Worth watching for Lara Croft, and the Pong, and Asteroids!

If there was a real life shooting game equivalent to Asteroids that would be epic!

FreddieW seems like he’s “sort of” back with this video… definitely a lot of effort put into it.

Apparently you can play some of the old school arcade games over at Atari.com, but when I tried in Google chrome it told me to rotate my device and that it was best I use Windows 8 and Internet Explorer 10. hahha  I wonder how many people get this error and try rotating their computer or monitor and refreshing?




Buck Yeager probably checks wiener lengths with his right hand, so he needs to be proficient with the left when it comes to simultaneous weapon manipulation.   Oh yea and it’s a good idea to know what to do in case you get injured.

As much shit as I give this guy for putting photographers down range and being a egotistical dickhead, I really do like watching his videos.

*facepalm* at the rail mounted knife at 5:10.  I wonder if he will work using one of those into any of his courses? haha

Thoughts?  Do you guys practice weapon manipulation with both hands on a regular basis?



A webseries with some gun play by Corridor Digital:

SYNC is a story about the world’s first computerized human, who is a covert agent struggling to balance what’s left of his humanity with his newly threatened immortality.

I haven’t watched the whole thing yet, but I skipped through the latest episode (#8) and it looks really well done… not that i’d expect anything less from Corridor Digital.




I don’t have a kid, and I’m not a fan of drop leg holsters:

Source – HowToBeADad

Probably not legal in California.  I couldn’t imagine how many times you’d get stopped by the cops if there was a tactical version of this made out of black ballistic nylon with MOLLE loops all over it.

Shoulder and drop leg?  That’s all they got?  I guess those are the two most practical for baby carry.  IWB and ankle would creepy and awkward respectively.

Not sure why they call it the “Hjölster”… is that spelling supposed to make it appeal to the hipster crowd?


Hat tip: Steve



High speed low drag… literally:

Pretty useless video without any info along with it, but impressive to see the bullet penetrate 13 water jugs, a black plate of some sort and then a 14th jug behind it.

I’m confident in it’s ability to slay Great Whites next time I roll backwards out of an airplane over the pacific to start off some OP.  As long as they make them in .45 i’ll be happy.

PNW Arms is the manufacturer.  Their website is made to look professional, but is actually incredibly shitty in function and useful content.  I guess we’re supposed to care enough about this bullet / cartridge after today in order to come back again and again until they post more info on it. *eye roll*




See what happens when some AR-15 magazines from some of the top manufacturers are put through some shit.

Check out the tests and all the pictures over at AR15.com

It constantly blows my mind when I see all the work people do for free.  Maybe that was fun for him though… I don’t know.

I’ve never had any mags catastrophically fail on me.  I guess that means I’m not operator enough. :(