See her narrowly escape a “shoulder thing that goes up” incident:

Sure she might be pro gun… but bottom line is she’s just another politician in it for her own personal gain.

It’s obvious she’s talking about something she has little more than a basic understanding of.  I’m not going to be so ignorant as to blame it on the fact that shes a woman, because lots of women would be able to tell you how many rounds a standard AR-15 magazine holds… that’s basic stuff.  It’s not like the interviewer asked her the difference between a milspec and commercial buffer tube.

Things like this are exactly why I avoid politics and politicians.   Sarah Palin is one in the same when it comes to “look at me, I like guns! Vote for me if you do too!”


Hat tip: Heath



Hope you all had a great night last night, and an awesome 2011 in general.

My hard work in 2011 brought more than I ever hoped for to both my business and personal life.   I see no reason why the upward trend won’t continue in 2012!

Thank you all for supporting, visiting, and commenting on the blog on a regular basis.  And a big thank you to anyone that ever bought a shirt or a glock adapter from me as well.

You can expect the blog to continue on its course, in addition expect to see lots more shirts and possibly some more firearm accessories as well.

Thanks again!

Everyday No Days Off



I could be wrong, but judging by the lyrics I think these guys suggest buying a gun:

The song is catchy.  I was skeptical when I saw the opening scene of the video.

The band calls themselves The Gitmos.

Hat tip: Bryan



Freddiew is back with more old ideas:

I like this video a lot, but I like the original Flower Warfare more.

Can’t wait to see some new ideas from these guys.  I know they are capable of a lot more.



Smells like gun control.  FXHummel1 goes in on it polka Cobain style:

Awesome as usual.  It was a nice touch to have that girl in the background on the keyboard doing sound effects and fills.

I really like is how his lyrics have a lot of thought put into them.

Seriously Jordan (FXHummel1), when’s the album coming out?  If you can’t use the extra money, i’m sure some pro 2A organization would love to cash in on your talent.



Starring Danny “bad ass” Trejo:

If you’ve already forgot about Epic Beard man, watch the beat down he delivered to a punk on the public transit in Oakland a couple years ago.

Hopefully an Amberlaps scene is included.. I’d die laughing…

UPDATE: OMG… IMDB lists a female character named “Amber Lamps” rofl…

It won’t win an Oscar, but it looks like it could be a modern day “Falling Down