In Double Exposure:

Having just bought a Canon 60D  2 days ago, I thought the video was especially awesome.  I’m glad the good guys are armed with Canon’s 😛  Derivative of the Battle At F-Stop Ridge mind you, but still awesome.

There was no Canon AR-15 rifle, and unfortunately no 1200mm Anti-Aircraft lens was used either.


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An interesting poster series:

The juxtaposition of creative items with destructive weapons.

Source – AngryBlue



Ross Capicchioni recalls what a friend did to him outside Detriot, MI:

If Ross was carrying a gun it wouldn’t have done him much good in this case at first anyway, since he was caught by surprise.  It might have prevented the 2nd and 3rd shots though if he could have got it out with his good hand. I suppose being 17 at the time legally rules out the possibility though.

Since Ross lived and appears to be back to normal, 35 years in prison for the other guy is a nice to see. If there was any real justice though they would have executed the kid on the spot after he was proven guilty beyond a doubt, then used the money that was saved over sending him to jail to pay for an education for Ross. The world would be a lot better place if things like that were allowed.

Sad how things like this are just so unprovoked.  Some people put no value on a human life.


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All Cop:

I always thought German Shepherds were awesome.  German Shepherd gun combos though?  Amazing.

So over the top, I love it…

Doesn’t seem like the dog enjoyed some of the scenes though since his ears were folded down.

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In an old episode of their show called Bullshit!:

Unless you’re real uptight, all the Penn & Teller Bullshit! episodes are pretty awesome.

Nothing too surprising in this episode (or a lot of the other ones), but they are mainly funny because they make some people look like idiots, debunk myths with facts and non scientific demonstrations… basically just a lot of fun.

(8:41) – Kind of rude the Marine let Harrison shoot that AR-15 improperly (pictured below)… no wonder the little guy didn’t want to shoot more than one round he basically got rocked in the shoulder and cheek then cried about it.

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I hope EA didn’t pay too much for this:

My first reaction was “meh, that’s it?”.  Did you hardcore gamers think it was cool?

Hat tip: Jusuchin (Military Otaku)