This is awesome:

I thought I heard once that nice wheel chairs were very expensive.   The Action Trackchair is priced between $8800 – $9300 which seems like a bargain.  Depending on the particular accident, I really hope someones insurance would pay for something like this if that’s what they wanted.  It would really suck to go from walking everywhere you wanted, to being bound to one of those skinny hard wheeled wheelchairs that get hung up even on the littlest obstacles.   This thing seems to just plow through or over everything with ease.

Lots more pictures, videos and info over at

The small picture to the left is a Minigun Equipped Wheelchair I posted about awhile back.

My one criticism is the awkward wording of the motto “Helping the disabled to be enabled”.  Wouldn’t “Enabling The Disabled” be a better choice?



Various slingshots, knives etc. he has in his collection:

I would not want to get hit by any of those slingshots.  The bratwurst in his wife’s shoe for the knife cut test was pretty funny.

Joerg sure has a lot of fun.



Looks impressive.  I suppose the game play will be the real test though.

Anyone looking forward to this?

You can pre-order it for $60 over at Amazon with a October 23, 2012 release.



200 mph is only 293 ft/sec, while impressive is not a “speeding bullet”.

Pretty cool how it did it from the draw.  One thing I’m less impressed by is towards the end of the video they slip up say “yep, this is the one”, meaning to me that they did lots of takes.

I’m pretty sure if someone shot a bunch of airsoft pellets at me,  i’d manage to hit one with a swing of a sword every now and then.




Get your Nazis on the moon fix:

The film opened on March 10th at SXSW (South By SouthWest)… not sure when (or if) there is going to be a mass US release, but I’m sure there’s a lot of people out there that want to see this movie (myself included).

Anyone see it at SXSW?  How was it?



Big dreams from this guy:

This game will get back to the core of what is loved about the tac-shooter, featuring realistic weapon modeling, outfitting and commanding your squad, objective-based, non-linear missions set in real-world locations around the world, single player, co-op, and multiplayer.

He has some nice credentials which give me confidence.  

I’ve seen a lot of projects I thought were weak on Kickstarter achieve lots of success.  For all the people that game, I’m really surprised the response is so weak so far.  Considering the minimum pledge is $15 and that gets you a digital download of the game, that seems like a really good deal.

I suppose a big part of the low response is due to the fact the $200000 is only to prove the viability to investors.  Really, if you donate your $15 god knows when you’ll ever see the game from it. It could be years.


Hat tip: Cyris