I didn’t know this sport existed before I saw this video:

  • Random person hiking through the woods:  “Whatcha shooting at?”
  • Hunter: “Dragonflies”
  • Random person: 0.O “uhhhhhhh…”

That’s pretty much how it would go.  People just don’t get the thrill of the hunt.  Just make sure you don’t take more than your dragonfly license allows… I’ve seen guys get crazy fines for bagging too many.

I have an insatiable hunger for dragonfly meat. *scratches neck furiously*


Hat tip: Krystian B.



So Yeager has a 4000 sq. ft. house.  Ballin!  Not my style of decor, but very nice of him to let people stay at his place when they enroll in classes.  He must have a very accommodating wife.

The door should read: “Shoulder Roll All Ye Who Enter Here”

The dinner with the students thing is definitely interesting too.  I like that idea considering if you’re out of town you’re going to need to eat somewhere anyway.

James Yeager is actually starting to kind of grow on me.  When hes not threatening to break someones back or other macho shit he seems like a likable guy.




The best use of a Sharper Image candy dispenser I’ve ever seen:

I’d make up one of those “press button receive bacon” type stickers the hand dryers have on them that has a pictogram like “hand here… receive ammo”.

I wonder if it would work on calibers above .22LR?  It would be awesome if it worked with 9mm and .45.

The motion activated candy dispenser is surprisingly only $40 at Sharper Image.   I normally avoid that store, but I think this gives me an excuse to go back in there.


Source: North     Hat tip: Peter S. & Art



An epic five Kilometer obstacle course where you have to stay alive by avoiding zombies:

Basic Survival:

  • Before the race, you will be given a flag belt, just like the overly intimidating game of flag football. These flags represent your health.
  • The zombies want to take your flags and maybe eat your brains.
  • If you lose all your health flags, you die. And the zombies win.
  • Health bonuses will be hidden throughout the course. If you find one and carry it to the finish, it will save your life.

Lot more info over at RunForYourLives.com  Check the website to see when the run is coming to your area!

That looks so intense.  If I could do that on a daily basis, it would definitely take the monotony out of running. I wonder how aggressive the Zombies are?

Thoughts?  Have any of you guys done this?



The gun store guys put together one with parts you can find at any hardware store:

Testing it out:

Wow, that works really well.  I’ve seen bumpfire stocks people have made in the past, but they all looked pretty unsafe to me.  This one looks a lot safer since the bump shaft is metal and secured on really well.  The one thing A person could probably do to make it safer would be to put an endcap on the end of that bump shaft so you couldn’t loose control and have the glock slip off.




FXhummel1 slows it down on the keys:

If stubbornness were declared a virtue / your bias towards 1911s makes you / the most virtuous gun toting fellow I know / It’s just that you come off as a rude mofo.

^ best line hahha.  The rest of the lyrics were top notch as usual.

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