They talk about violence in the inner city, and various other things:

BET-Hates-MrColionNoirNothing groundbreaking, but a good interview nevertheless.




Some law enforcement “leaders” demand it:

Demand-A-Plan-Background-ChecksThat chief hat looks HUGE on that guy’s head.

Although I agree that criminals, the mentally ill etc.. shouldn’t have guns, I find it hard to even remotely support the message of an organization that wants to BAN HIGH CAPACITY ASSAULT CLIPS and make something that’s already illegal (straw purchases) more illegal… don’t even ask… I have no idea.




That’s right.. 3 brand new designs!


  • Defend Freedom AR-15
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Standard Capacity 30 RoundsSince all of my previous shirts only had front prints, I had a great idea for a back print so I decided to throw one on the shirt you see the AR-15 magazine on.  The back of it is pictured left… football number style.

The California t-shirt, and the keep calm ones are all filled up now too… so have at them.

Thanks as always for the support!



This is actually pretty cool:


The making of it:

Created by artist Mike Oncley.  I love behind the scenes vids.




Yawn… bricks were shit over this during the last few days, so I figure I might as well post it:

I will say that redhead is relevant to my interests, but she becomes incredibly less attractive at around the 1 minute mark.  Very Christina Hendricks looking…

NRA-LogoBasically this video contains mostly bullshit “facts”.  I don’t feel like wasting any pixels or time breaking it down… but watch it for some laughs.

What a bunch of goof actors.




Awwwwww yeah our guy has his first episode up:

For some reason I was initially surprised it had the same format as his regular YouTube videos.  The sound, and video clarity of course was noticeably tier 1 (which we’ve come to expect from the NRA).  Good stuff, so next up I was bracing for what I would see/hear…

Violence in the inner city!  Hot button topic for sure.  He definitely delivered a fact smackdown as expected.  LOL at the “sweet little Andre turned into Lil’ Pookie”  haha well played on keeping that in NRA, that’s sure to piss people off.

1:56 – OH Shit… he called out the president!  *music change* Oh what a fact-slaughter… this is going to piss people off too, nice work.

MrColionNoir-Ignorance-And-PoliticsI’m looking forward to seeing more from MrColionNoir and the NRA for sure.  My biggest worry is that they would have presented a watered down version of him, which really didn’t seem like the case at all.

Oh yea and Collins, the denim button up shirt… Balmain?  Either way, you’re looking sharp!

Thoughts?  Was this video what you expected?