One of those autotune songify vids… quite well done:

Joe-Biden-Finger-PointNot something I’d bump in the Rolls Royce Ghost, mainly because I don’t push a Ghost… but that’s besides the point haha.  The video is worth watching.




Fresh out the gate, already knee deep in this hat game.  The initial lineup:


I plan on releasing all sorts of hats from now on!  This is just the beginning.  Real nice quality.  You’re going to love the material, leather strapback, antique metal clasp… everything!  The hats have a real classic / vintage look and feel to them, you won’t be disappointed.

More pictures, details, and of course available for purchase over at the ENDO Apparel website.

Thank you all for the support.



You’re not doing it right if you’re spray painting WITHOUT laser guidance:

Spray painting things normally is so difficult… WHERE IS THE PAINT GOING?  I CAN’T SEE IT. I HAVE NOTHING TO GUIDE ME.  With this tactical laser attachment called the LaserCan you can spray paint bullshit at 200+ yards if you want to, or as close as less than an arms length away.  Hell you can even pretend to know what you’re doing one weekend, have a few too many beers and think you’re going to camouflage your rifle up all operator-like.  You’ll grab some foliage from the “environment” around where you operate (yes near the place where you play Call of Duty and constantly wish a MFer would), you’ll devise a game plan of a base coat, breakup layer, and top layer,and in your mind’s eye it will look PERFECT.  Your rifle will be so finely tuned to your surroundings it will basically be invisible.  WRONG.  Even this laser thing can’t save you my friend.  You’ll spend a half day laying random crap across your rifle and spraying until you realize you’re in way over your head and you now have a rifle that looks like a cat threw up all over a couch from the 70s.


I have a suggestion for LaserCan…. what would be even more operator would be if they made an IR laser version so you had to wear your NVGs haha.

I was told the product is around $25, but the “Buy Now” button on the LaserCan site doesn’t work, so who knows.  More like LaserCAN’T amirite guys? *ba dum ching* *fist bumps all around*

Thoughts?  Would buy?

Hat tip: Cliff



Marshmallows. Delicious but deadly.  Mattv2099 is a sucker for punishment:

Mattv2099-Run-Guns-ENDO-ApparelMATT AIN’T AFRAID OF NO KABOOM!  LOL what an absolute disaster.  I can’t even imagine how annoying that must have been to clean.  I probably would have just filled up a container with solvent and threw everything in it for a while first.  If that didn’t work, I would hit the internet: “For Sale: Glock 17 – CHEAP, AS IS, comes with free gloves. (Don’t ask questions)” haha.

Matt is operating in the Run Guns t-shirt from ENDO Apparel.




5 copies of this great book up for grabs:


If you carry a weapon for self-defense, it’s definitely in your best interest to know the laws.  A simple purchase such as this book could keep your ass out of jail and save you a whole lot of money someday.

Attorney Mitch Vilos and Evan Vilos teamed up and went to great efforts to make sure that this comprehensive book is both clear and reliable.   The fact it’s written in plain easy to understand english (not loaded with fancy legal jargon), and even contains light humor here and there make it way more enjoyable than you would expect a book on law to be.

Make sure and enter the giveaway below, but know that you can also head over to the Firearms Law website and pick one up for $29.95 at any time.  A book such as this would make a great gift!

How To Enter (U.S. Residents Only):

  1. In the comments below I want to know what state you live in.
  2. What you like or dislike about your state when it comes to shooting / firearms.

I am also simultaneously giving away 5 more copies of the book on Instagram where all you have to do is follow me and “like” the picture.  Yea I know not all you are hipsters and have Instagram but you should get it for this reason alone.

Thanks everyone, and good luck!  The draw for these 10 books will be made on Friday night, and results posted on the weekend.



Richard Ryan does it for science and Shark Week:

The always interesting behind the scenes:

Yea I know about physics, but I still love how water takes a fired bullet and is like “Uh.. NO”…. slows it right down, and hits the bottom of the pool.

I say it all the time, but Richard Ryan knows his way around a slow motion camera that’s for sure.  A few times he references another slow motion underwater shooting video his friend made which I posted a few weeks ago which you should check out if you already haven’t.

I’m trying to figure out how someone in California can stay that white!  I thought I was white, but Richard’s lack of a tan in the pool footage makes me look like Wesley Snipes.  haha and I wear sunscreen too!  SPF 60 on the head and neck area, and SPF 30 on my arms and legs when I’m outside.  I even smell like all beachy like a girl… yea it’s a side effect which caught me off guard at first but now I just embrace it.  I’m old and I have a girlfriend (my not-so-humble-glad-not-forever-alone brag #Jessica #<3), why should I care about having a manly outdoor recreational smell?  You young single guys can get skin cancer and cook outside smelling like Tom Selleck trying to holla at shawty in the fly two-piece who grabbed her purse and went for her pepper spray as soon as the words “Boo, I think you and me should…” came out of your skeevy little mouth.  Note that I used “Tom Selleck” on purpose just to throw you a curve ball so you’d have to google or ask your dad about him.

Supercavitation ammo which he talks about at the end of the video sounds badass!

Richard is wearing the AR-15 Builders Club t-shirt and the Keep Calm And Carry One t-shirts from ENDO Apparel in the vids.