Every Canadian stereotype known to man:

American-Sniper-Movie-Bradley-CooperMeh, not bad I suppose.  Definitely a sprinkling of butthurt in the comments.  Apparently Chris Kyle related jokes even in good fun are not well received by some people.  Not sure how this could be considered “offensive” to Chris Kyle’s legacy… if anything Canadians who don’t sound like idiots should be offended at the perpetuation that everyone sounds like they are from John Candy’s movie Canadian Bacon (who by the way the shithead Michael Moore directed haha). People who get offended by things that have no impact on their life, and that they have no actual connection to are hilarious. Also, I’m pretty sure Chris Kyle had a sense of humor considering he was bros with Zach Galifianakis, and co-starred with him in Hangover.. one of the funniest movies of all time. That was a joke, if some of you actually think I’m serious.

On a related note, it was really cool that Warner Bros. flew Chris Kyle’s widow out to the Academy awards. She looked like a movie star, and even brought his dog tags along! Heartbreaking she had to rush back to Texas to attend the trial of her husbands murderer. :(



GunPornHD always delivers:

Nothing groundbreaking there, but enjoy some nice crisp shooting video coupled with smooth music.

On a related note, GunPornHD member (owner?) and photographer isheep345 a.k.a. Glenn Nielson took this Glorious picture of a dude with a Scar, which I reposted on instagram:

UsherSo legit right? haha



I agree with the sentiment, but damn 13 minutes of him ranting?  Holy god.  Textbook Weapons Education:

So dramatic too.  Weapons Education and Instructor Zero would make amazing cartoon characters.  What if they were a dynamic duo too?  Weapons Education being a Bruce Wayne (Batman) like character past his crime fighting prime but with the money and the toys, and Zero as an unintelligible squirrelly operator version of Robin.  The would have all types of misadventures, and get real pissed off at each other constantly… but in the end their love for the second amendment would keep them strong.  Damn I wish I could draw… I would blow your minds with storylines my brain is already off on a tangent cooking up.

Weapons Eductaion has money and is a 2nd Amendment enthusiast though so whatevs, good for him for making these vids and telling people whatever he always tells them.  He seems to have a pretty large fanbase.

This though is one of the highlights of today (which also happens to be his vid screen cap, oh well)… 9:24:


Seriously guys… A dual wield shoulder holster with added small of the back holster QUAD magazine holster.  Yes, you’re seeing that with your own eyes.  The screenshot is for posterity.  May the internet forever be the record.  He has me wanting a similar trolling setup, but with 2 Glocks and six 33 rounders in total.

I know it would be nice to feel warm and fuzzy inside that the ATF actually cares that several hundred thousand or million people don’t want Sig Braces of XM855 green tip ammo banned.  I don’t buy it, just like always the government will just do whatever it wants to.   I mentioned today on twitter about how I wish people would stop sending me White House petitions to post.  That’s another thing which has a proven track record in my eyes of going nowhere.  Honestly the tinfoil hat part of me just thinks the White House petitions are there to collect IP addresses and compile more data on everyone, like they don’t already have enough.

Back to Weapons Education.  I used to give him more of a rough time, but he actually is probably an alright guy if you can get past the delivery and constant wealth flexing.  Yea I’d probably do the same if I had a beautiful wife (his actually does seem really cool), hundreds of guns, and billions of dollars.  No one wants to see me ranting on video alone in my condo in my underwear eating a caesar salad at 10pm, writing this post while LOL’ing at the fire content I have lined up for Instagram tomorrow.  I wish I made that last run-on sentence up, and I could have got more descriptive but I’m not trying to have you guys feeling sorry for me.  In reality my life is actually really cool (says me).




Something I whipped up for Instagram:

A video posted by ENDO (@everydaynodaysoff) on

Sig-Sauer-AR15-Pistol-BraceThat was pretty popular on there yesterday. You guys should make sure to follow me if you have Instagram, for similar posts which will likely make you laugh. I won’t be cross-posting them all here so otherwise you’ll miss out.




Instructor-Zero*smh* Zero is priceless, what a character.  I actually thought he would be better at that than he was.  He fumbled through it big time.

At 0:13 we see a closeup of the G19 slide showing his “ripped ass hole” logo.  Which as I mentioned before, it’s what he does to operations… tears them a new one.

Thoughts?  Were you as disappointed as I am that his oxygen supply wasn’t cut off with a plastic bag?  Not to mention he didn’t say anything, so I couldn’t even turn the CC’s on and LOL my ass off.



Mattv2099 sinks that heat out:

Mattv2099-ENDONot surprising it works *shrug*.  Looks like it will be a pain in the ass to clean, damn haha.