Even though they are glass, I feel like I need to give one of these a lick just so my brain can get over it:

Source – Darren Lago

Even though the title of this work was “Candy Colts” I was bracing for Deagles and Glocks to be in mix.  Looks like the artist either got lucky, or is a gun enthusiast because he kept it strictly 1911s and what looks like Colt single action revolver.


Hat tip: Kevin



Good advice if you want to take your gun somewhere you’re flying:

Say “I need to declare a firearm”.   Saying “I have a gun” will not get you the response that you’re looking for from the TSA agents.

LOL yea no kidding.

Make sure you take a look at the official The TSA Traveling With Special Items – Firearms And Ammunition page for the official rules and to keep up on any changes.



I make fun of Panteao occasionally, but they release some solid content with some good guys 99% of the time.

They also occasionally have a good sense of humor, which is refreshing in an industry where most videos are dialed up to serious high-speed no bullshit.

They put an MP3 of their intro theme (right click Save As…) up for download in case anyone is interested.  Perfect accompaniment for drying your mullet slow motion in the breeze, or sliding across a car hood like a boss.

I’m not sure what type of licencing rights are on the track, so if you’re planning on using it for something you’re going to make money off you should probably drop them an email.

You can check out their website for more gun related goodness.



The start of this talk is suspiciously identical to Buck Yeagers “Three Battles monologue“:

Both guys take credit… who originally came up with the list?  Sure it’s entirely possible two separate people could come up with the exact same idea, I just like to get to the bottom of this type of stuff.  Yeager’s video was released October 30, 2012 and this new video was released yesterday November 16, 2012.  On Yeagers facebook page he has a post he wrote on Feburary 5, 2012 which also deals with the three battles.

Is this a standard talk that instructors give to students at training classes?

00:30 – “I actually like to break it down…” is not what people normally say if they aren’t taking credit for what they are about to say.

Brannon does go into a whole bunch of stuff that isn’t in the Yeager video after that initial part.

Note: No Buck Yeager approved pic in this post because I have the sneaking suspicion he would not approve.


Hat tip: Liam



A single tear rolled down my cheek when she left Glock.  It’s pretty obvious she can crush it in the shooting and looks department no matter what company she’s at though so I’m not mad.

I’m assuming that PH Factor of 9 means her 1911 is chambered in 9mm. (Blasphemy!!!)

Thoughts?  Does she make you want to buy a Taurus?



Have you ever wanted to quickly know how many rounds were in one of your AR-15 mags?

From AR15.com user SkilletsUSMC:

I first saw one of these when in the USMC to measure ammo handed out to guard sentries, but it was just colored in to 25 rounds, and didn’t have the actual round count markers. Outside of that, I have never seen anything like it, so I figured I’d share the knowledge.

It’s a pretty simple concept: just zip-ties, a sharpie, a full 30 round mag, and a little time. I usually start with the mag full, mark, pop out a round, mark, repeat. I personally like the the index line to line up with the feed lip on the side where the indicated round is, but you can do it however makes the best sense.

More pictures and comments over on the AR15.com thread.

Neat idea.  I don’t have a use for it, but I like when people come up with clever/inexpensive DIY solutions to their problems.

Thoughts?  Anyone planning on doing this?

Hat tip: Saul