More than 20 women and children have died and dozens others were injured when traditional celebratory gunfire at a Saudi wedding brought down an electric cable causing a fire to break out.  A total of 23 people – believed to be mostly women – were electrocuted when bullets caused the high-voltage power line to fall on to a metal door at the wedding in eastern Saudi Arabia.

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Wow, who ever would have thought something bad would come from dozens of guys firing automatic weapons into the air?  Seems perfectly safe. *eye roll*

Typical that only women and children would have died.  I hope those guys think about that every day for the rest of their lives.

Two great past examples of Saudi’s cheating death with firearms can be seen HERE and HERE.


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I had high hopes for this video:

At least they had brass ejecting from the hitman’s guns.  I don’t recall very many of their videos having that.

Freddiew is still on a streak of mediocrity as far as I’m concerned.  We discussed this before, but it’s almost like he has to make the videos now… unlike before when he was hungry and WANTED to make them.

I haven’t played a Hitman game in a while, but I see Hitman Absolution is out, which this video was basically a promo for.




Is this guy bi-polar?  He’s normal sometime, but then other times the douchebag switch is flipped:

The above video is obviously a case of him being extremely normal.  An interesting contrast to yesterday’s troll video which no one has yet figured out the purpose of.




Everyone is jumping on the Gagnam Style bandwagon:

I need to watch Full Metal Jacket again sometime.  I forget a lot of the scenes shown the video.

Insane how Gagnam Style has almost 609 million views.



A video where Buck answers the question no one has ever asked:

If it hasn’t already been crystal clear, this video should solidify for you the fact that Buck Yeager is definitely his own biggest fan.

*Blah blah blah about how much he preps* then tells his daughters not to talk about how much he preps.  Wtf?  Sounds like “Scumbag Prepper” meme potential.

I’m still trying to figure out why Buck made this video in the first place… is he trying to get on some tactical operator dating show I have yet to hear of?  If so, I want in.  I’ll play the lovable underdog blogger that charms the pants (pun intended) off the model, wins her heart, millions of dollars, and a lifetime supply of ammo.

I bet this guy has mirrors everywhere.  Hear that guys?  He’s never lost and he never will.




Stay for the gratuitous slow motion:

For $200 the Kindle Fire HD looks good on the surface.  I’d probably get pissed off really quickly at the bastardized Android OS though.

I love the in depth analysis he gives on the construction of the shot up device haha.