The company whose name I hate came out with that pretty sweet new product at SHOT this year.  Too bad they got into some legal hot water and are now being liquidated.  Oh well, maybe Barrett will step up to the plate and actually release the XM500 rifle they showed at SHOT a couple of years ago.

How long until S.W.A.T. units start buying these for clearing rooms?

To check out why the Sabre Defence name annoys me, and see ‘The Office’ make fun of it check out one of my prior posts – HERE


  • Check out the website – HERE

Awesome… It works very well, and has loads of options.  Those Australians are a crafty bunch, sucks their gun laws are restrictive.

Once the snow melts and it warms up, my printer won’t know what hit it.



And queue the artsy “purpose of” explanation…

Here, weapons which may typically be viewed as symbols of violence are converted to tools for peace. Our creativity and knowledge expressed through words and sketches are the best means to get our points across, not through force and/or violence – a strong message conveyed by the designer.

Those explanations never cease to make me laugh.  Cool notebooks though!

$20 each available – HERE

Sure to piss off a teacher or a principal if you get one of these for your kid.



I’m not a fan of most of Laserlyte’s other products.. but this one looks pretty awesome.

I think I’d want to get one of those Glock trigger auto reset dryfire practice parts ASAP though so I wouldn’t have to keep racking the slide.

Available in 9mm, .40, and .45 for $100 at Laserlyte – HERE

Or for cheaper on amazon – HERE, HERE, and HERE



Check out the entire chain of events – HERE

TheOatmeal is such an awesome site.



I like the features, and the guy’s enthusiasm.  The guns look VERY weak though… Almost like someone took a thick sheet of plastic, cut out the general shape of a gun and put stickers it.

I’m glad they at least kept the expected *Pew pew pew* sound.

I can’t find a website, so I don’t have any more info on this.