I thought this was going to be a serious freddiew one initially:

That stunt reload with the two handguns was pretty funny… I gotta try that sometime. Snapcaps or unloaded though of course. I’d cringe (then leave) if I ever saw someone do that at the range.

When the heck is that movie of his coming out?  Should be nice.  These 3 minute short videos from him just aren’t as satisfying as they used to be.



The amount of firearms villainizing and false information in this video makes my head spin:

Full story at MSNBC – HERE

Police grade pistol!  Hollow point bullets!  Semi-automatic assault rifle!

“No paperwork, no background checks… probably couldn’t pass the damn thing anyway” <— *facepalm*

OMG the one guy’s 7 year old son came along for the exchange!  The humanity…

This is the icing on the cake for the entire video though:  .50 Caliber sniper rifle that has a range of 5 miles.   LOL yea I don’t doubt the bullet would go 5 miles, but considering the furthest confirmed sniper kill is at 2707 yards (1.54 miles)  why bother even pretending the average person could shoot semi-accurately at anywhere near 5 miles distance.

The best was the guy’s response to the reporters comment of “it can take down a helicopter”:

Oh it can take a plane, it can take anything! That’s a .50 caliber, I understand!

Funny how they kept talking about “online purchases”, when the purchase was face to face.  A real story would have been if they would have paypal’d the seller the money and convinced them to mail the firearm directly to them (the buyer).


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Nah not really.. just a poor logo decision:

Marine Corps scout snipers used the logo of the notorious Nazi SS organization while in Afghanistan in 2010, the service acknowledged Thursday.

We get it: Scout Sniper = SS … still what a terrible idea.

Full story at Marine Corps Times.

I hate to overuse *facepalm* graphics, so just know that the facepalm is implied.

Maximilian, the cartoonist that does Terminal Lance knocks it out of the park with this comic.




Appeared on the National Geographic TV show Doomsday Preppers.   Declared Mentally defective.  Gets all guns seized:

The video is very long, and not really worth watching unless you have some time to kill.  The gist of it is in the title.

I didn’t watch this next video either (14 minutes long eeek), but it looks like he isn’t giving up, and is going to fight for his rights back.

If you missed the Doomsday Preppers trailer I posted you can check it out – HERE

A real shame that the whole point of that show is basically to make everyone on it look crazy… not prepared.   The guy in the video even says he did his best to act the craziest he possibly could in an earlier video he posted.




This guy is bad ass:

Skip to 7:08  if you want to skip the letter reading and see the 1911 mag dump.

I’m sure people will be calling child protective services on him for being such a terrible person and killing his daughter’s access to the internet.  Inhumane in this day and age! :P  Sounds like that little brat deserved it.  I hope she’s embarrassed and learned a lesson.   Too bad she probably hates her parents even more now, and will likely drop out of school and become a stripper.  Mission not accomplished.

I complained all the time about doing anything that I considered “work”, but I still did it.  My parents were too nice to break anything of mine… they paid for it anyway, and they knew i’d likely just be more of a little idiot if I was missing one of my favorite things.

Any of your parents shoot/break anything of yours to prove a point?

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OMG is right… this thing is hideous:

Looks like something a gay homeless guy would use to protect his shopping cart full of cans.

I dare someone to build a rifle this hideous and use it in a training class. Yea yea i’ve seen the pink ones and those stupid Hello Kitty ones, but they don’t make me gag like this one does.

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