Brownells beating an undead zombie horse:

DERP levels at maximum both in the video and over on the Zombie Elimination Crew website.  I tired of the zombie product/branding craze as soon as it began.  Not to say I won’t still watch The Walking Dead… I’m simply just sick of every company under the sun adding zombie crap into their lineup.

I bet whoever came up with this idea over at Brownells marketing dept was hailed a genius, when in my opinion they should have been laughed at and told to come up with something original.




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Richard Ryan (iPhone shooter) puts some work in on Apple’s competition:

Props to Richard for pronouncing HK “Heckler & Coke” as germanically intended.  That said, we all know that the MP7 is technology that no civvies should ever get to lay their hands on.  This is a purpose-built weapon with no sporting applications to speak of.

I can appreciate many aspects of Apple’s phones, but I really feel android devices such as the one in the video are far superior for anyone that doesn’t fall under the category of housewife or little girl.  Your money though, do what you want with it…




MrColionNoir makes some comparisons to the AK:

It will be interesting to see where he takes the mentioned Urban Battle Rifle Project, purpose being anyone who lives in an urban environment should have a rifle setup to protect their home and family if SHTF.




The plastic welding mask is for protection:

You know those welding masks are meant for such a thing, that’s why all the operators use them.

Interesting results, but these guys are making their videos way too long for me now.

10:00 – Freezing the Hi-Point.  haha for a cheap gun that thing impresses me over and over.




Oh Japan, you so crazy:

Japanese photographer Tsuyoshi Ozawa created this photo series called Vegetable Weapon that features women holding guns made mostly out of vegetables. The ingredients are native to the woman’s country and after the photo shoot, the gun is disassembled and Ozawa shares a hot meal with the model using the gun’s ingredients.

Unsurprisingly the project is meant to promote peace. hahah It was probably so obvious I shouldn’t even mentioned it. *eye roll*

The display in Tokyo right now at the Misa Shin Art Gallery until November 2nd.

There should be an American version of this with meats and beers where after the photoshoot you fire up the grill, cook the meat and drink all the beer.