YouTube’s Richard Ryan takes a break from slaughtering Apple products:

*Dat slow motion*.

Like he said, so much for those dent resistant polymer side panels haha.


Hat tip: Chris, Blake



A change implemented to make ENDO Apparel even more user friendly:

If you head on over to ENDO Apparel you’ll notice now when you pass your mouse over a shirt, the availability of the sizes appear in the bottom right corner along with a link to the page where you can enter your email address for notification on the sizes that are sold out.  This should eliminate some unnecessary clicking for those that want a quick update on whether or not a t-shirt is in stock.

If you have any suggestions you think I might be interested in, please contact me via the email address in the sidebar.

Thanks for all the support!


The zombies will never know what hit them:

A shooting test with it attached to a M&P 15-22 rifle:

That is damn quiet!  I still can’t help but wonder if we are being tricked though, and he just hollowed out a Maglite and slipped a real suppressor inside it.

You might remember the Maglite suppressors from this season of The Walking Dead. Maybe it’s not that far fetched after all? :P


Hat tip: Steve



Graphic designers… always mind your tailpipes:

hahah how unfortunate.

Hat tip: John



Saves her own life by keeping her cool and grabbing her mom’s gun to handle business:

Full story – News9

It’s a real shame when these stories end with “he was released from the hospital and taken to jail”.  Real class act that guy… 2011 arrest for abducting a retarded 17 year old girl.  *smh*

What’s the standard anti-gun response to an event like this? Should that girl have just hid in the closet waiting to be raped or murdered?

I don’t know why sometimes the firearm used is such a big secret.  Would it have killed them to say the make / model, or is it some sort of liability issue because the girl is only 12?  Are they worried about 12 year-olds across the country being influenced and acquiring that exact handgun?


Hat tip: Brandon



Hypnotism really freaks me out:

I’ve never been hypnotized, but If hypnotism is actually real, I wonder if a hypnotist could potentially get control of someone, hand them a real gun and tell them to kill? 


Hat tip: Eric