Complete with twitch, relentless explanation, and repetition:

Priceless!  If 13 years of internet experience doesn’t make him an authority… I don’t know what does.

The video is a parody of the 1911s Suck one James Yeager did.

He should do one where he puts photographers down range during live fire and then explains how “true safety does not exist”.



In related news Nancy Grace is still obnoxious:

Elly ELLY ELLLLLLLYYY 9:17AM?! Isn’t that a little early to be showing off your AK-47 in the bathroom

OMG like nails on a chalkboard.  What difference does the time of day make?  Maybe they get up early?  Either way I don’t see how the time is relevant.

She was commenting on the brightness of the laser scope on the weapon

The terms they make up are priceless.

The villainizing of the actual gun is this is incredible as usual.  That said, unloaded guns that shoot bullets are dangerous and should be banned.  It’s always unloaded when accidents happen…

4 RULES of firearm safety… learn them.




Making this blog topic related is a real stretch, so I’m calling the rat an “Operator”:

He’s got some moves.  This video was too funny not to share.

I know in the comments people are going to tell me how small that rat is compared to what they have seen.  Let me hear it! haha

Hat tip: Bryan



FXhummel1 looking like a boss, plays another exceptional tune for us:

I say this every time, but It blows my mind how good he is.  The lyrics are always top notch too!

This song has such an awesome message.

If you want one of the shirts he’s rocking head over to my clothing site ENDO Apparel and pick one up.



Hey everyone look how much more money than you this guy has, and how much better he is.  He’s going to teach you a lot of things you don’t know.  Learn something:

If you don’t recognize him, he’s the same douchebag that got butt hurt because he talked down to 1911 maker Ed Brown, which in turn resulted in Ed snubbing him. Shocking that Ed would do that.. I know.

LOL these videos are so classic… If you don’t want to spend 70 minutes of your life watching them (I don’t blame you) just skip through the vids like I did for some laughs.

Weapons Retardation’s flagrant displays of douchebaggery make Nutnfancy look like Robert De Niro.

I’ll be honest I re-subscribed to Weapons Retardation’s channel after that whole Ed Brown debacle just because I forgot how entertaining his persona was. He’s almost like a parody of a parody, it’s that bizzare.

BTW.. I wonder if Ed Brown is broke and playing the jug beside an interstate exit yet to make ends meet?   The whole internet has definitely seen the snub video by now.  Right Weapons Retardation?   ROFL oh I crack myself up.

Happy Friday Guys!




Not about tactical operators unfortunately, but use your imagination and make up alternate lyrics in your head like I do:

Jim Croce – Operator:

Chill song… if only this guy had a black vest on and some Oakleys he’d be good to go.  That mustache is LEGIT… very HSLD (high speed low drag).

Midnight Star – Operator:

Ahhaha oh man.. the song and video are both so clutch.    I don’t even know where to start.. just check it out and you’ll see what I mean.

Sade – Smooth Operator:

You can’t mention songs about operators without citing this Sade track.  A classic for any occasion!  Whether you’re kicking in doors, eating diner, or rolling down the highway this song just works.

Keith Hampshire – Big Time Operator:

A nice upbeat track that delivers confidence to the listener.  Another good one for kicking in doors.

Big Daddy Kane – Smooth Operator:

Rap? Synchronized dancing? Gold chains?  Hi-top fades? Yea sign me up. Maybe i’m still in “The Wire” mode, but Big Daddy Kane really looks like Stringer Bell.

White Stripes – Hello Operator:

For 2 instruments total, the White Stripes sure know how to make a song.

FXhummel1 should cover one of these tracks.  The Jim Croce one would probably be best on the piano (see Tori Amos’ rendition).  Hell I can play guitar, but I’m not a showman so it would just turn out embarrassing.

Any other good operator songs I missed?