Hey Everyone,

I got a lot done this past week, hope you guys managed to keep busy.  I’m still working hard all day, but i’ve got a whole bunch of posts lined up so stay tuned starting at Midnight tonight.

Now I know that letting everyone know publicly when I won’t be blogging is the best idea.  I didn’t get ANY inquiries into whether or not I was arrested or died this time, unlike last summer when I didn’t blog for a month and didn’t make a post about it.  Oops :P

You’ll find out about the projects I am working on at a later date.  Hopefully you’ll be as excited about them as I am.

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Take care,

Everyday, No Days Off



I’ve decided to take the next couple of weeks to focus 100% of my attention on some side projects I am working on.

I’ll be back to blogging full speed after that.

If you’re bored, make sure to go back through the pages and check out some past posts you might have missed!

Thanks for everything!




One evening in the autumn of 1940 bombs fell on the course and Temporary Rules were introduced to allow for the consequences. Dr Goebbels, Hitler’s Minister of Propaganda, used the Club’s Temporary Rules as the theme of a broadcast by William (Lord Haw-Haw) Joyce: “By means of these ridiculous reforms the English snobs try to impress the people with a kind of pretended heroism. They can do so without danger, because, as everyone knows, the German Air Force devotes itself only to the destruction of military targets and objectives of importance to the war effort.” Evidently the Club’s laundry outbuilding was a military target.

Source: Richmond Golf Club via Neatorama

You can’t say that the rules aren’t fair.



Source: Unknown.

You’ll never have felt so good.



I remember being irritated that the robbers were so close to getting McCauley Culkin so many times.

He should have used the freddiew method as shown in the video.



Talk about adapting:

Unfortunaly no none ever sources their pics, so I have no idea where this is from.  I assume it is some sort of wounded warrior program.

The gun appears to be a HK G3A3.