Pretty neat.

I like seeing toys upgraded/automated.

It’s pretty funny to see how advanced both LEGO and NERF are now compared to when I was playing with them in the 80s/90s



For those times when you need to punch-shoot an attacker:

Smart. That’s Colt really paying attention to the CQB needs of the average concealed and open carrier.

You might ask, “What’s wrong with pistol whipping?”… to that I say: punching with these knuckles puts a lot less stress on the internals, and also keeps you from muzzle sweeping yourself and others.  Plus, with these 1911 knuckles you can punch-shoot with great accuracy



Touted as “The #1 Gun Accessory That No Respectable Gun Wants To Be Without”:

LOL well that’s sure to either offend or get some people ROFL’ing.

Only $20 on their website… how can you NOT buy one?

This is even funnier than its predecessor “truck nutz”.  Check out some pics of Gun-Nutz in action:

I propose that people start open carrying with these attached to their handguns. It would probably do a lot to break the ice with the anti-gun crowd, unless they have no sense of humor.  Just watch, they would probably sneer out some smart ass remark like “Oh, you need to carry a gun, but you’re not worried those balls will mess up your reload time?”

Thanks to Jon V. for the email! Keep them coming guys.



And to think, people were scared by 33 round glock “clips”.

Hat Tip: ArmBears



They should do this in all school zones. I hate seeing people blast past kids.



Using chambers cut off 12 ga. scrap barrels and a new $10 bbl for an Italian auto shotgun, the only other gun part is a scrapped hammer from a 1857 Remington perc revolver:

Loads like a SAA Colt but underlever rotates and cocks it.  Blow-by is negligible, hardly noticeable with normal shirt sleeve.

Opened for some still shots, at top of the inside pix screwed in is the firing pin, impact type with return spring.  The ratchet or star with the hand is visible below on the left side, also the pawl that cocks the hammer.  The cylinder indexing lock is external, operated by the under lever.  At very bottom the small knob releases the cylinder to turn clockwise for loading.

Due to limited equipment I was unable to copy existing mechanisms so it is pretty much designed from scratch, largely by cut and try, trial and error, etc.

Source – HomeGunsmith

Very Awesome. I love seeing people’s project guns.

Beat’s the Beretta Revolver Shotgun in quality, that’s forsure. :P