Teaser video for something S&W is releasing April 12:

I’m not holding my breath for a Shielded Weapon System, but it would be nice. :P

My guess is it will be some sort of neva been done befo’ pocket pistol.

What do you think it will be?



I’ll warn you in advance, this video is a waste of your valuable time:

These guys are most known for the hundreds of shooting videos they have where they take girls to the range   I guess they decided to switch things up?

Airsoft in the video you say?  Could be I suppose.. but when they do the unsafe “safety” check at 1:54 they look pretty damn real, and look exactly like the real ones in all their other videos.  You can see the one of the left says M&P on the lower, which is quite obviously the same as the one is this video.

I’m starting to feel like an uptight safety Nazi on this blog, but really.. is it too much to ask for people to not treat guns like toys?

Also, isn’t it just common sense that if you’re doing retarded stuff like this in your free time, to not post it on the internet with your vehicle licence plate showing? Flordia “104 NHC” hey?  *search in database*  Result: Registered to a Mr. Hugh G Doosh  283 Asshat Ln. Miami Florida, 33101.

Prediction: This video won’t be up long.




Firearms for self defense? HA… not needed if you have these skills:

I was especially impressed with the part starting at 1:14 where they were putting holes in paper.

I predict James Yeager is going to start up Slaptical Defense, a tactical slap school where they teach this skill and put a photographer between the slapper and the receiver during all training exercises.  Classes will start at $450, and you’ll get a Slaptical Operator certificate when you complete all 10 courses.




Last week I announced I was giving away the following four PS3 video games:

I generated 4 numbers and Random.org and here are the winners:

  • #51052 – Jym Bob
  • #50314 – E.Wit
  • #50739 – Kevin W
  • #50489 – Daron

I emailed the winners and asked them to rank the games 1-4 in order of want, and hopefully everyone will get the game they really hoped for.

Thank you to everyone that entered, and better luck next time if you didn’t win.  I’m going to be giving a lot more stuff away on here so stay tuned and tell all of your friends.

If you want to read the reviews, and/or purchase a game anyway, you can follow the Amazon links below:

Thank you so much to the person that hooked me up with the games for this giveaway!  He’s a gentleman and a scholar, and didn’t even want to be mentioned in the posts by name.



They got a TON of flack for it in that one video that surfaced a while back, so I thought they quit:

Well apparently not (starting at 0:10 in the above video):

Same photographer as the first time?  Or did that one die and this is his replacement?

I know some of you probably think this is perfectly reasonable, and agree with James Yeager’s original response video to the incident.  I may not be a tier 1 operator, but I honestly think that above picture showcases one of the most retarded things you could possibly do at a shooting range.

The video I embedded is by a new tactical youtube couple “Cory & Erika” which blog reader Kurt put me on to.  The online gun community is pretty smitten over Erika for good reason, and they give Cory a rough time about her in a lot of the comments.  hahah internet.  Cory seems like a really good guy though, so I ain’t mad.  Plus he’s quite high-speed, so at least she didn’t go for some douchebag.  From the few videos I watched Erika can shoot really well, and has a good time, so that’s always nice to see.

Make sure to check out Cory & Erika’s youtube channel – HERE

Let me hear what’s on your mind in the comments.  Are you willing to shoot with a photographer down range?  Would you BE that photographer?

Hat tip: Kurt A.



Look out school bullies… there’s a new line of defense available for nerds:

Joerg Sprave is so awesome.  I’m really surprised he hasn’t quite his day job yet and made these things full time.  If he was able to get the design a bit more polished, and more conducive to injection molding he would be able to sell millions of them.  What kid wouldn’t want a gun like that?  I suppose it would be the parents that would be the issue…

Towards the end when he glued the arrow field top to the pencil… that was awesome.