A 56-year-old Louisville man has been arrested and charged with attempted murder in the shooting of a 12-year-old boy who was ringing doorbells and running away in the Glenmary area of southeastern Jefferson County Monday night.

Full story – HERE

Some people…



Purchasers of a new ArmaLite rifle must mail in their warranty card. The toaster will then be shipped to the customer. For further details, contact your local ArmaLite representative or call ArmaLite toll free at 800-336-0184.

Oh the lows some companies will stoop to for free advertising. I’d be slightly impressed if the toaster burned the company logo into the toast.

I just pray I never see Glock trying to get attention by something stupid like “Buy a gen4 Glock, and get a whiff of one of Gaston’s Sauerkraut farts”.

Nothing surprises me anymore…

  • If you’re a douchebag and you’re falling for this sticker on a toaster thing, head over to Armalite’s website and pick up a rifle – HERE

Note: 2 of my AR-15 lowers are actually Armalite, and they are good.  Making a decent lower nowadays isn’t exactly rocket science though.



This looks pretty cool.  I wonder if it could stand up to auto fire?

  • No modifications to the AR-15 lower necessary
  • Can buy up to 500 round belts
  • bottom ejection through magwell

$695 (I think?) at LakesideGuns.  *Warning* website is frustrating, confusing, and looks like it was built in the early ’90s



Stupid looking designs, but cool idea:

The Xploderz website – HERE

Ahhhh the clipppppppppp….

The whole line of Xploderz guns can be purchased at Amazon – HERE

One of the comments I read, is that Deco Beads are the same as the H2O grow ammo these Xploderz use.  If so, you could pick the beads up for a fraction of the cost to refill your Xploderz guns.

Anyone tried these out yet, or heard about their performance?



The car’s name is Rod Torque Redline, and as you can see in the video he has at least 1 weapon in his rim:

Also notice the sweet M1911A1 license plate!

The movie comes out June 24th, take your kids and educate them about John Moses Browning.



Who knew gun disassembly was so violent?

Looks pretty non violent, and well done from the screen shots.  Who knows though… knowing how violent guns are, bloodshed could happen at any second.

Rather than risk it, id recommend pulling out a board game or even take your grandmas lead and play bingo.  The chances of getting addicted and losing all your money aside, it’s the safer and more responsible thing to do. Grandma likes it for a reason, doesn’t she?

If you really live life on the edge you can download this violent app for your idevice – HERE