play shoot someone with his fingers and then a pair of scissors… and get suspended:

In a letter to Lynch’s parents, the vice principal of Roscoe R. Nix Elementary School said their son had been sent to the principal’s office three times on Dec. 20 for pretending his fingers were scissors and then a gun. After the third incident, he was suspended, according to the letter, obtained by WJLA.

Full Story – ABC News

hahah that little guy is priceless.  Maybe when he gets older he can shack up with the Houston TX girl who got suspended and labeled a terrorist for her own finger gun? It will be like Bonnie and Clyde…

School officials questioned Rodney about things like whether his family owned a gun, and he had to tell them all his video games.

Oh wait a minute…. 2 different copies of Call of Duty?!?!?!??! This kid is obviously on his way to being a stone cold killer:


Rodney-Lynch-Finger-Scissor-GunBAN FINGER GUNS, ASSAULT FINGERS, and ASSAULT SCISSORS.  He’s got 10 fingers, and they’re all deadly.

<— Notice I screen capped Rodney in full face palm.  Fitting right?


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Should stand for stupidity or shrapnel.  Skip to 3:25 to see:

No ear protection, no eye protection… no brains.  Shooting a binary explosive from what? 20 yards away?  I wouldn’t do that WITH ear and eye pro on, even out in the open.  He goes and fills a truck up with it and shoots it? *smh*

He’s had some close calls before, and his camera man even took some shrapnel.  This in particular, could have been a LOT worse.

FPS-RussiaI played it back and forth a few times hoping I would end up deciding it was put in post production to troll us… doesn’t look like it though.

The rifle is pretty cool.


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Assault hammers and standard capacity clubs kill more people per year than rifles.

I know I talked about this in the past, but Brietbart brought it up again.

You can check out the FBI crime stats – HERE

Sure the “Other guns or type not stated” numbers might add to the rifles column… but if it wasn’t a rifle, shotgun, or handgun what could the “other” be?  Zip guns I guess… or punt guns… I’m sure there are lots of punt gun murders daily, those things are killing machines.

This is all using the same unbiased FBI crime stats that advanced v-neck guy talked about a couple days ago.



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Buck Yeager is ’bout that life:

I’m going to continue to post the Buck Yeager videos I find entertaining, mainly because some of you are held up in a concentration camp of some sort and are forced to watch them.

The rest of you that don’t like the videos or my comments on them can just continue to skip them like normal human beings.


“Lets handle this at the ballot box, and not with the cartridge box” <– he was pretty proud of that one, but tried to play it off. *slow clap*

As far as I’m concerned Buck Yeager is all talk… I don’t know how his tough guy army can take him seriously after his wimping out of the whole duel thing.  Since when can you talk shit, not back it and still be respected?




But apologized for.  “My bad bro”:


hahah oh well, at least no one got hurt.





Weapon Outfitters has the $67 fix for your SBR.  I wonder if they sell the rest of the accessory kit?

The quietener appears to only work with AAC mounts.


I liked loud guns at first, but I found when I used to shoot for hours at a time I could feel it in my sinuses.  Given the option, I’d much rather shoot suppressed.