If this doesn’t sell the game, I don’t know what will:

I’ve always been a fan of Rob Riggle Jr..  In addition to being an actor and a comedian he’s also a USMC officer.

So many good lines in the video… “This is my clan, the bitch slaps. Don’t get slapped.”

Call Of Duty Elite requires Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3, so if you need it they dropped the price over at Amazon.

Verdict on this one?



Normally I’m irritated when I hear whining about how gun owners are portrayed, but…

Judging by the trailer, this movie won’t do anyone any good.  Have a problem with someone?  Shoot them.  Problem solved.  *facepalm*

Thankfully this movie is rated R.  Not that a rating will stop any impressionable kids from seeing it anyway.

In theaters May 11, 2012.


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This is sure to piss off the fudds at the range:

The old guys at my range absolutely shit a brick when I use my human silhouette targets, one of them even told me it was illegal (no lie LOL).  Can you imagine shooting  life like zombie with woman hostage targets that spray blood when you hit them around guys like that?  Their world would implode.

I really have to desire to see my targets bleed, but if I did I would definitely come up with a more cost effective way to do it.

$3 a pack gives you 1-5 shots depending on shot placement.  Likely if you hit it at the bottom of the pack it will all drain out.

I get dirty enough at the range just shooting prone, handling brass, sweating etc… I wouldn’t want to add fake blood into the mix.  That might make the remainder of my evening interesting if I ever got pulled over on the way home for a burnt out tail light or something. :P


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Sarcasm so thick, it can be cut with a knife:

From the same guy that brought us Carry Condition Tactical Butterscotch.

LOL always some good stuff from this guy.



The condescending gun store guys give it a go:

What I learned from this video:

I can officially use tape on a .50 BMG rounds and shoot them in break-open shotguns.

Look out geese!  God I hope no one tries this…




The bullet is four inches long and has an optical sensor embedded in its nose for the detection of a laser on its target, Sandia said in a release today. The bullet also has built-in guidance and control electronics that receive data from the optical sensor and then manipulate the electromagnetic actuators. And the actuators use that data to steer small fins in order to direct the bullet directly to its target.

Relevant to my interests.

A Sandia field test demonstrated that the bullet’s internal electronics and battery can survive the rigors of flying from rifle barrel to target. Presumably, they would not survive striking the target.

Full story – HERE

Also check out the Sandia National Labratories Press Release.

Hahha they wouldn’t survive striking the target?  What a piece of crap.  I demand they be made out of an advanced material, and have electronics that will not even slightly be affected by speeds upwards of several thousand feet per second being stopped instantly when it hits the target.  It’s always been my dream to go down range at the end of the day and recover hundreds of little robot bullet carcasses to bring home and reload.


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