VigilantSpectre’s Marksmanship Qualification:

From the description:

  • Every member of the team must pass both a primary and secondary weapons qual for multiple reasons, Here is a short snippet of the primary qual.
  • Two positions: one at 150 yards and the other at 250.
  • Shooters start at 150 yrds. They shoot 10 rounds from standing offhand, followed by 10 rounds kneeling and 5 prone.
  • The shooter then moves to 250 yards and repeats this sequence but is allowed to rest.
  • Shooters are given 50 rounds in 3 randomly loaded magazines.
  • 3 minute time limit on each stage with no rollover

I love the “for multiple reasons” vagueness in the description.  You just know these guys sit around at night in multicam panties, drinking and salivating over SHTF scenarios.

Those distances are fine and all, but they failed to say what counts as a pass.  My guess is these guys just have to “shoot” at targets at those ranges, and hits don’t really matter. Might as well throw some targets 1000+ yards downrange too if that’s the case.

Oh yea and one more thing, did Spectre introduce the shooter as “Anus Patriot” at 0:16?  It sure sounds like it, and I really wouldn’t be surprised.




I don’t listen to the radio, but I still hear this song everywhere:

For some reason I didn’t enjoy this vid as much as a couple of the others I posted a while back:

This one just seems a bit more forced than the other two… maybe that’s why?

Glad they are having fun in the downtime anyway.  Since the original Carly Rae Jepsen music video is about a phone number and a gay dude I was half expecting that worked into the plot of this video somehow.  I guess DADT is still a touchy subject even to joke about.




Definitely consulted a journalists guide to firearm identification:

It blows my mind how careless both the print and TV media are.

With social media being so prevalent now they might be learning some embarrassing lessons finally.  They have since removed the picture and issued the following correction statement:

A picture on Tuesday with an article about the weapons used in the Aurora, Colo., shooting was published in error. It showed a Les Baer .45 — not a Glock .40-caliber semiautomatic pistol, which was used in the shooting.

To make things worse, the article’s author James Dao is actually in charge of military and veterans affairs for the NYT national desk, and co-editor of the NYT military affairs blog “At War”.  How are these people getting promoted to jobs where they have no knowledge of the subject matter?  Even if you type “.40 Caliber Glock” into Google images, almost ALL of the pictures are actually of Glocks (unsurprisingly)… I don’t know how he managed to find a 1911 and call it a Glock if Google images is what he presumably used.


Hat tip: Spader



Hard to take seriously with the toy Beretta 92 and teacup grip:

(Click picture to enlarge)

Hopefully the data is legit at least.  It lists Wikipedia as one of the sources, which never impresses me.  I figured some of you guys would like to take a look, and possibly tear the people that put this out a new one. haha

The bar graph at the bottom seems pretty useless considering it’s only representing the change seen in 1 year.  At first glance it looks like shit got real in SD, IA, and ID… but then you look at the map and see they are among the safest places in the country to live.


Hat tip: Bill



My sister had some My Little Pony toys. Apparently guys are into them now 20+ years later:

AFT continues to slay me… They basically take the words right out of my mouth.

This is the pic Angry Ranger was talking about *facepalm*… do your thing bro:

Even a custom painted AA-12 and AAC Honey Badger won’t save your manhood, so don’t even try it:


Seems that some guys like Hello Kitty AR-15s and other themes just to turn heads.  I’ll stick with black on black on black with a side of tactical.

Thoughts?  Are any of you bronies?  Or is that a touchy subject? haha



The attention to detail in this is awesome:

Unless you just started following the blog, you know how obsessed I am with HBO’s The Wire.  

Every time I see a stop motion animation video, I still can hardly believe how much time it must take.  This vid was even better than The Wire Musical I posted about a few weeks ago.

I can’t stress enough, that if you haven’t seen The Wire… you need to get on that.

Hat tip: Raeshawn