Both Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s teams would have to agree to donate concert tickets. Neither has signed onto the project yet.

Williams likened the program to NYC’s current buyback program that allows New York residents to surrender their guns for $250 cash, saying he would like to launch the program March 23 at a local church if the police department approves.

Full Story – Business Insider

As the article says, it’s not official yet, but the idea is being pitched to her.  I saw Beyonce in concert once, she was quite good.  That said, if NY currently has a $250 buyback program I would definitely rather have the money if I lived there.

Just because I feel like quoting Jay-z from one of my favorite songs “Where I’m From“:

I’m from where you can’t put your vest away and say you’ll wear it tomorrow because the day after they’ll be saying “Damn I was just with him yesterday”

BeyonceCough up a lung where I’m from / ENDO son, ain’t nothin nice.

I like Beyonce the best when she sings / looks good, not when she demands stupid plans.


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AK-47 Selector Switch T-ShirtThis rivals the 2nd Amendment Harlem Shake I posted about a few weeks ago.

As you can see the ENDO AK-47 t-shirt warmed things up.  The pug was a nice touch too haha.


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Oh look, they “sponsored” an NRA commercial:

I’m not even sure what “sponsoring” an NRA commercial entails.  Maybe you tell the NRA you’re going to make a commercial, and then they review the message of it and allow you to put their logo on it?  Who knows… either way I don’t really care.  They already tried to buy their way back into our favor, that didn’t work… so why not try affiliating with the NRA right?  I really wish the NRA would have LOL’d at them and told them to shove it, but apparently that’s not how things work outside of my little grudge holding bubble.  Oh you shit on gun owners and the 2nd Amendment several times?  Oh whatevs LOL that’s in the past… welcome back!  <— basically how it seems to go.


If you missed all the scumbag Cheaper Than Dirt shenanigans make sure to click that link and check out the past posts.


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Mattv2099 does some 10mm cooking:

hahah what’s with the autotune?  Tactical T-Pain up in this!  No surprise that the 10mm sent its ginormous shockwave through the kabob vaporizing it on contact and creating a hole the size of a Buick in the backstop.

GlockabobWhat’s up with the wiener? (pause)

Ban Glock related cooking.




Playing card / Basketball / .22LR shenanigans:

22plinkster-YouTubeTHAT SHIT CRAY!

No word if they found him, and what the imposed fine was. (I don’t normally like to explain jokes, but it’s Friday so here’s some context for you geezers)

Yea I know I already use a Jay-z / Kanye line a few days ago in the Russian Gym Class AK-47 Operators post, but this post was also begging for a few.




One lady would rather die than defend herself:

Source – The Blaze


1:06 – I can’t believe people that stupid exist.

1:18 – Oh wow, when the reporter asked what happens when someone is trying to kill you.. the answer? “They’ll just have to kill me Christopher”

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