Oh lawwwwwwwd:

This one has some big names backing to it too (20th Century Fox, Tim Burton).  Looks pretty high budget, but who knows if that will make up for going full retard on the story line.  Either way, it’s bound to be better than those Osama Bin Laden Zombie movies.

It’s a shame Abraham Lincoln isn’t hunting those fairies from Twilight.  Now that would make for a good Vampire hunter movie.

Is that Johnny Cash’s voice in some of the voice overs?    It sounds like him.

Comes out June 22, 2012.



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I like the normal 4 rules… but I’m not going to complain. Frankly I’m happy to see anything positive about guns or self defense on a mainstream tvshow.

The self defense talk, and the telling the mom to chill out “It’s fine”, not “OMG guns! Run for cover! Call the police!” was awesome.  Also:

The biggest mistake we could make, is pretending my gun does not exist in this house.

I like this writer.  Will I check the show out?  Possibly, now that it’s on my radar and I see all the episodes are up on amazon instant video.  Don’t forget that stuff is free for Amazon prime members.  I’m assuming i’ll probably just be disappointed because i’ll be comparing it to The Wire which is also up on Amazon for free (if you have Prime). Tom Selleck’s mustache appears to deliver (as expected) by the look of the promo shots, so that’s a good sign.


Hat tip: Edward



Two of them.. and both look incredibly cheap:

Surprising that two different production companies would come out with a zombie Bin Laden movie?  Nah not really.

The second one defintiely looks more entertaining than the first one… I can’t say i’ll be seeing either of these, but for all the apparent zombie fanatics out there i’m sure they will do well.




Mr shoulder roll himself… the guy who puts photographers down range during live fire brings us a two part troll series:

Part 1 – All Guns Should Be Glocks

With such gems as “1911s are kind of like strippers and Glocks are kind of like fat girls”.

Part 2 – 1911s Suck

“A 1911 that works correctly is just as rare as a Glock that doesn’t”  LOL trolls gonna troll.

What is that shoulder roll about anyway?  Some sort of nervous camera thing? or possibly an injury he sustained as a tactical operator operating in a black op?  School me in the comments.

I’ll admit I watch all this photographer endangerers videos when they come out.  Do I agree with all that he says?  No.. but he definitely has some interesting things to say.




Police are calling the technology a game changer.

Neva’ been done befo’!  anyone? hehe

The camera system they use is the Taser AXON.  Definitely an interesting concept, cameras on police officers.  That wouldn’t be a job i’d ever want because you obviously deal with a lot of scumbags, and you would have to restrain yourself. With these cameras on and recording, they must be in court non-stop.

Anyone that’s with a police force that has cameras want to weigh in?