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Jessie-Duff-Taurus-FirearmsDamn I don’t like the look of that!  I don’t know what’s worse… seeing a Taurus fire when dropped or seeing a Taurus fire when shaken.

Seems like a really big design flaw, but what do I know?  What does Jesse Duff have to say about this? I bet off the books anyway she’s like *SMFH*.

Thoughts?  Is this a feature you’re looking for, so if a bad guy catches you slippin and says “DROP IT!”… you drop your Taurus and it shoots him in the face?


Bill the engineering guy:

Nerf-Concealed-Carry-Weapon-5Pretty cool.  NERF does so well as a company for a reason… their designs are simple and functional, making them fun to play with.

Remember the guy who painted all his NERF guns to look realistic?  That was badass.


Works on birds:

Works on raccoons:

Anthropomorphic humor *blatant lexicon flex*, is always a winner.  Umarex comes correct with those two vids haha.

I never thought an air rifle would have enough Ooomph to kill and not just piss off & wound a raccoon.  They are recommending their Octane .22 for that, which has a 1250 ft/s muzzle speed using an alloy pellet.  For comparison .22 LR ranges from about 1200 ft/s to 1650 ft/s.  LOL holy that Octane .22 even comes with a non-removable 5 chamber suppressor which they say greatly reduces muzzle noise, a 3-9×40 scope, and adjustable 2 stage trigger.  Sounds like it would be cheap and fun to shoot.  They have some videos on the page too showing that it’s quite accurate at 25 yards… I wonder what it’s like at 50 and 100?  Anyone have one of these?  I used to rock a Daisy CO2 gun, until it started Mr. Freezing me with the gas leaks.  CO2 is so much more expensive than air (obviously), so that was a downside too.  Plus it used to piss me off when I’d be shooting for a long time and when the gas started getting low the accuracy really suffered.  #TeenBoyProblems

air-gun-memeThoughts?  Umarex has some pretty “assaulty” looking air rifles (by political standards) in their lineup.  Are these things flying under the radar in most states? If so, do the Mom’s who demand action know about this atrocity? Are they doing something to keep the cool teens safe? If it only saves one cool teen.

I know some of you also are going to get nostalgic and hit up the internet for Steppenwolf – Magic Carpet Ride, so there’s the link.


Royal-Nonesuch-ENDONot really much new info besides that render.  It’s missing a forend though, which he does mention his final rifle will definitely have along with a bi-pod and foregrip.  It would be a good idea to throw a strip of picatinny rail on the top for a scope.  It’d throw a couple keymod speed holes on it too for operational street cred.  Also, he should name the rifle “Valerie” after Mark Serbu’s daughter (who I predicted he will fall in love with and eventually go on to inherit the family business).  Valerie Nonesuch has a great ring to it for real.

Him and Mark Serbu want advice on what type of vids they should make together besides the .50 BMG build ones.  Thoughts?


Dana Loesch from The Blaze works for the NRA now also:

haha she is the queen of dramatic facial expressions.

0:50 – Ugh I hate when the NRA goes full conspiracy theory retard.  The ATF just can’t possibly employ enough people to regularly inspect every gun owners home.  I’m not saying that a law couldn’t be shoe-horned in that would give them the power to do that whenever they pleased without a warrant, but I don’t see mass inspections becoming the norm.  If they really want to inspect someone’s home now for a good reason, I’m pretty sure they could easily do it. Heck, I saw Training Day… All I’d do is grab the Chinese food flyer from the mailbox and be like “Warrant”, then walk in waving it around and quickly tucking it into my jacket pocket.

2:28 – LOL Dana really wishin’ a MF’er would.

Dana-Loesch-BlazeThe problem with these gun control measures though, it’s a cumilative thing.  Give a bit of this privacy away… give a bit of that freedom you used to have away a dozen times… and then all of sudden you have none of either.  Most people won’t realize the steps are being taken until it’s too late.  Politicians are sneaky like that, and always put the spin on it that it won’t inconvenience you and is for the greater good (saving lives).