When DERP and explosives mix, it’s a deadly cocktail:

I don’t know much about grenades, but I’m assuming he either let go of the lever way before he dropped it (running the time out), or else it was faulty.  All I can say is it’s lucky it was slightly in the water, because otherwise it probably would have killed them both.  I’m assuming it was a concussion grenade, not a fragmentation grenade.  Considering you can’t control the direction of the fragments, i’m pretty sure no one would be dumb enough to use fragmentation grenades.

There’s a “In Russia…” joke in here somewhere… how about “In Russia, fish kill YOU”


Hat tip: Krystian, Bryan, RWC



Chaos311clarity takes care of business:

Like a sir!  I like mag dumps, but I also like hitting targets… so it’s an epic struggle when I’m out shooting.

That M82A1 is such a beast.




MrColionNoir‘s second vid in 3 days! I hope this pace keeps up:

I still think it’s gross to remove your gun and set it down in a bathroom on a shelf.  I just assume people have shit on absolutely everything in every bathroom besides my home ones.  The only way I would take my gun off and set it on a shelf was if I created a buffer zone between the shelf and the gun with about a 1/2″ of toilet paper.  Am I the only one this weird?  Don’t even tell me any of your guys actually bought the POS Bathroom holster?.

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I feel sorry for kids too young to have ever played duck hunt:

Source – AF275

What a great looking holster.  No surprise that he scored perfect on the test runs. :)

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At 6 minutes these vids are becoming too long:

5:30… the camera man catches a chunk of fridge in the arm.  Those guys are so dumb.  Unless you’ve never shot a gun outside of a video game I don’t know why you would ever think filling a fridge with binary explosives and standing that close would be considered safe.




This is what I consider a valid gentleman’s rant:

Note that he actually states facts.

OMG what a scary shirt he has on… 4 high capacity assault clips filled to the top!  I hear those bullets can pierce tank armor and shoot down airplanes! You can pick up your own Black Rifle t-shirt over at ENDO Apparel.

If you’re not already subscribed to MrColionNoir you’re slippin.. go do it now.  He needs to start getting more of that YouTube money to pay for ammo now that he turned into a hipster and bought a Glock 33 ( .357 Sig ). :P

Thoughts?  How many rounds are too many? Think of the children.