Last season it was Adam Benson (for more reasons than I care to remember):

My preliminary thoughts on this seasons’ 16 contestants you ask?

Maggie Reese – Seems very down to earth also.  Good to see a confident girl in the mix. Her competitive background will likely be a huge asset.

Athena Lee – Seems down to earth also.  Plus she competes, so she will be used to the pressure.

George Reinas – Full of himself… I hope he gets shut down hard on episode #1.

That’s all the videos history seems to have up so far.. I’ll formulate more opinions as the new videos go up.

  • You can watch those video, and read the bios for the rest of the contestants on the History Channel Website – HERE

Season 2 of the show premieres Feb 8th on History

If anyone wants to go out on a limb and make a prediction of Season 2 Top Douchebag, let the comments be the record.



Hat tip: Rob

If that actually existed, it would be the most frustrating thing on the planet to try to strip into magazines.



Only a proof of concept right now.. but I like the idea. Beat the boring brass and wrought iron ones we have here.

You can contact the artist Jason E Kay, on his website for a price – HERE



Something tells me they voided the warranty with that stunt.

Gotta love the hootin’ and hollerin’ after it goes down.

From the same guys that brought us Hi-Point Pistols – The Ultimate Torture Test.



Creepy as the concept might be, someone actually built an Internet-controlled network of web-accessible cameras and shotguns aimed into a food plot on a Georgia Power Company right-of-way last fall.

A utility contractor encountered the setup, snapped a few photos and reported the odd apparatus to the Georgia Wildlife Resources Division, which in turn notified the U.S. Office of Homeland Security.

Full Story – HERE

LOL now that’s lazy.  I give them an A for ingenuity though. Gotta love our connected world.

Shouldn’t have been too hard to track the owner given they should have his IP address.

The right to bear arms remotely… That’s a new one.  Those Benelli guns aren’t cheap… Not the type I’d want to leave unattended anywhere.



Just when I thought I saw all the high speed gun related photos the internet had to offer… the above is just a taste.  Birdshot!

Make sure you check out the rest on the Guns & Ammo website – HERE