I gotta tell you fellas, you got what appears to be a dynamite idea *shifty eyes*:

Combining the Vigilant Spectre group with moving vehicles, ice, snow, and firearms seems to me like a deadly cocktail… but hey I just operate from cozy armchairs, so really what do I know?  After reading their disclaimer though I was really put at ease haha:

Disclaimer: THE ACTIVITIES DEPICTED IN THIS VIDEO CARRY A HIGH RISK OF SERIOUS BODILY INJURY OR DEATH. VSO does not advocate the emulation of high risk behaviors. DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS AT HOME! Viewer discretion is advised.

Translation: You’re not operator enough to attempt what we do in the video.  Fall back you newbs.  Ask your mom’s permission before you even view this shit… we are THAT hardcore.

You can go back through the Vigilant Spectre archives to see my opinions on their past tomfoolery.  I stand by what I said, but since then I have exchanged a few emails with Vigilant Spectre himself, and he actually seems like a good guy… I just never plan on shooting with him or his crew.  Basically I’ll summarize it by bastardizing / modifying a Bruce Dickinson quote from the SNL “blue oyster cult” skit… Vigilant Spectre of course as THE Bruce Dickinson:

I put my rifle on; the sling over one shoulder just like the rest of you… except once my rifle is on I do stupid shit.

We can talk about “is this good for gun owners? Is this bad for gun owners?” until we’re blue in the face.  Frankly in this case it looks like they are out in the middle of nowhere shooting into a ditch, and they all made the decision as adults to be there, so I don’t really care.  I wouldn’t want to be involved with something like this in any capacity, but that’s just me. If I ever win Powerball I’m buying Vigilant Spectre a small helicopter so they can kick this up a few notches.

Vigilant-Spectre-Winter-Vehicle-OpsThe muzzle sweeping was pretty bad a few times, but they said that was ok because there was no round in the chamber (hopefully).

Does the mixing of several camouflages and fabric from several different eras drive anyone else nuts? haha




The idea was grand.  The outcome not as expected:

4:58 – LOL oops.  Lesson learned, lucky someone didn’t end up with a piece of something in their head.

Their 10 ft tannerite pipe worked fine… I guess 60ft was too long for the explosion to propagate?


There are a lot of suggestions on their youtube video comments on what to do to make that long one work, I have no idea if any of them know what they are talking about though.





When Chris Costa isn’t catching major air jumping sharks, he’s apparently involved in synchronized land dancing with other tactical operators.

Chris-Costa-Chanel-ParodyOne could have cut the bro love on that range with a knife.  Even though I believe the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie “Junior” COULD actually happen, I’m pretty sure most of the time guys can’t get pregnant.  That said, I was told that Costa Junior’d one or two guys that day, just from them being in his vicinity.

Thoughts? Do you operate like this in your own operations? If not, do you aspire to?



First up, Aiming.  In the screenshot of the video she’s saying “Sorry I can’t hear you over the sound of how hot I am”:

This one is on eye relief:

In case you didn’t already know Kirsten Weiss is kinda a big deal.  Check the Lapua Team USA website for her accomplishments. I wonder if she rolls with Amanda Furrer?

There are definitely some “prone” jokes and other shooting related double entendres I could drop if I didn’t have tact.  I won’t go there though, because ENDO is a place of class; where I sip beverages with pinky finger extended, listen to carefully curated vintage rap playlists, and spend my Friday’s laughing at shooting club herbs who wear sport coats made from tweed that isn’t by Harris.

Kirsten-Weiss-ShootingKirsten, holla at your boy. ;)

Again, I can’t wait to hear all the comments like “WOULDN’T” , “EW, 2nd knuckle on her left hand has a small scar on it”.  Oh internet…




By far the best Harlem Shake video I’ve seen to date:

2nd-Amendment-Harlem-ShakeI had to watch it a few times to catch all the different characters and their roles.  If only IDPA were that fun to watch.


Hat tip: Chris



Every once and a while you might learn something from this blog:

Pictogram Fire Selector Switch T-ShirtI’m not going to lie, when you learn something here chances are it will be accident because someone doing the teaching has one of my company’s t-shirts on.  Such is the case here :P  Cory is sporting his trademark tightly manicured operator AF facial hair and the Pictogram Fire Selector Switch t-shirt… a deadly combo.

Cory-And-Erica-Punching-Bag-Glock-BeatingNo word on whether Erika practices her heavy bag beatings with a dry fire pistol.  I kid… I kid.  Cory and Erika are good people, who have also obviously forgiven me for poking fun at them in the past.  They keep the videos really pro now, but nothing is off limits with me so I’m keeping an eye on them. :P

They run a training school (Range Time) out of Lewis Indiana if you’re looking for some instruction.