I believe that right is protected by Amendments 2 and 3.1415926:

UPDATE: Oh Snap! An even more hilarious video where everyone has guns:

LOL @ StudentsForGunFreeSchools.org  If I was still in university i’d “get involved” and become a campus leader just to troll them from the inside.

I really don’t see the problem with video #2. All the guns were aimed at the one guy that started it all… isn’t that what the police would do if they were there?

I love how their slogan is “Armed with knowledge not guns”.  Wouldn’t the knowledge we gained from incidents like Virginia Tech suggest that guns are the quickest way to end a massacre? 

Oh wait… but if guns were “illegal” on campus, that means there’s not even a chance that criminals would be carrying, right? *eye roll*

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I haven’t played the COD series as much as a lot of you have, but I can see they touched on a few of the things that even I thought were ridiculous!



Meh… bland and predictable again.  The Glock 18s are cool though.

I’d like to know what kind of special superman contact lenses he has in that make wearing eye protection unnecessary.  The tannerite explosion at around 1:40 is a perfect example of why he should be more careful.



This is apparently how you get (and keep) 4.6 Million subscribers on youtube:

#2 most subscribed of all time *shrug* I must be getting too old…

Youtube formula for success = Asian + corny acting?



So a 17 year old boy shoots his younger brother with a .22 LR in the rear end (sorry I meant the buttAX) … big deal?   If it was an accident and the kid is going to be fine they should just let the family take care of it.   I don’t often say “That’s racist!”, but in this case I bet if some white kid in a more affluent area shot his little brother in the ass the cops probably wouldn’t even show up, and everyone would just laugh it off.

When he bolts at ~40seconds is the best part… I was honestly bracing for the sounds of an entire magazine being emptied *phew*

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Just like the Notorious B.I.G. said… or not:

Even though it’s airsoft crap, you get the point.  The end result is pretty funny.

If there is one thing I learned from this video it is that Epic Mealtime can not be duplicated.