Why would anybody in America whose not in the military or police force need to ever have one of these weapons? -Piers Morgan

Alan Gottleib tries to shut him down with facts and common sense.  Piers as usual (see previous video) just talks over top and continues to ask the same question over and over and doesn’t listen to the answer.  Hilarious too how when Alan called him out on his tweet, he just got pissed off and talked to representative Dan Gross from the Brady campaign.  I’m not a fan of the Brady campaign’s motives, but that guy seemed better than a lot of their drones I’ve heard speak in the past.  He seemed the most concerned (in his response in this interview anyway) in keeping guns out of the hands of criminals, which I don’t think very many pro-gun people would have a problem with.

Piers-MorganIT’S NOT ABOUT NEED.  No one NEEDS anything but food, water, and shelter, but what kind of life would that be?  Lets just ban / restrict everything and the no one will ever die of anything but natural causes.  Even alcohol and tobacco related deaths (which are way higher than gun related deaths by the way… which also stupidly enough contain suicides in their numbers) will be eliminated entirely…  Oh except for the criminal aspect of it again, those people will continue to drink and smoke and do everything else they want to.

I pose the question again… why does this guy live in the United States, and more importantly why is their a need / want for someone like him on U.S. television?


Hat tip: Marco



Also known as a Remington 870:

Because America.

Anyone else getting their tree this way?



Disregard females.  Torture test Glocks:

Mattv2099 lives by that questionable but respectable code.  Great minds must think alike, because I suggested this honey Glock test to him on YouTube a few days ago and he said he already filmed it.  I also recently suggested dog poo mixed with mushroom soup, and he never responded so who knows? :P

No surprise that it wouldn’t fire once I saw how difficult it was for him to assemble, get the slide back, and even put the magazine in.  I don’t blame him for executing those honey bears at the end… they embarrassed the shit out of him. hehe

Honey-Glock-Torture-TestIf I learned one thing from this video it’s to keep my glock out of beehives.




Have Yourself A Crafty Little Christmas:

Natalie-Girls-Guide-To-Guns-Shotgun-Shell-Christmas-Tree-OrnamentMOAR glitter indeed.  Thank you Natalie for reminding me how alone I am. haha :/

Wait a minute… that looks suspiciously like the tree Hickok45 chopped down.  Scandalous!  Nice work Hickok.  ;)

I abandoned the idea of getting a Christmas tree when I realized that “Black Spruce” was just a clever name.  Too green; not tactical enough for my liking.  I’m waiting for the lab to finish my carbon nanotube Christmas tree, ETA 2016.

Natalie has a blog called Girl’s Guide To Guns which you should check out.



You have got to be kidding me:


With only 4 complete seasons under History Channel’s Top Douchebag belt, you’d think that they would wait a while yet.  I guess not.  To me that seems like a good indicator that they are planning on cutting the show from the line-up soon.

OMG I wonder who will be back?  Will douchebag what’s his name be there?  What about that team Glock beauty contest acquisition?  Oh right I don’t care… haha




Thank god for those California laws.  This stock/grip setup would be unusable for a criminal… not to mention the fact that a criminal couldn’t just put a regular stock and grip on the gun if he wanted to:


Oh wait he could just do that, and I forgot, criminals don’t follow laws.  Anyway, this stock looks kind of stupid, but is probably fairly comfortable to shoot with if you’re looking for something for your California AR-15 that will make it not an “Assualt Rifle” according to the law there.  One real bonus is that apparently as long as you don’t have a flash hider on the end of your barrel, or a forward pistol grip you are allowed to shoot pre-ban regular capacity (30 rd) magazines, and you don’t need a retarded bullet button.

You can buy a “pre-production” model right now for $190.  Lots more pics also over at the link for you to check out.  Unless you’re in a big hurry, I’d probably wait until early 2013 when they have the production model ready for sale, because I am assuming it will be quite a bit cheaper.

Nothing warms my heart more than when people find new ways to legally circumvent stupid gun laws.