Mark Dice does what he does best and trolls hard:

Assault-Pressure-Cooker-JokeGod people are so dumb it’s frightening.  Like did you not even hear what the man was asking you to sign, and process it in your little brain? *smh*


Hat tip: Taylor



With Tennessee state senator Stacey Campfield:

Campfield poses the question at 1:20 to Piers about when he’s heading back to England.  Piers didn’t take the bait and get pissed off unfortunately.  Typical Piers… can’t see that the PERSON is the problem not the inanimate object.  So much gun control failure butthurt going around it’s priceless.

Assault-Pressure-Cooker-JokeHeard about the Williams-Sonoma assault pressure cooker ban from last week?  That was the best.


Hat tip: Joshua



In typical Richard Ryan fashion disrespects some new technology to piss us off:

ACK Samsung Galaxy S4!  I wanted that phone but settled with the Google Nexus 4 because I’m cheap and it came unlocked.  Troll successful Richard.  Damn nice hit on that thing lengthwise… total boss move not just going for the easy face forward shot. *fist bump*

Behind the scenes:

Richard-Ryan-Keep-Calm-ENDORichard is wearing the 1911 Keep Calm And Carry One t-shirt from ENDO Apparel.  I love the way that shirt look in slow motion…. huh? haha

I think Richard needs to really go all-in and shoot a Ferrari 458 Italia in a coming vid… Thoughts?

P.S. – I’m taking full credit for the term “Barrettizing” so any of you shark mofos that want to bite it are going to have to pay up. haha just kidding, I’d be honored if you used it. ;)



Mattv2099 black pillowcases it cartel-style and throws it in with his delicates:

Tenifer LOLz at your lame one month salt trollture attempt Matt… step your game up and at least add fire ants, snake venom and sulphuric acid next time.

Orange and baby blue zip ties?  Uggggghhhhh how non-operator of you… Operators ONLY use thick black zip ties.  Did you have yours left over from a pride rally after party?

Mattv2099-OperatorProps for using an apartment building washing machine rather than potentially fucking up your own.  WTF, a purple velvety looking blanket?  *facepalm* this video gets less operator every second… Have you learned NOTHING from ENDO?!




Charlotte, NC home of armed trash pickup by 19 year old operator John Schultz:

Full Story – WCNC

Rifle, bulletproof vest, extra magazines, zip ties, desert camouflage pants, and a knife.  Those look like fairly nice houses in the background… mean streets of the suburbs though require such a tactical loadout for trash pickup no doubt. Someone better not spit gum on the sidewalk within this guy’s field of view or they might get a rifle shoved in their face.

Alright, what’s this guys ARFCOM or /k/ username? Does he read ENDO?

Tactical-Trash-Pickup-LoadoutSeems unnecessary but if he’s within the law doing it then good for him I guess? I can’t help but think that this kid is going to get himself into some shit sometime when someone decides to punk him by taunting him to use his rifle, or else sneaking up on him from behind and taking it from him just to prove a point.  I’m just throwing a couple scenarios out there which I doubt he’s prepared for…


Hat tip: Jay



Ban assault knives!  Ban assault Asian dudes!  Ban bandana and track pant wearing assault thugs!

So what’s the lesson here?  Police either should draw their guns during routine interaction with a person, or else maintain a huge distance between them and the person to avoid getting potentially stabbed?  Better issue every police officer bull horns so they can yell at people from a distance with their gun ready. Maybe even just to be safe the police officer could get a remote controlled robot to deliver a cellphone to the person they want to talk to, while they sit 200+ yards away with the guy lined up in the crosshairs of a precision rifle.


Hat tip: Krystian