Happy 235th Birthday Marines.

Hopefully you active duty Marines get some cake and a good meal today.

Semper Fi!



  • The range depends on a persons arm length.
  • The red dot sight is for close target aquisiton for stabbing
  • The scope with magnification is for acquiring distant targets you plan on throwing the knife at

Maybe it’s just me.. but I feel that the way the optics are mounted would totally mess up blade harmonics.

This setup is just crying for a free floated vertical foregrip.



“Goodbye 09″ is the story of rapper/soldier M.I.L.O. and his journey from Denmark to the war in Afghanistan:

The guy’s flow on this song is great, but the translation doesn’t flow at all. For that reason, foreign music has always fascinated me, especially rap.

I really like the video too… very artistic. It does a great job of telling the story.

  • It appears that his entire album is available for free on the Dutch website bandbase – HERE

I skipped through a bunch of the tracks.  The album has a very Eminem-esque feeling to it, from the beats to the structure of the rhymes. The album appears to even follow a similar formula to American rappers of having some songs for the ladies to dance to, and some harder tracks made for chillin. I’m not sure how popular this guy is in Denmark, but even though I don’t understand a word he’s saying, he seems very talented.



Heh,  No kidding.  Too bad the doctors at the emergency rooms across the country aren’t allowed to say that to some of the people that get dropped off.





If you haven’t heard of PostSecret, it’s a ongoing community art project where people mail in their secrets anonymously on one side of a postcard.

I had the privilege of seeing an exhibit at an art gallery a few years ago.  The postcards range from funny, to downright disturbing. These military ones seem like no exception.  It really gives you a glimpse into what people are like below the surface.

There are a few more examples on the PostSecret website – HERE