FXHummel1 flips it on the anti-gun people, bible style:

I didn’t get a lot of the references, but the song was awesome.

God responded not by setting up a rock registry or by instating a background check for sharp pointy things.

ENDO Run Guns T-Shirthahah pure gold.

FXhummel1 is wearing the ENDO Run Guns t-shirt.




These cars have no purpose whatsoever and no civilian should own one:

These cars are all vicious killing machines, and I’m hear to stop Mustang killings once and for all.

People in the YouTube comments and on Facebook don’t know it’s a joke poking fun at “gun ban” style knee-jerk reactions.   Wait… maybe it’s not a joke? :P

Ban-Assault-Vehicles-Ford-MustangYou can like the Facebook page to support the ban of Ford Mustang assault vehicles.

If it saves even one life….




I like this Larry Pratt guy:

1:45 – Piers can’t wrap his head around concealed carry.

2:45 – It makes my day when people laugh at Piers… LOL amazing.

6:15 – “You’re an unbelievably stupid man aren’t you?” -Piers Morgan     WTF? Excuse me? Did he actually say this to a guest on his show?  Man…

I could quote several more ridiculous lines, but you’re better off just watching the video.


What is it with gun control advocates and their hate for statistics and logic?

If you missed the previous Piers Morgan ridiculousness watch these videos.




MrColionNoir delivers a smack-down:

haha checkmate.  Well said sir.

MrColionNoir-YouTubeDeliver your own smack down to an anti-gun person’s stupid remark, in your very own ENDO Apparel AR-15 picatinny rail t-shirt like he’s wearing.  Yea that sounded forced I know, but I had to shoehorn it in there somehow. ;)




Well well look who pissed off their entire customer base, then tried to take it back:


Scumbag-Cheaper-Than-DirtToo Late!

I’m sure just like the Recoil MP7 incident, people will forget really fast this happened, and new people getting into shooting will not know any better… but I hope not.


I actually now regret not planning to go to SHOT this year… there would be so many booths I’d like to hang around just to being a fly on the wall eavesdropping on people telling companies such as Cheaper Than Dirt, and individuals like Buck Yeager where to go.  Definitely some missed opportunities in live blogging…




Cowards, price gougers, and gun control people beware:

So the Cheaper Than Dirt store in TX and the online store are two completely different companies?  Since when?  The retial store is even listed on their website, so they obviously are not in competition with one another.

Smith & Wesson signed a deal with the devil with Clinton and for years and years and years and years and yeaaaaaaarrrrrs I wouldn’t TOUCH Smith & Wesson products.  There was a bunch of changes there at Smith and they got back on board, so I got back on board with Smith.

He talked about the S&W shield for a while there, so much that I figured he was on the payroll… who knows though maybe he just really likes the gun?

James-Yeager-Angel-ApprovedOn a related not, anyone have a Yeager body count # for me yet?  I’m sure he’s been called a coward a least a few times since he removed his “call out” video where he “lost his shit” on camera.  If the coward related body count is still at zero, I’m sure he will be able to get his numbers up at SHOT (this January) where I imagine he will be trolled at least a few times.