When I started this vid up for the first time I was bracing for the worst.   The main rapper (with the wacky dreads) is named “Gunplay”, he’s part of Rick Ross’ crew Triple C’s (Carol City Cartel).  He actually is pretty safe with the firearms.  His aim could use some work though if he wants to really hold it down.

This guy’s rap persona, and overall look is pretty hard.  I would have assumed he had at least one felony which would exclude him from shooting or likely even being on the property of a shooting range.   I guess he must be squeaky clean though, unless he’s stupid enough to spin the wheel on his freedom by putting this video up on youtube.   Likely though the case is that actors gonna act.

LOL I know most of you hate when I shoehorn rap into this blog… but deal with it bros, and revel in discussing how much you hate it in the comments.



Source – Nike

For a measly $30 you’ll be fist pumping and on your way to getting your GTL (Gym Tan Laundry) on something proper.  Just make sure to order yours at least 2 sizes too small… trust me when I say that you definitely want to show the world how jacked you are.

I hate useless stylized military crossover designs… it’s embarrassing to say the least.



Even Dorthy from Wizard Of Oz is a vicitim.

Better watch out… if he finds any white powdery bricks in there Dorthy, little toto is as good as dead. Even the yellow bricks might need some explaining.

The artist is the famous Banksy.



A prototype for a 1200 round per minute BB/pellet gun, that is apparently going up for sale within the year.

Doesn’t sound like this guy is from the U.S., and i’m not sure what the legality of something like this would be here.

The 500 round magazine capacity would be deadly for pest control. :P

I’d really like to see better video and pictures of this gun… it looks both awkward and promising at the same time.



How to make them:

How they work:

Both the process of making them, and the way they function seems safe enough.  They cycled really nice in that Saiga 12 at the end of the video too!

I might give this one a try.

Anyone have any experience with these, that can attest to their effectiveness?



Promo for the new Rise of the Planet Of The Apes movie:

The movie comes out August 5th.

You can check out the trailer – HERE

Meh looks like a million other movies I’ve already seen without apes.  Instead they had robots, aliens etc…