Buck Yeager gives so few shits (so he says) but he actually cares so much what everyone thinks:

Out of all the things to respond to, the classic “You’re a racist because you have tattoos, a beard and a shaved head” that seems a bit ridiculous unless he was just looking for an excuse to take his shirt off on camera, which I’m almost positive was the ulterior motive.  We all know, anyone who is racist advertises it with full ink on their upper body.

He then goes on to tell us what a good guy he is… “good guy Yeager” fo’ sho’.  That whole stay in the team room for free thing is actually crazy generous, that actually does really impress me.

James-Yeager-Angel-ApprovedAnyway the TLDW of this all is Buck Yeager isn’t a racist because he says so, and doesn’t have any racist tattoos *shifty eyes*. Take his word for it that he would 100% shoot a black guy or a mexican guy that came to take his guns, just as quickly as as he’d shoot a white guy or a woman.




Sorry to get your hopes up… just a scope they put on a jackhammer for 30 minutes:

Operating in some pretty intense operations.  I’m taking a wild guess that they had to re-zero it before firing those shots… but who knows maybe they didn’t?  If they didn’t have to re-zero, it would have been helpful to show a quick disconnect mount re-attached with just a level pull.  Either way it’s impressive the internals weren’t rendered useless, turning that scope into a expensive grown-up rattle.

I wonder if Nightforce, Trijicon, and some of those other high end brands would pass this same test with flying colors?


Why can’t companies ever bring humor to things?  This would have been a perfect opportunity to have a model seductively attach the scope, and then hand it all off to a fat construction worker type guy who would “let his stomach do the work”.




MrColionNoir with the truth:

Every time there’s a mass shooting, for the next month you’ll hear “the shooter this… the shooter that.. his family this… his life that” but when somebody stops a mass shooting all you hear is this *cricket noises*

Yea no kidding.  I guess low (or zero) body counts aren’t worth talking about though.  You gotta have blood all over that 1st page to sell the most papers! *smh*

MrColionNoir-YouTubeI’m starting to think that the initial hurdle we still have to overcome is the “guns kill people” fear, which most people who are against or scared of guns have.  It’s like yea exactly, guns do kill people and that’s the point.  I have yet to hear a solid argument against legal carry as a means for stopping threats such as mass shootings.





Big surprise no one in the media wants a sign on their lawn:

4:29 – hahah at the wrong house they got where the old guy was carrying.

5:27 – “The issue is never gonna be guns.  What the issue is, is that you got to get them back down to one bullet magazines” – Ah… so THAT’S the issue.  Glad to see we’re striving for one round now… 10 or even the new 7 round thing I’ve heard is just too “high capacity” apparently.  And these are the guys paid to write for a living… impressive!

In case you missed it, this is all in response to the Journal News publishing a map with the addresses and names of all pistol permit holders in NY’s Westchester and Rockland counties.  Ironic that a lot of those reporters had armed guards because of the recent uproar over that info being published.


Hat tip: Vincent, Matt



No big deal… ;)

They could not have picked a more epic FXhummel1 line to close out that segment.  I think they thought it would make gun owners look like nut cases, whereas I’m pretty sure everyone watching was probably like “LOL Damn, that’s awesome.”

I wonder if I could put a “As Seen On MSNBC” logo on my site? haha I don’t know the legality behind that but I’ve seen people do it.

Although the term “Coward” springs to mind again (LOL), I’m quite glad Buck Yeager didn’t make an appearance on that TV show and repeat his “I’ll kill anyone who tries to take my guns” bit.


Oh and the name of the segment, “Fear And Loading”…. ha ha haaaa :/  I bet whoever made that up was high on success all day at their clever Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas pun.

As always you can pick up a number of awesome gun related t-shirts over at ENDO Apparel.




Their weak promo vid:

It’s no secret that I love Glock, but who the hell puts together these videos?  First of all the video’s target market is Law Enforcement, which I’m sure is a huge (but likely dwindling) part of Glock’s sales but there is obviously a larger population outside of law enforcement that carries. Since the end result of carrying is to stay alive (no matter your occupation) I don’t see why a video couldn’t be made that would appeal to both audiences.

Also, LOL at that “Glock gives me confidence to live my life” tagline still in use.  I wish I was at SHOT right now just so I could troll Glock and tell them I had ZERO confidence and was huddled up in the fetal position crying day and and day out in fear that bad guys would come get me… then I bought a S&W and that didn’t help.  I bought an AR-15 after that and still was an emotional wreck.  I got my Glock 17 though, and well… now I walk down the street with my head held high winking and girls, hi-fiving homeless dudes, and generally wreaking of confidence.  I got a raise at my job, met a supermodel, always score under par in golf, and they give me a discount whenever I go into JCrew.

Glock-LogoIn case you think the gun looks familiar, it’s just a G30SF frame with a G36 slide on it, and packs 10 rounds of .45 ACP.  WHeeeeeeeeeee. :/

Looks like 2013 isn’t the year of the Glock rifle. :(