Wow, there’s a lot of place to hide things:

$3500 for the unit in the video.  The design in the video isn’t really my style, but Q-Line Design will customize the bookcase to your dimensions and needs with an 8 week lead time.

Even if you’re not using it to hide stuff from criminals, it’s still an incredible use of space.  Something like this would be especially great for a small apartment.


Hat tip: Jay, Scott, Krystian



An advanced new polymer .22 LR pistol that can be deployed a number of different ways:

Yea the video is long and drawn out, but it shows a bunch of cool renders as examples. And you thought the Glock was a “brick”? hahah:

What are those posts sticking out of the front of the gun by the barrel for?

I really like the idea, and the cool futuristic look.  I’ll reserve any other judgement for when I see a production model, or find out more details about it.  The ZiP factory website is useless right now, and shows a 28 day countdown.  I’m assuming there will be some useful info on there come launch date.  I still fail to see why companies do this so far in advance… but to each their own.

It doesn’t appear to take 10/22 mags, which isn’t the be all end all for me, but that would be nice.  Who knows though, ZiP could very well have figured out something way better?

Triggers like the one on the ZiP are normally horrendous, but we can wait and see.

Too much branding and other writing all over the gun… I really hope they lose that on the production model.

MSRP is $200 – $219!  I like that.  I want the survival rifle configuration.




I hate vague teasers, but here you go:

Perhaps it’s a radio controlled shotgun shell vehicle like the one that gets some air time toward the end of the video? (see above)  Maybe that vehicle is full of 5 lbs of triple-aught buckshot and can be fired via the remote control?  Yea that’s definitely what it is… case closed.




Buck Yeager has a list for us:

The List: The Talisman, The Collector, The Hobbyist, The Competitor, The Gun Fighter, The Martial Artist

Another normal video from Yeager, maybe someone recently kicked his ass and took him down a notch? I kid I kid.  I’ve seen similar lists online, so I was glad to hear him not boasting about inventing this like he did for the Rules Of Gunfighting.

I was surprised to not see an I Wish A MotherF**ker Would type gun owner on there.




More than 20 women and children have died and dozens others were injured when traditional celebratory gunfire at a Saudi wedding brought down an electric cable causing a fire to break out.  A total of 23 people – believed to be mostly women – were electrocuted when bullets caused the high-voltage power line to fall on to a metal door at the wedding in eastern Saudi Arabia.

Full Story – Dailymail

Wow, who ever would have thought something bad would come from dozens of guys firing automatic weapons into the air?  Seems perfectly safe. *eye roll*

Typical that only women and children would have died.  I hope those guys think about that every day for the rest of their lives.

Two great past examples of Saudi’s cheating death with firearms can be seen HERE and HERE.


Hat tip: Jess



I had high hopes for this video:

At least they had brass ejecting from the hitman’s guns.  I don’t recall very many of their videos having that.

Freddiew is still on a streak of mediocrity as far as I’m concerned.  We discussed this before, but it’s almost like he has to make the videos now… unlike before when he was hungry and WANTED to make them.

I haven’t played a Hitman game in a while, but I see Hitman Absolution is out, which this video was basically a promo for.