As a follow up to her Concealed Carry Holster Options For Different Outfits video:

I can’t see a thigh holster being comfortable for anyone… she says they are comfortable for her though.



If you get hit with this…

you’ll be digging your own grave.



Interesting idea.  Looks very well executed too. For the average person something like this would just be a novelty…. doesn’t mean I wouldn’t want it on all my mags anyways. :P

I could definitely see it being popular with the Law Enforcement and Military crowd if it was proven to be reliable.  If the counting system did fail, at least the magazine would still be functional.

You can check out their website – HERE

Unfortunately There is no info on when it will be available to the public, or what the cost will be.

Side Note: Thank god they didn’t call it “Clip Count”.



Hot off the production line from Valkyrie Armament:

DO WANT!  Even on a semi-auto that would be awesome.  It would force me to step my bumpfire game up a notch.

Price for the conversion – $3300

You send them your entire rifle, and they machine the following:

  • Bolt carrier for the drive system
  • Upper and Lower for compatiblity with the belt feed assembly

Included in the price is the belt feed assembly, belt box adapter to hold the 200 round m249 SAW ammo can, one starter strip, one stop strip and 100 links, and one 200 round ammo box.

NOTE: You can not use regular military links with this conversion… you need to use the proprietary ones that are included.

Judging by the video it seems to work flawlessly in full auto. I’m told by the company that that it maintains a 85% parts compatibility with regular AR-15s.

Valkyrie Armament’s website – HERE



Not gun related, besides the fact it looks like something that could take down a plane:

  • 36 pounds
  • 33 inches long
  • Minimum focusing distance of 46 ft

I’d hazard a guess that pointing that at a helicopter like they did in the video, would get you laid out on the ground (or at the very minimum hassled) by the police more often then not. People seem to call 911 for practically ANYTHING that looks suspicious nowadays.

Lots more info in a review of the lens – HERE

The price tag on this used one is $120,000 !



Inside the book “From My Cold Dead Paws”:

Heh… just when I thought I had seen it all.

The NRA spoof “Feline Rifle Association” seal is a nice touch.

$11 on Amazon – HERE

Most of the pictures in the preview on amazon (and on the cover) actually look like crappy photoshops of cats with guns. I’ve got a lot of actual cats/dogs and guns saved to my hard drive (yes I save crap like that) i’ll have to use in another post sometime.