LOL amazing. I hope they make more of these vids.

You can check out the original video that this is a follow up to – HERE



Quite an interesting way to advertise an online dating site.



The graphics and look incredible! Hopefully the gameplay compares.

You can order Battlefield 3 for all major game systems – HERE



Both of those looks very awesome.  More so the 2nd video with the wrap around screens.

If there is one thing I hate about a lot of these “Virtual Reality” type setups at places, is that the employees take it TOO seriously. As far as i’m concerned it should be your choice if you want to take it seriously as a training type exercise, or if you want to go rogue and shoot hostages and rapid fire into everything you can see.  You’re paying $60 per hour after all.  It’s virtual reality, no one can get hurt.

You can check out the Gander Mountain Academy website – HERE

Not sure why they think they are so important that they need a pricey VeriSign Class 3 SSL certificate… funny to see that.



Wow, John Dodson has some balls. Did he leak those documents and the video too? I wonder what the repercussions will be?

This whole scandal still blows my mind…

You can read more about it – HERE

A internal PR memo requesting “Positive press” – HERE



What they fixed since it’s debut at this year’s SHOT show:

  1. The trigger reset fail has been fixed.  Good to see they listen to their customers!
  2. They put cutouts all over the top of the ammo tube, so you could see how much ammo you have left. Maybe I’m in the minority here, but I’d prefer to have it less easy for dirt and dust to get in. The idea is good in theory though.
  3. Updated action release lever.    Looks good, but not intuitive if you’re used to how other shotgun makers do it.
  4. Quick release choke adapter in the works.

It doesn’t look like it’s that quick to load, which might be a problem for some high speed low drag guys.  For range use though it’s probably a non issue.

The design is really growing on me, I’m looking forward to trying one out someday.