Watch the magic happen:


Personally I’d like to see more green.  Blue is a good start though.



Thug life until they bury him! (or at least until his mom grounds him):

That will teach him to mix Sunny D with firearms.

I’m always skeptical when I see videos this stupid.  There is an extended version with more shit talking HERE if you have nothing better to do.

This one might actually be real though, because he looks genuinely surprised.  Thoughts?

Hat tip: Steven G & William, H



For those of you under the age of 20, this has nothing to do with FPS Russia:

I was never very good at pac-man.

Too stressful of a game once the ghosts get smarter.



“The Cake Is A Lie” pays homage to the video game Portal: 

The grips are gun are owned by Calguns member mossy.  He had them custom made for $175 from HandmadeGrips.

If I owned anything with removable grips you know i’d have to pick up a set of gold inlay “Haters Gonna Hate” grips to wear when I strut around open carrying.  Possibly even some white grips with a gold troll face on them.. yea that would be tight. :P  JMB is rolling in his grave.

If you’re into that kind of thing, it looks like a good value for $175 considering all the hand fitting and finishing that appears to go into each set of grips.  I see there are also grips above $400, so I imagine the more customization you want done, the higher the price.

What would you hypothetically put on your custom grips?



Wait for it….

2 – 3 hours with nothing to eat!  My god!

I love how this guy keeps a straight face the whole time too.



Or as I’d prefer to call it; Firearms Save Lives! :P (yea yea I know.. that’s not necessarily true):

The hypothesis of “more guns = more deaths” is demonstrably false over the past 28 years of documented American history. The number of firearms in civilian circulation have been steadily increasing over that time period, and the number of firearm-related fatalities has not been equivalently increasing.

Linoge over at Walls Of The City turns the numbers into visuals.  He put the spreadsheet up with the data so you can look it over if you have any doubts.

Check out the full article – HERE

A lot of good analysis always going on over at Walls Of The City, add the site to your feed and don’t miss out.