Fails start at 0:33:

As you can see girls were singled out in the video, because some guys think it’s funny to potentially hurt a girl on camera and put it up on YouTube.  Yea sure it’s pretty funny when no one gets hurt… but you could just end up turning her off of guns for life if a stunt like that goes awry.  Whoever lets their friend / wife / girlfriend pull the trigger without properly preparing them, or showing them proper stance or grip needs get a mandatory .50 scoping.

Joe-Biden-Finger-PointIf you some how haven’t heard Biden’s double barrel shotgun advice make sure to check it out, and listen to FXhummel’s song on the topic while you’re at it too.

Oh yea, and looks like someone in Virginia Beach VA took Biden’s advice last Saturday and guess what?  He’s being charged with reckless handling of a firearm.  Who would have thought?! *eye roll*




Remember when you did lame shit like play basketball in gym class?  In Russia they play with AKs:

Yeah sure you balled hard enough that the gym teacher wanted to fine you.  Your crossover was ill too, but don’t kid yourself, your chances of being the NBA were zero… practicing was basically just spinning your wheels.  Learning how to assemble and disassemble an AK though is what I call a life skill.  

I knew the dude with the glove at 2:57 meant business.  When ever I see people rocking single gloves I always think of the two other guys that meant business; M.J. and O.J..  One does not simply play around if they are one gloving it.

Russian-AK47-Gym-ClassThose Russian guys need to get their hair in check.  Come to think of it I don’t think I gave much of a shit in high school either.  I see those two honey dips with the fly French braids though.  Glad that all has been forgiven since Napoleon invaded Russia in 1812.  I hold grudges from things that happened B.C..


Hat tip: Steven



These guys market this like they are doing the Lord’s work:

Watching that guy pull the trigger was painful.  Slappy Mc2ndKnuckleSlapperson.

Maybe I’ll eat my words when someone says they printed that out on a $200 RepRap, but my guess is they have some sort of fancy printer similar to the $20,000 one Stratasys yanked their lease on.  If that’s the case, color me unimpressed.  I had perfect 3D CAD drawings of the AR-15 lower 7 years ago… they didn’t invent that shit.  Oh what they reinforced it in a couple places? *yawn*

I do support the Defense Distributed concept/project as a whole, but using boutique equipment and then humble bragging about the results is the part that doesn’t impress me.  As people have pointed out before, printing an AR lower out of plastic is cute and all, but I’m sure a lot of people who are shitting a brick over this don’t ever realize that you can make machine a billet aluminum ar-15 lower perfectly well using <$1000 worth of equipment bought from Harbor Freight.  Sure it’s not quite as easy as “hit print and come back in xx minutes”… but it wouldn’t exactly take a tier 1 machinist to pull it off.





I thought the video was off to a good start when I heard “Guns in the right hands protect us”… and then came the *face palm* @ “Assault weapons”.  When is that word going to drop off the face of the planet?

It’s funny how slimy MAIG is with these ads because they don’t show their true intent.  If you read the “issues” on their website you’ll see what they are up to.


Interesting that they actually have comments enabled on the video (for now).  Unsurprisingly, people are really going in…




MrColionNoir on last week’s video on the Colorado state senator suggesting ballpoint pens for self-defense:

MrColionNoir-YouTube“You don’t bring a ballpoint pen to a mass shooting.”  <– Church



Oh wait… it’s actually called SARRP (Special Application Rifle Retention Platform)… my bad:

I’m sure airsoft operators alone will make this guy rich beyond his wildest dreams.  I just don’t see sales to professionals who actually carry AR-15s around for work happening.

AR15-Rifle-Hip-HolsterI don’t care what make/model of operator AF SBR you own… those things are NOT that light, so you’re not going to want to have it on your hip for an extended period of time.  I want to see him run with that thing on!

Honestly though if it’s like $30-60 I’m sure a lot range operators will buy them for fun.  I was extra harsh in the title of the post, but I just really wanted to massage DERP into an acronym related to this… mission accomplished. ;)

Thoughts?  I know some of you guys are thinking “I hope he makes a left hand version too… I want one SBR on each hip!”

Hat tip: Jake