A promotional / fundraising stunt put on by a Charlotte, NC radio show:

Raising some money for the USO of North Carolina, Woody put on a trash can and headed out onto the driving range. Did I mention that in addtion to driving golf balls at him with a golf club, you could also FIRE AN AR-15 at him?!? $1 per ball for a golf shot or $5 per ball to fire a golf ball from an AR-15 rifle at Woody. All the proceeds went to the USO of NC and Purple Heart Homes.

The armor: 

A video from the event:

Source – Woody & Wilcox

If you want to pick up an AR-15 Golf Ball Launcher for your own stupid stunts they are $25 over at Amazon.

Pointing an AR-15 at someone and pulling the trigger with or without a golf ball attachment, unless you’re planning on killing them doesn’t sit well with me.  The stunt did benefit the USO though which is a bonus, but I can’t see that organization being too thrilled about the method of fund raising.  I guess you can’t bite the hand(s) that feed you.

What’s next?  A real revolver contestants can play Russian roulette with, but instead of a real bullet there will be a fart stinkbomb capsule that will get broken by the hammer.  That person will be the winner.  Sounds equally as irresponsible and dumb.

Ooooo i’ve got another one.  A .50 BMG that contestants can wrap their mouth around the end of, but instead of real cartridges in the magazine, they will all be duds except for one that is filled with Redbull!  That person will be the winner.

I guess you just have to “hope” no one slips in a real round.  Wasn’t that on one child’s play movie?

Thoughts?  More dumb ideas?



Yea… there’s a lot of awesome here so get ready:

Eclectic Method definitely knows their way around an editing timeline.  If you haven’t already seen the 99 Problems movie cut they did for the Jay-z track by the same name, you should check it out.

Side note: It pisses me off all the duplicate stolen videos up on that piece of shit website liveleak.  How is that place not shut down?  The only real good thing about liveleak that I can think of, is their TOS is a lot less anal than youtube’s, so more graphic war/police incident type videos are permitted.

Make sure to watch Gunshots On The Beat – Basement Rap for the hardest beat out there.


Hat tip: Bryan, Jeremy C., USSMunkfish



All handgun cartridges suck, some less than others:

Almost 15 minutes long, but a good discussion that touches on some great points.

Highjak86 and his buddy make some damn good videos.  The title of the series “TacShorts” always throws me off though because I think it’s going to be something funny involving actual shorts.

Highjak, I know there’s probably a lot of pressure to be funny, but you guys should come out with some more vids like the Most Tactical AR-15 Ever, and the Most Tactical Loadout Ever.   Those were instant internet classics!



The video he made to piss off fanboys such as myself:

To Summarize His complaints: Slippery slide, Grip angle, massive grip

It was all worth it to see the end home invasion part towards the of the video though LOL

The characters were pretty awesome too.

Thoughts?  If you don’t like Glocks, what do you like?

Hat tip: William S.



The long intro had me pumped… then came the “test” starting at 1:40:

*eye roll* my first thought was how is it even fed rounds?  Is the magazine on top and they come through the tube? hahhaha who knows.. but it just gets more corny and fake as the video goes on.

I don’t dispute that real versions of this will likely exist within the next few years.  They will be a muzzle discipline nazi’s worst nightmare when someone is learning to fly.  I wouldn’t want to have the operator sneeze or anything while he/she had their finger on the FIRE button.


Hat tip: Sean D., Chris, Eric, Carl



The gun store guys converted a Hi-Point (likely a .40) to shoot 10mm:

Seems to work damn good.  Can’t really beat it for the price.

I’m sure this modification will catch on in the hood, because 10mm kills mo’ bettah!

They never mentioned if they were doing the conversions in their shop or not, but if you’re interested i’d suggest giving them a call.