This looks awesome:

Besides the fact Mark Wahlberg is apparently anti-gun, he acts in some killer movies.  Good choice picking Kate Beckensale for the leading lady too.

I hope they have an outtakes real on this movie where Andy Samberg steps in and does his bit and says the classic “Say hi to your mother for me” impression.

Disclaimer: Unless Steven Segal is in it, if the movie involves money, drugs, and guns I’m pretty much sold on it as long as the story line is somewhat coherent.



I’m too old for action figures, but this is awesome:

As you can see he comes with a number of incredibly detailed different weapons accessories and disguises.

Sheeeeeeeeeeeit I thought the Obama action figure was expensive… this one is $235!

If you have more money than you know what to do with you can buy it at Enterbay – HERE

If you haven’t seen the movie Leon: The Professional yet, head down to Walmart and get it immediately… or else pick it up on Amazon for $7 – HERE



Only in the movies…

You get no respect at the range trying that even as a joke.  Ask me how I know? :P

For those of you too old to know what “props” means… urban dictionary it or something.

Some of you guys might be interested in a show called How To Make It In America starring the guy in the suit (Bryan Greenberg).  The new season starts up October 2nd and I’m pretty pumped.   Besides Bryan Greenberg, it’s got Luis Guzman, Lake Bell, Kid Cudi etc… and it’s produced by HBO so you really can’t go wrong.

If you need to catch up on Season 1 you can buy it at Amazon – HERE



I had to double check, but this video IS on EA’s actual Battlefield channel:

I like Jay-z a lot, and that song is one of his classics… but seriously what a terrible choice of music in the context.

That said, Battlefield 3 is looking pretty sick!

You can pre-order the game now for an October 25th delivery – HERE

Hat tip: Scotty



The artist’s name is Xiau-Fong Wee, you can check out more of her “Animals With Guns” sketches on her website – HERE

Could the anteater one be a new twist on the meme pictured to the left?

I haven’t figured out why almost all of the animals have glasses.  Maybe the artist thought it was funnier that way?



Pretty awkward, but if you like their vids it’s worth the watch:

If you’ve been living under a rock and have no idea who they are, check out their youtube channel – HERE