The camera work and after effects were nice. The lack of “laughing dog” was highly disappointing though.

Hopefully augmented reality games will someday be as awesome.



First Tactical Bacon, now this:

CMMG really needs to get more creative.  This is just a pizza pop (hot pocket etc..) that says tactical on it…  am I the only one that doesn’t think this shit is cool?

Oh well, I guess it gets people like me to blog and complain about it therefore getting their company more recognition.

If you want to prove to everyone what a tool you are, head over to ThinkGeek and purchase one for $6.  If you’re not a waste of space you’ll take the money to FIVEguys instead, get a Bacon Cheeseburger and wash it down at home with a cold beer.



Call me a holster purist if you will, but this is just insane:

It’s actually called the “Flashbang” (Clever, but I like my name better) and is available for the Kel Tec LCP, LCR S&W Bodyguard J frame,Sig P238.  I’m not posting the link where you can buy it from because I feel like I would be contributing to a female Darwin award.

Selling products this dangerous should be illegal.



  • American school girls – 0
  • Russian school girls – 1

“We’re preparing them to be future women, future mothers, future housewives, (then something predictable about cooking)” says the teacher, taking them down a notch.

“Shooting is more fun than solving an algebra problem”  No shit!  I agree with that Natasha.  After spending over a decade in University, id stay shooting is more fun than anything school related.

Good to hear that Natasha isn’t planning on falling into that bullshit role that her teacher is trying to pigeonhole her in. She wants to be a lawyer.



Nice!  Italian GQ only, not American.

Some bonus behind the scenes footage:



Done for a Bachelor of Fine Arts thesis project:

Who says you’ll have no marketable skills to land a job with a Fine Arts degree?  Hogwash I say *adjusts monocle*. :P

Grandmas everywhere are hatin’ on his skillz.

More pics on the artist Monte A. Smith’s Flickr page – HERE

Hat tip: Neatorama