Made by some kids at the University of Nottingham in the UK:

Pretty risky move in the UK.  Observe at 1:47 when the crazed smoke ring gunman lets loose.

I purpose filling the box with a mixture of concentrated cigarette smoke and farts, and essentially firing cancer and stink directly at enemy lungs.

The University of Nottingham is in the hometown of Heckler & Koch.  If HK made a smoke ring vortex cannon they would only sell it to law enforcement for copious amounts of money, and scoff at the civilian market worldwide.

You can check out this bigger, more grown up version of the Cannon with a guy that’s just a bit more excited than he should be.


Hat tip: Stuart



Oh wow… this guy is good:

If I were him I would have ended my appearance with a simple “Checkmate.  Thank you for having me.”

Hat tip: Weer’d World



The trailer reminded me a lot of a less exciting version of Dead Island.  Despite the bland trailer I actually have high hopes for this game.  TellTaleGames appears to have produced two Sam&Max games, in addition one Monkey Island game.  I really liked both those franchises when I was a kid.  I was bracing to see that they produced Day Of The Tentacle (Best cartoon game EVER), but sadly they did not.

Anyone rushing out to buy this game?

You Can pre-order it on their website for $22.49.



Brief Synopsis:

  • Katy Perry catches her boyfriend kissing some skank at his work, dumps him and makes a spur of the moment decision at a gas station to join the Marine Corps.
  • Hacks her hair off for some reason (not required for a female Marine, but more dramatic I suppose)
  • Wraps her boobs in tensor bandage (huh? Did she sprain one of them? Yea who knows… there goes 72.9% of the male viewers)
  • Dons Zinc colored American Apparel hoodie (Excellent choice… one of my favorites)
  • Trades in her clothes for a uniform
  • Gets reamed out by a drill instructor, likely for making herself look butch
  • Does some USMC training stuff all while maintaining fantastic trigger discipline

Meh.. i’ll take it.  That would really suck if you had to pull the charging handle back after every shot like she appears to be doing at 2:06

The multiple flashes of her “Ice” watch felt a lot like product placement.  Probably because it was. Pretty lame looking Rolex Submariner copy.

Terminal Lance kills it on a related comic:





Neat video, but you’d think FPS Russia could afford a tripod by now:

Nice chassis and all, but for $1000 I think i’ll save my money for pretty much anything else.




Check out the full photo sets over at The Atlantic and a similar one at The Big Picture.

Most of the time when I see pictures of Afghanistan I think “Wow that really looks like it sucks there”.   I see it’s winter there now though, and it appears to suck even more than usual.