worry about clicking the link.

Here’s some gameplay footage:

Looks actually better than I thought it would after seeing the trailer.   I’m sure some of you guys can’t wait to get your hands on this.


Hat tip: Sean