CNBC takes a look:

LOL fail on that “firing on all cylinders” pun she thought she was so clever with.  Awesome that Scott Cohn shut her down.

I wonder if Freedom Group will ever re-consider that IPO in the near future?

According to Larry Hyatt (owner of Hyatt Gun Shop) senior citizens represent the largest group of buyers.

I like that the report wasn’t anti-gun.  That’s what I like about money… those guys care about making more money, not walking around on eggshells trying to to upset anyone that doesn’t like guns.


Hat tip: Fazal



The “tactical techniques” are nice, i’ll have to remember them for the next range visit. :P  The safety nazi in me cringed at the camera man’s position at 1:00 for the “double stack”, and then again at 1:14 for the “Anxiety Attack”.

That Ricky character by VizualCandi is pretty epic.  I’m always surprised how few subscribers some people have on YouTube… 1085 currently for him.  I guess his videos aren’t that frequent though so that probably has a lot to do with it.


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I’m excited about Skyfall… Coke zero in any form I am not:

The first time I tasted coke zero I thought someone was playing a cruel joke on me.  I’m all for minimizing caloric intake, but not when sacrificing taste.  Whenever I decide to drink a coke you can bet it will be the regular one… I don’t mess with that diet bullshit either.

If you haven’t seen the Skyfall trailer yet, watch it and prepare to have your mind blown.

Back to the coke zero Skyfall cans though… I’m just glad to see bond and some barrel rifling on a coke.




Fairly useless, but if you want to hear a couple comparisons and get your weekend Buck Yeager fix:

4:40 – haha that “danger check” shit slays me.  What a character.

Checking to see if your rifle is loaded by “feel” rather than a press check?  Interesting concept… can’t say I’ve heard/seen that one before but it’s not like I spend my life at training courses either.

I posted a video a while back that suppressor manufacturer AAC put out on How To Buy A Suppressor, which some of you may be interested in.

I wonder if that’s an actual camera man down range this time behind his self sealing target?  I kid I kid… I’m sure he tripod’ed it this time. :P




A new blog I started recently:

Hopefully some of you that visit and enjoy ENDO will be interested in the content over there as well!  The post you see at the top is a welcome post but there are a few posts with actual content below it.

As the name and tag line suggest, it will be for all things military inspired… with a heavy lean toward fashion.

Thanks for all the support guys, and I hope to have at least some of you reading and commenting over there!  If nothing else, i’m sure a lot of you will appreciate the military styling cues I put into the blog design and logo.


California is the frontline in the civil rights battle between public safety and the 2nd Amendment:

This is a kickstarter project with a goal of $65000.  If after watching the video you’d like to support the project click on the embed to the left and get your credit card ready.  The minimum pledge is $1 (or $10 if you want an HD download of the film).  The deadline to show your support is October 5th.

If you want to subtly show your disgust with the gun laws in California, pick up a California Flag “No Right To Bear Arms” t-shirt from ENDO Apparel.

Think the film has potential?  I like the idea of a project such as this, but if it’s just going to include interviews with some people and then a lot of derpy classic news clips I’ve seen a million times (and can see still on youtube) then I don’t really see the point in wasting my money or time.

If a $10 pledge included a “shoulder thing that goes up”, i’d likely go for it. ;)

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