Pretty fun idea, to make weapon firing voice activated.  That would be hilarious at parties where alcohol is involved.

Now if only I could legally modify my handguns and rifles to respond to voice commands.



They should turn that spade grip into a foot pedal for him. Youtube footage of a dog killing Taliban soldiers would go viral instantly.

Sadly, the killing enemies thing is probably a violation of U.S. dog law.  Dog law in this country is not governed by reason.



I thought the guy from the Taking The AK-47 Out For A Stroll Open Carry Style video I posted a few days ago was a loudmouth douche, but that still didn’t affect my opinion on how I support his right to open carry.

Well the following video you are about to watch is from the same guy:

Interesting school of thought… i’d prefer die of old age, and not kill anyone.  To each their own though.

Some people… *head shake*



James Edward Orr, 20, from the First Battalion Eighth Marines Alpha Company, lifts weights made from barbed wire at a makeshift gym at an outpost in Kunjak in Helmand province, Feb. 17. (Finbarr O’Reilly/Reuters)

And I thought prison gyms on TV shows looked badass!  You can’t get much more badass than lifting spooled up barbed wire.  That Marine needs to get those pants fixed though. You can’t be too safe with that don’t ask don’t tell policy. LOL

The full picture set at the Big Picture – HERE




Serious bathroom business calls for serious privacy.

Hat tip: Anders R



Wow, this looks awkward:

ROFL he actually calls it a speed loader… classic. I guess he and I have different definitions of “speed”.

I couldn’t picture anyone using this period, much less a soldier using it to swap rounds from one mag to another.  Don’t even get me started on the fact that it is 3 pieces.

I could have sworn that springs wear quicker from use, and the fatigue on the spring for a loaded mag just sitting there is basically negligible in the short term.

Never take what a guy in a cheap ass tactical vest tells you at face value. :P


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