Benji Madden commissioned it for his brother and fellow rocker Joel Madden:

The band they are from is called Good Charlotte.  I’m not going to hate on dudes that wear makeup, because if that’s your thing then do it… but I still gotta chuckle at the ridiculousness of it.  That said, I’ll support a guy that wears makeup and is into guns any day.  The joke is on me anyway because those guys have got more chicks than I’ll ever even talk to.  Joel Madden in fact is married to Nicole Richie.

Jeweler to the stars Ben Baller is the man behind the diamond paved bullet pendant.  I’ve been following Ben for quite a while and he does some really nice looking work.  Cocky as hell, but he earned that right and can back it up.  The video is actually the 3rd episode from his new reality show, where each week he ices out a different celeb with something custom.

$3000 seems awfully low for something like that, but I guess Ben did say toward the middle of the episode that he was just trying to do a bit better than break even because Benji is his friend and it’s for the show.

Thoughts?  Would you rock that pendant?



Richard Ryan slays an iPod Touch:

Interesting choice using a Webley Revolver and MP40.  The slow motion footage is Top Douchebag style sick!

Pretty cool that the slower rounds really tore that thing up.

Thoughts?  Getting sick of this “shoot an apple product” trend yet?  It seems to be working for Richie Rich so I doubt it will stop.



If you look close you can see dried tears and the words “Internet Troll” on Yeager’s heavy bag:

Sounds like solid advice.  I’d like to see someone do some tests on that inertia flipping the rounds around thing he mentioned.  I don’t doubt it could happen, I’d just like to see some tests done.

You might recognize the Everlast MMA heavy bag from the video where tactical saucy minx Erika used a glock to deliver a beating to it, then proceeded to get embarrassed when we made fun of her which resulted in her tactical boyfriend Cory to throwing a shit fit and removing the video.




I haven’t watched this video yet because I’m only about 20 minutes into the episode, and i’m sure it contains spoilers.  This “Everyday No Days Off” thing sometimes puts recreational stuff like that on hold.  So far in the episode though I’ve seen MAGlite suppressors, a suppressor that looks more like a loudener, guns that recoil weird or not at all, guns that fire but their slides or actions don’t reciprocate, and stupid looking muzzle flashes.  I’m sure he MUST touch on that in the above video because it was so terribly obvious.

If you have no place to watch walking dead for free, you can watch it in HD on for $2.99.

MrColionNoir is wearing the Keep Calm And Carry One t-shirt from ENDO Apparel.




A lot of 282 Vietnam war era Zippo lighters was recently auctioned off for $35,250:

The lighters tell a story of the war that cannot be found anywhere else.  They are a record soldiers’ feelings not meant for anyone but themselves, printed on a throwaway tool, capturing the spirit of the war in a way more authentic than any film, more personal than any history book, and more representative than any single soldier’s account.

If you follow my other blog MILcentric you’ll have seen this content already.  I won’t be sharing material often between them, except when there’s something exceptional I think both crowds will enjoy.

LOL at “Let me win your heart and mind or I’ll burn your God damn hut down”

Link to the auction and more pics at the post on MILcentric.

If you are into military inspired items (mostly clothing and accessories), and can stomach my relentless posts about camouflage then I urge you add MILcentric to your daily visits.



Real talent?  Or just model level hotness?

Let me start off by saying I know absolutely zero about competitive shooting.  It interests me as much as wasting my valuable time watching people play any other sports such as football, baseball etc.  The objective of professional competitions normally are to try and win though… so I find Glock’s acquisition of Michelle Viscusi interesting to say the least.

Is she really good enough to roll with the rest of Team Glock?

“While I am new to competitive shooting, I am not new to the world of competitive sports.”
-Michelle Viscusi

She was a disappointing 5th out of 18 people to be eliminated on Top Douchebag season 4.  I never watched the show so I can’t tell you if she got screwed somehow on that, but I’m sure the producers would have loved to have her on there for ratings if they could have somehow swung it.  Also, I’ve never seen her shoot, and before someone makes some smart-ass comment about how well I can or cannot shoot I’ll save you the trouble and say I know she can shoot better than me.  That said, I find it incredibly hard to believe that out of every professional level man or woman that should have been on Glock’s radar, she was the best.  Best looking, possibly… but best shooter?  What is the purpose of Team Glock anyway?  Is it just a PR machine to strut around at trade shows and have a presence in the competitive shooting world?  Does winning or losing really not matter?

You can read the full press release / interview with Viscusi over at Military Times.  After reading the article there is no doubt she is a hard worker, but I still question if all her practice and recent dedication has got her skills at par with the other competitive shooters that took years to get where’s shes now at.

With Tori Nanonka also on the team, Glock is definitely going to have some killer calendar material if they ever want to raise some money.