Thanks to the dozens of you who sent it in, knowing it would be right up my alley.  This is pure gold, I literally can’t even.  What boxes didn’t he check when it comes to the stereotype?  Some constructive criticism; I’d have to say he needs something “DONT TREAD” related… at least the snake.

Some funny comments on the Instagram post I made about the pic.  Check them out if you have time and want some laughs.



I posted this on Instagram last night:

You can click through if you want to read the comments left by Steadfastcarryco, and others.  Some of the comments are pretty funny.  All in all the guy who runs the Steadfast IG was a good sport.  Man the white knights have really been coming through on IG now… usually a couple per post in the comments getting defensive on someone else’s behalf.  It’s evident that a lot of people still don’t “get” ENDO.  I don’t really bother explaining anymore, unless I’m feeling energetic… either you find humor in the absurdity of some of these industry things like I do, or you don’t.  *shrugh*

This hipster EDC fanny pack will set you back $255.  I don’t dispute that the bag isn’t nice looking… I love waxed canvas and I love leather. He picked some good colors too.  That said, are we really going to act like carrying a bag this size on your hip with a loaded gun (weighing 2+ lbs say), and a handful of other “EDC” items it’s actually even slightly practical or would even be remotely comfortable?  If you click through to the site you can see pics of it as a satchel.  I really think they should have just stopped there and not opened up this “belt carry” can of worms.  I’m not a satchel guy, but I can say that it doesn’t look out of place (compared to other small satchels I’ve seen) if that’s what you’re into.

Thoughts?  You mad that I sometimes rustle labes with these posts?


VICE is on it, out in the Philippines:

Hmmm ok even the preview at the beginning looks like this is going to be a wild ride.

1:41 – 5.11 hypebeasting at it’s finest haha I wonder what model of 5.11 underwear and socks he’s running.  Maybe we’ll find out later in the video.

2:03 – haha someone shot as the instructor was passing the gun over, and the tourists got a little jumpy hehe.

2:11 – Col. Jeff Coop represent

2:35 – Damn that sign is A E S T H E T I C af.  Hand painted and naturally weathered just how I like it.

2:37 – Naturally he’s running a Serpa.

4:01 – “Free Masonry” 1911.  Interesting gun to have there.

4:45 – Are those simunition rounds or something similar?  Looks polymer.

5:33 – Oooo that battlewear.

6:38 – Glad to see that “confidence drills” transcend cultural boundaries *eye roll* haha.  Yikes… missed the first shot on a balloon that’s barely moving from like 5 ft away *cringe*…  oh man an a press check at 6:50 too!  This is incredible.

7:29 – hahah they are really working these guys now… I thought it was going to be all fun and games for a sec.

7:37 – ICE BUCKET!!! This is straight out of the Instructor Zero handbook of operations.  I’m not so sure this is the stuff guys who have never shot a gun before should be doing, but here we are.

7:45 – “I’ve got the clips” hahahah yes you do sir… yes you do.

7:50 – WOW jostle training too!  Just when I thought I’d seen it all.

11:02 – Interesting how one of the instructors there is in favor of strict gun control in China.



I had this in the drafts still for some reason.  This is priceless:

The post I did on IG a few days ago with the meme (left) generated some funny comments.

Everything about this product screams parody…. plot twist: It’s real and you can buy one for $130 here.  Oh and like you even had to ask, yes it’s patented ahhahah.


Gat tip: @connorwelles @anmut


This got SasSy, real quick:

I was curious (haha no pun actually intended), so I went to the FCKH8 website but all I see is merch.  Did I get bamboozled?  Was the video just promotional material for their witty t-shirts?

Hating guns must be so exhausting.


Gat tip: Spencer


Ugh, I literally can’t even:

1:24 – LOL this sneaky-ass old man right here.  This is some real stereotypical gun show material.  So classic.  $1800! LOLOL with a Dick Spider 37mm even (gotta love that safety “rocket” *snicker*).  What make of shotgun is that anyways?  I can’t tell with all that crap on it.

1:35 – “there’s none on the market yet, it’s a brand new company.  They make stuff for the military and private individual stuff.”  Oh man this gets even better.

2:27 – Uggghhh guys… noooooo.  That shotgun and that Turkish Sarsilmaz handgun for $2100.  Nooooooooo LOL.

2:38 – $2100 in small bills.  Real low key like.

3:04 – “This is a hundred round drum?” *CRINGE*

4:19 – He’s just going to walk through a crowded casino and out in public with a shotgun like that.  I don’t know Vegas very well, but regardless of the urban location that still doesn’t seem like that great of an idea to me even taking into account he’s obviously not acting threatening at all + has a few kids and a wife with him. *shrug*

6:49 – Ugh I was wondering what that little girl was carrying… it appears he even got that crappy looking stand.

Thoughts?  I guess it’s good he’s on “our side”, I just hate to see people taken advantage of.

Gat tip: Mike