I’ve always liked Corridor Digital.  Their vids are usually entertaining and the VFX are top notch.  Seeing as they hang out, and maybe still even share a workspace with freddiew, i’m sure they will get really famous and lame soon enough.




Uh oh. Somebody didn’t stick to the G Code (as the background song suggests):

Police say a Vancouver, WA man currently in the Clark County Jail allegedly fired a 9-mm pistol out the driver’s side window of a stolen car and posted a video of the incident on YouTube.

Full Story – HERE

Hahahah what an idiot.  Keepin’ it real gangsta with that Hanna Montana blanket on his lap too.  Not even the shitty teardrops and other hard looking face tattoos can make up for that.  I consider the girl that’s with him in the car to be just as much of an idiot.

The song is Scarface (Geto Boys) – G Code … hot track if you’re not already familiar.

Enjoy jail Ronnie.  I’m sure you’ll get into some stuff in there that you can add to your already impressive shit head resume.


Hat tip: Krystian, Scott, Brandon



A much needed wheel gun for your ketchup and mustard:

I honestly can’t count the number of times a day I say to myself “this could be re-done in a firearm related way”.  I think i’ll hold off on buying this though until they come out with a semi-automatic or automatic condiment condiment gun.

Pick yours up today at Amazon for $13.95.

Hat tip: Alex



The gun store guys have a gripe a lot of your are familiar with:

The gun show loophole is such a load of crap.  They cover it all in the video, but basically it’s just a typical example of the media blowing everything out of proportion and getting the core facts wrong.




(0:53) – If there’s a match, a forensics lab can identify the specific firearm used in a crime.

No, they can only identify the specific firearm that case came from!  Just because there are things scattered around a crime scene, it doesn’t mean they necessary relevant.

It’s not talked about in the video, but the whole micro-stamping thing is going to be such a disaster if it ever goes mainstream.  First of all the fact it can be defeated by filing down or swapping out the firing pin is hilarious.  Second of all, it would (or should anyway) bring the average law abiding shooter’s spent brass collection efforts to an all time high.  Why would I want shell casings linking back to me left around for someone else to pick up and sprinkle at a crime scene or preemptively at random places in the hood?  In fact the thought of that already bothers me if convictions are happening on the basis of shell casings alone.




Arnold is back:

Another cartel related movie.  Looks entertaining enough, but if I had my choice of upcoming release cartel movies to see i’d definitely pick End Of Watch over this one.

I’m kind of sick of Johnny Knoxville… he was funny on Jackass, but in movies he always plays the same idiot.  That said, I suppose Arnold does too but at least his personality isn’t as grating.

In theaters January 18, 2013

Thoughts?  Are you guys looking forward to this one?