Because real operators don’t use wimpy duck blinds:

I’ve never used FrogLube, but I do know that Vigilant Spectre, and Chris “Arm Tape / Zombie Sellout” Costa endorse it.  I’m not so sure I want to jump on the bandwagon since CLP and Hoppes seems to be working fine for my operations.

Out of the hundreds of YouTubers they could have sent free samples I still find it hilarious that Vigilant Spectre made the cut.

More info available over at the Frog Lube website.

If you want to pick up some Frog Lube the best prices appear to be on Amazon.




Finally a hype man at DD who talks TO the viewer, not at them.

An introduction of Rob Pincus:

Tour of the Daniel Defense factory:

Grip and muzzle position:

Close Quarters Combat:

You might remember Rob Pincus from some past posts I made on how much of a tactical operator super ninja he is (HERE and HERE).  He’s still up to that type of stuff to an extent such as in video #1 where he stabs cinder blocks with his rifle, vaults over up hay bales to engage targets, and does a backflip over a fire pit onto a horse while dumping a drum mag at exploding targets. Fine I made the last one up… but the first two were true.

The videos got to the point, and contained mostly useful information.  I could listen to this guy all day.  Rob didn’t even tell us to “listen up” or call us “homes” in any of the videos either.  Refreshing.

I own a few Daniel Defense rifle parts and they have worked well for me.




After my previous prediction, most of this was a letdown:

If you don’t want to watch the 18 minute video above, here is what’s new:

  • Beam scale – What is this 1982? … Should I grow my hair into a mullet and buy an IROC Camaro?
  • LED light strip for reloading – Double yawn I could have had that years ago
  • Critical Defense .32 H&R Magnum – If it doesn’t come out of the barrel of a DEAGLE brand deagle, or a Glock I don’t give 2 shits about it.
  • Critical Defense .38 Special – See previous comment ^
  • Critical Defense .32 NAA – See previous comment ^
  • .50 Caliber Monoflex ML – hmmmmm .50 you say… maybe I could rig up a DEAGLE to fire it.
  • SST Light Shotgun Slug – Reduced recoil?  Pffffft operators live for recoil.  Pass.
  • Heavy Magnum Coyote Ammunition – I use .50 BMG on coyotes, head shots at 1000+ yards so I have no use for that.
  • Critical Defense .410 Triple Defense – K this is actually kind of cool, but it still won’t work in DEAGLES or Glocks.
  • Critical Defense .30 – I can’t hate on the M1 Carbine *slow clap*
  • Super Performance shotgun slug – HOLY SHIT did my RC shotgun shell just make an appearance!!!!?! Yes It did, but it was just a tease. :/
  • Critical Duty .45 +P – Great casting of the scumbag.   Hopefully he had Critical Doody loaded, and that cop took him out with his Critical Duty… ahha I slay myself.
  • American Whitetail ammo – What a feel good video.

And that’s that.  You can read about all these over on the Hornady new products section of their website.

I wish I would have saw the job opening for “BUZZWORD GUY” over at Hornady before they filled it.  That dude TM’d all sorts of crazy shit.  Triple this, Critical that, SuperOMGperformance!  Little did they know that my buzzword game is unfuckwithable, you guys have no idea so don’t test me.

Maybe next year Hornady can make my RC Shotgun Shell dreams come true.  A trick up their sleeve for SHOT Show perhaps?




On twitter referring to how we often tear him a new one when it comes to the details in his videos:

Sure I’ve wrote some pretty harsh posts (as seen in his link) about how he “fell off” in the past, but I’ve also praised him plenty of times.  It sounds nit-picky but in every hobby people are going to criticize something they see that isn’t correct.  Freddiew is a smart guy, and it’s obvious by the tweets that he’s not bothered by what any of us have said… and his reasons are exactly what I thought they would be.

Real guns vs video games:

Makes sense.

And in criticism of my “Freddiew isn’t making videos like he used to” type statement, @JonPaula commented and Freddiew replied:

Which is also fair… I definitely would have sneered that “all his videos are the exact same”, I’m predictable like that.

Freddiew also touched on addyyoon’s comment about the non stop gun clicking noises:

At the end of the day I hope Freddiew and I can still be internet bros.  We both toil toward the common goal of entertaining the masses, and we both obviously share common interests.

You can find Freddiew on YouTube, and on Twitter.  Make sure and follow @Gunblog (that’s me, ENDO) on twitter as well.




MrColionNoir on this recent post election debacle we have become accustomed to:

Yea that sums it up nicely.

Thoughts?  Did any of you guys stock up a long time ago, in anticipation of this happening again?




First a demo by YouTube tacticouple Cory & Erika:

Known as the FMS Magazine Pouch.  WTF does FMS mean you ask?  Well kind sir, Bravo Concealment decided it would be cool to bring shame to the sanctity of acronyms by making FMS – FPS Russia Mag-dump System.  *smh*  Sure FPS Russia pimps their products to his tween crowd on the regular, but I don’t think the full grown operator demographic that is spending $135 on this holster are going to be impressed by the fake Russian branding.

I’ve worked with Kydex, and it’s not rocket science.  40-45 calendar days (stated on the website) to ship an order seems excessive.  I’ve heard it has been like that for quite a while with Bravo Concealment, and I fail to understand why companies like this don’t evolve and do something to fix their efficiency problems.  In a market where a majority of purchases would be made on impulse I think they are really shitting the bed.  How many of you ever have said “Damn I need a holster… not now, but in a month and a half”?  

Thoughts?  Are you anticipating a need for one of these double rifle / double pistol holsters in a month and a half?