SKD Tactical takes a Cheaper Than Dirt style approach, but for a good cause:



First off let me say I appreciate the humor.  As I mentioned in the past, not enough companies have a sense of humor.  Secondly, what a selfless thing for them to do… donating $24.25 to the NRA or the Special Operations Warrior Foundation?!?!  Whoever owns SKD tactical are good people in my book.

Make sure you check out the SKD Tactical website.  They have a lot of awesome gear!   I’m definitely adding them to my bookmarks as a place to check next time I need something.


Hat tip: Charles, Mark



Medium capacity assault anyone?

I like the look of the magazine, and it seems to work well… but I gotta ask why?  To get 20 measly more rounds than 1 single standard AR-15 magazine, and 10 rounds less than carrying two and the width of around 5 magazines?  Seems to me that carrying two mags would take up less room, and be compatible with every pouch on the planet… not to mention you also have the assurance that if one fails you still have 30 rounds (hopefully) in magazine #2.  I guess what I’m trying to get at is if you want sustained automatic fire you might as well go with a 100 rounder for maximum fun.  Those though are even more bulky and awkward…


Made by XS Products who also make a load of other drum magazines.  Their name is confusingly similar to XS Sights, but as far as I can tell the two companies are not related.

Thoughts?  Are you on board with drum magazines, or do <3 the box configuration and capacity of the Surefire high capacity 60 and 100 round box style magazines more?  Interesting how Sturmgewehre said he hasn’t had any luck with the Surefire 60s.



Increased tactical-ness without the side-effects:

Tactical-BeardThese beanie-beards have been around for a while marketed under various different names.  No matter how many I see I still get a chuckle, especially when girls or kids wear them.




Because we live in a world where scumbags kill innocent people:

Amen to that.  

You think a guy with an AK is scared of your LCP?


I’m really looking forward to the day (hopefully soon) where all this ban nonsense just fades into irrelevance as it rightfully should.  As it has been said a million times, the problem isn’t guns, it is crazy people.  Sure, A problem is crazy people WITH guns, BUT the way to fix it isn’t to screw up 10s of millions of people’s hobby, livelihood, source of protection etc… If that happens, it will just be a repeat of the last assault weapons ban which didn’t make anyone any safer.

AK-47-AR-15-M4gery-Assault-RifleMrColionNoir is wearing the ENDO Black Rifle Flag t-shirt.




FXHummel1 flips it on the anti-gun people, bible style:

I didn’t get a lot of the references, but the song was awesome.

God responded not by setting up a rock registry or by instating a background check for sharp pointy things.

ENDO Run Guns T-Shirthahah pure gold.

FXhummel1 is wearing the ENDO Run Guns t-shirt.




These cars have no purpose whatsoever and no civilian should own one:

These cars are all vicious killing machines, and I’m hear to stop Mustang killings once and for all.

People in the YouTube comments and on Facebook don’t know it’s a joke poking fun at “gun ban” style knee-jerk reactions.   Wait… maybe it’s not a joke? :P

Ban-Assault-Vehicles-Ford-MustangYou can like the Facebook page to support the ban of Ford Mustang assault vehicles.

If it saves even one life….