Came across this:

Very detailed.  I wouldn’t want to mess with whatever the heck that is!

Extremely high res version available at the artist ckirkillustr8’s deviantART page – HERE



Qusay Hussein, dead son of Saddam Hussein busts some moves at an iraq rager:

Comparing against the criteria required to be a certified Middle East Hipster:

  • White high-top NewBalance kicks? √
  • White hammer pants? √
  • Tucked in white tee perfectly bloused? √
  • Studded black leather belt? √
  • Tightly manicured stache? √
  • Vintage Rayban Wayfarers? √
  • Denim stars & stripes jacket? √ (extra points for being especially ironic)

Yep he definitely covered all his bases.   With swag like that he could have got any girl in the room.

OH SNAP!!! Did he pull out the invisible rifle move at 0:57?!!!!

I felt like his friend in purple was trying to teach me how to dougie, Iraq style.  Mute the vid on the left at Youtube Doubler to see what I mean. Also, it appears he was wearing American Apparel before the brand was even invented… Way ahead of his time that one.

Hat tip: Bryan



Sunset over Manhattan:


Pretty neat how a pile of strategically placed shot-up garbage can cast a familiar looking shadow.

I’m disappointed that there is no artist provided “deep meaning”  behind this painting so i’ll make my own:

The urban silhouette cast by the shot up garbage represents the struggle man has with industrialism, only worsening with each rise of the morning sun.



Made by a god tier weapons troll in Iraq:

Normally I’d say something like “Troll Harder”… but this guy already trolls the hardest.

Hat tip: Kitup via Ikhlas B.



This guy is so delusional, I’m just waiting to hear about him in the news:

If you kill a gun owner you are innocent before proven guilty in a court of law.  You tell your story before 12 jurors how the gun owner made you fear for your life, how they attacked your youtube channels etc.. You make your case, you save all that evidence.  And it is the 12 jurors that decide if you are guilty or a hero for killing a psychopath.

This video is just so all over the place. Unless he starts changing the way he does his videos and actually organizes his thoughts, I’m going to quit posting about him.

I could get a more intelligent presentation of thoughts on camera if I went downtown and interviewed some crack-head-wino-hobo, and that’s the truth.



Truly amazing that no one got shot, unless they had to edit out all the fatalities:

As most of you who follow my blog already know, I am always on the search for the holy grail of ridiculous firearm training videos. Just when I thought I found it, someone emails me something that goes beyond where the bar was previously set at “full retard”. The above video set the bar really high.

I love when people are taught to do a scan of their surroundings, but all it really turns into is a robotic side to side sweep of their head where they really don’t see anything.

Thanks to bozos like this, no wonder good life insurance is so expensive.

HAIX footwear (the creators of this video) call this brand promotion?   Obviously we went to different business schools.  I’d consider this video more like brand suicide.

Somebody please save the video before they delete it!

UPDATE: Thanks Hizenburg for the re-up.   Here is an additional backup just in case.

Hat tip: Steven G