I always enjoy seeing the inner workings of companies:

It would have been nice if the video was a little less artsy and more informational, but this is still cool.

You can check out the suppressors on their website Silencerco.com.  I love that Osprey design of theirs!

I’d do a “making of” video for ENDO, but it would be a lot of pajama wearing, sitting, eating, and beer drinking.



Somebody picked the wrong house:

Pretty big fail when he pulls the G17 out of the safe, and it has the trigger depressed (0:17).   Not a lot of good that will do!   Kind of a big thing to overlook when your target market is people that know guns.

Somebody picked the wrong diner:

I hope Gunny takes some time out to enjoy his old age, and not just be one of those guys that will continue to work until the day he dies!

All the appearances etc. that he does must get pretty exhausting.

I wonder if Glock needs a hype man? I should apply.



A TEDx talk in Amsterdam by a high ranking military commander in the Netherlands:

Colored roll marks? Low end furniture? At first I thought it smelled like airsoft. Then the camera zoomed in for a split second at 14:14 (Click to enlarge):

Looks to me like the infamous 3rd hole is present (the one that would accommodate an auto parts kit), along with a Diemaco roll mark on the lower.

He makes some really good points, that are applicable in all countries. I recommend watching this video. In fact I don’t think ive ever watched a TEDx video I didn’t like.


Hat tip: Tomas



On sale for $20 with free shipping until midnight Friday December 9th:

An Americanized version of the “Keep Calm And Carry On” poster produced by the British government during WWII.

Price goes up to $25 after the 9th.

  • Head over to the home of the gun t-shirts ENDO Apparel for more details, and grab one before the price increase.

International orders, add $7 for shipping.


You know.. practical stuff like jumping up on car trunks with both feet at once exposing yourself to incoming fire like a boss:

All jokes aside, most of this actually does look a lot more practical and useful.  The instructor Rob Pincus gave me the heads up in the comments of a past post CrossFit Shooting Range Workout – Operators Only that I made fun of him in.

The one operator with the beard reminds me of Rastafarian version of super derp Rich Graham.  Is that a bead in a braided dread beard?

Are you there Jah? It’s me Ras Trent

Operator Rastafarianism
Yes I… Ras Trent.  Ba da ding ding ding ding whooooaahhhhhhawhooaa
Who dem?  You no want test me tactical skills.

Oh fire pon operator and fire pon cross fit skills
Special ops jumping up and down on trunks
Instructor Rob likes us to be exposed to the bad guys

Asics cross trainers and some Gap brand khakis
And Black socks too because I’m cooler than you
Last week I read a book about Seal Team 6
And I told my bombaclot parents I would strive to be like them

Excuse I!
Ohhhh Rob Pincus… you do so many nutty drills
Nyabinghi!  Plus you fully operating all the time
Unna look ya now

Have you ever noticed how “no beards” suck?
Ba da da da da ding ding ding da ding dong Chuck (points to other guy)
Excuse I for my skanking, give thanks and praise
Me toil part time at Jah 5.11 warehouse

Dub style!
A DVD from Magpul!
Massad Ayoob vids!
Yaka yaka yaka yaaaawwwwwwo

Are you there Jah? It’s me Ras Trent
Are you there Jah? It’s me Ras Trent
Are you there Jah? It’s me Ras Trent please guide me as I operate… *mumbles as he walks past the Rastafarian version of Chris Costa*
Oh stannahoy stannahoy stannahoy stannahoy Jah
Climbing and shooting and running and weights
Red Stripe gunpower the drink of my culture
Next season me might apply to be on the Top Shot

Skiddly whoahhhhh skiddly diddily diddily diddily whoahhhhhh sing.

You guys have any thoughts on this?



This guy should put out an album:

So awesome.  I see he has done some songs for other people in the past…  Maybe he’d do a song for ENDO?

How weak of Sig to blame the problem on steel cased ammo.   Steel cased ammo voids the warranty? LOL

I hope someone from Sig reads this blog, or one of you guys knows someone that works there.  It would be awesome to pass the video on to the boss over there just to see his reaction.

Hat tip: Tym