MrColionNoir hits the nail on the head:

MrColionNoir-YouTubeHe forgot “You think AR-15s are assault weapons which make the sound BrrrrrrrBrrrrBrrrrrp




Flare guns for self defense?  The gun store guys take a look:

They don’t look “ideal”, but they definitely are better than nothing.  I can’t imagine there is a criminal out that that would want to be shot with something that burns so hot.  Plus, the business end of the gun looks intimidating because of the large bore diameter, so they would likely get the crap scared out of them even if they didn’t immediately know it just shot flares.

iraqveteran8888-youtubeGod I love that Hi-Point testing suit (featured in the later half of this video)





This made my day:

NBC contacted (the Metropolitan Police Department) inquiring if they could utilize a high capacity magazine for their segment. NBC was informed that possession of a high capacity magazine is not permissible and their request was denied. 

Full story – Fox News

LOL priceless… but he went and did it anyway.  What would be even more hilarious now would be if he doesn’t just get away with writing a $1000 check, and actually has to go to jail for a bit.

I cried “double standard” at first, even though I speculated that it may have been a prop or airsoft.  I’m curious to see where this goes now, because I’m thinking he still could just get a slap on the wrist.

If you missed the initial story and video you can check it out – HERE

Thoughts?  Do you want to see D-Greg out of that suit, into a jumpsuit and given three hots and a cot?

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Waiting for the police is not an acceptable option.  Arm yourselves:

Heh yea, I love when people hear the word “body armor” and they think it’s an impenetrable shield that makes a person impervious to anything but head shots.

Mass shootings would be over just as quickly as they started if people started fighting back.  Like MrColionNoir mentioned, most of those losers kill themselves at the first sign of resistance anyway… perfect, no burden on the jails and legal system if they are given a reason to increase the lead in their diet early.

AR-15 Picatinny Rail T-ShirtMrColionNoir is wearing the AR-15 Picatinny Rail t-shirt from ENDO.




His beautiful girlfriend of four years:

Like I always say, the couple that shoots together stays together.  Actually that’s the first time I’ve ever said that, but I’m going to roll with it.  Congratulations to them both, what an awesome way to propose.   Initially I thought the ring box was maybe encased inside something indestructable inside of the bear, and he was going to say “oh look at the flourescent box that flew 200 yards down range… go see what it is!”.  Probably best he didn’t do that though, because if it unpredictably flew back and hit one of them, the video wouldn’t have been as heartwarming.

Rainbow-Shooting-Shotgun-Kirsti-Brandon401401I hope the frequency of their videos doesn’t decrease to make room for wedding planning! heh

In other news… Me?  Still #ForeverAlone.  ;/

Thoughts?  Did you propose in a shooting related way, or know anyone that did?

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FXhummel1 sings to a Christmas tune we all know:

Alternate title: Semi-Automatics Roasting On An Open Fire (hehe but hopefully not.)

fxhummel1Great song as usual!  I missed it on Christmas when he put it up, but today it will get more exposure anyway.

FX is wearing the ENDO AR-15 Builders Club t-shirt.