The gun store guys converted a Hi-Point (likely a .40) to shoot 10mm:

Seems to work damn good.  Can’t really beat it for the price.

I’m sure this modification will catch on in the hood, because 10mm kills mo’ bettah!

They never mentioned if they were doing the conversions in their shop or not, but if you’re interested i’d suggest giving them a call.



fxhummel1 and his wife sing about his POS Sig 226:

Stellar work on the piano as usual, and the oboe really brought it all home.

Another ENDO gun t-shirt also in the video if you didn’t already notice.   It’s the AK-47 selector switch one.

Make sure to subscribe to him, and check out the rest of his vids on YouTube.

Hat tip: formatC2, Eric, Phil C.



A hilarious find in TIME Special Ops sent in by observant reader Mike B.:

As you can see it clearly reads (Glock Logo) 22 Gen4 AUSTRIA .40.    LOL so awesome…   I actually have heard that Glock made grenades for a short period of time, and there are two pictures of Glock grenades in my Exploding Glock Humor post, but I’m not sure if either one is authentic.  The grenades the made obviously wouldn’t have said Glock 22 Gen4 Austria .40 on them though.

I hope this isn’t going to get a graphic artist at TIME fired… frankly I think the person needs a promotion for being so awesome.

If you don’t already own the magazine and have any doubts of the authenticity of what I posted. Check out this video at around 4:11, where you can clearly see the same writing.

If you want to buy a piece of Glock trolling history you can pick up a copy of TIME Special Ops over at Amazon for $12.

Hat tip: Mike B.



The J Dewey Manufacturing giveaways week has sadly come to an end!  Day #7 was  a .30 caliber nylon coated cleaning rod & an adjustable bore saver rod guide for two people.

After picking numbers over at, and the winners are:

#57075 – Jason D. – “I hate Monday’s because its too far from Saturday”

#57047 – Jake – “i tolerate mondays, because i have to!”

I’ll be contacting the winners for their info soon.

Thanks again to Dewey rods for the awesome week of giveaways, and thank you to all you guys for your participation.



Oh wait… never mind, just a couple AR-15s and a 37mm flare launcher *facepalm*:

Source – KING5

Seattle Police said they recovered a grenade launcher and automatic weapons in their Thursday night raid of a house in Eastlake. Officers found two AR-15 assault rifles, one of which was equipped with a military style grenade launcher.

Good work guys… *slow clap* I know i’ll sleep better tonight knowing a recreational firework launcher is off the streets.

Blog reader Sean D. took it upon himself to deliver an email smackdown to reporter Jim Forman from KING5 news.  Here it is:

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This guy is an expert troll marksman:

I’m just annoyed he wasn’t tea cupping and holding it sideways gangsta style… that would be the ultimate grip.

Broad sides of barns everywhere are shaking in their boots.

Hat tip: Philip S.