Wait for it….

2 – 3 hours with nothing to eat!  My god!

I love how this guy keeps a straight face the whole time too.



Or as I’d prefer to call it; Firearms Save Lives! :P (yea yea I know.. that’s not necessarily true):

The hypothesis of “more guns = more deaths” is demonstrably false over the past 28 years of documented American history. The number of firearms in civilian circulation have been steadily increasing over that time period, and the number of firearm-related fatalities has not been equivalently increasing.

Linoge over at Walls Of The City turns the numbers into visuals.  He put the spreadsheet up with the data so you can look it over if you have any doubts.

Check out the full article – HERE

A lot of good analysis always going on over at Walls Of The City, add the site to your feed and don’t miss out.



Could what he’s wearing be considered Multicamisole?

It’s quite obvious that youtube does not have a “don’t ask don’t tell” policy.  Basically we just don’t ask, but are shown a bunch of stuff we probably could do better without seeing.

I expected the transition to be smoother and silkier. Better watch the hot brass on that man cleavage.

Hat tip: Peter R.



I wouldn’t do anything like this, under any circumstance, with any shooter, with any rifle:

I don’t care if the late Carlos Hathcock wanted to shoot at a plate I was holding 10 ft away from him… it wouldn’t happen.

Despite the Army Safety Center tags on the bottom, I’m positive this is fake.   All the “actors” in it sound too scripted, and the Afgan guy in the navy hat has a stupid grin on his face the whole time.  My guess is what went down is the first round was possibly real, and fired into the dirt, or they planted a small explosive charge in the dirt.  The 2nd round, a blank.   I’m not going to get into any sound spectrum analysis but if you listen to the first shot at 0:41 then jump to the 2nd shot at 1:11 they sound diferent.

Hat tip: Al T.



Remember back when people didn’t flip out every time a gun or knife was on a children’s show?

*Gasp* killing live animals to cook and eat them?  Negligence with handguns and rifles?  It’s amazing every kid that watched the Muppet Show isn’t some trigger happy yahoo with no respect for animals. :roll:

Hat tip: Greg P.



In which he trumps the stupidity displayed in all of his other vids…

Rather than feeling honored, I think i’ll jump in the shower and try to wash off this dirty feeling I have.

Ugh and sitting on the toilet seat with pants on?  He will probably spend the rest of the week in those pants too.  Sweet mother of god that guy is dirty.

Trolls gonna troll..