A great new webcomic about guns.

The comic follows a 29 year old guy named Mick who works at a gun store in Texas.  He’s got problems with girls, crazy customers, his boss, and his love of guns… all of which play out in a funny way in the comics.

The fist comic went up September 3rd 2012, and has been going strong Monday to Friday every day since!  I sure hope they don’t lose their momentum any time soon.

I figured I would put up an example of the humor you’ll find in the comic.  This one is called Working In Retail Is Like Working In Hell:

Head over to the Failure To Fire site, add it to your bookmarks or do like I did and subscribe to their RSS feed.


Hat tip: Dallas



It’s your responsibility to be responsible.  And when the time comes for you to train for the fight…

The 5 screen simultaneous Yeager setup in the reloading room was a nice touch.

I knew I had seen Que before, and then I remembered the James Yeager Parody video.  It is HILARIOUS if you haven’t seen it yet.

I gotta shout out all the guys over at Indiana Gun Owners, I see links coming from there all the time and I appreciate it.

Hat tip: Andy



What a nice guy, rallying people to donate money to help a colleague of his that was shot.  Oh wait…


Oh wait… Sonny Puzikas was the one who shot him.  *eye roll*  Why is he not owning up to this?  Also a shooting ACCIDENT?  Uh… completely disregarding safety is considered negligence the last time I checked.

I’m assuming there were plenty of comments that were deleted because only one has a vague reference to Sonny doing the shooting.

Adolf N Goose – hopefully you’re the dominant contributor? (Which got 5 thumbs up haha)

If you aren’t up to speed on the whole high speed low drag debacle catch up on this previous post.


Hat tip: Kevin



This guy sure knows how to make a mess:

From the same guy that brought us the Glock Vanilla Pudding Torture Test and the Glock Jello And Scrambled Eggs torture tests.

He must really like cleaning his guns.




This place looks legit AF:

You might know front sight from their relentless internet advertising, or their front man Ignatius Pizza.  I’m assuming some of you may even have trained there.

This isn’t very interesting compared to a lot of other VICE documentaries.

You can check out the Front Sight website, but be warned Ignatius Pizza starts talking as soon as the page loads. *eye roll* internet newbs… Rule #6 – You NEVER have sound autoplay.

Hat tip: Krystian



By designer Daniel Nyari:

If you want a print of this picture to frame, they are available HERE.

There is a legend at the bottom of the picture that is barely readable.  If you don’t know what one of them is, zoom in with your browser and try to read it.