This is actually pretty cool:


The making of it:

Created by artist Mike Oncley.  I love behind the scenes vids.




Yawn… bricks were shit over this during the last few days, so I figure I might as well post it:

I will say that redhead is relevant to my interests, but she becomes incredibly less attractive at around the 1 minute mark.  Very Christina Hendricks looking…

NRA-LogoBasically this video contains mostly bullshit “facts”.  I don’t feel like wasting any pixels or time breaking it down… but watch it for some laughs.

What a bunch of goof actors.




Awwwwww yeah our guy has his first episode up:

For some reason I was initially surprised it had the same format as his regular YouTube videos.  The sound, and video clarity of course was noticeably tier 1 (which we’ve come to expect from the NRA).  Good stuff, so next up I was bracing for what I would see/hear…

Violence in the inner city!  Hot button topic for sure.  He definitely delivered a fact smackdown as expected.  LOL at the “sweet little Andre turned into Lil’ Pookie”  haha well played on keeping that in NRA, that’s sure to piss people off.

1:56 – OH Shit… he called out the president!  *music change* Oh what a fact-slaughter… this is going to piss people off too, nice work.

MrColionNoir-Ignorance-And-PoliticsI’m looking forward to seeing more from MrColionNoir and the NRA for sure.  My biggest worry is that they would have presented a watered down version of him, which really didn’t seem like the case at all.

Oh yea and Collins, the denim button up shirt… Balmain?  Either way, you’re looking sharp!

Thoughts?  Was this video what you expected?



Inspired by MrColionNoir… not duplicating him:

His EDC:

Three reasons why he carries:

AaargoJay-YouTubeHis approchable easygoing type delivery is sure to be a hit.  There really can’t be too many guys like this on youtube (or anywhere for that matter) spreading the word.

I like that quote “In order to be an inspiration you have to be inspired”

AR-15 Builders Club T-ShirtThe man has a mean taste in t-shirts as well *cough* ENDO Apparel *cough*.  Yeah get over it… I post people’s vids who wear my shirts.  I would have posted about this guy anyway though because he’s good… just like I’ve posted about hundreds of other people in the past.

Follow Aaargo Jay on YouTube.  I’ll be keeping an eye on this guy.




Mattv2099 gets domestic with it:

HA surface rust… Glock tenifer laughs in the face of surface rust! Probably would have been better if he would have field stripped it before putting it in the dishwasher.  The soap probably also was a bad move / unnecessary.

Not something I’d do, but I imagine as long as your dishwasher water doesn’t get incredibly hot you’d be fine.  The one thing that suck though is you’d need to detail strip it to re-lubricate all the internals if you actually care about your gun for sure functioning properly.

Glock-DishwasherAlso see the Glocks in the dishwasher post.




Trust Joerg Sprave to turn an Oreo into a projectile:

Oreo-CookieCrazy slingshot guy… you so crazy.

Separating the creme from the cookie too!  Too bad it didn’t work… the idea was solid though.