I applaud Sig’s effort in going after even the smallest gun markets.

You can check out the Sig Sauer website – HERE

What do you say openly gay frequent commenter “That one guy” … is it fierce enough?

Others feel free to chime in too with your suggestions on how it could be improved.



Matt Dillon shows us a more effective way to fish:

Hell of a lot of recoil at 45 seconds for a gun that isn’t even loaded.

.50 caliber?  300 rounds per minute?  *facepalm*



79 fictional weapons from various pop-culture sources including television, film, video games and comic books on a shirt:

Again, i’m not much of a TV nerd, so I don’t know what most of those are.  Judging by the Han Solo’s Blaster Represented Using 26 Other Guns post I did a while ago you guys will know them all!

You can buy the shirt for $25 – HERE



A 66 page document outlining the minutia of their graphic design expectations:

The PDF is available – HERE

Interesting to go through if you have an interest in graphic design. If you don’t… then probably not so much.

The length is not surprising considering the same government requires a 26 page document outlining the way to prepare oatmeal cookies and chocolate covered brownies.



I’m not one to hang out in the bathroom longer than I have to, but for those that do:

Uncle John takes aim at providing the heroic, historic, and entertaining stories of America’s five armed forces: Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, and Coast Guard. Read about:

  • A history of the draft
  • Dog tags then and now
  • Medal of Honor winners
  • MASH: the true story
  • Doolittle’s Raid
  • What it takes to pass the tests to be in the Special Forces
  • Cartoon soldiers—Sad Sack, Sergeant Rock, and Beetle Bailey
  • Start of Semper Fi
  • The original Flying Tiger
  • War (TV) is hell
  • The birth of camoflauge and khaki
  • And much more!

Don’t let the name fool you though.  It’s perfectly acceptable to read this book outside of the bathroom. I’d suggest picking one or the other though, cause both is gross and unsanitary if you ask me.

You can purchase it for $13 on Amazon – HERE



Remember those ugly pictures hanging in your grandparents house with fruit, vegetables, and other crap?

Well this is the same idea, but with weapons thrown into the mix:

If I was looking to make an ironic purchase for someones nice new rec-room these paintings would be my first choice.

More paintings from the set – HERE