The LAV Larry Vuitton takes a look:

Drink every time Larry does a hand gesture.

That spiderweb grip always reminds me of some vato prison elbow tats.  Gangsta.

I like Larry’s vids on this chan… very good info and he knows his shit.

Larry-Vickers-Louis-Vuitton-ParodyI don’t know what I look like in slow motion shooting my G17, but when larry shoots that VP9 it looks like the recoil is exaggerated like he’s shooting some sort of 20mm hand canon with little girl wrists.  Like I said though, maybe that’s how much flip I get too *shrug*

Thoughts?  Any of you guys pick one up yet?  Plan on getting one?



Richard Ryan teams up with 22 Plinkster:

22 plinkster is some crazy skills.

That Lucy movie looks like it might be good:


Oh and Richard is wearing the Deagle brand Deagle shirt from ENDO Apparel.




Natalie hits a bunch of good points in this.  I see why people don’t like the idea of killing for sport…. but they don’t understand that there would literally be 10 billion deer smashing cars everywhere if people didn’t hunt.

Hunting is awesome, you get to wear sweet clothes and get wasted all day:





They call it the “Salvo”.  Neva been done befo:

Epic, but I could have done without the slow motion sound / video in this case.  I made the “neva been done befo” joke because of course you likely remember when Red Jacket Firearms made the 5 foot long derp suppressor for shotguns (see test firing here).

On Silencerco’s website they do a lot of flexin that they are the first and only commercially viable shotgun suppressor on earth.   Cool that this thing is only $1400, and user configurable.  What about Metrogun though?

I really hope Silencerco gets ABsuperman out to their facilities for some T&E:

Silencerco-Suppressor-Shotgunhaha good stuff. Do you like the name “Salvo”? I don’t particular like it, although I suppose it does have some meanings in different languages that relate nicely such as “safe”, “well”, “unharmed” etc..





A story about gun pride and how not all the women he tries to seduce are down with 2A:

She pointed and asked, “What is that?” I told her I liked to shoot and did it often, and that it was a picture of some of the guns I had. I swear, I would have been better off with a naked picture of Bill Clinton in my phone: She essentially freaked and looked at me like I was a leper who abducted kids from Chuck E. Cheese’s on the weekend.

The full story is over on NRA Sharp, make sure to check it out.  Very easy to relate to.

ENDO Apparel even got a shoutout at the end of the article!  It’s always nice to see that type of thing.  The article didn’t mention it, but wearing ENDO Apparel has been known to increase success with women by 83.34%… that’s science.




From Glock:

Mashed-Potato-Glock-Torture-TestI like how Glock promotes safety without being too preachy about it.  They put out the same type of video with the Gunny not to long ago too.

The homie Mattv2099′s Mashed Potato Glock trollture test pic to the left.  History… make sure your children know the name Mattv2099 whenever Glocks are spoken of.