If people like this are reproducing, future generations are doomed:

The derp starts at around 0:40.  Wow how hilarious!  You shot near your friend!   Classic stuff…  pranks like this are so funny.  UH No… :/

I really hope the .22LR conversion kit guy left soon after that and never spoke to those retards again.

Thoughts?  Ever been a vicitim of a “hilarious” scare fire prank yourself?  What was the outcome?

Hat tip: Kenny



Sturmgewehre takes a look at a new 50 round drum magazine from SGM Tactical:

It would be quite satisfying to load an entire box of ammunition into one magazine.  As I was typing that I was also thinking how much burning through a few mags of that would cost though :/

SMG Tactical doesn’t have the magazine up on their website yet (FAIL #1!) and their website looks like shit (FAIL #2!).  Midway USA is taking pre-orders of the mag though, with the price set at $69!  After seeing the above vid, I’d say you would definitely get your money’s worth if you have a 9mm Glock.

Not having last shot hold open is kind of a let down.  I’m pretty sure they could find a way to incorporate that into the design, considering the way that is engaged on the Glock isn’t very complicated.  Normally I would have complained that the actual mag part that goes into the gun isn’t an actual Glock magazine… my concerns were relieved though when I saw it seemed to function perfectly, The Beta C-MAG used an actual Glock magazine, but it no longer seems to be available for sale (and from what I remember was significantly more money).  Non-steel reinforced magazine lips may be a bit of a concern for those that operate hard, but my guess is they chose a polymer that can take a lot of abuse.  That ratcheting action used to load the magazine is genius.




Hickok45 takes a look:

I don’t have time for 35 minute videos, but I figured some of you might care.

If you watch it, let me know how he likes it compared to the UTS-15 shotgun he talked about a while back.




Capturing the action, while trying to stay alive.  The lord’s work really:

What company insures people that do retarded unnecessary jobs like this?  I hope they raise his premiums to 3x his yearly salary just so he might get the point that there are devices that will put him 100% out of harms way, and he is an idiot for trying to make a career from “oooooo look at what I do to get a good picture”.

0:28 – As a professional I carry the 70-200 is [virginal ???] for the range.  This allows me to keep a safe distance from the shooter being unobtrusive.

Sure he is not physically in the way of the shooter, but he is still way in front of the muzzle at 0:28, 0:33, 0:46

You know what though… I’m just being my usual asshole self.  We all know there has never been an accident by a professional shooter at a shooting range.

1:01 – And remember, learn to see the light.

I can’t help by think that’s some sort of reference to dying while standing downrange photographing people who are shooting.

Perfectly safe according to James Yeager.   To quote his ridiculous response video “It’s a scientific fact that true safety does not exist”. *eye roll* I think I actually may have read that in my Troll-sci 100 textbook back in highschool.

Panty-o loves to troll (most of the time by accident though I’m pretty sure).  You might remember Russian operator Sonny Puzikas’ AK Finesse video I posted about which went poof soon after.  I don’t think anyone saved it, so all we have is that glorious screenshot.  Oh and guess what… as I pointed out earlier in the post that guy ended up negligently shooting someone.  Who would have ever thought something like that could happen?

Despite those goofy Tour de France type brand sponsorship shirts, the ridiculous Nikon pink camouflage hat, and the fact he doubled down on paracord bracelets and threw some other rubber ones in there for good measure, Yamil Sued seems like a likable guy.  I just hope he tells his wife and kids he loves them before he goes and voluntarily puts himself in front of muzzles to get pictures which people are going to look at for 1 second and go “Hmm, neat.”.


Hat tip: Jason



High in fat, high in calories, high in entertainment:

1:12 – “This is so nasty.  Why do I do this shit?”  <— hahah indeed.

That recoil spring was so caked up, it was great.

2:05 – Awesome how that huge chunk fell out of the frame when he picked it up

Glock needs to sponsor this guy for being so awesome.

Thoughts?  What do you want him to do next?  I suggested honey to him, so we’ll see.



From the comments on the James Yeager Is A Coward video:

Well there you have it… Until now the threats were not so thinly veiled.   In his own words, he will flat out murder you if you call him a coward.

Like I said before this internet stuff is serious business.

I wonder if he knows he’s only going to get trolled 1000x harder than ever before since he’s acting like this?

If this nonsense is helping his business as much as he lets on that it is, then good for him.  As far as I’m concerned, if people think learning anything from this guy (besides how not to act) is a good idea, then they deserve him.

Make sure to check out the Duel Contract if you already haven’t.