Hope everyone is having a good weekend.

If you have been following the blog for a couple years, you will recognize that as my go-to Easter picture. :P



Tug Of War that is:

A good match. Damn that looks exhausting.  I think I remember doing something similar in gym class a long time ago, but the pride stakes were not as high so I don’t remember being that tired.

Hat tip: Carrie



Zombies have taken over the ad agency:

I haven’t seen Mad Men, but they hit on some real key aspects of Walking Dead characters so I’m assuming the Mad Men portion was dead on too.




Yesterday’s 24 hour 5.11 Tactical giveaway was for a pair of 5.11 tactical hiking boots and 2 pairs of tactical socks.

The person favored by the random.org number generator, to stomp around like a tactical operator boss next week is….

#54946 – JohnnyTToxic

And his entry comment:

Friday is the day I get the most and least amount of work done at the same time..

Congrats JohnnyTToxic.  I’ll be contacting you shortly for your name/address.

I’d like to once again thank 5.11 Tactical for hooking up all the great gear.  Also thank you to everyone that reads the blog, passes around links to it, and comments.  Without your support and participation these giveaways would have never happened.

Stay tuned for more giveaways.  I’m dangerously low on ENDO t-shirt stock right now, but will run some giveaways sooner or later on those once I re-up.

I hope everyone has a great Easter weekend.




Reminiscent of the Canon AR-15 Rifle.

Hit up a streetwear shop on Wednesday looking for some new snapbacks.  I asked how much the above sticker was, and the guy just gave it to me.  Score!  I didn’t even end up buying anything, but i’ll probably go back and get a couple Penfield shirts when they get some bigger sizes in.

The design is from a skate company called The Berrics.  You might remember the name from that interview they did with the kid who’s friend shot him in the face with a shotgun.



I really dislike this guy:

It will be interesting to see how many people die at the Tampa convention because of gun violence.  My guess is uhhhhhh none?

I don’t really get the whole “string” ban.  Does that mean everyone has to show up with velcro shoes on?  Really…

If you want to see more of Rachel Maddow being a douchebag check out his other video where he talks about Glock 7s and the clips that go with them.