This is cool… Taofledermaus uses Big Blast to turn empty soft drink bottles into reactive targets:

Just screw on the Big Blast top, inflate using a basketball pump to desired PSI…. then shoot!  Definitely looks even more exciting when placed inside something like they did in the video.

You can pick these up at the manufactures eBay Page BigBlastCharlie.  At around 1.70 each top (if you buy 6), the price is right!

Big-Blast-Shooting-Soft-Drink-Bottle-TopYa ya ya not as exciting as binary explosive I get it… but it’s also WAYYYY cheaper and you’re not going to (shouldn’t anyway) get in trouble anywhere with these.  I think it’s a great idea also because it’s “green”… you’re basically helping the recycling plants by shredding the bottle for them. :P


Oh yea and Taofledermaus’ shooter is wearing my picatinny rail t-shirt wooot woot.


Holy this is well done:

Desperado-Movie-Sleeve-GunMan, that must have taken the guy who made this FOREVER to get the lighting matched across all the scenes, not to mention picking what scenes from what movies to even use.  If this actually existed in real life beyond the editing room, it would be the most expensive movie in history haha.  Like a ramped up expendables.

Definitely worth watching.  Makes me want to re-watch a few of those movies again.


I don’t get this:

At 2:51 we can see there’s a crowd of several hundred people, if not over 1000.  This little demo is supposed to impress them?  Let me just go through the steps:

  1. Roll empty bus onto grass (I’m already disappointed it wasn’t a short bus)
  2. Walk out (future) hostages
  3. 0:21 – Oh look… Anon at the front of the bus is crazy and he says he’s going to kill everyone.  The driver is crazy too.
  4. 0:47 – Ohhhhhh shit the TIER -29 operators are rolling up in the back of a pickup truck.
  5. 0:58 – Casually they are now next to the bus and crazy anon doesn’t seem to care
  6. 1:15 – Anon hears flashbang and instead of killing everyone he runs to the back of the bus, doesn’t do shit, then proceeds to get “shot”.
  7. 1:33 – Looks like several more operators are needed.
  8. 1:40 – Anon is “putting up a fight” by slapping his hands a bit, he’s zip tied and then is dragged off the bus and thrown into the back of the pickup.
  9. 2:40 – Gotta roll in front of the crowd for effect, while putting his rifle to the back of Anon’s head (oh and the back of his hand too).
  10. 2:46 – Bus evacuated by operators, everyone lived.  Whole crowd goes wild.  WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE.

Ok so someone explain why?  This just seems like some useless display just to trick the crowd into thinking “WHOA I JUST WITNESSED SOMETHING SO OPERATOR”.  Like Anon and his driver buddy wouldn’t have nuked everyone on that bus when they saw the operators roll up with guns.

Short-School-BusI haven’t picked on Asymmetric Solutions in a while.  Vigilant Spectre and those guys are bros now.  This broship seemingly was cultivated after they FLIPPED OUT when I made this initial post, which got 267 comments (some of which were praising the place, but were actually comments made by Asymmetric Solutions themselves under an alias haha it was such a clusterfuck)… They invited me to tour their facilities to prove they were in fact the TIER -29 operators they claim to be.  I obviously declined because I don’t give a shit, but VSO stepped up to the plate and was like “Hell yeah I’ll go and document it”.  He’s actually posted a lot of videos there which were not derpy at all, hence why I haven’t posted them (boring, but looks like they are having fun at least).

Thoughts?  Is everyone else impressed but me?  Is this actually how a bus hostage situation would be handled in real life?



Instructor Zero threw on a gas mask so we could watch him do some drills, and the internet loves him again:

Instructor-ZeroGod the comments on those videos make me facepalm.  Like, do YouTubers want to know what type of shampoo, and toilet paper he uses as well?  Sweet mother of god…

I wish the Funker Tactical Instructor Zero marketing engine didn’t redline and explode in such glory so soon… I fear that the best from both of them is over sadly.  I really hope I’m wrong, but they have put out nothing epic troll worthy in a long time.   The least Zero could have done for us this time was also suffocated himself with a plastic bag while shooting with the gas mask on… I mean like come on be realistic and train like you fight.



You homeslices ready for this one?

Normally I don’t post teasers because they are a waste of time.  This one has me charged up though because he did a nice job on it.  I can’t wait to see if his DP-12 is as underwhelming as Andrew’s from GY6vids, and if Larry Vuitton points out the same design flaws.

DP12-ShotgunLOL 0:23 it shows there is a QR-Code for the gun’s manual printed on the side of it.  Laaaaaaaaame.

I wonder which lubricant Larry is using on this DP-12? *snicker*

Larry is #1 in the game right now for slow motion footage.  His camera angles and shots are bananas.  If you don’t agree tell me why, and I’ll take your reasons into account.



This Halloween:


Ehhhhhh kind a gross looking there right?  Still looks edible though.  Click through to this Business Insider article though where they have real pictures of the same burger which was release in Japan if you remember…. and wow those are gross looking.

Meh cool novelty I suppose for kids.  After seeing those “reality” pics though, it doesn’t make me want to try it.

Burger-King-MascotBurger King actually has a really banging Twitter account with some dope / current pop culture references.  It’s good to see that.

So, the question: Will operate in a tactical burger operation come Halloween?