No one likes the TSA rules, mainly because they are not logical. That said, if you are planning on flying you need to abide by them or you simply will not get on the plane.  Because of this I just grin and bear it in order to get pushed through the line faster and get where I need to go.

Fellow gun blogger SaysUncle is trying a different approach though:

I’m going to get all absolutist at the ticket counter today. They’re going to ask me to certify that my checked firearm is unloaded. I will say all firearms are always loaded. Then they’ll have to call some one from the local police to handle the weapon. Then, they’ll ask me to certify that it is unloaded again. I will say all firearms are always loaded. And we’ll be stuck in a loop. (Source)

Now don’t get me wrong.. in a normal everyday situation outside of an airport I’d see that as a perfect opportunity to go all “Jeff Cooper” on someones ass too.

At an airport though, where even a 3.1 oz bottle of handsanitizer in a carryon is a threat to national security… I’d play their stupid game.

Otherwise it might be:

“Yes sir/ma’am my firearm is unloaded” is probably your safest bet.

Godspeed SaysUncle… Godspeed



Stewie takes care of some trick-or-treaters with a M16/M4 looking rifle:

The episode airs tonight.

I never got into watching Family Guy, but it looks pretty good.



By giving away free meals this November 11th:

You just need to show proof of your military service, and you get one of the following meals for free:

  1. Oldtimer with cheese
  2. Quesadilla explosion salad
  3. Margarita grilled chicken
  4. Cajun chicken pasta
  5. Chicken crispers
  6. Chicken club tacos

A PDF of the Veteran’s Day Menu – HERE

The Chili’s website – HERE

Very nice of them to do that. I’m sure they will have a busy night.



These flags work on so many levels:

(Click the picture as usual to enlarge)

As long as the 2nd amendment keeps getting stomped on in CA, people should be flying one of these flags instead.

It’s subtle, so the hippies probably wouldn’t get it. That on its own would be great.

Thanks to commenter Aleksandr Mravinsky, for flag #2.



Damn I hadn’t heard anything from Slim Thug since his “Like A Boss” days… I thought it was game over for him!

Evidently he’s still doing his best to perpetuate stereotypes. Some of those guns are pretty nice though.

I had to cringe at around 3:35 when he was getting ready to shoot the .454 casull Taurus Raging Bull. It was cocked and it looked like his finger was going to hit the trigger. Having the gun fly back into your forehead wouldn’t be a good way to start the range visit.

The LOLz start at 5:05 when he pulls out the Gold DEAGLE .50 …. Classic teacup grip at first, but he manages to pull it off without getting hurt… 2nd scene though it appears he’s still got the teacup grip, but his arms have moved more inward so hes now about to shoot it with bent elbows… then WHAM… slide to the face! haha a lot of good that range officer was.

Looks like he could use some instruction on stance and proper arm position when holding a rifle too. Kinda funny to have over $10000 invested in guns, and no idea how to properly use them.

I think it’s pretty clear he should stick to what he’s good at… rapping.



Long, but worth the watch. Zeiss does make some pretty impressive scopes… I just wish they weren’t so expensive.

I love that accent, it’s so super-villain.