Terrible looking product, worse video demo:

The alcohol is kept in 1 out of 6 chambers in the revolver. You have the gun tilted up and pull the trigger… if you hear a click you’re dead (the alcohol chamber aligns with the barrel)… so naturally you put it up to your mouth tilt the handle upwards and pour the alcohol out into your mouth.

After seeing the video, I associate the product with douchebags trying to look and act suave.  If that’s what you’re going for, and mock suicide firearm related games are your thing, then by all means head over to Amazon and pick one up for around $15.  You might be playing Russian roulette with your wallet though because the reviews are mostly terrible.

This isn’t the first time I’ve posted about Russian Roulette games, or Alcohol guns:  See Balloon Russian Roulette, Alcohol Gun, and the Beer Blaster Gun.


Hat tip: Philip



I hate the term NSFW, but if you work around kids then you probably shouldn’t watch this until you get home:

Telling us how it is in her usually sassy way.

The gun stuff starts at 2:04.  hahaha good choice of “gun owner” pictures. *smh*

Get a firearm license so you can vote, *shrug* sounds good to me.

Interesting, she’s not married to Jimmy Kimmel anymore… now it’s some other comedian, “Kyle Dunnigan”.  I looked him up on YouTube… decently funny guy.


Hat tip: Rick, Scott



A visually stunning DVD with tips, tricks, and techniques etc…:

Maybe I just drank too much coffee this morning, but my heart was racing after watching the vid.  If you’re into 3 gun and want to step your game up, this looks like it would be worth buying/watching.  I was somewhat disappointed because initially When I saw the title I thought it was going to be some sort of guitar hero twist with guns. :/ haha

The video is from the Noveske Shooting Team, but I can’t find any mention of it on the company website yet.  “Coming soon” still I suppose.

I like how companies aren’t messing around, and putting out garbage low production value videos anymore!  You gotta pay to play and be taken seriously in a crowded marketplace.

I don’t do three gun, but I’d like to give this a watch just to pick up some tips for the fun aspect of it.

Thoughts?  Any of you guys big into 3 gun?



Shooting dental floss swinging like a pendulum:

I’ve posted about 22plinkster before, and although I don’t post every single one of his videos the guy’s skills never cease to amazing me.

I don’t care what attempt # this was on (in this case he says it was his 4th attempt) it’s impressive.  I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to see dental floss swinging at that distance, much less have any sort of hope of being able to time a shot from a .22LR correctly in order to cut it.




hahah too good.

Hat tip: SayUncle



*Spoliler alert* the factory is ghetto:

So Tannerite ships out 1,000,000 lbs. of binary explosives every year and doesn’t bother to automate the packaging process?  I wonder if they know there are machines to do EVERYTHING shown in the video.  Yea sure the machines cost, but having that many employees can’t be cheap.

Funny how hes now on the Tannerite payroll.  I guess In The Red Targets couldn’t afford him anymore.  Sucked for them right from the beginning if you ask me, because since Tannerite is such a household name people just refer to all binary explosives as Tannerite.

*eye roll* at the Russian accent again… I bet he regrets naming his channel FPS Russia more and more everyday.