Really Marine Corps…. Really?

From the Crosman press release:

According to Crosman Vice President of Marketing, Roy Stefanko, “Saying that we’re excited about this agreement is an understatement. It is truly an honor to be chosen by the U.S. Marine Corps in facilitating a project of this magnitude. By introducing a complete line of airsoft products branded “Marines Airsoft,” we recognize a strategic business opportunity that will benefit a revered organization, as well as contribute to our continued growth in the airsoft category,” said Stefanko.

Chosen by the U.S. Marine Corps?  So the USMC was actively looking for a company to produce some shitty airsoft guns for kids?  Wow.. nice… :roll:

Also, explain to me how having the eagle, globe and anchor logo plastered all over some Chinese made plastic guns is going to help the USMC?

You can check out Crosman’s current lineup of crap – HERE



A new series, covering the history, design and development of the weapons featured in the Call of Duty series.  This one in particular is on the FN FAL:

Wow, the production value and detail is very nice!

I can hardly wait to see the videos on the rest of the weapons used in the game.

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This is awesome:

Reminds me of the Tyco Fast Traxx my buddy Karan had we were growing up.  The iRobot 110 is everything I hoped it would be, but wasn’t.  The Fast Traxx was fragile, hard to control, had a terrible battery life, and was easy to lose once it got more than a few feet away from you.

The iRobot 110 would have brought our childhood spy missions to another level.  I hoping this will be available to the civilan market for less than a couple thousand, and i’ll pick one up for sure.  Just give me the ability to control it from my Motorola Xoom Android tablet.

The only thing the iRobot 110 seems to be missing is a weapon of some type.  Because as is, if you toss that thing into a building with a bunch of bad guys, they are just going to pick it up and throw it back at you or else put a bullet through it.

iRobot 110 product page – HERE



Nice Deagle at 1:29 *eye roll*

As far as i’m concerned, Sons Of Guns is setting how firearm enthusiasts are viewed, back decades.  I’ve only see a couple of episodes, and I’m not an angry person but I really wanted to smash my TV numerous times while watching.

Classic move to just switch the gun out but pretend you’re still using it.   Discovery FAIL!

Discovery actually had this clip up on their site, but someone called them on their bullshit so they pulled it.

Stephanie Hayden (the Derptress herself) confronted on facebook about the incident:

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I dare you to watch all 10 minutes:

Actually please don’t watch it all.  I just figured it was too annoying not to post.

Hat tip: Kyle P.



Time for a new shirt:

The first shirt is selling so well I decided to continue on and introduce this 2nd shirt in the ENDO Apparel lineup.

Show your disgust with unconstitutional firearm laws in California and wear one of these bad boys around.  I believe this shirt is subtle enough to wear around anti-gunners / hippies without stirring the pot too badly.  Make sure to read my artsy hipster statement about the shirt on it’s product page.

What do you guys think?

These are screen printed on the same type and color of American Apparel 50/50 poly/cotton shirt as the last one.  I got a ton of feedback from a lot of you that bought the last shirt, and the consensus seems to be that wearing the shirt is as comfortable on your skin as wearing lotion.

I’m currently accepting orders, and will ship worldwide.  Shipping in the USA & Canada is free, but anywhere else $7 extra.

If you’re looking for a size that I don’t have, make sure to email me and i’ll try to accommodate you for the next order!

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I really appreciate all your continued support.  Have a great weekend!


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