Richard Ryan breaks it down:

If you missed the Joe Biden Google Hangout watch it first… it went VERY well for gun owners.

The star of the show by far was YouTuber Philip DeFranco.  (Side note: The guy is real funny, and you should make sure to check his vids out) I just wish he would have made Biden call him by his YouTube name “Sxe (Sexy) Phil”.  That would have been the icing on the cake, and an additional reward for how much Philip was able to coax foot-in-mouth answers out of Biden.

M16 Selector Switch T-ShirtRatedRR-Richard-RyanRichard is wearing the M16 selector fire switch t-shirt.  The first ENDO t-shirt ever, and one of my personal favorites… a classic.



To ultimately shoot someone in an environmentally friendly way:

hahah the video is pretty good… electrocution, fires, a dancing unibrow etc…

You can check out his blog post on how to build it… but a word of caution, you might want to do your own calculations. ;)

Building-A-Coil-GunI believe coil guns have great potential for civilian use in the future once we can reduce the size of some of the components, and increase the current.  Someone actually did build a portable rifle version that seemed to be fairly powerful, which I blogged about a while back. We definitely aren’t quite there yet though…




An example of why they should be banned:

Mattv2099-OperatorThe Cowwadoody headset and 1000 yard stare sealed the deal.  I wouldn’t think that headset would provide much hearing protection, but maybe he’s got plugs on underneath.

Blowing up food and drinks is always a good time.

Mattv2099 everyone… haha that was in my talkshow host voice. Ladies, he’s single and has lots of ammunition.



Science is never wrong:

LOL this is a must watch.  The cottage cheese, peanut butter, and ham sandwich tests were pretty much what sold me on wanting an AK.

That AR-15 muzzle rise hahah.

He has another recent video… What to do with that AR-15 you just bought:

hahah good stuff.  He goes by CarniK Con on YouTube.

CarniK-Con-YouTubeNote to self: Buy some tactical Sponge Bob Squarepants duct tape.  Yes that actually exists.. check the link.

I’m looking forward to more vids from this guy. Thoughts?

Hat tip: Squid



More of the same on “Military style assault weapons that can fire 100 bullets in a minute”:

My new piers screenshot is a better representation of how he rolls.  Eyes closed, mouth open, ears off.

Yea NO ONE has ever defended their property using an AR-15… right.  I’ve posted about a few cases myself, one even involving a kid saving him and his sister.


Like Mike Huckabee, I didn’t know or care about Newt Gingrich up until today.  He seems like an alright guy in this, but my brain tells me something scummy went down with him in the past, but I’m too lazy to google what it was.

hahaha “permitted”… yea that’s a great word Piers keeps repeating.




If I could pistol whip a terrorist with this while drinking a cold Budweiser, my life would be complete:


$7450 seems a bit steep even with all the customizations.  But hey, if that’s the price of “awesome” nowadays, inflation has been kind.

If you click on the images on the website they are ultra high resolution.  Made one my new desktop wallpaper in fact.

They need a double barrel version just to kick it up one more notch.


Hat tip: Tyler, Rob