Is any of this snooze-fest real?

I don’t know “less lethal” ammunition, but that sounded really weak.  The taser, who knows? that sounded real.  The pepper spray looked like one of those dollar store ones, which no doubt wouldn’t be a walk in the park… but probably not as bad as what military/law enforcement train with.

In the description of the video he says:

In case you’re wondering about the shotgun, its quite due to the fact that it has over 50 inches of barrel! It sounds suppressed when you fire a light field load or in this case rubber buckshot.

*shrug* who knows?  If that’s actually a fan of his, and it’s all real, that is pretty hardcore.

Has anyone else noticed that the production value of his videos went down bigtime?



Finna’ see what it’s kickin like.  15 in the clip, one in the head.. 16 shots to a hater:

Despite the teacup grip his shooting wasn’t THAT bad.  As he says “No beam on the .40 just yet”.

Some words of wisdom for the aspiring rapper at 3:40 :

“We just protect our self.  Kids don’t think you motherf***in supa man jus cause you got a gun”

Unfortunately we don’t get to see any video of his “bad bitch at the house… that AR-15 ohhh man”.

Until next time… stay up Tray Plus.  From ya boy Mikey, Everyday No Mothaf**kin days off.

/ One hunnid



Catchy song, awesome video:

What looks to me like a rubber gripped Beretta 92 copies with frame safeties (Taurus 92 maybe?).

People that ridicule the stopping power of 9mm are going to love that the guy gets shot in the back and brushes it off.  Others that make fun of .223 will rejoice when the girl gets shot in the ass and just shakes her head.

Not to self: The microwave is a perfect spot to keep an MP5

The guy in the video is actually the guy that sings the song, his name is Mayer Hawthorne. Never heard of him before today… but he’s on my radar now. I don’t just listen to rap… this is perfect music to operate to.

Before you ask, I have no idea who that supermodel/actress in the video is.

Hat tip: Daniel



These are always fun:

Make your own clever one up and post the link in the comments.



A few days after Halloween, but never too late for an 8 month old Goose & Maverick:

So awesome.  I love how the top gun theme song is playing from the rear of the F-14 too.



I got his attention with this:

This morning I roll out of bed and see this in my inbox:


Just to re-iterate what happened… he was on a national TV show, completely embarassed his family, country etc. with his actions, and he wants his picture removed from my site so no one knows who he is.  ROFL ever heard of google?  Your picture is seriously tens of thousands of places on the internet, granted they aren’t naming you “top douchebag”, but when they see your face or a video of you in action that’s pretty much implied.

We obviously know the underlying purpose of that email though.  Whether I removed/edited the picture or not, judging from the “THAT’S RACIST!” card that has been pulled in the past to get attention, and the Jake Zweig shooting targets that he no doubt endorses (but doesn’t make a dime off because no one gives a shit about him outside of top shot) this is just another cry for attention.   He emails me threatening to sue, I post about it, and we both win.

Even though I don’t religiously watch Top Shot, thank god they haven’t yet pulled a “Survivor” and had past losers back on the show.  That is just way too much of an ego boost which no one benefits from.

Jake, my offer still stands about giving me your address.  I might even throw in some food/survival supplies in the mix because I feel slightly bad that since appearing on top shot, you are no doubt 100% unemployable.  Oh wait.. according to your twitter byline you are a “Motivational Leader, expert in dealing with risk-taking behavior, and innovator” that’s gotta be worth millions of dollars a year right there, my bad bro.

What do you guys think about all this?