Hard to take seriously with the toy Beretta 92 and teacup grip:

(Click picture to enlarge)

Hopefully the data is legit at least.  It lists Wikipedia as one of the sources, which never impresses me.  I figured some of you guys would like to take a look, and possibly tear the people that put this out a new one. haha

The bar graph at the bottom seems pretty useless considering it’s only representing the change seen in 1 year.  At first glance it looks like shit got real in SD, IA, and ID… but then you look at the map and see they are among the safest places in the country to live.


Hat tip: Bill



My sister had some My Little Pony toys. Apparently guys are into them now 20+ years later:

AFT continues to slay me… They basically take the words right out of my mouth.

This is the pic Angry Ranger was talking about *facepalm*… do your thing bro:

Even a custom painted AA-12 and AAC Honey Badger won’t save your manhood, so don’t even try it:


Seems that some guys like Hello Kitty AR-15s and other themes just to turn heads.  I’ll stick with black on black on black with a side of tactical.

Thoughts?  Are any of you bronies?  Or is that a touchy subject? haha



The attention to detail in this is awesome:

Unless you just started following the blog, you know how obsessed I am with HBO’s The Wire.  

Every time I see a stop motion animation video, I still can hardly believe how much time it must take.  This vid was even better than The Wire Musical I posted about a few weeks ago.

I can’t stress enough, that if you haven’t seen The Wire… you need to get on that.

Hat tip: Raeshawn



Good for a chuckle or two:

When the video ended, I was like “that’s it?”… A for effort though.

Hat tip: Raeshawn



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I’ll probably start posting pictures on there more often, but for now I just have been putting the occasional pickup I thought you guys might be interested in.



Throw bottles at cops, get dealt with:

Full Story – HERE

If members of the crowd were actually throwing bottles, they deserve this.  Sure, the women with kids and strollers were likely not, but when the people you hang out with do stuff like that, you just get lumped right in with them and suffer the consequences.  Life Lesson: If you’re going to protest, don’t be a dick.  Do your little chants, hold up your signs etc… When you start doing ignorant shit, disrespecting Law Enforcement by putting them in danger, that’s where I draw the line.

It’s suspect that the video reports people said the police offered to buy their cellphone videos off them.  I find that hard to believe, but then again nothing surprises me anymore.


Hat tip: Bryan