Shooting a Hotwheels car in mid air after it is launched off a ramp:

22plinkster needs a high-speed camera and a few go-pros set up closer to the target.  I like his shots, but most of them are next to impossible to see.  He could just be faking all these videos (I know he isn’t but I’m just saying) to troll us.




Chaos311Clarity laughs at your minuscule ammo stockpile.  He gets it by the drum:

Source – @chaos311clarity

XM855BAR is 5.56x45mm 62 gr.  Yea that would be quite a bit of fun with an AR-15.

Make sure you also check out Chaos’ dope YouTube channel by the same name.



I hate to think how much Robert Downey Jr. And FPS Russia got paid for this:

I’ve seen worse trailers.  This one was easy on the eyes at least.  Not surprised they are still milking the Back In Black song.

With around 2 weeks until launch date, it’s pretty obvious that the Call of Duty guys are going to beat us to death with teasers and trailers for a while.

You can pre-order Black Ops II at Amazon for $59.


Hat tip: Andy



A new show on the discovery channel:

If the world as you know it falls apart, will you rise up to fight? Discovery Channel’s new one-hour documentary follows citizen militia, survival and prepper groups in Arizona, Florida and Indiana who are preparing for the worst.

I’ll have to say I was quite disappointed no one had an Unorganized Milita hat on.  Oh well, I’m sure at least one of them owns one, and wears it when they are in casual mode.

The show premiered on Wednesday October 24th, Did anyone catch it?  If so, how was it?



“Why is he telling you to carry a gun he wouldn’t carry?”  That question is probably rhetorical considering exactly zero girls likely follow ENDO on a regular basis.  If not, prove me wrong!

Yeager definitely knows how to troll with a good video title.  I didn’t think the was going to advocate that women are too stupid to choose their own gun… but I did click to find out.




Normally paintball is one getting inspired, not the one giving inspiration.  That’s changed:

Enter the Elftmann Tactical Dual Enhancement Trigger.

I’ve seen people use double triggers on paintball guns, and they are a lot faster.  The one advantage though on paintball is that people can feather the trigger with their two fingers, creating a barrage of paintballs.  Watching the video, you can see the guy is shooting sort of quick, but no quicker than the average person could pull a regular trigger.  Does he just suck at demonstrating the product, or is it it just poorly designed to not register a feathering of the trigger with ones index and middle fingers?

With two triggers I don’t want to see this thing anywhere near the retards at the public ranges I occasionally go to that couldn’t practice proper trigger discipline to save their life.

Also, what’s the deal with the gang sign grip he’s utilizing during most of the video?  To me that’s another non-selling point of the product, if it requires you to hold your rifle like that.

The trigger pack is $239 (sheeeeeeeeeeit) available over at Elftmann Tactical.