Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…. *cough snort* oops oh hi guys.   Man what a snoozer of an episode… looks like the bullet hole in the kid is going to be one of the new major story lines.

I sure hope this was just a transition episode, otherwise it’s turning into Days Of Our Lives (and not even Days Of Our Lives with zombies).

It doesn’t appear to be on the AMC site this week for free.  If you want to catch it on Amazon for a couple bucks:

Season 2 Episode 1 – What Lies Ahead

  • Standard Definition (SD) – HERE
  • High Definition (HD) – HERE
Anyone watch it? Thoughts?



For those that prefer ordering through Amazon.com

Most of the sizes of the other styles of shirts are in stock currently too.  The few sizes that are out of stock will be replenished late this week.

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You can always purchase as usual through the ENDO Apparel website instead.

I’ve got some new designs in the works too.  Keep an eye on the blog for updates.  Thanks! -Mike



Step 1 –  Have kids

Step 2 – Do everything in this video with them, and upload it to YouTube:

  • Getting your kids to swear?
  • Swearing at your kids?
  • Treating weapons (presumably unloaded) like toys?  Bayonets even are affixed on a couple of them.
  • Whore? Bastard? Asshole? MFer? That girl doesn’t look a day over 10.

Maybe I was just raised differently but everything about the video makes me cringe.

For those that don’t know, the video is from blog commentor Juan-A-Be-The-Luchador and owner of the blog Guns For Everyone.  We exchanged a couple of emails in the past, and he seems like a good guy but this video has my WTF meter reading 11.

Also, i’m not very worldly but I have no idea what that Mexican (wrestling?) mask bit is supposed to be.  If that’s a joke too, someone explain it to me.



A Zombie Virus That Causes People To Quote Christopher Walken:

Ahahhaha much better than I expected.



New Apple game called Ready Steady Bang:

Pretty simple game, you play against a cowboy in a duel.  Pretty cool that people are getting rich off these 99cent iDevice games.  


I really don’t feel like I’m missing by only having a Motorola Xoom, which by the way still holds the spot of being the #1 best electronic device I’ve ever owned.  The hardware is incredible, and the software is made by google… so yea it’s amazing too.  

I’ll probably never buy an Apple product again.  Not because of the quality (it’s obviously top notch), but because of the restrictions (both software and hardware) on all of their devices.   Yea you can get relatively cheap 3rd party cables and software, and even jailbreak the phones… but why should I have to pay or do some work to make the device function as it rightfully should?



I don’t know who most of those characters are.  Neat idea for a commercial though, that’s for sure!