CMT (Country Music Television) has a new gun related show:

Guntucky chronicles three generations of the Sumner family and their adventures as they shoot from the hip and fire from all cylinders in business and in life, banding together to run Knob Creek gun shop and shooting range.

Looks like it might be some mindless gun entertainment if that’s what you’re looking for.  You can actually check out the entire 1st episode online before the actual air date.  Knob Creek looks like a good time, I’d like to check it out someday. I’m sure those of you that have been might be looking forward to the show to see some behind the scenes type things.

GuntuckyPremieres Sunday April 21st @ 8:30 Central.




The slow motion is cool though:

Not like it matters to the target audience of this, but an AR-15 wasn’t even involved basically any of those shootings.

Restricted Law Enforcement / Government Use Only T-ShirtI love how they do the closeup on “Restricted Law Enforcement / Government Use Only” and then on the evil Bushmaster logo *eye roll*

So basically AR-15’s kill frequently and indiscriminately… that’s the message.  Oh and Bushmaster’s are tier 1 evil.  Thoughts?

Hat tip: Tim



Richard Ryan wrecks new perfectly functional electronics again just to piss you off:

Richard-Ryan-YouTube-ENDOhahah Wii U.  It looks dumb, and I don’t even care enough to google what it actually is and does different that the Wii.



At least 2 Chainz has stellar trigger discipline.  Muzzle direction could use a bit of work though.


What you’re looking at is a twitter picture posted on Ice-T’s account from the set of his show Law and Order SVU, where 2 Chainz (a popular new rapper in case you didn’t know) is guest starring.

Sure they are almost definitely prop guns.  I’d rather see celebrities doing stupid shit like this that isn’t hurting anyone, over jumping on the gun control bandwagon.  I think Ice-T is at least one celebrity we don’t have to worry about as far as that goes… remember this vid?  I’m not sure what 2 Chainz stance on the 2nd Amendment and gun control is, but when asked what he wanted for his birthday he could have said any number of things (including firearms) but specified ONLY big booty hoes.  Not even ammunition 2 Chainz?  Oh well… there’s always next year.


Hat tip: Rick, Scott



Coming to CNBC Thursday April 25th 10p ET/PT:

Assault-Rifle-Because-I-Am-BlackOMG assault rifles!  Hopefully they put the video online, I’m assuming it will be be good for some LOLz.




And that’s that:

Says he didn’t give two shits that it was taken away in the first place because it really made no difference.  He verified he could carry anyway under LEOSA.  Reads a statement… thanks supporters.


Not knowing much about “the law” I’m still really surprised you can say something like “I’M GOING TO START KILLING PEOPLE” in a way that can’t be taken out of context… and then LOL about how you trolled everyone a while later because nothing at all happened to you.  Oh the things I have learned from being on the internet… Pretty epic guerilla marketing move in the end Yeager… bravo sir.