This lady in Thailand gives -8 shits:

I thought the bird was some stupid fake thing on a wire like they sell in those tacky mall stores.  My mind was blown when it landed haha.

Her USA seat almost looks like it could be the Dipset logo.  I’m obviously impressed by the multiple mounted rifles and shotguns, and the weird skull with the horns was a nice touch too.

If wearing a helmet is the law there, she’s definitely pushing the envelope on that too.  The positioning of it and the way she has it strapped up basically makes it useless.

Bird-LawThe Thai consultant I keep on the payroll for situations just like this told me that bird law, like in the United States is also not governed by reason.  Apparently keeping a motorcycle bird as a pet is a hefty fine if caught.



Hat tip: Jeff, Chris



“Shark Jump Orange”, no wait “Embarrassing Orange” yea that’s the Pantone color, I’m sure of it:



You know… because the original the satchel is SO far from the ugliest thing everyone has ever seen, so why not draw huge amounts of attention to it and the fact you have a gun inside of it by making a new version which is bright and covered with camouflage. *eye roll*  Way to be discrete.  The camouflage they selected actually does work perfectly, but only on women.  If you’re wearing this thing around, you will be 100% invisible to them… that’s science in action.  

I pretty much said all the other funny things I could think of in the original post I did on the Awkward Life Helmet Satchel By Chris Costa So You Don’t Hurt Yourself On The World, so check it out if you want some laughs.

Are you sold on this new colorway, or are you hoping he maybe releases a 3rd version maybe with dazzle camouflage, unicorn print padding, and fail fuchsia accents?  I’m thinking Costa should be a peach and throw an adjustable life helmet in for a bundle price to save the customers some money.

Chris-Costa-Hive-SatchelYou have some time before halloween, but when you’re ready these things are $195 over at Blue Force Gear.  I’m unsure if the limited lifetime warranty covers wear and tear from the beatings anyone who calls themselves a “friend” will give you if you buy one of these for real use… something to look into.


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Chris-Kyle-American-Gun-BookI decided I’m going to end this contest on Friday, and draw the 14 names on Saturday… this is just a reminder to enter if you already haven’t.  So far your odds are pretty damn good.

I know it’s a catch 22 with contests, but I’d appreciate if you would spread the link to the original post around to your friends.

Check the original post for the entry rules.

Make sure to pick up a copy over at Amazon if you’re impatient or don’t end up winning.

Thanks everyone!



Jesse Ingall flexes his Deagle brand Deagle access:


What a dick… here I am without even one Deagle brand Deagle, and he has his hands on 13. :P

If you didn’t notice, he’s also got one of my Deagle shirts from ENDO Apparel on.  Size medium, that’s why the print looks so big.

I dare someone to send me an original pic of them with more Deagles.  If you can deliver on that I’ll send you a free shirt of your choice.




High speed camera shows drag:

I wonder if that’s his kid’s fish tank?  I remember I had fish a few times… what a shitty pet.  I still would like to get rays and sharks someday in a massive baller-status wall tank.  I’d have people look after it though.

That looks pretty sweet when the glass spiderwebs and explodes.

AK-47-Kool-AidWATER = FASTER?! omg my entire world just came crashing down on me.  Damn you science *shakes fist into air and drops to knees*.  It does make perfect sense when he explained it thankfully.

Thoughts?  Oh and if you have a baller-status shark / ray tank please email me pics.

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7 rounder hot off the presses:


That trolls hard… I like it.

New York Reload, and you’ve got a whopping 14 rounds under your belt. haha

I’m thinking they definitely should make this mag in the 33 round profile.


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