The gun store guys give it a try:

Interesting.  I wish everyone that did this type of thing had a high speed camera.

They go off on a pretty big tangent about cut shells for a bit, but the DIY for the arrow rounds at 6:34 is worth watching to see what they did.

Thoughts?  Any of you guys ever do something similar?




From an old episode of South Park:

hahah funny stuff.  I don’t know what the episode was about, but every time I see a South Park clip I realize I should probably be watching that show.




Another one from Freddiew:

I’ll save you 1.5 min of your life by tell you Freddiew is bored on his vacation… skip to 1:33.

OMG the clicking noises!  The fake looking Glock!  The bullets that never hit him! The bad recoil faking! The basically unlimited ammo! haha… if you missed the post, freddieW commented on twitter that we were too hardcore about guns.

I’ve never played Far Cry and know nothing about it, but I’m assuming this follow the general idea of the game.  You can pre-order Far Cry 3 on Amazon for $59 if you’re interested (Dec 4th delivery).




MrColionNoir gives his thoughts:

What ever he does decide to do is going to be covert, very insidious, and slick.


MrColionNoir is wearing the ENDO Apparel Run Guns t-shirt.



Brad Pitt vs Zombies:

Although the movie topic is zombies, I’ll definitely see because I think Brad Pitt is a great actor and an awesome human being (as long as you overlook his terrible Chanel No. 5 ad *smh*).

At least the zombies are the quick type!  That should make them more interesting.

Release Date: June 2013

Thoughts?  I see it’s based on a book by Max Brooks.  Is the book worth reading?

Hat tip: Jay, Eric



Under the guise of preventing gun violence:

Neighborhood Gun Dealers:

OMG FFLs being ran out of houses!  People will surely die.

Concealed carry, u so crazy:

Dude is angry.

Mothers of gun victims:

A handgun killed the white lady’s son!  I sure hope that handgun is dead or in jail… we need to keep killer handguns off the streets.

Gun Violence Is Out Of Control:

Handguns kill more kids than car crashes in CA?  Data please.  Also, there they go again blaming handguns.

Too, too many guns:

Yea let’s demonize handguns some more.

School Shooting:

That’s the kind of message that actually makes sense.  Well 1 in 6 isn’t too bad I suppose.

So basically without handguns the world would be a violence free utopia, that’s the message I’m getting. *eye roll*

I’m a strong believe in not passing the blame onto inanimate objects such as guns.  The core of the problem is stupid people.

I don’t know when the above commercials were made, but they look pretty damn old.  Even the clothes they are wearing look dated.

You can catch up on some of their propaganda at

To be fair, Prevent Violence also campaigns against child abuse, domestic violence, rape etc… I’ve got to wonder though, are they not blaming people in that too?  Like maybe if someone was hitting their child with a extension cord do you blame the cord?   Ban extension cords!