“Bullet time” sounds pretty awesome; they say each bullet is modeled in real time.  The kill cams looks pretty intense as well.

Seems like they put a lot of effort into this game, I’d like to give it a try.

I remember trying out the first Max Payne on the PC years ago.  I liked it but I remember it being pretty complicated, plus it ran slow on my computer back then (story of my life when it came to computer games).

The game will be released March 3rd 2012 but you can already pre-order it if you want – HERE



This is probably a stupid question, but is a usable shotgun without a barrel an NFA item?

Maybe they just chopped the barrel off (at the receiver) for the video? I’ve taken apart my Remington 870 before, and the barrel locks back into the receiver.  If it wasn’t just chopped, I don’t know how the shell wouldn’t fly out of place without being locked properly into something when it was fired.  I could be wrong though.


Hat tip: Bryan



The condescending gun store owners are back at it:

I can definitely see how working in a gun store you’d “hear it all”.

If I owned a gun store I’d probably have a permanent hand palm mark on my face.

You can tell these guys have a lot of fun venting (bitching) on these videos. Even though they complain on youtube, they do mention at the end of these “gripe” videos how much they appreciate business, and they are happy to answer any questions people have. My guess is they are now actually condescending to people that come into the shop, which is no doubt much better for business.



Tactical Black Week is coming to an end:

Get yours today!  Price goes up to $25 tomorrow.

Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving weekend.

Expect more designs soon!


I haven’t watched the whole thing yet, but it looks pretty comprehensive, even including a look at modern manufacturing.

Do I miss my 1911 (pictured left)?  No.. but that’s only because it pissed me off by rusting.  I’ll buy one again someday if I get word of a 1911 that I don’t have to baby.

Thoughts on the 1911?



Absolutely kills it:

Alanis Morisette never sounded so good.

Seems like songs from this guy are a regular occurrence!