Some multiplayer gameplay footage:

An INSANE $650,000 simulator built to play the game:

A four by nine meter video dome surrounds the player as they stand on an omni-directional treadmill that lets you walk wherever you want to go. Ten infra-red motion tracking cameras and a sensor on your gun enables the picture to follow where you point it and a Kinect hack controls your jumping and crouching. The fun doesn’t stop there — 12 paintball markers mean that every time you get shot in the game, you’ll feel it. 

Nuts… lots more pictures and info over at Engadget.

You can order Battlefield 3 (Oct. 25th Release) – HERE

FPS simulators still have a long way to go, but this is definitely a step in the right direction.   Thoughts?

Hat tip: Branko and dmohle



These guys are so condescending, I love it:

I could never work at a gun store.   Someday if i’m bored I should grab my girlfriend’s Flip video camera and go down and troll Sportman’s warehouse, gander mountain etc… from my limited experience with the employees at those places I’m sure they all call magazines clips anyway… so the troll wouldn’t be very successful.



Another “meh” video from Freddiew:

But it lets me touch on the point that I didn’t think “inverted” controls was that much of a hot button issue.

In first person flying games I always go inverted.   First person shooters I pick standard controls though.

Real helicopters and planes have inverted controls right? What do you guys prefer?



The hardest rap you’ll ever hear:

Hardest on the ears.  Being a self proclaimed conisseur of rap, I find this especially difficult to watch.

Making rifle burs?  Is this guy some sort of ghetto gunsmith aiming to roughen up the edges on a firearm? hahah ;) Thank god it’s just a parody.   I’ve seen too many of this type of video on youtube where the people are dead serious.

NOTE: In hilarious related news, Soulja Douchebag got arrested on Tuesday after police found 5 oz. of marijauna and 3 firearms in his car after he was stopped for a burnt out tail light.   Oh sweet justice! That’s what you get for saying F**k the FBI and the ARMY on a song.  It seems nowadays celebs can just throw money at problems like this and they’ll just go away.  My guess is since he didn’t shoot any cops he’ll probably just get some Lindsay Lohan style community service and a small amount of house arrest.

Hat tip: Rene & Fred R.



Their alcohol abuse potential:


Nothing ironic about that picture.

Show it to a hipster, he/she will blow Clove cigarette smoke in your face, angrily put their macbook back in their messenger bag, slide on their Ray Ban wayfarers so you don’t see the tears, briskly walk back to their chained up fixed gear bicycle (fixie), button up their vest, and speed home to cook some vegan comfort food.



“Crazy Slingshot Guy” Joerg Sprave is at it again:

He has a lot of great ideas, which he executes very nicely.   I always wondered why he wasn’t making extra money off aesthetically refining the design, producing and selling these to the masses, but he answer that in the comments on the video:

YouTuber: Hey Joerg you should consider selling the ideas to companies so there are no lawers and taxes and such.

Joerg Sprave: No need for the companies to buy my ideas, I have given free designs to a number of manufacturers already and plan to continue that strategy. I am doing it just for the fun.

YouTuber: Even better, make money off your designs then donate it to charity.

Joerg Sprave: So your advise is to suffer through the miseries of running a business AND giving the money away? I fail to see where exactly the fun is in this concept. I do this for fun, not for money, and not for charity either.

Well maybe things are different in his country, but unless he’s fabulously wealthy from some other means I think he’s missing out on a great opportunity for some extra “play” money anyway.

Regardless of my opinion, you gotta respect the man who does something that looks so time consuming, then goes ahead and makes and edits videos for youtube to entertain us, just for the sport.