Yes these guys that own a gun shop made a suit up to test Hi-Point guns:

The protective suit in action:

This suit was originally created to test the Hi Point pistol that we thought we were going to make explode with minimal effort. The idea is that the gun can be fired somewhat safely while still sighting it. The suit was made from a new rubber maid trash can, a pistol belt, some lexan, and some nuts and bolts. The mount for the surefire was purely for a touch of humor.

LOL oh man.. I love it.  I’d be pretty worried about my hands still though.  Some welding gloves might be a decent idea.

I used to give Hi-Point more flack on this blog than I do now, mainly because I ran out of material.   I still think their designs are hilarious… but the guns are cheap, and their lifetime warranty is respectable so good on them!

Stuff like this seems to me like a PR nightmare. I imagine Hi-Point just shrugs it off while counting their money though.



Fellow blogger “Huey’s Gunsight” caught this (and more) on a recent visit to a country fair:

Went to the local county fair last weekend (Delaware County, Ohio) and had a chance to check out more than just fair food and midway attractions.  Stopped off in one the exhibit halls and got to check out some of the 4-H projects kids had done this year.  I was (happily) surprised at the number of entries under firearms and firearm safety.  Better yet, 99.9% of the kids got the info right and are apparently being taught correctly how to respect, use and, most importantly, enjoy the recreational use of firearms.

Lots more pictures over at his blog – HERE

Hard data, facts, and even graphs? *single tear*

I know 4-H is a country thing… but I still have hope because some of these kids will move to the city, marry a city girl and have city kids which will hopefully grow up like this.

Any stories about your son/daughter doing a project on firearms?  Was it well received?



Coffee table book for the more sophistacated “girls with guns” connoisseur:

Not quite sure who their target market is, but I applaud the effort.  Rather than spend $30, it seems I could just get the same experience by walking into any given gunstore, or to any shooting range in the world that happened to have a girl in it.   The girls in the pictures are pretty, but big deal?

As you can tell, my first thought was that a “girls with guns” book, where the girls have all of their clothes on would be a huge flop.   Doesn’t look like it according to amazon sales ranking:

I’m still wondering if the apparent success of this book is from the pure shock value that EVIL GUNS still have in mainstream culture.  According to the book’s website Media page it got a lot of exposure in some of the big magazines and on some popular news websites.  Probably a lot of “OMG that woman looks just like my mom/aunt/sister and shes holding an evil fully automatic assault rifle with extended clips and a shoulder thing that goes up!”

You can buy it on Amazon – HERE

What are your thoughts?  Something you would by for yourself, girlfriend, friend, wife?



A very long internet classic:

AR15: You can pick off prairie dogs at 300 meters all day long
AK47: You can pick off a deer pretty easy at 300 meters
Mosin-Nagant: You get out of your truck, see an elk on top of a hill, and realize you really can use iron sights that far.

AR15: You measure your misses by sub MOA measurements
AK47: You miss and, and aim a bit lower this time.
Mosin-Nagant: Even if you miss the shockwave of the bullet will kill the animal.

AR15: You are careful to keep in clean in the field.
AK47: You don’t worry so much about some dirt getting in it.
Mosin-Nagant: It still has gritty grease inside it from when the Finnish army put it into storage.

AR15: Your bayonet will do an alright job of butchering your kill if needed.
AK47: The bayonet doubles as a decent hunting knife.
Mosin-Nagant: Your bayonet can be used to spit roast an entire pig.

AR15: Nice and light for carrying over obstructions.
AK47: Handy package for carrying over obstructions.
Mosin-Nagant: You can pole vault over obstructions.

AR15: Can’t run dry or you get seizure.
AK47: Can run dry, but may cause laquered ammo to stick in chamber.
Mosin-Nagant: Just handling the bolt gives it enough oil to operate smoothly.

Lots more after the break!

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Because loaded guns are dangerous:

STOP!  I have all the means on my person to assemble and use a firearm.

LOL definitely worth watching.

Any of you guys do this? :P

Personally, just to be extra safe i’d go down to a full detail strip of your carry piece. I hear California lawmakers are trying to push something like this through.



I’ve been impressed with LEGO creations in the past, but I think this just set the bar even higher:

Tons more pics over at MocPages – HERE

Unbelievable that it even takes magazines that you load with rubber bands.  There must be some type of advanced LEGO CAD program for this complex of a project.  Trial and error just wouldn’t cut it.

If people were to start selling kits for projects like this and the LEGO predator they could probably make a decent living.