During World War II the Army Corps of Engineers needed to hide the Lockheed Burbank Aircraft Plant to protect it from a possible Japanese air attack. They covered it with camouflage netting to make it look like a rural subdivision from the air.

Crafty Lockheed… very crafty.

More pics – HERE



This is the type of serious business that gets discussed on the internet.

You be the judge:

I’m leaning more towards saying it was intended to be just his brother or good friend.  The lack of other people represented besides the two of them, and the long waists-touching embrace could suggest otherwise though.

Regardless of the homo/hetro-ness of the commercial, its good to see Budweiser supports the troops.

What do your gaydars read? Let me know in the comments.



A lot of my wants and needs are represented in this video:

I’ve said this before, but its refreshing to see gun companies spending money on making nice looking advertising.

Dude shooting the Model99 starting at 3:49 maintains a hell of a cheek weld throughout the recoil.



“I’m big, I’m mean. I’m going to destroy the competition.” This Air Force sniper has reason to be cocky–he’s good. Not only is he a certified military, civilian and SWAT sniper, he’s an instructor in all of them as well. George Reinas was the sniper team leader as well as the coach of last year’s winning sniper team at the AF Rodeo Competition. An obsessive weight lifter, he regularly benches 400-plus pounds and curls 200 pounds, barely breaking a sweat. A self-described Jersey Shore guy, he’s not afraid to tell it like it is.

172 of you voted on facebook, and George was the victor by a landslide with 144 votes. Ashley Spurlin was a distant second at 23 votes, followed by Brian, Chris, and Joe.

I’d feel bad giving this award someone that didn’t deserve it, but right up until the credits rolled on the final episode, George proved to all of us that he was the only logical choice.

Stay tuned for another Top Douchebag when they announce the cast of Season 3!



There are only a couple people I always said to myself I would never post about… here’s one:

The guy shoots some nice weapons in his vids, but he often does it with little regard for safety.  That’s not my beef with him though… my beef is that bullshit Russian accent.  I can’t stand it.

The AA-12 is a beast!



As soon as I hit play I was like AHHHHHHHH don’t let her do it!:

It’s no secret that Z-Boys Firearms gained 10,000+ subscribers and youtube partnership through the use of girls + guns. A brilliant formula that works every time.

I’m not hating, but a lot of the vids contain pure assholeishness that probably does more to get girls turned off of shooting guns… then it does to make them want to go shooting again. I clicked on a random video in order to try to find another example besides the one in the post, and 53 seconds into THIS video.. i’m sure you can guess what happens after you hit play on it.