FPSRussia answers some questions about his channel:

FPS-RussiaLOL I knew he wasn’t Russian obviously, but when he started talking in his regular voice at 0:21 my mind exploded.

I didn’t know what direction he was going to take this video, and if it would be interesting or not but it was really awesome… make sure you watch it if you’re a fan of him and/or his channel.

I honestly didn’t expect him to be such a personable guy… he seems really down to earth.

LOL that he shit on the UTAS-15 as the “worst gun he’s ever shot”.




Natalie Foster x NRAwomen:

Another great episode from an information standpoint but….. I don’t know why Natalie is all like “How do I guns?”  “Whaaaaaaat? I hit them allllllll?”  “What are scopes?  How Do I use them?” etc… she knows her shit and she knows how to shoot, I know what shes trying to do but I think the information could be presented in a way that didn’t deceive the viewers who don’t know her.

Why are they talking about and showing internal pictures of the M&P 15/22 as if it’s an AR-15?  It’s a .22LR, NOT an AR-15.  Regardless it’s good they started that red haired girl (Karson) on the .22LR.

18:32 – Natalie slaps the trigger like a wild woman then wonders why her shot wasn’t good. haha

Most of them don’t seem to be wearing actual shooting glasses.  I’m one to talk because I wear my Ray-Bans at the range too… but I know I’m taking a chance because they don’t wrap around and don’t exactly have ballistic protection.

Oh look even CBS aired a pro-gun segment lately:




Now with 5.11 sponsorship:

Instructor-Zerohaha I really expected nothing less from Zero.  LOL two massive 5.11 duffle bags near as tall as him all filled with 5.11 stuff…. riiiiiiight what a coincidence since they sponsor the video.  Dudes be like “WANT IT ALLLLLLLLLLL”.

Thoughts? Is ZERO wearing on you?



Demolition Ranch‘s sister tosses a shell directly into his chamber:

Demolition-Ranch-ENDO-Selector-SwitchPretty cool trick.  Wow two in a row even! He’s good at that.  They seem really close for brother and sister.




Yeager takes us to school:

No “Acquire Haters” step?!  See I knew he wasn’t going to give away the whole secret recipe.  The game is to be sold not told, I know that too.

I am not planning on making regular YouTube videos, but it was still good to watch just to see his insight.

FXHummel has an epic song about YouTube gun stars:




Automatic weapons are SOOOOOooo easy to buy says Don Lemon:

Assault-Rifle-Because-I-Am-BlackPffft it’s all semantics bro, he says.  I really don’t think that guy realized he was wrong, and the guy on the right had that grin and was nodding “yes” when Don Lemon was trying to school the middle guy.

This is bordering on “Shoulder Thing That Goes Up” epicness, but not quite as epic since it’s not like Don is a senator or anyone important.  This was the first time in my life I’ve ever seen that guy, so I googled him and turns out he’s a “journalist” (haha yea that makes perfect sense) and a CNN anchor (even more sense).


Hat tip: Steve


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