Eddie Bauer goes back to their roots (sort of):

Head over to the Eddie Bauer Sport Shop site and check out the lineup.

I like how they kept the old timey classic look to the items.  I put “sort of” in the heading when referring to them going back to their roots though because all the items I clicked on were “Imported” (not made in the USA).  I know all the reasons companies manufacture overseas.  My personal thought, and the way I run my companies, is that if someone in the US can make the product that meets my specifications, i’ll get it made here.  I don’t know about the rest of you, but i’ll gladly pay more for an item that is produced domestically if the quality at least can match its foreign made counterparts.




The Onion kills it on this one:

hahahhahhahah so true.


Hat tip: Kyle



Done by the greatest Asian guy with a British accent to ever review cameras:

Poor guys have to practice IPSC with airsoft. :/  Oh well as long as they’re having fun I guess.  Definitely a cheaper way to work on the fundamentals.

To me, the best part about IPSC is seeing the ridiculous scenarios they come up with.

I’m a Canon guy (I’ve got a Canon 60D), and not because I don’t like Nikon, but I’ve just never seen a reason to buy one over a Canon.  I definitely have to start doing double taps with my camera, just because.


Hat tip: ColionNoir who has been known to put in solid work in front of the lens.



San Jose Police Dept gets a smackdown by a garage sale lady for not following the rules:

“No you haven’t dealt with me… I’m with Cop Watch, I’ve dealt with YOU”

^^^^^^^^ OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH burn! ^^^^^^^^

All over Airshit and because some halfwit called them and told them “real guns” were being sold. haha gold.


Hat tip: Raeshawn



This is awesome:

BAN NAILS!  Or at least require a background check and serial number registration system.

Handy to know that if i’m ever short a nail I can always head over to my AR-15. :P


Hat tip: Scott



This is a follow up video to Reality TV Gun Shows Suck:

No Unsafe gun handling while he was on set hey?  Exhibit A:

That’s just a video I had at hand… i’m sure I could drag up dozens more if I wanted to waste any more of my time thinking about that show.

Don’t even give me that bullshit about how blanks are 100% safe.  Whether or not that whole shot was staged, and no one was actually in front of the muzzle when the blanks were shot off is irrelevant because they made it APPEAR as though it wasn’t staged. I have so little use for that show.

Hahha Chaos.. the “Declaration of Shenanigans” was a nice touch. Keep up the good work buddy.