The Corridor Digital guys try Max Payne / Matrix style bullet time shooting:

Airsoft-Bullet-Time-ShootingConclusion: It’s as difficult as you’d think.

Do these guys even operate? :P  Everything looks so much cooler in slow motion.

5:48 – LOL they let the water delivery guy have a go at it.

Gat tip: John



Holy!!!! That could have been way worse. I can’t believe that with all the lawyers and people at FOX who must be involved with absolutely EVERY micro decision, the derpyness / potential lawsuit nightmare of this was overlooked.

Ban Fox News assault axes. There’s more on the story at mediaite, where there is even a statement from the drummer. The insight gives us a better picture, or the sheer amount of derp involved which almost ended in the drummer potentially getting maimed or killed.

My leadership told me they were told there would be no axe throwing. I think the anchor person went rogue and decided to throw it. He had only thrown it once before in practice for an upcoming segment and they told him to throw it with more force.


Gat tip: Caleb (who also links a gross video of a dude getting his nose almost completely chopped off in a sword vs sausage “hold my beer and watch this” incident.)

P.S. – Remember those picatinny rail mount axes? LOL classic.


A new YouTube firearm industry news-type channel from a familiar face:

Yes that’s the boy Jon Patton A.K.A. Chaos311Clarity. He’s going to be putting all his effort into TheGunCollective now, and it looks promising so click the link and subscribe if it interests you.

You guys know my attention span calls for this type of quick news in video format, so I’m fully on board. A strong first two episodes:

Jon-Patton-Gun-CollectiveGood stuff. Strong production value right out of the gate.. that’s always a plus. Sure there’s some obvious sponsorship / ads, but you gotta pay the bills somehow. You know damn well I’m going to sweet talk Jon to try and get ENDO Apparel on the show sooner or later! :P

I have to say, If I could make one change or improvement it would be that he needs a flirty hot tacti-girl co-host ASAP. Agree? Any thoughts?


Holy dat count on the LaRue Tactical MBT-2S Trigger:

0:23 into the video we see that the total trigger pulls are allegedly at 127581, 129362 and 146485 and still going strong.  God I love a good testing rig.  I have no idea what the life is supposed to be on my standard no-frills AR-15 trigger group, but if it’s over 100k color me impressed.  Anyone know?

You can pick up a MBT-2S for $220 at LaRue.  Here are the details:

Sparing no expense, all major components are precision-machined from S7 Tool Steel. The result of this extra effort is a glass-smooth, hyper-consistent trigger that will satisfy even the most scrupulous competition shooter, but also be overly rugged for the battlefield. The MBT-2S breaks crisply at 4.5 lbs (2.5 lb first stage, 2 lb second stage) and has a smooth and positive reset. Made in-house, in Texas, in the USA.

Larue-Tactical*shrug* sounds good to me.  Does ARFCOM still pray to LaRue facing the South daily starting at 5:56:45 AM?


Associated Press under fire! haha so much butthurt over these pics:


Full Story – Politico

Wow people love to get upset over everything..  The GUY WAS SPEAKING AT A GUN RANGE.  There are gun posters and guns everywhere.  I see what they are saying though that this could be used by the other side to subliminally paint Ted Cruz into a more negative light for his positive stance on guns.  It’s a dirty game, but it’s not like we don’t already know the tactics.  These guys just have to stay one step ahead of the competition, or else just laugh it off when they pull something sneaky.  I love how in the 2nd pic, AP caught him in 1/2 derp too.

I don’t follow politics, but Ted Cruz seems like a gun bro on the surface of things.  I’m sure you guys will correct me in the comments if he’s actually not.



Big things happening in Colorado Springs:


Officers were called to St. Francis Hospital in Colorado Springs, CO about 7 p.m. on reports of a man injured in an accidental gun discharge. Adam Hirtle (age 30), however, told police the shooting was completely on purpose, and that he shot himself in his garage.  According to police, he said he wanted to know what it felt like.

“Hirtle stated he took his boot off and shot it, then placed his boot back on his foot and then intentionally shot himself in the foot,” police say. “He did not sustain life-threatening injury nor was anybody else injured.”

Adam Hirtle, 30, is suspected of prohibited use of weapons, reckless endangerment and child abuse in the shooting. Sgt. James Sokolik, a police spokesman, said Hirtle was served a summons in the case and released.

Full Story – Denver Post

Aw man… “prohibited use of weapons”, “Reckless endangerment”, and “child abuse”?  Can’t a guy just do things just to do them anymore?  I mean if there were kids around, that’s very irresponsible and setting a bad example, but “child abuse” seems like a pretty broad.   I hope they really looked into this before throwing the book at him for being a dumbass.  People should be allowed to Darwin themselves in my opinion.  It’s supposedly a free country still.

Can you guys figure out the part about why he took his boot off first to shoot it… then put it boot back on and shot his foot?  The only thing I can think of is he maybe wanted to go for a specific area of his foot, and wanted a pilot hole made from the first round.  Damn what an idiot though… did he not know how much this little experiment would hurt?  It’s like he’s never even had a paper cut or anything in his life, and had nothing to compare it to.

Lucky his health insurance (HA!) covers stupidity and negligence.


Gat tip: SayUncle