This is awesome:

nerf-vulcan-gunHoly… there are a lot of NERF war videos out there but this one rises above.

I’m really surprised NERF itself hasn’t embraced these types of videos and made their own.


Hat tip: Kevin



Remember when I turned the Instructor Zero auto-subtitles on, and hilarity ensued?

Well check out this gem from 3:23 in a video interview he did with Guns & Tactics magazine:


ROFL pure gold.  I dare you to find something funnier.  You better believe I’m watching every Instructor Zero video from this point forward with the auto-subtitles turned on.

Hat tip: Smooth Operator



The Ammo Channel takes a look:

Makes me wonder if the Hague convention specifies the FMJ’s have to be loaded forwards?  hahah

3:26 – HOLY… would NOT want to be hit with that.  It goes without saying that getting hit with regular .308 wouldn’t be on my “to do” list either.

Loading-Bullets-Backwards-AmmoNot until the end of the video do we see that the cases split and the primers appear to have enlarged.  Yea probably not ideal.

Just wait until the media gets a hold of “Backward assault bullets with 248% more killing power”.

Thoughts? Anyone ever do this with the same or different results?



Chaos311Clarity, I want your job… I’ll even work harder (aka shoot more rounds on Auto):

The unsurprising conclusion is that Minuteman Munitions ammo works. No .22LR haha so don’t even ask, just 9mm, .40, and .45.

Chaos311clarity-run-guns-endoIf I were Minuteman Munitions I would have breathed a sigh of relief that Jon didn’t do an accuracy test.  Everyone knows that you NEVER blame your shooting on your own lack of skills, you ALWAYS blame it on the ammo.  I teach that in my Intro to Operating course at the local community college every tuesday after the Conversations With Carol help group.

Jon is wearing the Run Guns shirt and Pictogram Hat, a perfect hat for the occasion both from ENDO Apparel.




This is next level / neva been done befo':

The technology used for this experiment was invented by Dr. Shigeru Ito. A professor emeritus, at the University of Kumamoto (Current principal at Okinawa National College of Technology).  The experiment in this spot was all conducted by the staff of the Pulsed Power Japan Laboratory which took place at their lab.  For the sake of safety, simulated explosives were used for some scenes.

Richard-Ryan-Deagle-T-ShirtI don’t know enough about the physics behind this all to know if this is actually real.  If it is something which really can be done, that’s pretty damn cool… expensive, but cool.

I can’t believe the Japanese beat us in the internally liquified fruit race… how embarrassing. heheh

Richard Ryan should try this out with some of his fancy explosives and film it with his fancy cameras!  It’s even begging for Mattv2099 to come full out of retirement and do Fruit Assassin episodes solely based on this method.





I really hoped this would go a different direction:

Oh imagine that, there are people who want to do drugs, don’t care about where they came from, and that they are illegal.

I love how legalization isnt even considered as a viable option by any of these guys.  Wouldn’t want to ruin the prison industry and potentially lighten the load / reassign law enforcement to different problems.  Sure legalization isn’t a 100% solution, but looking at past examples such as the legalization of alcoholic beverage consumption, I’m thinking things couldn’t be any worse than they are now if drugs were legalized.  Could open up a whole new revenue stream for the government too.

If any one group of people should know, it should be law enforcement…. CRIMINALS DO NOT FOLLOW LAWS; gun laws, drug laws, alcohol laws etc… No laws definitely isn’t the answer either obviously.

Has anyone ever stopped doing drugs because carrying the guilt of “funding terrorism” was too much to bear? I want to see an A&E intervention containing that.

tmnt-drugs-pizzaYea that swiss cheese border is a whole other issue which needs to really be fixed too, wow.