Pistons? Microcomputers? You bet:

According to the video 1 out of 5 single amputee soldiers return to duty.   That’s amazing. I hope it’s out of a dedication to their job though, and not because “someone’s gotta pay the bills” because the disability money is not enough to live off.



Got this email last week from a marketing firm History channel hired to promote Top Shot 3:

My Response:

No response after that.  Hahha

Well he got some free marketing out of the email anyway, just for being oblivious to the fact I dislike the show and poke fun at the doucebaggery.  Mission accomplished, like they say “there is no such thing as bad press”.

They send mass emails like that out to bloggers every season in an effort to not only promote the show, but also gain backlinks… a very common practice.

Make sure to vote for the Season 3 Top Douchebag when I put the poll up toward the end of the season.



Try as you will, you will never be this badass:

I just know that this “Bave Pathan” character is on his way to pick up some hot babe to take her out on wild night on the streets of Karachi.

U jelly? Or as they say in Urdu, the official language of Pakistan “U جیلی؟”



Websites for weapon building, starting with my favorite:

1) Larue Tactical Weapon Profiler

All around great looking weapon builder.  Has a wide variety of parts, but only Larue Tactical items in the categories of stuff they make (rails etc..) makes sense though.

My one criticism of this is that you have to manually line the items up, there is no “snap” feature.  The lack of this feature makes creating ridiculous looking rifles a breeze though.

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The video shows Chapman’s boy running up and down the aisles by one of the seven cameras on board. Finally she grabs the child and spanks him. A man sitting behind her doesn’t approve and he threatens to turn her in for child abuse.

She then makes a phone call. Investigators say she made that call to set up what is about to happen…

Full Story – HERE

An uncut version of the video on liveleak – HERE

Reasonable response i’d say.  That will teach people to mind their own business. /sarcasm LOL wtf?



Quick tour of the Sierra bullet factory:

mmmmm bullets…

That looks like some serious equipment.