LOL that is one of the best ones yet.  Freddiew is the man.

Seriously, where can I get a Glock like that?  They should make “J” (Joker) editions of all their guns.



Nice job with the after effects. Looks like that would have been a lot of fun to make.

“No Clip” on the checklist at the very start of the video *facepalm* haha burn on me… I haven’t heard that term since Doom! I remember there was a “no clipping” code now that you guys mention it. Thanks!

Hat tip: Raeshawn



Nice try .45 fan boys… Doctors say it was mostly luck.

She’s not out of the woods yet.. but hopefully she’ll be alright.

More on how she survived - HERE



Result: The 60 and 100 round mags kick ass.

The length of these alone make it goofy to shoot prone (as shown at around 4:20 in the video, the soldier needs to use a side mounted red dot), not to mention could easily snag on pretty much anything.   Nevertheless, I want several of them!

More info in my previous post – HERE



In The Name Of Science:

I wanted to see which of these lasers were the most instinctive (easiest and fastest) to activate and the only real way to do this was put them all on the same handgun and let the same shooters try them.

The Glock model 22 was placed on a table in front of each shooter who had to pick it up, activate the laser and engage a target seven yards away. Each shooter did this three times for an average with each laser individually.

Crimson Trace (my least favorite laser.. and yes I have owned one) came out on top.

Check out the full results – HERE



Dave Champion and Bill Carns illustrate the difference between a 17 round magazine and an 8 round magazine. The video clearly shows that the motivation behind such restrictive legislation is designed to limit Americans’ rights.

The point is CRIMINALS DON’T OBEY LAWS so what good is a ban going to do if the high capacity and regular capacity mags are still in existence.

The only small public benefit I can see coming from a shooter carrying a lower capacity magazine is there is a possibility they could fumble with it on a reload, which would create a window of opportinity to stop the threat.