Is this supposed to be funny?

There should be a huge fine for doing Stupid fake Russian accents on YouTube.

I’m surprised youtube actually doesn’t ban user that make videos like that.  Although I guess at < 500 views, it is hardly on the radar.



Good news.  It looks like guns are still going to be around in the future:

Taken by DarfVader outside Martin B Redding Gun Shop In Cluver City, CA

I wonder what Doc Brown was buying? My guess is he probably told them he wanted to purchase another Glock rifle and got laughed out of the store.



I know the whole “cokeman” persona is apparently an act.. but I want to punch this guy in the face every time he opens his mouth:

Shooting inside my house is not something i’d do unless I had an actual range.  Whatever floats your boat though.

He’s wearing dirty looking shoes, and has shitty carpet so I suppose what does he have to lose as long as it’s done safely as possible.



This is one of the coolest things I’ve seen in a while:

The blade is 154 CM, 8 inches long, 1 1/2 inches wide and 3/16 inches thick. The overall length is 13 inches.

This one has premium blue mammoth ivory, and some extra special survival stuff in the mag.

I had some partners on this project. Caspian arms made the grip frames available to me at a reasonable price, Ken Jantz at Jantz Knife Supply made the blades for me to my specifications and donated ten for the NRA knives, and my friend Scott Hamann at Metal Magic in Kenai Alaska. was also very instrumental in the building of these knives. The magazine from the knife is functional in a .45 (gives you one more round if you need it) and the knife accepts a fully loaded mag for your .45 if you want to do that.

Inside the magazine in the handle is;
The door of the compartment is a diamond hone
a Leatherman Micro
a magnesium and flint fire starter
a needle for sewing
a length of synthetic sinew for snares, fishing, sewing, a bow string etc.
fish hooks
it has capacity for a .45 round
and a flashlight is on the lanyard.

Source – Bladeforums

You can visit the knife maker Mark Knapp’s site – HERE

When is the ceramic Glock version coming? Oh wait.. that’s probably a bad idea because it could be taken undetected through airport metal detectors.



Funny video, and the idea sounds cool, but also like a bit of a money grab:

I’m sure a lot of kids will be hitting up their parents for some cash for this.

The Call Of Duty Elite website where you can register for the beta – HERE



For taking pictures:

An NFTA (transit) Police officer threatened and swore at me while I was making a video of the aftermath of a fight at Thursday at the Square in Buffalo NY.

“If you take my picture again I’m gonna F***ing break your face.”

The man didn’t want his picture taken… as a person… not as a police officer.

As always… very reasonable. :roll: Who wants to be this guy still has his job?