The accent is especially weak in this video:

Call me a “safety nazi” if you want, but I honestly can’t believe he wasn’t wearing any sort of eye protection when shooting the glock with his 1911, or the binary explosive at such close range.

I was optimistic that he’d be able to shoot it in the end… so much for that.



Because only single ladies and gay dudes keep Franzia boxes in the fridge:

Holds 3 litres.  You can buy it with or without wine in it from The20Wines.  The box itself is $40, and with some wine it’s $100.

If drinking wine out of an ammo box isn’t far more sophisticated than drinking it out of a cardboard box , I don’t know what is. 😛

It would have been more interesting if they would have made the wine inside the actual ammo can to soak up it’s flavors haha. *swirl swirl .. sniff* An aggressive gun oil boquet, with a strong gunpowder palate.

Even at $40 for the box it seems pricey… If I didn’t manly drink champagne and beer i’d probably head down to Fleet Farm and pick up a couple .50 caliber ammo cans for ~$12 and make a DIY project out of it.


Hat tip: Kevin



The fake Russian with guns has another youtube channel:

I guess this new channel is just for explanations or something.  He says he uses In The Red Exploding Targets, not wimpy Tannerite (his words).

People’s comments on youtube make my brain hurt.  I’d like to think most of them are from kids, not stupid adults.

Hat tip: Rick



This looks disappointing:

From the same guy who was Borat; and unsurprisingly it looks like it could be a sequel to Borat.  Probably a couple laughs in it, but my guess is a lot of the funny parts are in the trailer.

Opening in theaters May 11th, 2012.

Anyone dying to see this?



Funniest thing I’ve seen in a while:

I need heaps of gadgets cause I carry a shit gun / after killing my enemies I like to make shit puns

ahhahhah the whole thing is pure gold.

Hat tip: Jared



With a knife and a fake police badge thrown in for good measure:

I watched the whole 12 minute video waiting for an explanation regarding the “Santa Baby” panties.  I’ll save you the trouble, there isn’t one.

Pushing sub-compacts out to distances is interesting to try.

Any guesses on the story behind having those panties at the range?  Is that part of his EDC?