Come for the Microsoft destruction, stay for the slow motion:

ROFL at the operating system taking up 18 GB out of 32 GB on the device.  It’s worth shooting for that reason alone.  That keyboard looks like a pretty slick idea though I’ll give them that, but it looks a bit too flat to be functional without looking down at the keys.

LOL on sale for $604.. regularly $1000? Uh yea I’ll pass.




Long but fairly interesting:

I saw the Mythbusters episode on ammunition in a fire… SAMMI got similar results.  Basically it’s not that dangerous if the round isn’t chambered… you wouldn’t want to have your face right next to it though.

Someone in the comments mentioned they should have done a drop test with .22 LR.  Yea no shit!

7:55 – Do a lot of people you know own blasting caps?  I don’t know anyone that has any.

10:10 – I always wondered what would happen if I ran over my ammo with one of my many bulldozers.

12:27 – 28,000 rounds being lit on fire NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooo

It’s funny how they use actually real people (firefighters) for a lot of the tests to prove that the exploding ammunition wasn’t dangerous.  If you’re testing something, doesn’t that already mean you’re not 100% sure on the outcome, and you hope to find the answer?  I’m sure a mannequin with some sensors would have done the trick for some of the tests, or at least better protection on the fire fighters.


Hat tip: Russell



Gregory Markle whipped up this epic photoshop:

Way better than that generic transfusion fluid.  LOL what an awesome tag line too:

When you’re shot and bleeding free, always reach for Sonny P!

Every time I see anything Sunny D related it reminds me of this Dave Chappelle stand-up on grape drink / Sunny Delight.




If you’re not regularly shooting your AR-15 out of vehicles using two cables to steady it, you should probably reevaluate your operator life:

The rifle and pics are from LVOA.  Pronounced “LOVE-AH”?  They should have called the rifle Boombastic;  shout out to Shaggy for that hot ’95 joint.

No word on if you can just purchase that fore-end.  Looks prefect for clothing line ops.




Complete with shovel handle:

His 10 round group at 50 yards:

Cost breakdown:

  • Shit shovel: $2
  • Romy sans-barrel AK kit: $200
  • Barrel blank: $30

Probably one of the most epic things I’ve ever seen or heard regarding firearms.

Check out the full thread over at North East Shooters for tons of pics and the back story.

If you have an account on North East Shooters please tell that guy to contact me, I’d like to send him a complimentary ENDO Apparel AK-47 fire selector switch t-shirt for being so awesome at life.  (New stock arriving soon for those of you who want a size I don’t currently have… get on the notification list)

Well well more proof that you can’t ban guns unless you ban metal, shovels, fire, wood etc… hahah

The same guy also built a PPSh too which you should also check out.


Hat tip: Mark, Adrian, Jonny, Karl, Lisa, Wyatt, John, Jared (I think that’s everyone!)



OMG this looks worse than I thought:

I speculated on how bad this series would be in a past post.  After watching this little preview, all my fears were confirmed.  Wow… just wow.

One of my readers has up a review, and he tears it to bits too.

You can purchase this load of derp over at Amazon for $15 if you need an ironic Christmas gift.  Volume 2 is out now too, which I’m assuming is also garbage, but who knows.

Screw this tactical magical arm tape and zombie bullshit… when are some more real “Art of the…” style videos coming out?