Savannah, GA.  Watch the video and tell me that I’m wrong:

  • “Ride or die” sistas
  • Weave
  • Dreadlocks
  • A fez
  • Beretta U22 Neos with laser
  • Warning shots
  • Hair pulling
  • Suspiciously weak charges

I don’t even know where to start with this one… first of all, a Beretta Neos?  LOL… amazing choice of firearm for such asshattery, and it even had a WalMart laser on it.

I love how the camera panned the crime scene and there were chunks of hair everywhere.

So you can fire a pistol in the air in a crowded area and only get “reckless conduct” (appears to be a misdemeanor in Georgia) as a charge?  Interesting…  Oh here we go, apparently the police there may want to keep the crime stats low.  Yeah… that’s real ethical. *eye roll*



Hat tip: Tim



This type of trickery is wiggity, wiggity, wiggity wack:




Hair care product company Garnier Fructis had me fooled for a second.  For those of you still scratching your heads, notice there’s a girl cozied up to each one of those guys.  ;)

The ads are by Swiss company Publicis.  When people ask if Garnier rock, I say Belieeeeeee’ dat.




Caught on camera, complete with beatdown:

Full Story over at the Daily Mail.

Quite an intense few seconds at the beginning.  They say gunman used a “gas pistol” which I’m assuming is some sort of CO2 BB gun (or even more lame an airsoft gun), and are calling the attempt a hoax.  For what gain, I’m not sure… maybe they thought the guy who was supposed to be the vicitim would gain popularity from not dying.  Not dying from an attempted assassination is pretty badass I suppose; one could ride those coattails with the ladies for a while, and get some free drinks out of it for sure.

My commentary:

0:37 – They start laying the boots to him.

1:50 – Wedgie King (as he is known in Bulgaria) makes his debut.  Son’s wedgie skills are unparalleled… peep game.  It was just at the threshold of becoming “atomic” but he got yanked away.

2:19 – Wedgie King puts the double ass in AssAssination and transfers some wedgie juice to a fan that shows respect.  Real recognize real.

2:29 – Oh Lawd, does no one have cuffs or some zip ties?  What kind of bush-league security do they have in Bulgaria?  In my opinion they should have just knocked the guy unconscious and dragged him out of there by his feet.

3:51 – I hope that’s the guy’s mangled underwear, but I doubt it.  You just know Wedgie King is going to swoop in and grab that for his collection if he gets the chance.

4:14 – Translation: “LOL yea some piece of shit CO2 gun bro… yea what a lame.  We stomped that motherf**ker out though, it’s all gravy”

4:35 – Translation: “No No… we are done with boring speeches for today.  There’s wedgie juice and blood all over the stage lady.”


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This is pretty awesome:

Steve-Greene-Gun-Control-ComedyIts all been said before, but when you throw in swears and ridiculous comparisons it’s fun to watch.

hahah that Demand A Plan bit he did at the end was priceless.


Hat tip: Smerdyakov



The guys at Dead Patriot Films have another movie they are raising money for:

You might recognize the film style from the California Fight To Bear Arms movie they were working on a while back.  I’m torn in support this type of “film”… on one hand I hope people who are on the fence, and/or are not familiar with what’s going on will watch it be educated.  On the other hand, I lived this entire documentary in real time, and already saw 99% of those news clips because they went viral, so why on earth would I donate $10 (or more) to support the completion of a movie I have already basically seen?  Surprisingly enough, the California gun documentary I linked above, did raise 110% of its goal on Kickstarter ($71140) which I find both surprising and impressive.


You can check out the film’s website and donate if you’re feeling generous.

Thoughts?  Are you throwing money at your screen, or could you not care less if it ever gets completed?



Some recent derp from the Chicago Tribune:


Close… but not quite guys.  LOL  For the last 10 minutes I’ve been trying to jam a bayonet into that sling mount point, but no luck.  I’m actually surprised they didn’t say the gun would fire knives that were placed there.

At least they didn’t try and say grenades were easy to get, and worse yet talk about 37mm as if they were the same as 40mm launchers.


Hat tip: Will