“Saw a serpent and he struck at me…” LOL serpent… how dramatic.

Don’t you mean you were riding around and you saw a serpent, and thought “hey I can kill that son of a bitch because I have a gun!” ?  Because that’s what it looks like… he couldn’t even find it in the video reenactment.

I don’t particularly like snakes, but I wouldn’t shoot one that wasn’t a threat unless I was planning on eating it or making some pimpin shoes. Nevermind, I see in the comments on the video he said the snakes eat his chicken’s eggs, so I guess that’s a good enough reason.

Regardless, this guy sounds like the LAV of snake killing.  Needs more “Listen up homes, I got something to tell you, stop what you’re doin” before he kills the snake though.



Not only are all the backpacks hideous, but this also makes no sense:

I think you’d be better off telling your kid to put the backpack on and run for their life. Putting the backpack against your brain and letting it absorb possible fire just doesn’t make sense.

The Backpack Shield website – HERE

Hat tip: Jeff



I don’t like rules and restrictions that hinder the fun and freedom of the people. Drinking in public is one of these rules, that in most states will get you a ticket at the very least.

Basically if you throw out your garbage, and are not louder and more obnoxious than usual I think you should be able to drink wherever you want to.

Whether it be in the backyard, or walking the streets of your town or city… always have a cold one at the ready this summer:

  • Single black leather beer holster – HERE
  • 6 pack beer holster belt – HERE



Probably not worth getting kicked out of elementary school for:

By designer Sebastian Bergne.  I don’t think it’s worth $29 +shipping, but you might disagree.

  • You can check out the product page – HERE

We used to make similar rubber band guns at school. Nothing stings more than a stretched broccoli elastic.



Ultimate combo is right…

Ha.. not bulky at all either! *sarcasm*

You just know all the high speed low drag operators worldwide have this exact $350 setup.

Just in case you thought I photoshopped it… the Barska site – HERE



Referred to as the “Secret Weapon” by designer/Hollywood stuntman Eddie Paul.

The project included fabricating all the body parts from metal, building the rotating replica Gatling guns which are twin 7.62mm electrically-driven rotary-action six-barrel mini-guns (similar to those on Puff the Magic Dragon gunship in ’Nam, or as seen in Schwarzenegger’s film “Predator”), converting the fuel supply to the pair of five-gallon Jerry cans attached to the rear and constructing the bullet-proof Lexan windshield.

Full story – HERE

Now that’s badass! No word yet on whether or not it can fly.