From the comments on the James Yeager Is A Coward video:

Well there you have it… Until now the threats were not so thinly veiled.   In his own words, he will flat out murder you if you call him a coward.

Like I said before this internet stuff is serious business.

I wonder if he knows he’s only going to get trolled 1000x harder than ever before since he’s acting like this?

If this nonsense is helping his business as much as he lets on that it is, then good for him.  As far as I’m concerned, if people think learning anything from this guy (besides how not to act) is a good idea, then they deserve him.

Make sure to check out the Duel Contract if you already haven’t.




The gun store guys kick it up a notch. Their most epic video yet:

3:43 – LOL at the sound of the KIA’s slow death.

7:01 – I kind of figured that shooting Tannerite that close when it was under something wasn’t the greatest idea… I was right.

Something tells me that the 10 Year 100000 mile warranty which KIA has is void on that particular vehicle.




From Key & Peele:

1:36 – These your colors homie?

LOL holy the whole skit is epic.

Speaking of cop related videos, I watched the Jake Gyllenhaal / Michael Pena movie End Of Watch last night.  I liked it a lot.  Definitely check it out!  I posted the trailer a while back if you need your memory refreshed.




The gun store guys have a gripe:

A decent discussion, but as I said in the past I am really not a fan of youtube videos longer than around 5 minutes, especially when they are just on one topic like this one.

One of the commentors “Mobieus7” had a good comment that was top rated:

Gun proof your child, don’t child proof your gun.

I think the first part of that sentence says a lot.  Kids are naturally curious, and I believe parents should educate them so they have a healthy respect for firearms. As far as the 2nd half of the sentence goes I don’t think households with kids should just have firearms strewn all over the place even if the kids are educated about their danger.




Fxhummel1 gets patriotic and schools the antis in the process:

Knocks another one out of the park.  How long until second-amendment-enthusiastic groupie girls start camping outside his house waiting for a glimpse of him?  I give it until a few weeks after the iTunes album hopefully someday drops.

FXhummel’s (hopeful) album is turning into a Dr. Dre Detox type situation.  I know like 99% of you won’t get that rap reference but meh google it :P

He’s wearing the guns and coffee t-shirt from ENDO Apparel if you’re interested.



A Kickstarter project that reached its goal yesterday:

Two damn cool designs.  I like how they have the ability to slam fire, and one even lets you spray all the bands at once too hahaha!

Made in the USA from laser cut birch plywood!

The Sheriff model was $35 and the outlaw model was $25.  In typical terrible website fashion I am un surprised to see any mention of a direct sale on the Bandit Guns homepage.  Hopefully now that the Kickstarter campaign is over they will update the site.

You can check out the recently ended Kickstarter campaign for more videos and info.

Thoughts? Would you buy one?