Trust Joerg Sprave to turn an Oreo into a projectile:

Oreo-CookieCrazy slingshot guy… you so crazy.

Separating the creme from the cookie too!  Too bad it didn’t work… the idea was solid though.




Iraqveteran8888 is a couple weeks late on this:

iraqveteran8888-youtubeBetter late than never though I suppose.  I give them a 6/10.

Make sure to check out the AK-47 Harlem Shake and the 2nd Amendment Harlem Shake for two better examples.



Gangstas trust the science behind vests, and rely on that when keeping it the realest:

“That shit hurt a lil’ bit.” -Al Wizzle

Al Wizzle is real alright.  Real stupid… did you see that goose egg?  I bet there’s internal bleeding.

The handgun they used is a .32 ACP apparently.


Hat tip: William



Jesse Ingall shows us how to do it if we can’t carry a firearm:


Remember when Colorado State Senator Jessie Ulibarri suggesting fighting active shooters with ballpoint pens?  Studies show that rapists are incredibly afraid of whistles too… so I see this setup being 100% effective in stopping a threat.


In use picture of the IWB setup as you can see.  Scary that he could just pull his shirt overtop and no one would ever know he had an assault pen and high decible assault whistle underneath.

Source – Ideas, Thoughts And Happenings




A new personalization pack they are offering:


Pick it up over at the Call of Duty store.

Cost: 160 Microsoft Points (whatever that means?).  There are also some other packs like zombies, money, snake skin…

haha why not right?  mmmm that smell on sustained auto fire tho…



Most companies appreciate my douchy 2nd Amendment philanthropy:

Just wanted to say a quick “thanks Mike” for the click-thru traffic yesterday and today!

While I’m sorry that you seem to think our (legal) idea is “probably the stupidest idea you’ve seen in a while”, I am glad that some of your comment-posters don’t have that same opinion.

We will continue to do what we can to draw attention-to and support-for the 2nd Amendment as we know you are in the habit of doing also.

Thanks again for the publicity, even if you didn’t like the idea.

Stevan |

Haha there you go… That was in reference to Defacing Money Like A Douchebag In The Name Of The 2nd Amendment.

Every time I criticize a person or a company, many of you blow up the comments or email me in outrage.  That said, many of you also agree with me. Neither case really matters, because this blog is about my opinion, and the truth is whether it be in favor or against whatever I’m talking about most of the companies or people I talk about in those posts genuinely appreciate the exposure.  There’s the occasional person or company that takes it really personally at first, but they usually end up coming around (or I’m assuming at the very least, forgetting about it anyway).  All sorts of personality types and egos out there, that’s bound to happen occasionally.

I normally don’t ever hear from the really big companies (Glock, Hi-Point etc…) because I think so far they would prefer to distance themselves from guys like me.  For example July 17th, 2012 or as I like to call it “Black Tuesday”, Glock even quit following me @GunBlog on Twitter because I imagine they didn’t appreciate my relentless humor.  The unfollow was enough to know I’m doing my job ;)  If Glock only knew how many people I’ve put onto their magical firearms… I seriously don’t shut up about them if you get me going.

In the end I believe we (douchebags, companies, and other tactical individuals) are all on the same side, which I think can basically be summarized with a sentence like: “Don’t mess with our freedom and guns.”

ENDO LogoAnyway, just thought I’d share that.  Hope everyone has a great weekend.