Negligence straight out of Brazil:

A video obtained by police shows a man wielding a machine gun with a silencer on the beach of Ensenada, in Guarujá (São Paulo coast), and killing a colleague. According to police, the man who fired the shot is Rodrigo de Moura Oliveira, 36 He was arrested and, according to the Department of Public Safety, is suspected of being a member of criminal organization PCC (First Command Capital). Police do not yet know if the shooting was deliberate or accidental. However, the images suggest that firing was done by mistake. The victim of the shooting is 40 year old Marco Antonio Nemer.

Brazil-Jesus-Statue-GunsHmm deliberate or accidental?  I can’t tell because the video was filmed with a ham sandwich, but if it’s accidental then DAMN people are stupid.  I hope they were at least drinking and/or doing lots of drugs to explain away some of the stupidity.

Internet operators be like “Make / model of suppressor?  Type of handgun?  Is he running 5.11 shorts?  Is that hat SKD Tactical?  Shooter’s EDC details?”




Take a look at this very unbiased article from BBC where three blind guys tell their stories of the trials and tribulations of being blind and into guns.

I’ve actually posted about Carey McWilliams (one of the blind guys) before.  Seems like a good guy.

I don’t know who at the NRA pooped their pants over the fact Moms Demand Action didn’t like the NRA’s Dom Raso “Guns For the Blind” video and decided to remove it, but what a WEAK MOVE.  In a hilarious twist, Mom’s Demand Action reposted it (unlisted) on their YouTube page.  DRAAAAAAAmmmaaahhhhhh! ;)  Seriously though why you gotta be like that NRA?  The NRA is supposed to be powerful and take out the anti-gun trash, walking all over Mom’s who “DEMAND” action.  Not cower at criticism.

Thoughts?  You liking all this guns and the blind drama?

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Tired of body armor getting in the way of properly shouldering your weapon?

The ASP (Advanced Shoulder Pocket) uses rare earth magnets in the rifle stock pad and the body armor pocket to allow the shooter to maintain a stable, repeatable and precise firing position with minimal effort.

Huh!  Interesting.  When I started the video, I was bracing for derp but this actually seems like a good idea if you’re wearing body armor.  I love the simplicity of it too!  I’m sure a lot of guys will be making up their own homebrew version of this for whatever rifle stock they are running.  I see on the facebook page the company agreed that most people don’t use that standard stock anymore outside of being issued it so I’m sure they are developing a universal pad, or at least a pad for all Magpul stocks.


As usual (unfortunately) the company website is currently terrible, and you can’t buy the product yet even if you want it.  That seems to be pretty standard with new products like this.  I’m not really sure why, but maybe people don’t want to invest too much time or money into their idea until they have reason to believe it will pay off.  I suppose that’s a strategy, but it’s frustrating for people when they just want to buy something. That url though… mmmm

One more criticism I’ll throw out there is that this product, a pocket and a stock pad with magnets is hardly “advanced”.  I know everyone likes to looks smart, but I think a better name for this product would be something using the words, “simple” or “magnet”… Simple Magnetic Shoulder Pocket?  Yea that’s a work in progress, but I think it still sounds better.

What do you guys think about this? Would operate with? Would operate with if the price point is right?

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Richard Ryan complies some of his footage that didn’t make the cut initially:

Richard-Ryan-Deagle-ShirtLOL when that airsoft bb hits the real Barrett at 0:29.  Seeing the flourescent POS plastic muzzle brake turn to crumbs and the barrel noodle at 1:41 was pretty funny too.

I didn’t realize that so much of the higher end airsoft guns were metal until recently.  My cousin has a AR-15 copy which is pretty damn close looking to the real thing.




Smith & Wesson has a new gun and a new promo:

You can find out more about the M&P 22 Compact at their splash site. Looks like it retails for $389. I wonder how it does with cheap ammo?

Jerry-MiculekSure the video is crisp, but kind of a waste of time.

Doesn’t S&W own Jerry Miculek?  LOL Seriously though, why isn’t Jerry doing videos for them?  Yea I get it Jerry is old, but they can edit in a young guy shooting in his place in post production.

Do they expect #MAKEFUNFUNNER trend?  Or did the old guys in marketing hear about “the hashbrown tags” from their grandsons lately and decide to try it out?




Silencerco sure has some cool places they shoot in Oregon:

The pristine wilderness is awesome… FILL IT WITH LEAD.  I just hope people don’t get any ideas like this around where I go on hikes.

Silencerco-Boat-ShootingLOL that swan.


Hat tip: Tim, Erik


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