Smells like gun control.  FXHummel1 goes in on it polka Cobain style:

Awesome as usual.  It was a nice touch to have that girl in the background on the keyboard doing sound effects and fills.

I really like is how his lyrics have a lot of thought put into them.

Seriously Jordan (FXHummel1), when’s the album coming out?  If you can’t use the extra money, i’m sure some pro 2A organization would love to cash in on your talent.



Starring Danny “bad ass” Trejo:

If you’ve already forgot about Epic Beard man, watch the beat down he delivered to a punk on the public transit in Oakland a couple years ago.

Hopefully an Amberlaps scene is included.. I’d die laughing…

UPDATE: OMG… IMDB lists a female character named “Amber Lamps” rofl…

It won’t win an Oscar, but it looks like it could be a modern day “Falling Down




Ban salt!




Created by The Theophany for a collage on a magazine cover.

Cool idea, but it basically appears as if someone that doesn’t know much about firearms was let loose in Pimp My Gun.

BRB, I’m going to try to convince my girlfriend that regular painted nails are so 2011.



Her new music video with spliced together scenes from bad old action movies:

I don’t really think the video matches the feel of song that well, but it’s catchy regardless.

Lana Del Rey’s highly anticipated 2nd album Born To Die comes out Jan 31, 2012.



I am incredibly happy that most of the shirt designs sold out over the past few weeks in pretty much every size but small.   I was annoyed at myself for not anticipating the rush would be as big as it was (but live and learn… now I know for next year).

I should have everything back in stock (in all sizes) by Jan 1st.  I’ll post again to let you know.

A big thank-you to everyone that bought a shirt!  The feedback has been great, and I’m thrilled to see all the repeat buyers.

Thanks again!