I can laugh at poking fun at gun related stereotypes:

I’m not familiar with HeeHaw because I’m not 293 years old, but I think it’s pretty funny the whole gun community is up in arms over this video.

What? We can’t laugh at stereotypes now?  It’s called comedy / satire, look it up.

If you ask me, the fact that someone who is still considered by many to be a famous actor / comedian decided to make fun of what he did in the video helps us more than it hurts us because it is making light of the topics at hand.  I think a lot of people make the mistake of thinking anti-gun people are “stupid” (Oh? A stereotype? Imagine that.), when in fact they are often just misinformed or scared of firearms. 

Understandably people aren’t going to like the Charleton Heston comments and actions (playing him) Carrey made in the video.  I can’t say I enjoyed them either, but they were easy/obvious shots to put in there for shock value so I’m not surprised he took that route because that’s what guys like him do.

Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten that Jim Carrey is a huge scumbag when it comes to shitting on the 2nd Amendment.  Remember his Newtown CT “assault rifles” comment? Additionally, in a recent March 24th tweet, Jim Carrey said “‘Cold Dead Hand’ is abt u heartless motherf%ckers unwilling 2 bend 4 the safety of our kids.Sorry if you’re offended by the word safety! ;^}”   Yeah I don’t really get what that’s supposed to mean either, but I assume it’s to do with assault rifles again, and how they are mass-child-killing machines. We need to ban them for “safety” I’m assuming. How many kids did your AR-15’s kill yesterday?

Jim-Carrey-Cold-Dead-HandI think the best way we can deal with losers like Jim Carrey are to be like “hahah good one *eye roll* now go away”.  He can come out with a song like this every week and it won’t effect my life.  It is nice we have talented musical guys on our side like FXhummel1.

Thoughts?  U mad?  Should guys like Jim Carrey be pressured to get rid of their armed security? Not be allowed to make money playing guys with guns in movies?



How to avoid getting M1 thumb:

I hear a lot of people talk about putting clips in their Glocks too.  I haven’t figured out how to do that yet, but I wonder if there is such thing as “Glock thumb”?


Thoughts?  Any of you guys ever had M1 thumb?

Hat tip: MaiduSun



Introducing NRA News’ three newest commentators:

NRA-News-Three-New-CommentatorsI thought the video was alright.  I haven’t heard of the operator (Dom Raso) before today, but he seems alright even though his “pins” on Pinterest are astonishingly feminine (I ain’t mad at it though, do your thing bro).  I tried to research the operations that he operated in as a SEAL, but couldn’t come up with anything.  The girl is of course is the ever charming Natalie Foster from Girl’s Guide To Guns.




Sweet, the full documentary is finally out:

Besides the erroneous use of “ammunition clips” and “high capacity magazines”, the documentary is really awesome.  If you’ve been keeping up with my past posts on Defense Distributed and Cody Wilson a lot of it probably isn’t new to you.

Interesting comments about kids likely being the first to print out firearms.  I can definitely see that as a concern, but with a hands-off approach to parenting there are a whole load other concerns that can be just as dangerous to an individual or a group.

Defense-Distributed-3D-Printed-AR15-LowerI mentioned to Cody on twitter that I hope they look into getting a 3D printer that can print metals, like the type Shapeways has.  I have a few prototypes of things I had made in stainless steel and they are incredible.




MrColionNoir‘s 2nd video for NRA News:

Well done video as expected.  You can tell they really told him to crank the emphasis up to 11 on certain points, which isn’t a bad thing but definitely very noticeable.


I really hope pro-gun people make their anti-gun friends and family watch vids like this.  To me that is the whole point… we already know all this stuff, others who are blind or uneducated to the facts need to be the ones watching.

Make sure to check out the first video about political ignorance too if you haven’t already seen it.



Mattv2099 does his thang for a Hickok45 parody:

He hit on a lot of the good standard Hickok45’isms.  Should have done a 1000 yard shot with a subcompact, and said “Life is good.” at the end of the vid though.

Mattv2099-OperatorThe parody was done for a contest Hickok45 is running.  Looks like Matt has the only entry so far, but I’m sure there will be others considering the contest is only one day old.