Meat America, F**k yeah:


A book covering the American spirit through meat, by photographer Dominic Episcopo:

At a time when America is searching to define its values and trying to uncover the inspiration of what it means to be uniquely ‘American’, we need a manifesto! And it would make sense that it should be carved out of meat. I have spent almost three years attuned to America’s spirit, humor and verve. I conceptualized raw images capturing the same, shot them for posterity and incorporated them into a book for publishing. Meat America, the book, is ready for prime time.

Meat-America-United-SteaksA kickstarter project with 8 days to go, and not quite 1/2 of its $11500 goal reached.

The Gadsden meat flag I used as the post picture is cute, but he needs to do a Meat-16 high capacity assault rifle with high capacity meat magazines… preferably several meat links joined together mattv2099 style.

In today’s digital world, I’m not much for books… but I can see how people would enjoy this as a coffee table book especially since it’s only $30 if you get in on the kickstarter ($45 otherwise).

I just hope he ate this meat after he photographed it.



This went down a few weeks ago in Oak Harbor, WA:

Unlike the Newtown parent Bill Stevens video I posted, this one was truly off the cuff so in my opinion it was a lot better.

The pure gold starts at 2:07:

  • Councilman: “The gentleman says he carries a weapon ALL the time for protection, can you please ask him if he is armed right now?”
  • Mayor: “I guess the question is, would it matter?”
  • Councilman: “It does to me.”

Lucas-YonkmanIt basically gets 10x more hilarious from that point on, so just watch the video.  That mayor seems like a really cool guy.

The full story over at Island Politics.




UHHHHHHNNN Turn my headphones up:

Rap-NewsKick in the door, waving the M4. <— I liked that line because Kick In The Door is one of my favorite B.I.G joints.  Most of the other lines were anti-gun and Alex Jones like though, so I’m not a big fan of the song.

Hat tip: Russell



The kid has a big mouth, but at the same time I see why he’s upset:

Vallejo, CA – No one likes poor response times.  I’m sure there is likely often a good reason for a call taking 45 minutes to get to, so telling the police you’re pissed off they took so long, and swearing at them as soon as they arrive probably isn’t the best start.

Although the guy did casually swear, the officer did step up to him it appears for no particular reason other than to show who was boss.  Well seconds later we found out who the boss was.  None of it seemed necessary to me, but what do I know.


According to the ABC news story, they were sent the video from a source inside the Vallejo police department.

At least the police report of incident is honest.


Hat tip: Brandon




The Entire NFL collection of present and former players, and all they could get was five?  Yea that’s a fail…

Deion-SandersThey five are: Deion Sanders, Marshall Faulk, Emmitt Smith, Michael Irvin, Ladainian Tomlinson since I know some of you guys are always looking for new people to boycott. :P

This whole demand a plan garbage always was useless, and is becoming even more usless now that they are reaching to every corner of the celebrity world to try and get average people on the bandwagon.  What’s next, the cast of Storage Wars demanding a plan?  PuhLeeze.




Jesse Ingall teaches us how to stunt:


I can’t believe I never considered laser engraving as a way to step my holster game up.  I’ve always been big into tonal color combos.  That engraving appears to just matte the ABS’s regular shiny finish.

I wonder how many holster company biters are going to come out of the woodwork now and jack Jesse’s steez?  The apparatus gets blessed, and suckas get put to rest.