The zombies will never know what hit them:

A shooting test with it attached to a M&P 15-22 rifle:

That is damn quiet!  I still can’t help but wonder if we are being tricked though, and he just hollowed out a Maglite and slipped a real suppressor inside it.

You might remember the Maglite suppressors from this season of The Walking Dead. Maybe it’s not that far fetched after all? :P


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Graphic designers… always mind your tailpipes:

hahah how unfortunate.

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Saves her own life by keeping her cool and grabbing her mom’s gun to handle business:

Full story – News9

It’s a real shame when these stories end with “he was released from the hospital and taken to jail”.  Real class act that guy… 2011 arrest for abducting a retarded 17 year old girl.  *smh*

What’s the standard anti-gun response to an event like this? Should that girl have just hid in the closet waiting to be raped or murdered?

I don’t know why sometimes the firearm used is such a big secret.  Would it have killed them to say the make / model, or is it some sort of liability issue because the girl is only 12?  Are they worried about 12 year-olds across the country being influenced and acquiring that exact handgun?


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Hypnotism really freaks me out:

I’ve never been hypnotized, but If hypnotism is actually real, I wonder if a hypnotist could potentially get control of someone, hand them a real gun and tell them to kill? 


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A Kickstarter for an action web series for those that like Modern Warfare 3, Act of Valor, and 24:

I can’t say I’m impressed by the above trailer. Looks really bush league if you ask me.

You can check out the Kickstarter project page if you want to find out more info and throw some money at the project.

I find it hard to believe that their $7500 Kickstarter goal is enough.  What’s that going to pay for?  Are the actors working for free?  I don’t recall the director saying anything about that in the intro video on the Kickstarter page.  Seems sketchy…




This time with a YouTube guy who knew his rights when stopped by the police back in 2011:

Yeager loves talking about how much he hates open carry.  This isn’t the first time he’s debated it with someone.  This time he let the other guy talk most of the time, which was quite surprising.

I agree with the end message, which was just carry a gun no matter what.  Open… concealed… whatever works for you.

Quite a nice looking berm Yeager has… I’m assuming that’s at his school.  I imagine the sand makes it easy to cover up photographer blood too (haha low blow I know).