No derp in this video, just Top Shot season 1 contestant Caleb Giddings, a sick 1911, an ENDO t-shirt, and some good shooting:

Caleb-Giddings-ENDOI don’t know many drills, but this looks like a good drill I suppose.  Before I work on speed I definitely need to get my accuracy up.  Guys like him just make it looks so effortless… obviously tons of practice though.  It’s a cruel world where eating too much, and making fun of shit online doesn’t do anything for my shooting skills. haha

You can grab the Guns And Coffee t-shirt from ENDO Apparel. 

Hat tip: Mark



The Auxetik by Sintercore:

You can read more about the product over on the website.  A lot of big words and fancy buzz words and sentences you can laugh at.

According to the website, Auxetik is pronounced “Awg-ZETIK” which really doesn’t bring me any closer to knowing how it’s actually pronounced considering that’s not how you properly represent a word phonetically.

I burst out laughing when I saw the price is $300 if you pre-order…. $400 if you wait.  TROLLOLOLOL sure… so I give you $300 and you pay Shapeways (or similar) <$50 to print and ship it on demand, and pocket a cool $250? Riiiiiight.

AR15-Halix-Chin-StockI think the idea is solid (if it works), but the price is insane.   I thought it was funny that the same guy behind this was the one behind that “No Stock Needed chin only stock for the AR-15” (pictured left).  He has tried to sweep that whole debacle under the rug and distance himself from it as much as possible, even changing the name of his company from “Halix” to what it is now.  It’s also funny that he’s offering (oh excuse me “they” are offering haha riiiiiight) 3D printing consultation.   So you’re a 3D printing expert off one product that you haven’t even released yet?  Cool story bro.

I picture this going one of three ways:

  1. He gets embarrassed and sweeps this company under the rug like the first one
  2. He realizes no one wants to buy a $400 brake from a company / person who they have never heard of, so he lowers the price to something reasonable and tries to build a name for himself.
  3. Someone designs a similar brake and puts it up on Shapeways

Auxetik-3D-Printed-Muzzle-BrakeI really hope #2 is what ends up happening, because I think this might have potential.  We’ll see though…




A Del Monte x Dole collab as you can see:


High capacity assault clips oh my!

Who knows maybe if there’s another war, companies like Dole and Del Monte really will start stepping up and manufacturing AR-15 magazines with their current equipment?  Stranger things have happened.

Actually, it’s important to remember… 30 is standard.



In this case, tree removal:

tannerite-binary-explosive-targetYea, chainsaws are cool… but not as cool as that.  I hear binary explosives also work great if you need to change a tire, empty an above ground swimming pool, remove a wasp nest… the possibilities are endless.




People often complain about the AR-15’s charging handle.


It seems to be relying heavily on the Magpul BAD lever he’s got on there.  The only thing this basically does is let you use the side charing handle to get that initial round in the chamber from a closed bolt, or clear any easy jams from the side if that’s what you’re into.

Unfortunately it also still doesn’t solve the problem the AR has of gas blowing back into your face.  I know a few companies make gas buster charging handles to solve that… he should incorporate that into his side charger to give it a bit more value.

I’m not sure why I had to do some intense googling in order to find out where you guys can buy this thing or how much it is.  A simple URL in the YouTube description or video would have done the trick.  Anyway Gunfighter Gear is the place and the price is $150.

Thoughts?  Alright price or too expensive?  Would operate with?



Crazy slingshot guy is at it again:

Joerg-SpraveI need one of these things in my condo bathroom so I can shoot-clean the stupid low-flow toilet it came with.  Apparently you cant even buy a normal toilet with anymore with a decent amount of water in the bottom.  Anyone know a guy who knows a guy? Bah… I guess if it saves the environment I’ll just put up with it.

2:08 – Yuck that watermelon shot was messy.  That brush dragging through the watermelon brain matter is like an extra “screw you” to whoever you have to shoot with it.