The gun store guys have a gripe:

A decent discussion, but as I said in the past I am really not a fan of youtube videos longer than around 5 minutes, especially when they are just on one topic like this one.

One of the commentors “Mobieus7” had a good comment that was top rated:

Gun proof your child, don’t child proof your gun.

I think the first part of that sentence says a lot.  Kids are naturally curious, and I believe parents should educate them so they have a healthy respect for firearms. As far as the 2nd half of the sentence goes I don’t think households with kids should just have firearms strewn all over the place even if the kids are educated about their danger.




Fxhummel1 gets patriotic and schools the antis in the process:

Knocks another one out of the park.  How long until second-amendment-enthusiastic groupie girls start camping outside his house waiting for a glimpse of him?  I give it until a few weeks after the iTunes album hopefully someday drops.

FXhummel’s (hopeful) album is turning into a Dr. Dre Detox type situation.  I know like 99% of you won’t get that rap reference but meh google it :P

He’s wearing the guns and coffee t-shirt from ENDO Apparel if you’re interested.



A Kickstarter project that reached its goal yesterday:

Two damn cool designs.  I like how they have the ability to slam fire, and one even lets you spray all the bands at once too hahaha!

Made in the USA from laser cut birch plywood!

The Sheriff model was $35 and the outlaw model was $25.  In typical terrible website fashion I am un surprised to see any mention of a direct sale on the Bandit Guns homepage.  Hopefully now that the Kickstarter campaign is over they will update the site.

You can check out the recently ended Kickstarter campaign for more videos and info.

Thoughts? Would you buy one?



NOTE: This post is in reference to James Yeager “calling out” people who think he is a coward, but are too scared to say it to his face.

This is really getting out of hand.  Would someone that is so secure with the fact they are “not a coward” really go to these lengths?

*facepalm* I don’t know what to say.  My legal specialty is bird law, so I’m not familiar with duels but something tells me that simply signing a contract saying “I am OK with possibly getting murdered etc…” isn’t going to absolve the other party of all charges if that happens.  I very well could be wrong though.


The fee to get something notarized online is $10 – $15.  If someone that reads the blog, or someone you know wants to take Yeager up on his offer I will pay the person that Yeager picks to challenge him $500 to cover incidental fees such as bringing guns and swords to Camden Tennessee.  You agree to provide the proof strictly to ENDO… I want the whole event video documented, scans of the plane ticket, and your personal info as well.  I can mail the money order to you personally when you get back, or to your estate.  I’m sure a few other guys would be willing toss money in to sweeten the deal too if you spread the word about this on forums and the like. Keep in mind that if you take Yeager up on this offer you will secure yourself as an internet toughguy legend, and future generations will talk about how epic you are.

Here are some more Yeager related LOLs:

Gats and Tats… wtf?  This video is retarded bottom line.  That’s all I have to say about it.   So some woman who could definitely beat me up, and who likely does his tattoos simply states that Yeager is not a coward, and I’m supposed to be impressed?  *yawn* Whatevs.

 4 Chan trolls the shit out of him. He threatens to murder the caller, then hangs up:

I’ve heard of publicity stunts before, but this takes the cake.  Someone PLEASE take him up on his offer.

I really didn’t think the internet was such serious business. I guess I was wrong. My offer expires Wednesday December 12th 2012.




Most of the sizes of these were out, but they are all stocked up now:

Head over to ENDO Apparel and spend some of your paycheck on looking good.

Have a great weekend!



Wet noodle AR-15 barrels FTW:

Last time I checked it’s almost 2013, so unless you’re building some retro throwback tribute to an AR-15 of yore, you need to do like Rob Pincus says and free float the shit out of your barrel.

Do you not want to be the best operator you can be?  Good luck getting range hunnies with sub-MOA groups.

I whipped this up as a joke to go with the post title, but I actually kind of like it: