The most lifelike dead animals anywhere. You better recognize:

I love it.. the deadpan delivery, the cornyness, poor acting… this has it all!

Ojai Valley Taxidermy is the place.

7 million views, wow!  Talk about a good return / exposure for his money.   The commercial was made by YouTubers Rhett & Link, they have quite a few other funny videos you might want to check out.

Hat tip: Josh



Why not right?

Lots more to check out by Japanese artist Sato – HERE

Pretty neat idea if you ask me.



In theaters March 16th:

Hahha man that looks awesome.  Ron Swanson is even in it!

I never have seen the TV series with Johnny Deep.  By the look of the comments i’ve seen around, this remake doesn’t really parallel the old one though.

Is the original worth watching?  I watched a couple of clips, and it looks very “80s” haha



In Gatineau Quebec:

The public is questioning why police didn’t use tranquilizers or corral the animals that were already destined for the slaughterhouse when they escaped from a trailer last Thursday.

Full story – HERE

I don’t think tranquilizers were necessary since the cow was being transported to slaughter.  But damn, you’d think they could have used a rifle , or a shotgun slug at least?

Probably the first and last 10 shots that cop will ever take outside of a shooting range.

Like the article says, 1 minute worth of video obviously doesn’t give us an idea of the context, but it still looks plenty DERPy.




Activision sure knows how to spend money on a commercial:

Jonah hill was pretty skinny there compared to his old self, but he’s barely recognizable now.  Speaking of him, I want to see Moneyball.

Call of Duty Cosplay anyone?  What a n00b.

You can pre-order MW3 at Amazon – HERE

It comes out Nov. 8th



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