Who’s not sick and tired of his hiding games?

Word on the street is that Waldo wears stripes to break up the printing of his concealed carry piece.  I just hope they were polite to him, and didn’t threaten his life like in yesterday’s video.

You can click to make the pic bigger (1600×1200) and save it to use as a wallpaper if you want.

Artist – Unknown (let me know the source and i’ll put it here)



Thank god for cameras.  This took place on June 8th, 2011 in Canton, OH:

This is just a disaster right from the beginning.  The tone that officer uses right from the beginning and the way he acts the whole time is just a typical god complex… then when the guy in the car tries to tell him about his CCW at 6:05 and gets interrupted things go downhill fast shortly after that.

Officer: Why do you keep having that? What is this? (referring to card in the guy’s hand)

Guy: Because I have a concealed carry…

Officer: Do you have a weapon on you?

Guy: Yes sir.  That’s why…


Then the fun begins…

Random insults, beating threats, shooting threats, execution threats… you know pretty routine stuff :roll: .   You gotta watch the video.

I say this all the time, but people that obviously can’t handle their jobs should just quit, or be forced to quit them.  I don’t care if your’re a cop, a waitress, or if you work serving icecream.  Your job is too serve the public… not treat the public like shit.  It’s especially bad in the case of the police that don’t follow the rules, because they have the power to make your life hell.

Summary of what happened – HERE

Read the discussion over at Ohio CCW forums – HERE

What do you guys think?

Hat tip: Chris



With this mug:

$17 and also available in white – HERE

I’m no ceramics expert, but that trigger looks like it could be fragile.  I picture raising a full glass of hot coffee to my mouth with my finger on the trigger, then all of the sudden it breaks off and I get 3rd degree burns to the sack.  I guess that’s a reason to practice good trigger discipline even on cups.



Check out this attempt at humor:

7 minutes that took… wow lucky he put that copyright 2011 watermark on there too.  I’m pretty sure Sandy Sheedy meant something else when she said “there has been a lot of people have been shot by an unloaded gun“.  I don’t like normally sticking up for people that want to take our rights away, but I don’t know how many times I’ve heard of accidents where someone has said “the gun isn’t loaded, watch this!” and ended up killing themselves or someone else.

The part about an unloaded or loaded gun still presenting a “threat” i’ll have to disagree with her on.



Unless you bleed hoppes 9, shit picatinny rails, and shave with an axe, don’t fool yourself into thinking you can handle this:

LOL seriously?  The shooting range workout starts at 1:00.  Kettle ball lift shooting? Upside down sit-up shooting? Barrel jumping? ROFL

This Rob Pincus guy is priceless.  He’s definitely added to my list of hilarious instructors. I need to find a new chrome plugin to save youtube videos, I bet this one won’t last long once the rest of you start making fun of it.

If think you may ever been in a situation that requires skills demonstrated in the video, definitely book a class with him at I.C.E. Training.

I’ll hold out for the course that will allow me to polish my dirtbike backflip shooting, and straight jacket underwater foot shooting skills.  I find I’m currently outside the 10 ring a bit too often for comfort when I practice those.  Like I always say, you gotta be ready for SHTF.



Pepper spray, baton, light, stun-gun:

If I were a cop and I got issued of of these, the first thing i’d do is mount an ACOG on that rail for long range beatings and precise pepper sprays.

Hopefully the next iteration will have a quadrail, and room for a m203.

You can check out the spec sheet on Aegis’ website – HERE