Sarcasm so thick, it can be cut with a knife:

From the same guy that brought us Carry Condition Tactical Butterscotch.

LOL always some good stuff from this guy.



The condescending gun store guys give it a go:

What I learned from this video:

I can officially use tape on a .50 BMG rounds and shoot them in break-open shotguns.

Look out geese!  God I hope no one tries this…




The bullet is four inches long and has an optical sensor embedded in its nose for the detection of a laser on its target, Sandia said in a release today. The bullet also has built-in guidance and control electronics that receive data from the optical sensor and then manipulate the electromagnetic actuators. And the actuators use that data to steer small fins in order to direct the bullet directly to its target.

Relevant to my interests.

A Sandia field test demonstrated that the bullet’s internal electronics and battery can survive the rigors of flying from rifle barrel to target. Presumably, they would not survive striking the target.

Full story – HERE

Also check out the Sandia National Labratories Press Release.

Hahha they wouldn’t survive striking the target?  What a piece of crap.  I demand they be made out of an advanced material, and have electronics that will not even slightly be affected by speeds upwards of several thousand feet per second being stopped instantly when it hits the target.  It’s always been my dream to go down range at the end of the day and recover hundreds of little robot bullet carcasses to bring home and reload.


Hat tip: Jon Bierer



On the most recent episode (Season 5, Episode 14) of one of my favorite shows:

Leonard and Penny go on a date to the shooting range. Penny is ecstatic that Leonard took her to the range, and there is mention how she was a fan of shooting as a kid.   Before they even get started Leonard ND’s into his foot.  Good times…. good times…  Saftey Nazis will be happy to see that at least they had ear and eye pro on.

“I play a lot of Grand Theft Auto.  I think I know how to handle a gat.” -Leonard

Good to see that even though he shot himself in the foot, guns were not villainized.

The episode is on Amazon instant video if you want to watch it.  It’s $2 normally, but I believe it’s free to watch if you have Amazon Prime.




This looks like it has potential:

In this gritty documentary, everyday citizens with a license to carry concealed firearms undergo ECQB Force on Force training, a form of specialty weapons training designed to enhance realism. In this unique form of training, students participate in scenarios which replicate potentially deadly force situations, in addition to replicating the stress and neurological responses experienced during actual life-threatening events.

I’ll definitely watch the full documentary whenever it comes out.  Force-on-force training interests me when it’s realistic.  This one doesn’t appear to have bamboo logs and lawn chairs, so things are already looking up for it.

I’m not too sure what’s going on at 1:04 in the video.   It looks to me like the concealed carrier, got out of his truck and entered a room to shoot someone in the back.  Isn’t that considered murder?

1:16 – This lady has an insatiable blood lust! :P  Look at that smirk when she talks about not knowing when it’s ok to take a life.

I’m sure some of you guys that are police have done a lot of this type of training.  I can see a training school for such a niche doing quite well for those that are bored with the standard shooting range targets and scenarios.


Hat tip: Chaos



Last week I gave away 12 copies of Philip Mulivor’s book Proclaiming Liberty.

Congrats to those that won! Philip will mail your books out within the next couple days.  I still have not heard back from 3 people with their addresses, but i’m going to email them all again and give it a few days.  If I still haven’t heard back in a week from when I first emailed them i’ll just draw new people.

In my opinion if you ever plan on using a 2nd amendment quote in conversation or something you’re writing this book should be a requirement.   Searches for quotes on the internet is hilarious sometime, and often end up looking like some of the contest entry comments you guys were leaving:

The comment left by Nate sticks in my mind:

“The problem with internet quotes is that you cant always depend on their accuracy” -Abraham Lincoln, 1864

I just want to thank Philip again for writing such a useful book, and for providing them for the contest.

If you didn’t win you can still buy the paperback for 12.95 or Kindle edition for $3.95.

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