This video would be funny if it was fiction:

*facepalm* what a mess.  The style of the video reminds me a lot of Penn & Teller’s Bullshit… good stuff.


Hat tip: Ryan M.



Preview for the new game, set in the year 2025:

Horses? Zombies? *shrug* why not, right?

Whats the consensus among you gamers?  Is this gonna be good?

You can pre-order the game over at Amazon for $60 if you’re interested.  November 13, 2012 release date.



 Australian Olympic Swimmers pose with some guns and put it on facebook.  CRIKEY did the S ever HTF in Australia after that…

Full Story – HERE

Ok.. the very first line in the article already has me pissed off:

The pair smiled and looked smug as they handled automatic pistols and pump-action shot guns similar to those used in the Port Arthur massacre.

And “Swimming Australia” demanded Kenrick Monk remove the picture.

Oh but it gets better…

D’Arcy was pictured holding semi-automatic pistols, similar to those used by Virginia Tech gunman Cho Seung-Hui.


Australian Olympic team boss Nick Green said the photo was foolish.

So let me get this straight… Two Australian guys pose with guns INSIDE A GUN SHOP IN THE UNITED STATES… and get torn a new one for posting a picture of it?  And on top of it all get compared to two killers in a couple of the worst firearm related massacres the world has seen to date.

If that’s what Australia is like, i’m glad I was never planning on visiting there.  I don’t know if these guys have any legal recourse… but they should look into bankrupting the Australian Herald Sun for printing such bullshit.


Hat tip: Jeff



Full story – HERE

Bear spray, pulling down the robbers pants, giving him kidney shots, and the store owners wife kicking him in the head seemed to work.  Personally i’d rather see robbers dead, but maybe I’m just cold?

I applaud those two.  Stuff like this always worries me when it’s so highly publicized though…. doesn’t anyone worry about retaliation?




MrColionNoir has some thoughts on the topic:

Get a good holster.. end of discussion.  If you have a shitty holster then I would actually recommend carrying without a round in the chamber… because you are attempting to save $40-60 on something you definitely shouldn’t be skimping on.

LOL at 1:04!  hahah that was great.

If you like his Run Guns t-shirt it can be bought over at ENDO Apparel.  I like his Keep Calm And Carry One reference at the end too… subtle.

Thoughts?  Are any of you guys into Israeli carry (keeping the chamber empty until you rack the slide like a ninja)? Or is everyone in agreement that an unloaded gun is a useless club?



The “Number Two” holster:

I don’t know what kind of magical clean public bathrooms the inventors of this “system” visit… but the ones I go in I am tempted to burn my shoes after I exit.  If I had one of those Men In Black things I could use to erase my memory after some bathroom visits, I’d be all over that too.

I would not even consider ever touching anything again that hung off the back of a toilet, the grab bar, or the peg on the door.  What ever happened to just maintaining outward tension with your knees so the gun didn’t hit the ground?

If your weapon is causing you problems when you visit the bathroom, and you’re in to carrying stuff around that has been in contact with countless filthy bathrooms, go spend $20 of your hard earned money quickly over at the Number 2 Holster website.

Does anyone actually think this is a good idea?  Maybe I’m just a wimp when it comes to tolerating poop germs.