About how he saved Louis Awerbuck’s life on a hot day at Gunsite Academy:

LOL damn, Pat Rogers is a Riot!

Anyone know what Louis said about Pat in SWAT magazine?  Pat mentioned something at the end of the video but I couldn’t find any info on it.



This thing is crazy… I want one:

Flesh colored custom ear plugs?  Or good old fashioned stupidity?  I had 720p on and couldn’t distinctively spot “ear hole” so i’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt.

What’s with the location he’s carrying his 1911 at?  That looks real awkward.




These guys are relentless now with the firearms stupidity:

I often wonder how they went from filming slow paced videos of girls shooting at that range, to jackassery like the above and this.

According to commentor pikid89, it’s the Babcock Webb WMA range near Fort Myers Florida in case you’re looking for a place to avoid.




*Gasp* S&W didn’t invite me to the release?  Shame on them.  Here’s a Buck Yeager vid:

Pfffft whatevs S&W… you probably know I would have just unfavorably compared it to my beloved Glocks. :P  Yea… at least that’s what i’ll tell myself so it doesn’t hurt so much inside. *sniff sniff*… *tear wipe*

Glock doesn’t have a single stack 9mm or .40 yet though, so good for S&W for making what people are asking for. I’m looking forward to handling and shooting it someday.

Check out the Shield product page over at S&W for the specs.

Yeager can shoot… i’ll give him that. Better than I can anyway (not that i’m surprised).

Hat tip: Ryan W.



Seriously… don’t mess with it:

One of the more entertaining videos they have done lately.  I know these are supposed to be short… but seriously we need some longer stuff Freddie.   I believe their full length film “Video Game High School” should have been out by now from what they said in their updates.  I know how it is when things come up and the date gets pushed back though.



As it says at the starting “prior tests were conducted in old style type laboratory conditions.”… as opposed to ridiculous staged ones:

The video takes until about 3:00 min to get going, but it’s worth it.  

Forward roll! Basejumping!  OPERATOR STATUS ACHIEVED.

ROFL I lost it at 4:17 when he shot an explosive target on the side of the mountain while in free fall.   Screw the holster… just throw the Glock away into the water below and yank the ripcord.

OHhhhhh shit… underwater test sequence!  Wait a minute, did he just shoot from underwater to a target on land?  The dramatic rise out of the water and smooth donning of the sunglasses was a nice touch *slow clap*.

Tank Attack!  If there’s one thing I hate, it’s when tanks chase me through fields.  This operator is really into tossing his gun rather than just holstering it…. oh wait it’s for the sake of the “test”.

Did the tank kill the operator at the end?  I guess we’ll never know…  What we do know is that the Glock passed all those tests.  No surprise there.