Joerg does a promo for the new Hansel & Gretel movie (starring that guy from Hurt Locker):

Joerg-SpraveIn typical nice-guy-Joerg fashion, he didn’t want their money… he just asked for 2 tickets to the premiere.

hahah man that guy has a lot of fun doing what he does.

In theaters January 25th, 2013.



You guys asked for all the shirts in grey… here are 3 more for you:


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Stay tactical, crispy, frosty and safe.



Some good old fashioned phone trolling:

Phone trolling was so personal, it was great because The feedback was instant and measurable.  Until internet troll-analytics is invented, it will be difficult to ever do anything but guess at the response your clever typed message evoked.


The most advanced troll ever would have been if someone called up and mentioned something about 7 round magazines… only to have it come true slightly over 22 years later.  We could call it Looper-Trolling.


Hat tip: Cyl



Him and Piers have a calm conversation:

My first thought was “Damn that guy has majestic hair” then I whispered “no homo” to myself.  But just like a good looking girl who becomes less attractive if you talk to her and realize she’s dumb, Rob Lowe’s hair lost its luster on me the more and more he didn’t stick up for gun rights during the interview.

At 0:56 when Rob Lowe said he didn’t have assault weapons, I wish he would have said “But I do have an AR-15, which idiots like you improperly label assault weapons as a scare tactic”

1:26 – OMG… again Piers is on the “I just don’t get the assault weapon thing”.  Maybe if he listened when authorities on the topic tried to educate him, rather then talking over top of them he would “get” it.

Piers-MorganOne of the only things Rob Lowe said that I really agreed with was “The last thing viewers want is another hollywood actor telling them anything about guns, pro or con.”

Check out the other more rowdy Piers Morgan interviews if you haven’t seen them.




A line has been drawn in song:

AR-15 Black Rifle T-ShirtFXhummel1 tells us how he feels about restrictive laws and confiscations.  Looking dapper as always, this time in the ENDO AR-15 Black Rifle t-shirt.

Buck Yeager influenced?  Possibly… FXHummel was at Tactical Response for a training course.  I was waiting for the “I’ll kill anyone that tries to take my guns” line.




Beauty and brains.  No wait… scratch that, just beauty:

Her reaction to winning (pictured below), was pretty much the same as my reaction to her stupid answer.  The answer, which made basically no sense considering the question that was asked.  Gun safety classes? Education? Proper use? Longer waiting period? WTF?


Coincidence that she was “Miss New York” before she won the national title?  hah.

I’m thinking the police should stop shooting people, and do more educating instead.  You know… because we need to give criminals a chance, they are people too.