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This just went (turbo retard) ^ infinity * DERP / 0:


  • If the president bans assault rifles on Biden’s request, Yeager says that will spark a civil war and he’d be glad to fire the first shot.
  • He wants patriots to get their guns and ammo ready, and get ready to fight.
  • He will not let the U.S. be ruled by a dictator, he’s not letting anyone take his guns, and if it goes one inch further he will start killing people.

I’ve seriously never seen a guy try so hard to get thrown in jail.  I don’t know much about the law, but I assume death threats (even if they are not toward a specific person) are not covered under free speech.  People get in trouble for even making the most vague threats about school shootings and what not in the news all the time.  He’s allowed to infer that he will shoot government members, the military, and police?  It’s only logical to assume those are the three groups threatening his guns.

A related note… what did he or anyone else do during the last AWB?  Oh nothing?  Yea exactly!  Because no one wants to get killed or thrown in jail for life.  Buck Yeager is the biggest shit talker known to the gun related side of the internet… I’m truly surprised that so many guys support him when literally all he does is talk.  I can’t stand people that talk shit and don’t back it.

James-Yeager-Angel-ApprovedHuge surprise that the original video got set to private an hour or so after he put it up.  haha this guy is a loose cannon.  Thank god people are saving these videos now.


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MrColionNoir‘s most riveting video yet:

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AmidsTheNoise trades in his v-neck for a crewneck and speaks on the topic:


I’m anxious to see whether or not in video three we will see him in a mockneck, then in video four a turtleneck.

All jokes aside, this guy has a great way or presenting the facts and giving examples.

If you missed his first video; choose your own crime stats, make sure to check it out… it’s very good as well.




They couldn’t find Ja Rule apparently for comment, but Stanley McChrystal was available:

First of all, what’s a Bushmaxter? LOL

Secondly, this guy is retired and as far as I know WAS well respected in the gun and military community.  Why would he voluntarily align himself with the gun grabbers?  Oh because he’s a retired general, therefore better than the rest of us average plebes?  PuhLeeze.  You’d think spending a career as a general his strategic thinking would be more on point… enough to see that guns are not the problem anyway.  Who knows though, maybe he’s got some sort of political agenda now that’s going to get him paid.





I’m not a fan of this style of “interview”… extremely useless:

2:15… well that escalated quickly.

Part II:

Too much unnecessary finger pointing, yelling, and mocking by Alex Jones for my liking.  He could be the most intelligent man on the planet, but he just comes across as being nuts most of the time with his “new world order” and 9/11 conspiracy talk etc…


5:44 – What is this, kindergarten?  You’re a grown-ass man Alex.. act like one.

Make sure to check out the past Piers Morgan on gun control interviews I posted if you haven’t already seen them.

I know a lot of you have disagreed with me in the past when I said Ted Nugent wasn’t a good 2nd Amendment ambassador, and I’ll go on the record as adding Alex Jones to that list as well.

Alex Jones after the interview:

Why couldn’t he have been as calm on Piers’ show as he was in the above clip? I suppose a lot of it has to do with the fact Piers would have talked over him. Still a lot of batshit crazy stuff in this video too though.