What not to do if you have a stuck case in your AR-15:

My accident during a live fire drill at the range last week. My finger was crushed and stuck between a broken Magpul CTR stock and the Magpul ASAP sling attachment point.

I learned a number things from this video:

  1. To be an operator you need to swear… LOTS
  2. Always blame your equipment, never yourself (the operator)
  3. No pain no gain
  4. Full tattoo sleeves give you automatic shooting range and operator cred
  5. Name your rifle, then call it a bitch when it doesn’t perform

If you’re going to try and clear a stuck case with a collapsible stock, it’s probably best to collapse it FIRST and then hammer it on the ground.  I’m no operator but I have nothing but good things to say about my Magpul CTR.



I’m no Star Wars nerd, but this is pure class:

To state the obvious: “Han soldered first!”

Read the story of it’s creation over at MAKE.



For those of you that like shopping on Amazon, I jumped through the seemingly endless hoops to get the shirts listed there.  I sent some stock there for fulfillment as well, so you’ll get free shipping and you can shoehorn a shirt or two it into another order you’re planning on making.

Links to the Amazon shirt pages:

Or as always you can still grab them directly from the ENDO Apparel website.  The shirts, and the designs have been very well received so I’ve decided to keep on with this apparel thing.  Stay tuned for more products soon.



These good looking blondes must have an ATF contact:

I was skeptical.. then I saw the blank firing adapters, and they they let it rip.   HELL YEA!

*Seconds later 60 people in the balconies are dead*  I kid… I kid…

I don’t know if the song is an old Mexican classic or not, but it appears to have gained popularity from being the intro to the 1995 Antonio Banderas movie Desperado.

Can you imagine if someone on stage did that at a concert in the U.S.?  That likely wouldn’t go over well with the general arts type crowds.



The 266 Rein Marines are back at it:

Nice to see them having fun during the downtime.

Make sure to check out the Britney Spears one they did earlier in the year if you missed it.



A definite sign you hit rock bottom:


Godspeed, my friend.  A world full of wedgies, noogies, and swirlies awaits you…