Wow, I can’t even believe this:

“On a Sunday afternoon, a Pennsylvania resident was walking up Frankford Avenue in Philadelphia, bound for an auto parts store, and happened to be legally openly carrying a Glock pistol on his hip, under PA state law.

A passing Philadelphia Police officer saw his walking up the road, pulled over his squad car in the middle of the busy street, and drew his weapon on the man, threatening to kill him multiple times if he moved.

That is one of my worst nightmare scenarios. Gotta love the tough guy “I’m gonna kill you” confrontational attitude the officer stuck with the whole time.

Pretty funny at around 5:00 when they find the guy’s recorder.  I’m just glad they didn’t know how to turn it off.  LOL To top it all off they were all concerned it was a “set up” which made it obviously they knew they were doing something wrong.

Note: The video contains 4 parts I added to a playlist… they will play back to back.



I for one welcome our new computer overlords.

Hat tip: Raeshawn



That’s what 7 grams of black powder and a 10,000 FPS Photron camera will give you. Pretty awesome.




I love typography, infographics, zombies, and obviously weapons. The fine print isn’t legible at the source either.. maybe hes selling a poster or something in the full resolution.




Uh yea.. I need some of those. :) 33 round Glock magazines just aren’t big enough.



Sometimes I find Tom Green funny, other times I feel like he tries too hard to be funny and it ends up being far from funny.  He doesn’t seem to be trying in this, nor is he funny in it (besides at 6:40), but I figured some of you guys would want to see it anyway.

For the most part Canadian comedy is like British comedy for me.. I don’t really “get” how it’s funny most of the time.

“Who would have thought i’d meet Tom Green EH? In the middle of Afghanistan EH?” <– That guy must have been a plant.

I love the weapons handling.. he just asks if its loaded and takes their word for it. *Facepalm*


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