Good imagination! Reminds me of the ‘incredible machine’ game I used to play.  Needs more monkeys on bikes, punching bags, bowling balls, and trampolines etc…



Badass suppressor… It’s white (porcelain?), on a revolver, has a “shoulder thing that goes up”, and causes sound to be reduced to a mild “TSHUNG”.

I want one.

P.S. Archie comics own. I read so many when I was young, even spanning years before I was born that I started noticing stories being repeated verbatim.  I remember thinking that it was bullshit that they thought kids were too dumb, or didn’t have the back issues to notice.  I think I recall MAD magazine doing the same thing.



Some of the descriptions are pretty accurate, and funny.



An updated German take, on a French classic:

I wonder if H&K fixed the reliability issues? :P

I hear the M203 comes with custom made 40mm “white flag” cartridges as a hat tip to the design’s French heritage.

Note: Blogging is going to be light for the next few days… probably just a funny picture or two every day until Friday. I’ll catch up with the other usual stuff then.



When I saw that pic, the water I was drinking almost came out my nose.  The caption is priceless.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a snob when it comes to pretty much everything… guns, cars, food, watches, you name it. I can take a joke though, and I won’t knock anyones choice for what they spend their money on, I’m just more discriminating when it comes to where I spend mine.

Even though I think Hi-Point should have fired their design team a long time ago, you can’t argue that their guns do work. They go bang, and the company stands behind their product 100%.

If you’re new to guns, and you haven’t heard of Hi-Point you can check them out and formulate your own opinion – HERE



Embarrassing, and probably somewhat painful for the person driving if they weren’t strapped in properly.

I imagine that falling on its side is probably nothing for a tank though, considering they are made to withstand a lot more than that.  They probably just rammed something into it to prop it back up, dusted it off, and attempted to load it again.