The first 5 seconds were awesome haha.

iraqveteran8888-youtubeI couldn’t imagine working at a gun store for that reason alone.  Whenever I take someone out shooting for the first time I make sure they know there is absolutely no leeway on the 4 rules of gun safety.

Like they said in the video, it’s just common courtesy.




FXhummel1‘s tongue-in-cheek troll track for disarmament:

Police are of higher moral character, therefore they should be the only ones able to own firearms LOLOLOL.  Case in point, Chris Dorner, and the guys that burned him to the ground.  Easy jokes though aside, it’s gotta be a tough job though I know… I couldn’t imagine dealing with rude dickheads non stop.  You’d have to have pretty thick skin in order to not have the first bullshit incident of the day turn your smile into a frown. Compound that day after day and that has to have some effect on your overall outlook on people and life.

NY ReloadFX is rocking a fresh mohawk and the new NY Reload t-shirt from ENDO.




Yea it’s a sickness,  I need help as well.  Somedays it’s tough to maintain:

Absuperman is actually a pretty great actor in this.  I’d give the guy a Tactical Oscar for his performance as the center-parted politician if such thing existed…. shit was genius.

Absuperman-YouTubeYou gotta check out his other vids… hilarious stuff.




Fuck Cheaper Than Dirt for thinking this would work:


Full Press Release – SAF

*gasp* On Valentine’s Day too  >.<

Yeah $100k is a great amount to donate and everything *slow clap* but if I was running the Second Amendment Foundation I would have wiped my ass with that check and posted a pic on facebook instead.

A month and a half ago they were selling G.I. AR-15 magazines for $100, when wholesale cost on those is under $10, and even before that they crumbled to the pressure from the Newtown incident and shit on their customers by stopping online firearm sales.  Oh wait, the y realized that was a bad business move so they put their tail between their legs and started selling guns again shortly after… that makes it OK right?

Scumbag-Cheaper-Than-DirtI’ll say it again… Fuck Cheaper Than Dirt.  If I had more money, I’d donate $200k to the SAF on the condition they told Cheaper Than Dirt that their scumbag money wasn’t good there.

Has CTD pulled their ads off here yet?  I refreshed a few times and didn’t see any.

Thoughts?  Any of you forget about their scumbag actions already, before I reminded you?



Mattv2099 with a little something for the lint haters:

Whether it be pocket carry, or regular carry some people think a bit of lint will render their semi-auto useless.  I think it’s safe to say that the amount of lint you’d ever get in your gun from regular carrying wouldn’t be an issue.

Glock-Lint-Torture-TestFunny how the mag kept coming out… maybe he was hitting the release with those bulky gloves though?

I think Matt summed it up best at the end of the video with: “so…. whatever.”




Shady policies are shady:

Ugh politics.  Why can’t people just live their lives without killing innocent people and messing shit up for the rest of us?  Is that really too much to ask?

The NRA has a new ad on Standard capacity magazines, which they call “high capacity”:

200-Round-AK-47-MagazineNot sure why they would mess up the nomenclature.  I’d assume the NRA would know better, and I would have expected them to actually point out that “high capacity” is a misnomer as a part of their ad.