Someone save this before it’s removed:

Ugh.. I cringed so many times.

Could it be fake?  The guy’s channel is pretty much exclusively related to acting and skits.

What do you guys think?



Yes, this is poop on a cop car:

The fallout from an incident involving a trooper pursuing, pulling over and detaining a speeding Miami police officer at gunpoint has escalated in a war of words on Internet sites, and has continued to bubble over with the defacing of a trooper’s car with gallons of human feces.  (Source)

If you missed the original story/video about the Florida Highway Police officer pulling over a Miami PD officer speed demon on his way to his 2nd job you can catch up HERE.

Funny how when the police throw poop on a cop car they get “addressed” by their chief.  If anyone else did that they would without a doubt be charged with something.

Hat tip: Anthony



How to live like a boss:

I have somewhat of an obsession with loft and bunker living.  I’d fix mine up way more than the ones in the video, but they’re still cool.  That hippy guy was starting to piss me off by the end of the video.

For 2 million dollars a floor for that one place though I’d probably opt for a top floor penthouse style place rather than below ground.  The fact that your ventilation has to come from above ground and exhaust pushed out above ground always kind of worries me… it seems possible for someone to easily smoke/chem you out.  Am I right?  Maybe there is some sort of protection against that?

20th Century Castles is the place that is selling these.  They have a seriously outdated website with a real lack of pictures, but I’m still hooked.

I laughed when I saw you had to order the “video tours” on VHS or DVD.  Ahaha what is this 1992?  Also, having google ads on a company website?  That’s tacky as hell.  Do they really need that extra 23 cents in revenue every month? I guess the answer to that is “maybe” because it doesn’t seem like these things sell that quick.

Make sure to check out the awesome article on the topic from the makers of the video over at TheVerge.

Anyone know someone that lives in one of these?  Got an obsession of your own with underground fortresses?



Wow thanks Google!  And I thought you had nothing else to offer besides Starfox64 Barrel Rolls, tilt, and askew.

Google is pretty awesome… I especially liked their Battlesheep Ad.  Their search suggestions are a riot sometimes too.



is extreme:

There should be a warning at the beginning of that video for people with stress problems and/or heart conditions.  I swear I took a deep breath in relief once it was over.

For some reason it reminds me of a jacked up powerthirst commercial with no talking.

Hat tip: Maxwell H.



NYpost journalist Susannah Cahalan has some super secret 3rd party insider info.

Read the story at the NYpost – HERE

Mike M. alerted me to this story, and at first I didn’t see what the big deal was until he pointed out a number of inconsistencies:

Green lasers – Didn’t they originally have nightvision?  That would have lit it up making it useless.

Flashlights – Same idea as green lasers unless there was some IR filter on them I suppose.

US Navy m855 5.56 Predator ammunition – Mike says the m855 is the “penetrator” not predator.

SEALs missing their targets – The new account of the story makes them seem somewhat incompetent.  Also, is it standard practice to keep your rifle on SEMI when on a kill mission?  I just assumed you want to put maximum lead in the bastard as quickly as possible.

This looks like two possible things to me.  1) Susannah Cahalan is trying to make a name for her self by being the first to get this “REAL” story out there.   2) Former SEAL Team Six commander Chuck Pfarrer is trying to push his new book.    Wouldn’t all that information on the raid still be classified?  I highly doubt the U.S. government would be on board to divulge top secret information in order for a former employee to spice up his new book.

Hat tip: Mike M.

What are your thoughts are on this?