Freddiew could learn a thing or two about awesomeness from these kids:

The video is so epic.  My jaw dropped on more than one occasion.

It’s got a real Scarface feel to it.  I don’t know whether to think these kids have awesome parents, or completely insane ones for letting them do this.  haha

The video is actually a music video for a song called “The Greeks” by the band “Is Tropical”.

Hat tip: Ben H.



12 minutes of “The LAV” beating the living crap out of the Daniel Defense M4:

“The LAV” isn’t quite as obnoxious in this video as in the previous one I got a lot of flack for criticizing.

Yea yea I get it, he’s a former operator who operated in operations. What the hell have I ever done?  Nothing most of you would find interesting, which is why I sit here and make fun of shit, deal with it.

Back to the video though, the explosion at around 7minutes was awesome!

Bottom line, Daniel Defense makes some tough stuff.  You can check out their website – HERE



I’ll admit the title of the video had me all hyped up. The result was some what anti climactic though.

Still Joerg Sprave is the man… I look forward to posting about his future projects.



I’m no expert in SWAT tactics, but rolling up, setting off a car alarm, then bunching up near the entrance seem counterintuitive.

And when the shots start going off.. yikes… I’ts amazing Jose Guerena’s wife and son weren’t killed either in that 60 shot mess.

What do you guys think?

Full Story – HERE



Initially my mind was blown, but then the bird sang… and my mind was BLASTED:

Gold pistols, with pearls and diamond detailing, singing birds with real feathers?  Uh yea i’m in.. and I’d OC this, one on each hip and get the songbird to scare away scumbags. Sadly a bullet wouldn’t follow.

The video says that one similar pistol over 20 years ago fetched a price of $1M!  Christies’s expect these to go for 2.5-5M for the pair.



Popped collar and all… LOL I love it.

The artist is Mike Mitchell, you can check out his website – HERE