Oh yea, these look awesome:

More info on the Polaris MRZR over at their website.  It’s like a souped up operator’s version of their popular RZR.

Can non military buyers acquire the MRZR? *adjusts blacked out monocle* I’ll take two in Matte Black please sir.

I’d love to make one of those street legal… sadly I don’t think too many states (if any) would allow that.  I could have sworn I saw quads such as Yamaha Raptors on the side streets in California, so I don’t know.. maybe you can switch the “use” from off-road to on road there? Anyone know? The thing I find interesting is that you can buy a motorcycle and ride it on any road and no one even bats an eyelash… these things though have 4 wheels, seatbelts, and roll cages and they are considered off road only as far as I know.



Randy Smith of Fresno, CA was planning on wetting mofos up:

What? How? That is illegal in California!  How come Randy did that?  Oh wait… he’s a criminal and didn’t care.

Not the safest gun on earth obviously.. but i’m sure it might manage a couple shots before KB’ing.

I laughed at 2:01 when it said he was 54 years old.   I was expecting some 15 year old gang banger punk.   Yea, not heat at all Randy… a 54 year old man out for a stroll with a fluorescent kids toy, especially when cops are on the lookout for such a thing that’s converted.   Dumbass…

Not the first time we have seen a Super Soaker shotgun. That one from 2009 had a whole mossberg pump inside it though, so it would have been safer.


Hat tip: Hamilton



This video is no joke:

I demand to know how this criminal baby became a gun owner.  Likey a straw purchase done by an older gang member.

At least the baby had good taste… There was no Deagle in sight.  (shout out to hydepark :P)

I still prefer the giant baby with a glock.



*Spoiler Alert* farther then you’re capable of accurately shooting:

Myth busted.  Your thick sweater or jacket probably wont save you. :P

Say what you will about these gun store guys, but they answer some interesting questions.




Ca$hCats is quickly becoming my favorite tumblr for obvious reasons:

Make sure you head over to Ca$hCats and check out the rest of the pics.  They are all priceless.  It’s amazing the versatility of cat expressions… smug, mean, happy, scared… you name it.




Red Bull sure knows how to show their guys a good time:

Safety Nazi mode on:  Camera men at 4:00-4:13 are ahead of the line of fire… and it’s the kids first time shooting auto.

Those flame throwers were pretty sweet.  I like the idea of using AR-15 parts…. good aesthetic appeal.

Note to self: Acquire a flamethrower.


Hat tip: Ad H.