Old but good:

Quotable quotes:

Sigourney Weaver (3:50) – “It’s actually hard for me morally to justify being in a film with so many guns.  I just find it very upsetting… I give money to anti-gun legislation.  I don’t even go see movies about guns.”  She goes on and on it part 2 also, but I won’t bother quoting it, and she even admits liking shooting.

Bill Paxton (4:25) – “I love shooting the guns, it’s like the best part of my job”

Al Matthews (6:00) – “I suffer from the Vietnam syndrome.  If you point a gun at me I’m going to shove it down your throat, I’m sorry to say that…. everyone’s instinct is automatically to put their fingers on the trigger, well they stopped doing that on the set with me because I don’t have it.  I really don’t have it… it’s an instinct.  That’s the way I always trained, thank you very much America.  That’s how I was trained, if you put your finger on the trigger while your talking or waving your weapon around I’m going to jam it down your throat, I gotta do that.”

Pulse-Rifle-m41A^ Dude keeps it mad real.

A long time ago I posted that someone built their own replica of the M41A Pulse Rifle using an M1 Thompson submachine gun with a Remington 870 shotgun underneath with the shroud and foregrip of a SPAS 12 covering it. Cool stuff.


Hat tip: Jay



Glock 17 (9mm), Full size HK (.45), Full size FN (.45), 1911 (.45):

I’m not mad at the list, I just thought since he’s FPS Russia, it would be a bit more theatrical.  I’m talking an AR-15 Pistol decked out with accessories, Tiger striped Deagle brand Deagle, .500 S&W Magnum…. and yea the Glock can stay.  I was disappointed his 1911 wasn’t even a Conway Twitty tribute version.  I guess he’s keeping things serious on his 2nd channel.

FPS-RussiaLooks like he lost a bunch of weight in his face.




I don’t like calling kids douchebags, so I’m not going to… but watch this video:

Gallon smash bad gun laws?  huh?  Maybe I’m slow today, but I don’t even get it.  What a discrace to parenting, youth, kitchen floors, and starwars.


Edit: Oh, apparently “Gallon Smashing” is a new internet “thing”.  I should have known. Original video that started it all HERE.


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This is amazing:


“You never seen a classic pimp walk before?  It’s called swag son, get a look at it.”

Absolutely perfect.  Argh I’m so behind of episodes… I need some spare time to get caught up soon.



FACT: The AR-15 was initially designed to fire bubbles and butterflies:

People are going to believe whatever the mainstream media tells them, unless they care enough to do the leg work to educate themselves.  I agree with what MrColionNoir said though that all guns are definitely dangerous, that’s the point.

Assault Weapons Ban AWB T-Shirt<— Ban t-shirts that mock bans.




Obviously we should ban these:

paper-airplaneCrazy slingshot guy Joerg Sprave, with a little R&D on the topic.

Basically a glorified dart… I’m not mad at it though.