He will muzzle sweep you, take your gun, and generally revel in ruining your day:

Freddiew needs to come out with that full length film.  I heard he was working on one a while back called “Video Game Highschool”, i’m not sure what their progress on that is though, but it will supposedly be released the beginning of 2012.  They raised over a ~$274,000 on Kickstarter which is very impressive.   These little clips are usually pretty well done, but they definitely are running out of good ideas.



Agreeing to make an illegal sale of a firearm is a no no:

The law is pretty clear when it comes to the criteria for possessing a firearm legally.  You can read up on who is considered a prohibited person over at the ATF site.

For the love of god, if you’re doing a private sale and someone says something stupid like “I probably couldn’t pass a background check”, take that as a red flag and don’t go through with the transaction.  I’m glad we have the freedom in most states to do face to face transfers, but some discretion definitely needs to be used.

Sure there are different degrees of “felons” out there, but why bother making your own judgement call, putting your own freedom in jeopardy just to make a quick sale.  If you’re a risk taker like that though you should probably click the picture below and buy the book.

The youtube video doesn’t say what these “investigators” ended up doing with the information.


Hat tip: Ross C.




The CGI in this is off the chain:

Right on, Rihanna even looks good with short hair and a hat.  Not that I expected she wouldn’t have.

Basically this movie looks like what I imagine Transformers 4 will look like.

I usually end up watching this type of movie eventually, since the CGI is so impressive and the action is non stop.

Release Date: May 18, 2012

Anyone heading to the theater on opening night for this one?

Hat tip: Matt S.



On the important things:

Source – PoorlyDrawnLines

haha so true.  I love how some people think if guns were gone the world would miraculously become a peaceful place.

How’s that working out for them in the gun control paradise known as California?  Oh not good… just the other day a deranged loser was able to do some target practice in a busy Hollywood intersection, taking a life in the process.

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Either step your game up, or retire:

Skip to 50 seconds if you don’t want to hear someone say “lord” what seems like about 50 times in a lengthy prayer.

The video was filmed at the Knob Creek machine gun shoot this past fall.   Long time followers of this blog might remember that I’m not a fan of Steve Lee (see HERE and HERE).  Just when I thought the music and lyrics couldn’t get any worse, he pulls this preachy lil’ number out of his ass.

He looks like a small guy, but for the love of god lean into it when you’re shooting.  The recoil is making him its bitch so many times throughout the video…




An updated pricier version of all the Green Army men from your youth:

Available over at Good Art HLYWD – $235 each, or $2400 for the 12 pc. set.  Probably a neat gift idea for someone that’s hard to buy for.

I wish they were bigger though!  The artist wanted to keep them true to the Vietnam era Marx & Co. green army men toys, so they are that exact size unfortunately.

Hat tip: Dad