MrColionNoir‘s 2nd video for NRA News:

Well done video as expected.  You can tell they really told him to crank the emphasis up to 11 on certain points, which isn’t a bad thing but definitely very noticeable.


I really hope pro-gun people make their anti-gun friends and family watch vids like this.  To me that is the whole point… we already know all this stuff, others who are blind or uneducated to the facts need to be the ones watching.

Make sure to check out the first video about political ignorance too if you haven’t already seen it.



Mattv2099 does his thang for a Hickok45 parody:

He hit on a lot of the good standard Hickok45’isms.  Should have done a 1000 yard shot with a subcompact, and said “Life is good.” at the end of the vid though.

Mattv2099-OperatorThe parody was done for a contest Hickok45 is running.  Looks like Matt has the only entry so far, but I’m sure there will be others considering the contest is only one day old.




Enter the Knights Armament Company SR-25 Magazine Flask:



$57.50 over at KACgear, and you get that slick pouch with it as well.  Make sure you decide how many of these you need on your tactical drinking load-out based on a simple formula using your tolerance for alcohol, and the level of good of times you want to have.




Strike Industries says this Jelly Fish is “almost a necessity”:



Considering Trijicon makes some of the toughest weapon sights in the world which even our military uses, I find it hard to wrap my head around an extraneous cover being “almost a necessity”.   You can see the dot through it if you choose to shoot with the cover on, and it also has a lanyard hole for quick detachment, and finger grip if you want to rip it off quickly.

Lets not get it twisted though, this cover is basically just to protect the lens of the sight if your operating in really inclement operational environments where you might otherwise need to wipe the sight off before use.  According to the FAQ link on the Trijicon RMR page, the sight is completely waterproof to 66ft (20 m), so that basically throws concern out the window for anything except if you’re worried about getting scratches on this $440-$600 sight.  Do real operators worry about scratches?  No, they wear those as a badge of honor on their operating equipment.  If you’re worried about scratches effecting the resale value of a sight you’re probably not operator enough to even own, then you probably should pick one up for $12.95 on the Strike Industries website.  Look yourself in the mirror when you put it on though, and admit defeat.  

Next up, a custom molded shoot through jelly full Glock cover?  A jelly Deagle brand Deagle cover?  I hope so.




Check out the “buy a shotgun” advice video, if you’re not familiar.

Oh yea, and did you catch this?

Gabrielle Giffords was mortally wounded?  She’s alive dumbass.   So this is how smart you have to be to get a Vice President job huh?  Truly is an inspiration to so many out there.

Joe-Biden-Finger-PointClips clips clips clips.  I love how people continue to say that term is “interchangeable” with magazine.  It’s not.




Move over FPS America, There’s a new REAL Russian in YouTube gun town:

Wow that vid is legit AF.

Behind the scenes:

Russian-VS-SnowmanDude actually has Russian blood according to the behind the scenes… 2:50 “My mother’s from Russia. My father’s from Mexico”.  Maybe a third purebred Russian Spetznaz shooting badass challenger will appear to put even this guy to shame?

FPS Russia should be very afraid.  This dude is going to snatch up major views if the ridiculousness continues.  Never mind, it’s not like a bajillion teenage cowwadoody boys only have enough time to watch ONE shooting video with a Russian. haha