The back story:

I don’t remember what I used to expand the mouth, some tapered piece of metal I had laying around that did the job perfectly. Then I stole the .44 ball from my brother’s black powder stuff and glued it in.

I keep in with my ammunition display, and it’s convincing enough that people often ask me “what the hell shoots that?!” I usually come up with some line of BS about a hinged chamber that clamps around it. I’ll tell them that the neck acts as a venturi that increases the velocity of the expanding gasses like a rocket engine’s nozzle, while keeping chamber pressures down.

Rivals the 7.62x19mm cartridge I posted about last week.

I also just decided I want a wooden grip glock in this caliber.   The wood is to give it a retro feel.

Hat tip: USSMunkfish



FPSRussia tears it up auto style:

I’ve heard bad things about shooting at bodies of water because of ricochets.  So many people on youtube do it though.

Those incendiary rounds look like fun.

I’ll legally own one of those fire selector switches someday… mark my words.



Joerg Sprave “Crazy Slingshot Guy” never ceases to amaze me.

I love how excited he gets when it split the coconut and he likened that to splitting a zombie skull. haha

I propose using this slingshot as new form of capital punishment. The gravity operated guillotine wasn’t cool enough.



Oh if this only had a picatinny rail clamp on it:

Yes it’s real.  It’s called the Gerber Steady, and will be available for $65 in the spring of 2012. *facepalm*

Obligatory Xzibit meme:



The attention to detail is incredible:

Plenty more pictures to check out over at the Russian photo blog – HERE 



Jon Favreau is pretty awesome.  I want his semi in a briefcase thing!  I’d also take FreddieW’s arm cannon too, that thing packs a punch.

If you haven’t already figured out why Jon Favreau is in the video, it’s basically a promo for the new movie he directed called Cowboys & Aliens, based off the graphic novel of the same name.

Opinions on the movie and/or graphic novel?