Absolutely kills it:

Alanis Morisette never sounded so good.

Seems like songs from this guy are a regular occurrence!



Oh no he didn’t!

The SPORTS acronym is all fun and games until you do that after you had squib, and the barrel and receiver blows up in your face.

Source – Gun Free Zone



Because numbers, colors, animals, and the alphabet are for wimps:

Cutest voice ever.  Best memory type game I’ve seen played with a kid yet.

Speaking of kids, i’ll be a pseudo uncle in a few days once my girlfriend’s brother’s kid is born.  Pretty excited to see him; they are naming him Ashton. Fun fact: They were originally spelling it “Ashtyn”, but after everyone harassed them (terrible I know haha) they ended up changing it. Also google images yields some pretty LOL worthy results for Ashtyn (ie. male model Ashtyn Long)

Hat tip: Lisa



Finally something to satisfy my thirst for assault tea!   If only the revolver could somehow be rigged to shoot honey into each cup…

How long until the cops kick down someones door and shoot them holding one of these things? :P

I looked, but I have no idea where you can get one of these things… maybe it’s just “art”?

Hat tip: Jacob S.



From the guy that brought us The Shooting Range Idiot:

A parody cover of Gloria Gaynor – I Will Survive.

I said it before, but this guy has skills.




I believe that right is protected by Amendments 2 and 3.1415926:

UPDATE: Oh Snap! An even more hilarious video where everyone has guns:

LOL @ StudentsForGunFreeSchools.org  If I was still in university i’d “get involved” and become a campus leader just to troll them from the inside.

I really don’t see the problem with video #2. All the guns were aimed at the one guy that started it all… isn’t that what the police would do if they were there?

I love how their slogan is “Armed with knowledge not guns”.  Wouldn’t the knowledge we gained from incidents like Virginia Tech suggest that guns are the quickest way to end a massacre? 

Oh wait… but if guns were “illegal” on campus, that means there’s not even a chance that criminals would be carrying, right? *eye roll*

Hat tip: Weerdworld