Fairly useless, but if you want to hear a couple comparisons and get your weekend Buck Yeager fix:

4:40 – haha that “danger check” shit slays me.  What a character.

Checking to see if your rifle is loaded by “feel” rather than a press check?  Interesting concept… can’t say I’ve heard/seen that one before but it’s not like I spend my life at training courses either.

I posted a video a while back that suppressor manufacturer AAC put out on How To Buy A Suppressor, which some of you may be interested in.

I wonder if that’s an actual camera man down range this time behind his self sealing target?  I kid I kid… I’m sure he tripod’ed it this time. :P




A new blog I started recently:


Hopefully some of you that visit and enjoy ENDO will be interested in the content over there as well!  The post you see at the top is a welcome post but there are a few posts with actual content below it.

As the name and tag line suggest, it will be for all things military inspired… with a heavy lean toward fashion.

Thanks for all the support guys, and I hope to have at least some of you reading and commenting over there!  If nothing else, i’m sure a lot of you will appreciate the military styling cues I put into the blog design and logo.


California is the frontline in the civil rights battle between public safety and the 2nd Amendment:

This is a kickstarter project with a goal of $65000.  If after watching the video you’d like to support the project click on the embed to the left and get your credit card ready.  The minimum pledge is $1 (or $10 if you want an HD download of the film).  The deadline to show your support is October 5th.

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Think the film has potential?  I like the idea of a project such as this, but if it’s just going to include interviews with some people and then a lot of derpy classic news clips I’ve seen a million times (and can see still on youtube) then I don’t really see the point in wasting my money or time.

If a $10 pledge included a “shoulder thing that goes up”, i’d likely go for it. ;)

Hat tip: Connor



Something for your ears:

Cool how it puts the camera down range later on so we can hear what that sounds like too.  No surprise that .22LR is super quiet.

A good vid for anyone that thinks suppressors (aka Silencers) make only a slight “tick” sound like in the movies.

I wonder if anyone can tell suppressor make and manufacturer by the sound it makes? I suppose there are a lot of variables, but for people that have several suppressors and shoot a lot, I bet that would be child’s play.


Hat tip: Christopher



0:18 – “Pick up the rifle…”  Well… not a rifle.  His instructor U.S. Army Special Ops badass Darren Moore should have been like “It’s a shotgun damnit, not a rifle!”

He is shooting at Biltmore in Asheville, NC.  Swanky looking place, I’d like to go there some day.  I’m so terrible at clays, i’d definitely like more practice.  In my defense I was using a Remington 870 with a Knoxx Spec Ops stock on it.

Nice looking Porsche Boxter he’s driving in the video.  I’m holding out for a Porsche Panamera when I undoubtedly get asked by Porsche if I want to do a cross-country ENDO road trip to judge modeling competitions and give my opinion on champagnes and fancy foods.




Spolier Alert: ALWAYS!

The video is somewhat similar to his “Why I Carry A Gun” video, but with more Lady Fortune.  Good none the less.

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