The gun store guys have a gripe:

It’s pretty obvious where the conversation is going to go, just by reading the title… but if you need some background noise and want to hear some good (but obvious) points made check it out.



With a glow in the dark high capacity assault clip:

A night table gun perhaps?  Neat idea, I wonder how much the person paid?




I was skeptical when I hit play… but soon after was impressed:

The video started off with some jello-effect (rolling shutter) digital SLR filming by someone that couldn’t keep the camera still on a pan to save their life…. then came the old bait and switch… but in a good way! 

0:39 – Straight disrespected that hole which a coyote used to call home.

That .22LR brass ejection starting at 1:10… great shot.  I love seeing shock waves in the dust on the ground too.

Thoughts?  Anyone used this Star Targets brand of binary explosive?



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Behind the scenes of the 1950’s themed photo shoots:

The Hot Shots pictures and models always look top notch.  Whoever they have doing the makeup and the photoshopping on this one really seems to have that updated 1950’s look nailed.

The calendar is available on the Hot Shots website for $13 + an ungodly shipping price of $14. WTF?!

One question I have is why did they come to the US again to shoot this calendar?  Edgar Brothers is a UK based business that no doubt has access to any weapon they want.  Did they just want to take the girls on an expensive field trip?  If shooting in the US was something that needed to be done for other reasons, then why not just save money by hiring some good looking American girls?




*Insert exteme eye roll here* A dramatic trailer for the event:

23 AK-47s (The greatest killing machine in the world) decommissioned and transformed in the name of peace.

A look at the actual event:

From an art standpoint I think the idea of a lot of them are cool.  I don’t like the “OMG GUNS ARE BAD” message though, which was the whole point of the exhibit.

0:58 – So she says she found blood in the barrel?  Possibly I guess… but my guess it was probably oil or a number of other things.  I’ll wait to hear what the lab results say… oh wait.


Hat tip: A whole lot of you that sent this in over the past few weeks.