Goofy, but I think that’s the point:

When you control the mail, you control information. (Newman video clip)  One of my favorite Seinfeld episodes.

Why were the USPS guy’s pants undone at 0:52?



Neva been done befo':

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms conducted a routine inspection of Red Jacket Firearms and discovered 10 guns registered to the company could not be accounted for … a big, BIG problem.

Source – TMZ

Yea not ideal. The article goes on to say that Vince (pictured left) was new guy licensed guy in charge, but then he left and two other unnamed bozos took over.

I wonder what will end up happening?  Is the deal that the feds struck with them to surrender their licences the end of it?  Because they are Z list celebs will this get swept under the rug?

As you probably already know from reading my previous posts on Sons Of Derp I’m not a fan.

Oh yea and *insert ATF project gunwalker jokes here*

Thoughts?  Hopes? Dreams?

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From Freddiew and Corridor Digital:

I really need to stop posting videos about games I know nothing about.   I can appreciate both these videos for the cool videography, but besides that they both seem incredibly useless to me.

I think Freddiew realized that no matter what he does, it will get 1 Million views within a few days subsequently making him thousands of dollars in advertising revenue. Why even bother coming up with lots of unique new ideas when you’re getting money thrown at you for boring videos? Best to save the good ideas and use them every so often.

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I saw the first Underworld, and remember liking it.  Looking at IMDB I see that I’m two movies behind before this new one… in your opinion, is it worth catching up?

I swear when I watch a lot of these trailers and I’m think to myself “Haven’t I seen this already?”.  This seems like one of those.

Kate Beckinsale definitely knows her way around weapons and tight suits… ENDO approved on that aspect at least.

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I hope everyone has a great Christmas.  Blogging may be light or non existent over the next few days because I have a lot of things to go to.

Have a good one,




Everyone’s favorite binary explosive gets fancy:

“Look at that shit” indeed…  If she was real fancy she would have set up an additional container shaped to somehow shoot a smoke arrow after the ring.

Any of you guys ever fluke something cool like that with Tannerite, or anything else?

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