The WRT54G is such a classic… definite OG shit.  You can hack them nicely too:

Behind the scenes commentary:

Richard-Ryan-ENDONot your best tech assassin video Richard, I’ll say that much haha… nice shot though at least!  You should have trolled by packing the router with tannerite then talking about how powerful 9mm is because it caused such an explosion.  Or you could have at least or put the top round in the HK magazine in backwards in your intro shots!  People need to start retaining me for advice on trolling, then I’ll hire some of you guys I know whose troll games are tight, and middleman the advice for a cool percentage.

Richard is wearing his favorite California No Right To Bear Arms t-shirt from ENDO Apparel.



Street troll Mark Dice hits the beach in San Diego to ask the question:

memorial-day-folded-flag-cemeteryNobody cares;  that generally sums it up.  All most people know is they get a day off work, and there are possibly some sales at the stores they like that weekend.

Sad stuff.  Thoughts?



A beautiful tribute from the U.S. Navy Band’s Country Current:

memorial-day-folded-flag-cemeteryEven thought I’m a rap guy, It’s impossible not to appreciate the beauty of a song like this.  I’ll be honest though, a slow guitar solo wouldn’t have hurt, and definitely wouldn’t have diminished the meaning of the song or day.



The “Syrian chicken wing”:

Trigger discipline is for newbs.  Sweet move keeping the stock under the armpit too.

I wish I understood the language, or knew the back story.  Why are they all hiding behind that wall?  Are they fighting with someone down the street?  The guy helping her seems reluctant to stick out too far.


Perfect barrel length and stock configuration for a little girl.


Hat tip: Kyrstian



Demolition Ranch puts the lead sauce on some explosive packs:

Demolition-Ranch-ENDO-Selector-SwitchPretty cool looking.  Since I suck at shooting clays the entire field would be littered in unscathed explosive packs just taunting me.  I’d put my tail between my legs and recollect them, or else snap, walk out into the field and point blank blast everyone of them just to call it even.  The targets he’s using are by Last Man Standing.

If you want his M16 fire selector switch t-shirt, you can find it over at ENDO Apparel.



Another great example of why law enforcement doesn’t get paid enough:

Almost as soon as Boyd approached the car, Ebel, a white supremacist gang member who signed his name “Evil Evan,” began firing at him with a 9mm Smith and Wesson handgun, police have said. Boyd was shot twice in the chest, and a bullet grazed his forehead above the left eye.

Full Story – ABC News

Thankfully the Sheriff’s deputy who got shot lived.  Sadly he’s headed back to work!  That just makes me sick to my stomach.  Cheated death once, and now he’s going back… Bills need to be paid though I suppose and hopefully lightening won’t strike the same spot twice.  Ugh… I need to win powerball so I can make it rain and give guys like that retirement money.

Shit-Just-Got-RealIn case this guy getting shot at wasn’t enough for you, remember when that Ohio scumbag who wanted to die tried to spray and pray those to police officers?