Shit just got real on the road:

From the same guys that brought us Epic War.

Ouch.. M4 fail at 1:07

OMG OMG OMG a kid shooting a gun!?  And in California at that… even though it’s a toy one i’m sure there is some law against that there. :P

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SHTF in the UK… people are forced to protect themselves with the equivalent of a stick:

Sales of baseball bats and batons have shot up more than 5,000 percent in the last 24 hours on Amazon’s British website, as London suffered its worst violent unrest in decades.

Full story – HERE

The competing arguments used to explain why the riots are happening – HERE

If I ever lived in a place lame enough to not allow guns, i’d probably use my Cold Steel Brooklyn Smasher bat.

Some Eye candy:

  • The Big Picture London riots (Photo set 1) – HERE
  • The Big Picture London riots (Photo set 2) – HERE
Those riots make the fairly recent hockey riots in Vancouver Canada look weak.   Your move Canada…

Question: Do fans in the UK have blades?  Or is there some sort of safe UK fan that uses not sharp paddles to move the air instead? Do they all use those Dyson fans with internal blades? :P

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The Joker called… LOL

Actually I don’t even know if that’s a real gun… looks heavily modified but possibly legit to me.  Opinions anyone?

The Joker’s revolver is a modifed S&W 15-3

Video HERE if you want to watch the scene.   It’s hilarious looking back to see how bad the special effects were, and how fake the miniatures looked.

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Besides the fact that FPS Russia shoots weapons I only dream of, this video was lame:

What do you guys think?  Is he running out of ideas?



You guys need to watch this:

So awesome.  

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Needs MOAR bass!

Remixed from the video I talked about in “When Booger Hooks Negligently Meet Bang Switches“.