Glock gave this away yesterday at their SHOT show party:


I can’t really see the detail from the angle the picture is at, but the only thing that looks “Glock” about it to me is the color.   They could have at least make it boxy and put some groves on it like slide serrations, made the exhaust looks like a barrel, matted the engine block etc…

This is where I predict the content of the comments:

  • “Can it sneak through airport metal detectors?”
  • “Does it backfire (kaboom!) from time to the time?”
  • “Is it mostly plastic?”
  • “Is it uncomfortable as hell to ride?”
  • “Does it refuse to rust and beat the 1911 model motorcycles in every aspect but old world appeal?”  <— I know no one would say this but me haha

Matte black really does it for me!  My dream car is a Matte black Lamborghini Aventador, with matte black rims, and a black leather/suede  interior.    Or as we say, “black on black on black”.

Thoughts?  Any of you bike guys know the model they used?



A new one from YouTube’s freddiew:

Freddiew was slipping for a while there…  I didn’t like his video concepts and I hated the execution.  I really liked this video.  Even the sound effects were great.




Or the ACOC for short:

Also known as the ACOGOGOG.  Serious magnification bro..

Hat tip: Mark R.



She’s two years old:

It’s neat how the fact it was pre-recorded didn’t matter.  You can tell the little girl was absolutely thrilled.



FXHummel1 tickles the ivories to the tune of gun store employees’ bad attitudes:

Here’s my ode to gun store employees who have bad attitudes. I do realize they have to deal with idiotic, ignorant customers all the time, but I have seen some genuine jack-assery by salespeople at many gun shops. Thanks to the good gun store employees who treat us with respect!

Lyrics are top notch, he really explores his vocal range in this one as well at around 1:40.

I sure wish he would take my Nordstrom piano performance suggestion from the last post I made… that would be epic.




The mechanism, which the NYPD is developing with help from the U.S. Department of Defense, using infrared technology currently only works at a short range of three or four feet. NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly thinks they can improve it to scan citizens from a distance of up to 25 meters away. He announced this morning that the gadget will be mounted on NYPD vans with “the infrared rays shooting up the street at the person”.

Full story – HERE

Meh the constitution is outdated anyway *sarcasm*.  I doubt this will actually come to fruition… we’ll see though.  If this technology does happen to squeak through and is implemented I hope everyone in NYC carries around gun shaped pieces of metal just to mess with the cops.


Hat tip: Mark, Ben, Kyle