In Gatineau Quebec:

The public is questioning why police didn’t use tranquilizers or corral the animals that were already destined for the slaughterhouse when they escaped from a trailer last Thursday.

Full story – HERE

I don’t think tranquilizers were necessary since the cow was being transported to slaughter.  But damn, you’d think they could have used a rifle , or a shotgun slug at least?

Probably the first and last 10 shots that cop will ever take outside of a shooting range.

Like the article says, 1 minute worth of video obviously doesn’t give us an idea of the context, but it still looks plenty DERPy.




Activision sure knows how to spend money on a commercial:

Jonah hill was pretty skinny there compared to his old self, but he’s barely recognizable now.  Speaking of him, I want to see Moneyball.

Call of Duty Cosplay anyone?  What a n00b.

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It comes out Nov. 8th



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Denzel Washington & Ryan Reynolds, enough said.

The CIA stories have been done before of course, but this one looks worth watching.



The former Magpul CEO (and all around badass) speaks on Airsoft:

The whole time I was thinking “That’s one hell of a mancave… pan the camera around!”   I’m still pretty “meh” about airsoft, but he does make some good points.

I guess the main reason i’m not on the airsoft bandwagon is because I don’t train.  When I shoot I shoot for fun.

Must be my self-diagnosed internet ADD kicking in again, but 13 minutes on a YouTube video almost kills me.

  • You can check out Travis’ buzz word filled new website/company Haley Strategic – HERE
  • He’s also got a YouTube channel with some pretty good other videos – HERE

How much are the real good airsoft guns anyway?



Is any of this snooze-fest real?

I don’t know “less lethal” ammunition, but that sounded really weak.  The taser, who knows? that sounded real.  The pepper spray looked like one of those dollar store ones, which no doubt wouldn’t be a walk in the park… but probably not as bad as what military/law enforcement train with.

In the description of the video he says:

In case you’re wondering about the shotgun, its quite due to the fact that it has over 50 inches of barrel! It sounds suppressed when you fire a light field load or in this case rubber buckshot.

*shrug* who knows?  If that’s actually a fan of his, and it’s all real, that is pretty hardcore.

Has anyone else noticed that the production value of his videos went down bigtime?