The gun shop guys speak on the topic in another episode of Gun Gripes:

2:54 – Barry says he had 4 negligent discharges in his life (so far).   Shot through a bedroom wall, kitchen wall, closet door, living room ceiling.    Wow *facepalm* at least he’s honest and no one was hurt.

5:30 – Cop accidentally bumpfiring the 1911 on the door hook of a bathroom stall.  Pretty neat story if it’s true.

12:20 – Jar of saved rounds from guns that were supposedly unloaded that were pointed at them in 2011. That’s insane!!!!

Initially I thought 17 Minutes was about 14 minutes too long for me to watch, especially on a topic I never plan on having any personal experience with.  I’m glad I watched it though because it was interesting.

Thoughts? Any of you have any negligent discharge stories?



You had to know the video was going to be from Cokeman:

The AKS-74U is one of my favorite AKs.  I had to laugh when he called Red Jacket Firearms (the guys from Sons of DERP) “Shit Jacket”

No ear plugs in either of course… what a gem this guy is.




Snitch on someone for carrying a gun – get a $1000 reward:

No conviction necessary? hahha man…

Are the taxes that high in NJ that you are only left with $500 if you snitch on someone?  That’s all Mayor Booker has got in his hand…

What do you guys think of this?  Ratting anyone out this weekend and spending the proceeds on ammunition and liquor?



While her agitated mohawk’d baby looks on in disgust:

Nothing really groundbreaking here, but she makes some valid points.



Detroit gonna Detroit:

Two paramedics sit in their broken down ambulance as shots ring out all around them.

That’s some scary stuff right there.



People have been going nuts over this rifle:

I have no interest at all in the .300 Blackout round (from purely an armchair operator / cost perspective)… I like the rest of it though.  Is that stock proprietary?  I NEED IT.  I swear I remember seeing it on some sort of Remington tactical AR-15 which would make sense considering Remington now owns AAC.

If you aren’t familiar with the Honey Badger meme check the youtube video.  Normally I’d say piggybacking a meme was lame, but in this case i’ll make an exception since AAC actually came up with something that carries the name with honor.

Oh and one more thing… seriously FPS Russia just change your name to “FPS” because you put absolutely zero effort into that accent now.