I present to you a great way to lose friends and alienate yourself at the range:

Save Your Brain with the New EOTech Zombie Stopper!  Use the awesome new biohazard reticle to sight them in and kill them dead (again).

All for a measly $559.  What makes this even more hilarious is that the regular non-DERPified XPS2 is only $519

Hopefully that inner circle of the biohazard symbol is still 65MOA like the rest of their sights.  That would make it slightly less useless.

Maybe if the Nazi product craze catches on once Iron Sky hits movie theaters, you’ll be able to buy a SS branded XPS2 with a swastika reticle to accurately send some Hornady Nazi ammo down range.   Hey.. they jumped on the Zombie bandwagon, who knows what they might pull next.

So who’s picking one of these up?

Hat tip: Jay



From the creator of Counter-strike:

Looks fairly realistic I suppose.  Not as good as a lot of other new military type games, but still acceptable.

At 24 seconds you can even shoot someones dog… now THAT’S realism.  I was waiting for the next scene where they sprinkled crack on the dead body of the innocent guy that was with the dog, but that never happened.   Maybe you have to join the closed-beta test in March to try that out? :P

The URL is real suspicious looking –> http://ti.ogplanet.com/en/intro.og   .og?  wtf extension is that?  the ti subdomain threw me off when I first saw it too.   I assure you the site is legit so don’t worry about clicking the link.

Here’s some gameplay footage:

Looks actually better than I thought it would after seeing the trailer.   I’m sure some of you guys can’t wait to get your hands on this.


Hat tip: Sean



Hickok45 walks around his property FPS style with a suppressed G21:

Has a conversation with the camera… and shoots some stuff.

Looks like a fun retirement this guy has.

Hickok45 is one of the few youtubers I don’t get pissed off when I see their videos.  He’s humble, and knows what he’s talking about.



The lengths people will go to get footage… So much for your dignity:

You can buy it over at Strikemark for $30 if it tickles your fancy.

I’m holding out for a Glock rail mount that will let me shoot while I shoot with my DSLR and 1200mm anti-aircraft Canon lens i’m planning on buying.  Here’s a mockup for your viewing pleasure:

Side note:

Strikemark.. for the love of God, fire your current web guy.  This shit right here.. not acceptable:

Yes 3.68MB with a 1869×1869 px resolution, you’re reading that correctly.  All their product shots are 24 bit PNG files with transparency. *tactical facepalm*

Anyone else got a hankering to shoot while they shoot?  Perhaps a TV camera attached to a Deagle is your combo of choice?



I could have done with the first minute of the commercial… but I guess it sets up the last half for people that aren’t familiar with the gunny.

You might remember the Trigger The Vote – Chuck Norris ad from 2010.  It was quite a bit funnier than this one.

You can read more about Trigger The Vote – HERE




A dude with a DSLR and a Killer eye for shot composition:

I became familiar with SMGLee when I came across his photo coverage of the SHOT show in 2009.   In my opinion, SMGLee continues to be one of the few guys that can actually take a picture there worth looking at.  

You can check out his coverage of the 2012 SHOT show on m4carbine.net to see what I mean.

Good to see he’s into video now too, his skills obviously translate quite well. I’m not sure if the above video was actually shot with a DSLR, but it might be. That slow motion looks almost too good though, which makes me think something else was used.