FXHummel1 on the perils of being tactical:

The video, audio, and lyric quality has improved so much since the early days it’s awesome.  I do miss the early songs strictly about guns though.

I still think if he released an album and put it up on iTunes it would do well.  The way I look at it, if Steve Lee (who I am still convinced was sent to earth by the devil to destroy mankind’s love for music) can make a living off of music, then FXhummel should be able to live baller-like off song alone.




Free trip to Camden Tennessee to call this man a coward:

His gracious offer:  

If you want to call me a coward I will buy you a plane ticket or pay for your gas or whatever I need to do to get you here to Camden Tennessee and let you say it to my face.

*facepalm* and then what?  He will break your fucking back?

Having pride is one thing, but this is getting out of hand; this guy is a walking lawsuit waiting to happen.  I’m thinking someone should show up in Camden with a lawyer and call Yeager a coward while the lawyer witnesses it / films it.  Unless he’s all talk, you’ll likely get your back broken and be beaten to within inches of your life, but when all that’s over the payday would be incredible.

Yeager is very confident there’s no one out there that is bigger and stronger than him, which is surprising considering he’s ex-military / law enforcement and both those occupations aren’t normally filled with weak tiny guys… so unless he really does think he’s invincible I’m sure he even personally knows a number of guys that could annihilate him.

Thoughts?  Oh yea, and it looks like Buck Yeager is back.  I was hoping Good Guy Yeager would have a longer run, but what can you do.



This is slick:

I’m impressed.  The design seems very simple too which is a plus.

Guns that fire from within briefcases are still cooler… but the one in the post is a close second.




Said the guns which fellow blogger Jesse Ingall had to clean up after Sandy:

Check out the rest of the pictures over at Jesse’s blog and fire up this Scorpions song while you browse.

It looks like a rough job, but someone’s gotta do it.  I’m glad Jesse had the skills to bring those back to life.




You guys asked for it, so here it is… The AR-15 Builders Club t-shirt now available in Black.

Head over to ENDO Apparel and grab one!

If you’re considering buying a t-shirt for someone for Christmas, make sure you get the order in soon.  I am running low on stock in some sizes on some designs.  If I am out of a shirt you want to give as a gift, remember I also sell gift certificates.  That way you’ll still have something to put in a card.  The person can use it on another shirt, or wait until the one they want is back in stock.

Thank you for all the support!



Video game site Kotaku takes a look:

If the safety is off, or if the gun is loaded without you being aware of it, keeping your finger off the trigger will ensure that you’re using it safely. Until you are ready to fire the gun, until you are ready to destroy what you’re pointing at, you should keep your finger off the trigger. It’s far too easy to accidentally pull the trigger because of a spasm or startled response to something.

Mostly, but there’s no reason to have your finger on the trigger even if there is a safety and you “know” that it’s on.

Check out the full article over at Kotaku.


Hat tip: James