Defense Distributed does it:

There are so many shitty 3D printers out there, I think a lot of people are going to be very disappointed when they try to print their own version of this magazine.

Definitely a step in the right direction.  I’m very surprised how uninformed the majority of people are about 3D printing and it’s capabilities… magazines and receivers are just the tip of the iceberg of firearm related items that could currently be printed.


You can download the files over at DEFCAD and try it out yourself.

Although I think the Defense Distributed project is a nobel cause, I’d really like to see some Engineering professionals on board there to speed things up.  These guys look like they are having fun though, which I suppose for now is what counts.




MrColionNoir tells a harrowing tale:

Jason sure got screwed by that 7 round state law.  Oh huge and surprise the bad guys had a 13 round magazine!

The story was a good intro to his point, which we have heard a millions times before, but needs to be stressed:


MrColionNoir is wearing the ENDO Assault Weapons Ban t-shirt.




The Parody:

I don’t agree with “gun free zones”, and the lives of the president’s kids definitely are not any more important than the lives of anyone else’s kids.  You can’t argue though, that the president and his entire family is definitely at more risk than the average family simply because of how high profile they are.  It’s sad that in this day and age armed guards at schools (and elsewhere) actually sound like a good idea to me.  I wish that it wasn’t necessary, but as long as there are scumbags out there that want to get famous, everyone is at risk.

When I watched the original video I didn’t get why that part about the taxes was included either… so it was funny they bashed that in the parody, even though the parody had a general anti-gun feel.


Hat tip: Greg



Hickok45 tests one out on a .22LR handgun and rifle:

I blogged about Oil Filter Suppressors a while ago… awesome little adapters.  That is incredible quiet on the rifle!

For $75 + the one time $200 tax stamp it really doesn’t seem like you can go wrong.

Hickok45-YoutubeI wish he would have compared the .22LR oil filter suppressed rifle to another one on that AR he had there.

Thoughts?  And of you guys own one of these adapters?

I’ve always wondered if Hickok45 has haters… My guess is since it’s YouTube, he probably does, but I can’t possibly see why anyone would hate on him.



Oh Glock… Ok here we go, I’m going to break down the video:

0:02 – Guy in a white utility van in a black winter hat stroking his goatee and creepin on a girl going into her house.  This is already bad news because as far as I’m only rapists and plumbers own vans like that, and there was no background info about her toilet having any issues.

0:09 – Girl is now inside.  We find out she’s cute and has red hair (bonus), and slipped into some booty shorts (bonus #2) and a purple little low cut number with lace trim (bonus #3)

0:11 – You’ve got to be shitting me… that looks like the R. Lee Ermey Glock “wrong diner” commercial intro

0:17 – Creeper still stroking that beard and looking creepy

0:19 – OH LAWD… it is the “wrong diner” commercial… this is starting to get lame as shit.  A promo within a promo?  Lets see where Glock is going to take this

0:23 – *knock* *knock*  Who the hell knocks like that?  I would have palmed the steel/polymer right then.  She decides to get up and see who it is… sees that creepy rape van outside, gasps, but then is like “meh fuck it” and sits back down.

0:36 – Oh wait.. some acting just kicked in and now she’s acting hot and bothered.. or maybe scared, I can’t tell.

0:41 – More knocks… the knock timing wasn’t quite as creepy, but she’s naturally alarmed.  She gets up anyway… look out the peep hole to see the creepy rape van but no one there.

0:51 – OH LAWD… chain wallet, beard, and now we find out he has a pony tail… some shit is going to go down. Shit always goes down when there is a chain wallet – beard – pony tail trifecta.

0:57 – She’s now scared.  She heads to her bedroom… Goes under the bed and gets her gen4 compact (G19) from some lame lockbox with a not much of a code.

1:13 – Back on the couch but the Glock beside her.  This is how the night should have started in my opinion, and with me there kicking that gun blog flava to her ears, but whatever… continuing on.  More knocks… they are now quick and hard! She’s not impressed.

1:19 – She gets up to go to the door and sees the handle being jiggled.. backs up… steadies her gun at the door.

1:28 – Door BURSTS open… creeper is now INSIDE!

1:35 – He sees her with the gun and faints.

1:45 – He wakes up and is on a stretcher with handcuffs, and R lee Ermey (a paramedic in this case) drops the tagline.  Did the guy hurt his head or something?  Who really gives a shit if he did, I say.  I suppose he’s there as a paramedic since they are “first responders”.

Glock-LogoI’m really disappointed to see “Perfection” hasn’t yet transcended from firearms into promotional videos.  If Glock wasn’t scared of a little controversy, I’d like to be hired to make them the most badass promo video, the world has ever seen.

Thoughts?  If you have a van like that but aren’t a rapist or a plumber I’d like to hear about it in the comments as well.



Yea I dropped a Dora The Explorer reference in the title… deal with it :)


Head over to to take a look.

A good read, and a good link to pass around to anybody you know who needs to be informed.

Maybe I’m just “old school” but having to swipe my finger 50 times to read 50 sentences wears on me after the first 5 swipes.  #FirstWorldProblems I suppose…


Hat tip: Jared, Chris, Sean