You can call this a calculated risk, because i’m sure they tested it many times without a person, and their quality control is likely excellent.   Still not something I think is completely necessary in selling your “bulletproof” product, when more scientific tests and hard data would do the work for you with no risk.

Basically though it seems like in the bulletproof industry you’re damned if you do, and you’re damned if you don’t though.   Miguel Caballero gets a lot of flack for shooting his employees at his bulletproof clothing company.  Alternately,  I made fun of Defenshield for saying they stood behind their products, and then wimped out on the higher calibers.  I also made fun of the operators at Indigen Armor for shooting at a truck they outfitted that had guys inside.  Like I said… you can’t win. :P

I’m just glad they aren’t testing the stopping power of breast implants, and hair weaves with real people so far.  That would just be scary.

Would you guys ever consider being the guinea pig in a demo like this?

Hat tip: s30Jared,  Carly, D-Bo, Rick, Gary, Matt, Fred



Well this is awkward:

Unorthodox, maybe… But a damn good way to flush out the truth if you ask me.

Hat tip: Bryan



Photoshop has so many great uses, this is one of them:

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Not as effective as a regular body armor, but much more delicious:

Maybe I’m too much of a carnivore, but most of the stuff that Epic Meal Time makes looks delicious to me.  You really can’t go wrong with bacon and other assorted meats, deep fried and mixed with cheese and Jack Daniels.



My favorite online comic strip, now available in book format:

Whether you’ve served or not;  if you have any interest in the military and have a sense of humor, I strongly suggest you follow Terminal Lance.

The book contains comic strips #1-100 in addition to some extra stuff.  Alternately, you can read all the comics on the website if that’s more your style.  What ever you do, make sure to start at #1!

Terminal Lance website – HERE

The book can be bought for $20 – HERE

Note: For those of you that don’t know what “Knife-Hands” are, see this particular comic.



From unit 22; code name “DERP”, whose mantra is “Try not to die”:

The rolls are the “practical” part, in case you were wondering. :roll:

What’s with the 180 degree turn they do every time they need to change magazines? This isn’t airsoft! Facing your back towards live fire isn’t going to make it hurt less if you get hit.

Damn that camo is ugly… and fits like pajamas should.

Anyone want to weigh in?

Hat tip: Jerry P.