With a knife and a fake police badge thrown in for good measure:

I watched the whole 12 minute video waiting for an explanation regarding the “Santa Baby” panties.  I’ll save you the trouble, there isn’t one.

Pushing sub-compacts out to distances is interesting to try.

Any guesses on the story behind having those panties at the range?  Is that part of his EDC?



And he calls it quits:

Lucky they were inside the truck, that deer was looking to take a few people with him.

Hat tip: Chris G.



Lots more pictures of this over at Gears Of Guns.  They had it listed as an AR-15, but I made the executive decision that it was an M16A1 based on its distinguishing characteristics.

Almost brings a tear to my eye to see that someone did this to an auto lower, even though it would apparently still work fine if a regular non-cutaway upper attached.  Can’t really operate in extreme operations with your lower parts being that exposed though.

I love looking cutaway firearms.  It really gives more of an appreciation for all the work that went into creating them.




FXhummel1 kills it on the 88 keys once again:

Priceless as usual.  Jordan, if you could go to SHOT in Las Vegas next week and play these songs outside the convention center you would clean up!

I’ve got another idea for you… dress up in a Tuxedo and head down to Nordstrom and get someone to film you playing a song on their grand piano.  That would be so cash.



From the personal collection of Gaston Glock:

This very special GLOCK 22 (.40 caliber), known within the company as the “GLOCK Statue of Liberty Gun,” features an intricate, hand-engraved tribute to the Statue of Liberty. This theme was selected to recognize that GLOCK’s 25th Anniversary coincides with the 125th Anniversary of the Statue of Liberty.

Currently selling on Gunbroker for $13,000, no reserve.

If you end up wining the auction you also get to go on a 2 day one night hunting trip with R. Lee Ermey (The Gunny).  I’m assuming it also includes unlimited “choke” pictures and yelled insults from him… if not that sucks :P

I’m curious to see what the end price will be.  I know that engraving has got to be worth quite a bit, considering how long it must take… but there is obviously going to be a huge premium in this case considering this particular engraving job is directly from Glock’s collection and is a 1 of 1.


Note: Enter the contest to win a copy of Glock: The Rise Of America’s Gun.  I’ve got 7 copies left to give away!



This guy is a wild boar’s worst nightmare:

Imagine the damage he’d do with a semi-auto.

The slow-motion scenes near the end (5:44) are pretty awesome.

Hat tip: Jesse