Says Moms demand common sense:

Everytown-for-gun-safety-logoOh wait, that was Moms Demand Action, and they want Kroger to ban guns (still).  Guess what?  Kroger still doesn’t give a shit what Shannon Watts A.K.A. “5000 Bitch-a-Watts” wants.  If the law in the states Kroger is in says carry is legal, then Kroger has been allowing it.  What an interesting concept… to just follow the laws rather than trying to make your own.  If Bloomberg didn’t have basically unlimited play money to throw at this cause I’d think MDA eventually backing down from Kroger was a victory for the pro-gun camp.   They will just go after weaker more easily pressured businesses and chains with their schoolyard bully tactics.




So crucial:

Seriously guys.  The fact US training (mostly) overlooks the benefits of the strafing-while-shooting with alternating guys facing alternate directions spaced more than an arms length apart really grinds my gears.  LOL fml.

0:52 – Wow big surprise, someone took a round to the arm (I am told, according to the translation).  This is Sonny “Shoothouse” Puzikas levels of shocking!  I’ll be equally as shocked when Yeager’s down range camera man takes one for the team.

1:05 – “I’d like to apologize for the actions of these few.  They were being herbs and trying to emulate what they saw in some anime.  Please don’t judge us as a country based on the actions of these operators.  Thank you.”

I am told that the NSB is who had this accident and were doing the training (The NSB is apparently the Taiwanese equivalent to the FBI).

Cool story how the carry without one in the chamber too. *eye roll*  because that would be unsafe of course.  It’s obviously safety first with these guys hahahahha.

1:54 – That formation!  Charlie’s Angels-esque, I love it.

Taiwan-Operator-Shooting-TrainingThoughts?  I’m waiting for the “Mike… brah… the world is 360 degrees, that’s why they train like that.  Get off your fat cheeto stained ass and put some rounds down range maybe for once in your life.”

How lit are Taiwanese news graphics btw? Hot.

Gat tip: Mitori, Matthew



Wild’in out with this eLog bullshit:

Drake-Middle-Fingersya Pfffft eLog… shit is tres 1995.  I mean like does it even have iTunes? 2-Step Authentication? Finger print reader? Retina scanner? Blood sample for DNA comparison getter? Voice recognition where you spit your favorite Dylan or Drake verse?  These are all the things I believe should be present before some blood thirsty killer (military or not) should be able to fire a shot.  Oh yea and the GPS should make sure you’re not within 100 miles of a school, on foreign and domestic soil.  For the children.

Thoughts?  Excited for the trickledown to civilians haha?

Hat tip: Reid



The NSSF lays it out:

Field-And-Stream-Desert-Eagle-Troll-Hunting-HandgunI don’t really know enough about the environment or the politics of the game to have a proper view on this.  I just know lead obviously isn’t healthy to consume in large amounts.

It sucks it’s not feasible for ammo companies to produce bullets for less popular calibers without lead.  If it wasn’t all about money, these companies could gradually make the shift to make everything lead free I’m assuming.

If you hunt and know more about this, school me.



Dear god….:

Rifle-Dynamics-Silencerco-AK47Not only is the video awesome, but those AK’s look like the AK’s in my dreams.  Jim Fuller (Rifle Dynamics) tha gawd.

I know Mattv2099 recently took a class with him and built one.  Any of you guys take his class?  I don’t know much about Jim, but from the interviews I’ve seen with him he seems like an awesome down to earth guy.

0:53 – Got me needing a Gatorade to quench the thirst.

Even the wooden case with the shredded (wood?) noodle looking padding and the separate magazine space is amazing.

More info over at the Silencerco summit website.  $3500 is the damage too, so make sure your girlfriend or wife isn’t looking when you bring the plastic up out tha leather.  Better yet, toss another one on there for her… but at the very least buy her a pair of shoes or a summer purse or something.   I live vicariously through you guys ok… give me a break, damn.




So naturally he *TUrns if Awwwwwwwwf*:

LOL that jingle gets me every time.

Larry-Vickers-Hover-SunglassesHoly… $3290-$3375 for that 1911!  It’s built by Wilson Combat and looks nice though, I’ll give him them that.  Yea I get that most companies want to brand the hell out of everything, but putting “BCM GUNFIGHTER 1911″ is some shit font on the slide, isn’t doing it any favors.  

LOL Larry rocked the adlibs and cheesin for the camera in this vid.  Giving the people (or at least me anyway) what they want.