All the operator wannabes will be wearing this in 3…2….1…

It’s called Rock Tape, and former Magpul instructor and operator heart throb Chris Costa endorses it through his company Costa Lupus.  This is what it is apparently supposed to accomplish:

When applied to an area of the body, Rocktape improves circulation. This increase in circulation helps reduce fatigue or can help accelerate the healing process. Rocktape can also be used to help prevent injuries by providing extra stability to a joint without reducing range of movement. With Rocktape, athletes are able to perform stronger, longer.

Fair enough.  I don’t claim to know much about anything… but I do know that to the average person you’ll just look like a douchebag with flamboyant looking tape on your arm.

I’d just love to show up at some training classes and do a RockTape check just for my own enjoyment to see who’s drinking the Kool-Aid.  Right or wrong, you’re guaranteed to hear stuff like “Yea man, RockTape changed my life.  I operate in longer operations with less fatigue than before”.

Since I do nothing impressive with my time, I just might pick up some tape to wrap my drinking arm up and see how it preforms.




Basically a useless video with his useless giggly sidekick… but there are a few notable parts worth watching I’ll list below.

0:33 – I’m so sick of the “people talk shit about me but will never say anything to my face” threat.  Once again, we get it… you’re tough *slow clap*. (Fag count = 0)

12:00 – After the danger check on the M&P Shield – “It didn’t go off or anything!  Fags…” (Fag count = 1)

12:30 – “The guy that posted as Jeremy.  I want to give you a free class too, because when you come here i’m going to pound you into a f**king pancake you f**king faggot.  Quit talking shit you f**king internet troll motherf**ker, say something to a guy’s f**king face, have some f**king honor about you.”  (Fag count = 2)

So hilarious that the trolling is getting to him.  I’d love to send him a handful of shirts even if all he did was burn or piss on them in a youtube video and call me a faggot.  That would be priceless, but I know it will never happen because if Buck Yeager admits I exist, I win.  




Part of an Andy Warhol collection being sold off through Christie’s auction house:


I know what you’re thinking…. VERY impressive!  *eye roll*  Well get this… It’s expected to fetch $1M – $1.5M!  At least it’s big… 80 x 238 in.  Besides that, nothing really exceptional about it, just a synthetic polymer ink silkscreen onto canvas.

If I had billions of dollars I’d definitely buy it just to be a dick.  Isn’t that why anyone buys expensive art though?  You’re basically saying to most of the world, “I have so much money I can impulse buy stuff worth more than you’ll make in your entire life”.

You can read the full article over at the NYtimes.




This looks like it has potential:

No set release date.  I hope you guys will email me when it drops, I really want to check it out.


Hat tip: Raeshawn, Brent



It’s Stolen And I Know It:

Valor theft is one of the most vile forms of douchebaggery.  This song and video are perfect in every way.

Hat tip: MILcentric  <— oh shit oh shit oh shit!  hat tipped myself divide by zero oh noooooooooes.



Except he’s incredibly boring, has a dead end career, and only got shot 4 times.

What is one question you would ask President Obama and Governor Romney about gun violence in America? Is the question…

A bunch of random bozos jumped at the chance to get behind the mic and attempt to look intelligent:

Wow… painful video.  I was praying someone was going to troll the shit out of him and say something like “I would ask them why criminals can easily get their hands on shoulder things that go up, high capacity assault clips, and exploding long range anti-aircraft bullets”

Maybe it would be a better angle to not blame guns?   Food for thought Colin and company.

Is the Brady Campaign grooming this guy to take the reigns sooner or later?

Hat tip: Weerd (where he also responded to the questions)