Initially the very graphic trailer shocked people.   Nothing could prepare us for the actual gameplay footage though:

The graphics are incredible, which make it even that much more disturbing.

The game comes out September 30th, you can pre-order it – HERE



Law Enforcement Only according to U.S. Cavalry:

“This item requires identification verification to ensure this restricted item is only sold to the appropriate personnel.”


Like I always say, when assault backpacks are outlawed… only outlaws will have assault backpacks.

From A style standpoint I’d have to say I consider it a good thing that the average joe can’t just go out and buy this backpack… it’s HIDEOUS.

A video, so you can get some contextual LOLz:



German Shepherds are my absolute favorite. You couldn’t possibly get a more badass, more loyal, and well trained german shephered than one that has been to war and back.

You can adopt a retiring military working dog!  Check out the adoption website – HERE

Do they come with some sort of veterans severance package?  Who knows… that would be cool if they did though :P

A picture gallery of war dogs – HERE



In the ongoing effort to warn an unprepared world of the rising danger from zombie attacks, one vulnerable group has been left out: small children. That’s Not Your Mommy Anymore is an inviting and entertaining story that helps early readers understand that a mom with fresh brain casserole on her mind probably isn’t their mommy anymore.

You can buy it at Amazon for around $10 – HERE

Sadly, I have my doubts there is a section on what guns to use against zombies.




The attention to detail on these is incredible:

Additional shots showing the detail – HERE

Additional shots showing the detail – HERE

Mixing marijuana and expensive custom fragile works of art like this seems like a bad idea.  :P  I wonder how many people buy these to use and break them within a couple of uses.

You can check out some other art at Robert Mickelsen’s website - HERE



Relevant to my interests:

As you can see, you with the pictured adapter you can couple 2 Magpul PMAGs base to base to get a maximum of 60 rounds (2 30 round magazines).  You get a new longer spring of course with the coupler.

You can get the coupler from the source California Competition Works for $45 – HERE

Ridiculous looking, but awesome.  It would be hilarious if someone came up with an coupler for the 100 round surefire aluminum magazines.


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