0:38 – That gold P08.  Someone is fancy.

1:00 – Someone educate me on why finding out if that the firearm in the burned out vehicle was so important, considering it happened overseas?  Should I be assuming the overseas police have people in custody pending the results?  Don’t fingerprints get burned off… how would they tie it to a particular person?  Unless there’s registration there, they are the worst criminals ever and used their own gun (ha).  So many unanswered questions.




This guy works hard and is cool as the other side of the pillow:

The Gunny, R. Lee Ermey, will get a chance to scratch his itchy trigger-finger as he plays with some fabulous weapons and weaponized vehicles, and consults with some top-notch experts. And, as only The Gunny can do, he will show our audience the way in his famous indomitable style when it comes to the world’s most fabulous weaponry.

R-Lee-Ermey-GunnyThe video was a trailer for his new show called Gunny Time (am I the only one without a show for real?).

I’d dabble with this show too (along with Jerry’s) as long as I can find a way to watch it.  Starts April 15th on the Outdoor Channel.

Thoughts?  Will watch?  Did Gunny ever steal your girl? *insert sad frog meme here about me not having a girl for him to steal*



Shootout Lane:

Shootout Lane is a new reality series following Jerry Miculek and his family as they cover everything from matches, day to day life, and a behind the scenes look at the filming of our YouTube videos! See a behind the scenes look at the life of ‘The First Family of Shooting’!

Premieres on the Outdoor Channel April 1st (next Wednesday).  It’s sad that because (I’m guessing) this show won’t be a train wreck with drama and safety violations it probably won’t ever get big time popular…. like Kardashian levels.   You need to be a mess to make it there.  Funny as I was typing Kardashian I assumed the red dots would appear underneath it because it’s a surname not a dictionary word.  Nope… it’s in Chrome’s dictionary.  Miculek isn’t though!  *adjusts tinfoil hat*

Jerry-MiculekI own a 55″ tv that has razor thin bezel and is less than an inch thick *lifestyle flex*, but haven’t had cable or satellite in 10 years.  I hope Outdoor Channel puts up the full episodes online or YouTube, but I’m guessing that’s unlikely.  I picture Jerry being a beast with the contracts though, so maybe he worked that in for us.




No shooting in the video, just talking:

I feel that knowing Massad Ayoob in real life would automatically make you better and smarter about everything concealed carry related.   He actually “wrote THE book” on concealed carry… numerous books actually. Did Massad cash a check after this video? I don’t know maybe… either way I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that if you like Glocks (he does), I’m assuming you’d probably like this G43.

Here’s Glock’s national sales Manager Bob Radecki shooting it:

Glock-Single-Stack-9mm-G43*shrug* looks fine to me.  Watching someone else shoot a gun is like watching someone else drive a Ferrari though.  I have to do it myself.




Seriously guys.  I think I teared up a little like a proud dad seeing his newborn baby for the first time… it’s beautiful:



Glock-Single-Stack-9mm-G43-Technical-DataOh lawwwwwwd.  Would operate with 10/10.

Why this didn’t happen before the G42 .380 single stack sub-compact I’ll never understand.  I just have to assume Glock is smarter than I am and know what they are doing.  I suppose that .380 though, if nothing else created outrage and caused even more THIRST for this G43 single stack 9mm.  I don’t remember false hope, disappointment, thirst, then release being marking steps we learned in school but hell it seems to work awesome.

Basically if Glock released a rifle, fanbois would have to find something else to complain about Glock not doing.  The rifle is definitely long overdue, I think we can all agree on that.




This is great:

American-FlagWhen someone that experienced from a lifetime career in Law Enforcement says things like that, it should be hard for even the most anti gun to ignore.

Annoying he got cut off a the end because he was on a roll… he still got a chance to say a lot of real good things though which I hope educated a lot of people on that room and potentially changed their minds.

On a related note, Baltimore does sound like a rough place.  I’m not just going by what I saw on The Wire either (Such an amazing show btw… I still think about it all the time)

Gat Tip: SayUncle