Replaces the stock Redeemer weapon:

Death by annoyance or fire, those are your only two options with this mod.

You can download it here for the PC and PS3.



Thousands of dollars worth of ammunition, and pretty boring to watch:

What a perfectly good opportunity to blow some shit up… wasted.. just wasted.   Like for god sake at least saw a tree in half or something!

Seriously FPS Russia.. if you’re running out of ideas holler at me.  I think of things to shoot at that you only could dream of.    I say we combine your access to insane weapons, with my creative mind and make some real videos.

The Mini Gun Is a GE M134.  I don’t know much about mini guns, but that seems to be the one that’s always talked about so I’m assuming there aren’t too many other popular models out there.  Back in 2009 if you had $250,000 you could have picked up your very own GE M134 Minigun , i’m not sure if it’s still available.

Hat tip: Cayton J.



 A US soldier observes a bombing strike from a US fighter jet during a firefight at Outpost Bari Alai in Kunar on Sept. 15.

53 more photos over at the Big Picture – HERE

I can’t get enough of these pics every month.



As I like to call it a “Modern Sporting Camera”

The shoulder support with that big of lens would probably be welcome!  The magazines could be extra batteries for those long shoots.

Just don’t take pictures or video of the cops doing something wrong using this thing.   It’s a definite way to get yourself shot.

Also, probably a touchy subject still.. but this is definitely not recommended for use in Baghdad where cameras already resemble AK-47s and RPGs.



Worth watching even if you hate paintball:

The video game overlays were more distracting to me than anything.

Dubstep + slow motion seems to be the formula lately.



You have to make the back story up for this one in your head:

I like that it has a dark twist to it… most fake gun battles are sickeningly playful.

NERF Mortars huh?  *madly scribbles it on to do list*

Before making a video with toy guns, people should learn a thing or two from the Kids, Guns & Special Effects music video I posted about earlier in the year.  To date, that is the most epic video of such a type that i’ve come across.