I swear everything nowadays needs a damn app.  Whoever came up with this in today’s gun fearing climate is a genius… I need to think of something which organizations will panic buy.  I have no idea what the cost per school this system is, but I think it’s safe to say it’s expensive (even though they say “low-cost”).  And yes you can put a price on something like this because like it says in the promotional video below “since 1990 over 200 people have died in schools because of active shooters”. So yea it’s not that big of a problem… yes it’s a disgusting problem to have, but not that big. If they would have spent their time and effort developing a “Teenage Smoking Detection System” which slapped the shit out of any kid to tried to light one up, that would literally save MILLIONS of lives, not just a handful per year.

About the Guardian Active Shooter Detection System:

You can check out more info on the shooter detection systems website if you care.

Guardian-Shooter-Detection-SystemUnless the school has on site law enforcement this isn’t as useful… but I suppose the police will know exactly where to go when they show up (if the shooter has fired a shot at his new present location).   And that there is the problem… this type of thing will be leaned on too heavily and end up getting some officers killed.  Just because shots were fired 20 seconds ago in room A on the West side of a building, it doesn’t mean the shooter isn’t on the East side of the building now ready to ambush the entry team.  Also this gets even more confusing and potentially useless if/when there are multiple shooters, timed explosive devices, etc…

Thoughts? Anyone want to bankroll the “Teenage Smoking Detection System” I want to invent? At least help share the cost on the auto-baby-powder on the hand sprinkling add-on? Maybe I should Kickstarter this… :P



Rapper 2 Chainz For GQ’s “Most Expensivest Shit”:

Shit’s expensive, I’ll give them that.  I thought 2 Chainz would be more entertaining considering his lyrics are hilarious; he seemed kinda sedated in the vid.  Make sure you check out the GQ’s Most Expensivest Shit webpage to see all the ignorant stuff he takes a look at.  $1000 ice cream sundaes, $5000 toothbrushes etc…

2-ChainzI talked about the bullet proof suit maker Garrison Bespoke (out of Toronto, Canada) in the past. It’s a shame that kevlar is still what needs to be used. You just can’t get the drape and movement of a suit the same when the material is that thick and heavy.

Thoughts? Favorite 2 Chainz verse?



Ooooooooooh yeah:

hahah awesome.  As most of you probably know, I’m a fan of luxury watches and wear a Rolex Submariner daily #FakeWatchBustaCantBustMe.  I’ve been following FakeWatchBusta for a while now.  SouljaBoy recently got butthurt and banned me from his IG page for talking shit about his fakes, so that was cool… I feel honored.  Dan Bilzerian and Richard Ryan of course are Must-follows for obvious reasons.

Richard-Ryan-FakeWatchBusta-Dan-BilzerianDan should up the ante in a sequel video by copping an authentic watch from an Authorized dealer, and then let Richard blow it up with det cord. That would be a strong disposable income flex right there. Not like Dan doesn’t already do that 1000x a week anyway, but hey.




Cool I guess?  These live demonstrations seem kind of pointless though:

Ya it damn well better stop the rounds it is intended to stop.  Because of the ridiculousness of the demonstration, the cost of the Mercedes, and the cost of armoring it, they know that making the video like this will definitely get exposure.  What a terrible video though wow haha.   At least it got the point across that the glass works.  Their website Texas Armoring Corporation is extremely terrible looking too.

I haven’t been the biggest fan of the GL Class… it’s alright looking I guess but definitely has that “Grocery getter / soccer mom” look to it.  If I was going to do a Mercedes-Benz SUV I’d do the G Class, or the ML even in a pinch rather than the GL.   Yea yea I know the GL is long and can hold / tow more etc.. but you know that a high percentage of these will never be used for any of that.

Sonny-Puzikas-AK-Glock-Dual-Wieldhaha ricochets at 2:54 and 2:56 damaged the lighting.

Thoughts?  Anyone else think that Shoothouse Puzikas should have made a cameo?

Hat tip: Joe, Kevin, Jim



Larry blows it up:

Larry-Vickers-The-LAVCould have used more of his trademark ad-libs haha.  I love how Larry came into the game with an expensive camera.  That’s some boss Delta force operator shit, you can keep your gopros.




These guys:

Holy… whenever I see stupid stuff like this I always count the number of people, then I think to myself “So there were X many people that were present, who thought this was a good idea… wow!” *smh*

You woudln’t catch me holding a pipe / black powder combo anywhere near my body. He’s just incredibly lucky that pipe was smooth, otherwise it would have TORE UP HIS WHOLE EVERYTHING. Mission accomplished that the target got annihilated though I suppose haha.


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