Crazy slingshot guy is at it again:

Are those pinballs that he’s firing? Sweet mother of god that would hurt.

At least getting shot with an actual gun you would hopefully die quickly.   I pray that crazy slingshot guy never goes rogue.



This NEEDS to become a reality:

Nothing like combining two of my favorite things, espresso and guns. If they came up with a beer and pizza gun I’d consider my life complete.

The gun was a school project by Stefan Riegebauer, Christina Carli, Florian Kainz & Niko Schwarz at an industrial design school in Austria.

Hat Tip: Yanko Design



Neat idea, I can identify a few of them. I’m not much of a sci-fi geek though.

Available for $19 – HERE

If you like this, also check out the Han Solo’s Blaster Weapon – Exploded Drawing shirt I posted about a while back.



On November 16, 1952, a B-36H bomber dropped a nuclear bomb over a point north of Runit Island in the Enewetak atoll, resulting in a 500 kiloton explosion — part of a test code-named Ivy. (U.S. Department of Defense)

Full photo set – HERE

I think it’s great to have that powerful of weapon technology in our back pocket. I just hope it never comes to a time where we have to use one of these again on a large scale. The fact that we know damn well several other countries have the same or better bombs is very scary.

A relevant XKCD comic on the U.S. Nuclear Chain Of Command:






The proportions are off… but his defiance of mainstream stained glass patterns is inspirational. I bet his wife rolled her eyes haha.

He should have added a stained glass Jesus in there for more LOLz though.

While searching to see if any other stained glass guns existed, I came across a mockup of an AK-47 window would would be real badass if brought to life:




Better not run out of ammo:

The best part is that there are no zombies at JC Penny. I guess that’s because there are probably no people shopping there.

The artist’s name is Matt Owen, he’s got plenty more awesome posters and designs on his site – HERE

You can buy posters of his designs for cheap – HERE