I got his attention with this:

This morning I roll out of bed and see this in my inbox:


Just to re-iterate what happened… he was on a national TV show, completely embarassed his family, country etc. with his actions, and he wants his picture removed from my site so no one knows who he is.  ROFL ever heard of google?  Your picture is seriously tens of thousands of places on the internet, granted they aren’t naming you “top douchebag”, but when they see your face or a video of you in action that’s pretty much implied.

We obviously know the underlying purpose of that email though.  Whether I removed/edited the picture or not, judging from the “THAT’S RACIST!” card that has been pulled in the past to get attention, and the Jake Zweig shooting targets that he no doubt endorses (but doesn’t make a dime off because no one gives a shit about him outside of top shot) this is just another cry for attention.   He emails me threatening to sue, I post about it, and we both win.

Even though I don’t religiously watch Top Shot, thank god they haven’t yet pulled a “Survivor” and had past losers back on the show.  That is just way too much of an ego boost which no one benefits from.

Jake, my offer still stands about giving me your address.  I might even throw in some food/survival supplies in the mix because I feel slightly bad that since appearing on top shot, you are no doubt 100% unemployable.  Oh wait.. according to your twitter byline you are a “Motivational Leader, expert in dealing with risk-taking behavior, and innovator” that’s gotta be worth millions of dollars a year right there, my bad bro.

What do you guys think about all this?



The joke is on you guys that doubted Mike Saloom had an actual bodyguard license:

This is in reference to the DERP shenanigans that we discussed in the original Tactical Bodyguard Services post a couple of days ago.

I’m marking Nov 2 on my e-calendar as a sad day in internet history, when we lost their company facebook page and all the LOLs that went with it.

Hat tip: Josh for the license



A total of 181 people voted… 176 of the votes were for Jake Zweig.  Huge suprise :roll: haha

Not that big of turnout for the vote, but It was pretty clear from the 271 comments on the who will be crowned top douchebag post that Jake would be victorious.

You might have said to yourself “Wow even that picture is douchy… how did ENDO-Mike find such a good one?”.   From the couple of episodes I ended up watching, I could have taken any screen grab and they all would have been that douchetastic.

I’m sure talk of season 4 is probably already going on.  You can count on there being another Top Douchebag discussion when that starts up too.



As Sons Of DERP would say… “Neva been dun befo'”:

Pretty badass looking little pistol.  The video on the other hand looks like it was done using a combination of Microsoft Movie, Solidworks version 1.0, and PowerPoint .  Don’t even get me started on that 1990s Simpsons Radioactive Man style company logo of theirs.

I won’t bore you with pistol’s details. You can read them on their website – HERE

I’ll want 2 in Titanium please.  No seriously… send me two Heizer.  I do a lot of sitting, typing, BBQing and beer drinking… i’ll let you know how they hold up under those rough conditions.



Apparently this homage to the video game Battlefield:

I don’t game… killer vid though.  Corridor Digital is arguably the best youtube VFX group currently out there.

Hat tip: Bryan



I for one, blame the recession.  :P

A Miami police officer is accused of driving 120 mph on a turnpike because he was late for his off-duty job working security at a school.

Full story – HERE

How embarrassing getting busted like that… that’s what you get for having no respect for the law you are paid to enforce.  Good for that lady cop, shes got brass balls.

Hat tip: Vhyrus