Have you ever wanted to quickly know how many rounds were in one of your AR-15 mags?

From AR15.com user SkilletsUSMC:

I first saw one of these when in the USMC to measure ammo handed out to guard sentries, but it was just colored in to 25 rounds, and didn’t have the actual round count markers. Outside of that, I have never seen anything like it, so I figured I’d share the knowledge.

It’s a pretty simple concept: just zip-ties, a sharpie, a full 30 round mag, and a little time. I usually start with the mag full, mark, pop out a round, mark, repeat. I personally like the the index line to line up with the feed lip on the side where the indicated round is, but you can do it however makes the best sense.

More pictures and comments over on the AR15.com thread.

Neat idea.  I don’t have a use for it, but I like when people come up with clever/inexpensive DIY solutions to their problems.

Thoughts?  Anyone planning on doing this?

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Oh yea and warning, you might also learn something.

Head over to GearScout where they drop some knowledge on the different types of muzzle devices.  As usual GearScout delivers in the photography department too, serving up a an ample amount of dreamy DSLR photos of a handful of different devices.

You get paid today right?  I say treat yourself to that new muzzle device you’ve been salivating over, and while you’re at it why not treat yourself to an ENDO t-shirt?  Yea I tactically snuck that last bit in there. :P




TLDW (Too Long Didn’t Watch).  This guy is priceless though:

If weapons education and him ever got together for beers I think the world would implode.  On the other hand I’d like to see Vigilant Sphincter collaborate on something with him… they would be a great match.

I don’t know how you can talk about ONE firearm on camera for 46 minutes, and I guess I’ll never find out.  I would seriously rather do pretty much anything else than watch or listen to anymore of that guy.

My night was made though when I pondered how many subscribers he had compared to Hickok45… turns out Hickok has about 50k more, and his channel is almost a year younger than Nutnfancy’s.   Looks like there is some justice.

As always make sure to check out the Nutnfancy pictures post and either comment how disgusted you are that those pictures exist, or else LOL your pants off because they are so dead-on accurate.  It always makes my day when some hardcore Nutnfancy fan leaves a mad comment on that thread.



It surprised me how much of the board making process was done by hand.  Seeing that guy operate the band saw and belt sander in freestyle mode made me cringe.  The end product looked pretty badass though (from a distance anyway). I’m assuming this hands on approach was just because it was a 1 of 1 and for promotional use only but I could be wrong.

Starting at around 4:24 they do a live action type thing turned out fairly cool.

6:00 – They throw some .45 lead at it with the Glock 21.  The snowboarder was quite surprised the armor actually stopped the bullets… he did say that was his first time shooting a gun but  I thought one would assume the vest would preform as intended considering that’s it’s job.

You can buy Call of Duty Black Ops 2 for $59 on Amazon if you’re interested.  It’s unsurprisingly the #1 best selling game on there right now.




If nothing else, this is a great use of space:

I wish the insert sat flush with the wall.  It appears to stick out what looks like ~1/4″, which wouldn’t be a huge deal for many applications… but for others, having the “cover” item stick out that much extra might raise suspicion, which isn’t good if you’re trying to hide these things.

If you have kids, or often have nosy visitors at your house you definitely have to take that into consideration seeing as this option leaves your stuff wide open for handling if found.

I am pleasantly surprised at the prices.  $40 for the small wall insert (handgun size), and $110 for the large one (rifle size) with free shipping.

Check out Tactical Walls for more pictures and info.  I might grab one to put behind my autographed David Hasselhoff poster.

Their installation instructions are basically “Dick in a box, so not that big of deal if you own something that will cut through drywall.




Nothing new here, but good to see videos like this regardless:

I had no idea who Chuck Woolery was, but according to his site he’s a “Game Show” legend.

4:00 – Is it against the law to look like something else?  In that case shouldn’t Henry Waxman be arrested for resembling Ratatouille?

At first I thought that was a pretty bad cheap shot, but then I googled Henry Waxman and saw that he’s a gun control scumbag.


Hat tip: Tim