An interesting idea:

From the creator of the video, youtuber tnoutdoors9:

The shots are timed as close as possible to the background music. I would listen to the soundtrack before recording each segment in order to maintain the beat. It doesn’t hurt that I have a music background!

I like tracers.  They sure show up nicely on that low light “nightvision” setting on camera.



They have ample opportunity to take out the shooter:

But instead they just stare in disbelief.  Stop motion photography blows my mind… it looks so time consuming.



Cokeman is nothing if not classy:

The first comment on youtube by RowenCx4 sums it up best:

jihad beard, track suit, gold watch, AK, you’re creep’in me out bro.

The boy does know how to bumpfire an AK pretty well though…

I never thought i’d see a Cokeman video where he didn’t call us all faggots and say a bunch of other random offensive things.  Maybe he’s growing up?

Either way he’s transformed into quite the Beiber-ZZ-Top-Ashton-Kutcher looking son of a bitch.

I for one am looking forward to the many facepalms I get from watching his videos this year.

Keep up the work Cokeman.



Hope the tooth fairy leaves an extra silver dollar under this future operators pillow:

I’m glad the tooth was optimally loose.  That would have hurt so much if the NERF arrow spooled out to the end of the string and just stopped dead.

Any of you guys do anything creative like this? I just got mine out the old fashioned way of working them back and forth with my tongue and fingers.

Hat tip: Dad



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Operators who operate in sporting event operations:

These videos do a good job making normal shooting ranges look mundane.  I wish I knew these guys so I could come take a few shots.

Interesting to see, but kind of unsettling that such snipers actually exist considering the sheer volume of people packed so tightly in the area.   I guess they are counting on the crowd dispersing around any threats such as active shooters.  I wonder if the AR-15 in the 2nd video is giggle switch equipped?

Check the full article over at Tactical Life.

Confirmed light beer in hand; Section 18 Row 38 Seat 12.  Tango is about to take a sip. ENGAGE!