*gasp* how edgy:

Of course they got a lot of blow-back from wearing those rings. *eye roll*  The only thing I would criticize is their taste in handguns.  The designer Melody Ehsani, literally took Deagle silhouette clipart and got it laser cut out of acrylic plastic and glued it onto a 2 finger plastic ring.  $50 for that!  I’m in the wrong business.

In case you’re wondering why these girls are famous, their dad is old Olympic Decathlete Bruce Jenner, which makes Kim Kardashian their half sister.  It’s a stretch.. and complicated, I know.  At least they are pretty.

More pics available on the girls’ website.




One of the gun store guys gives it a go:

Those things are vicious.  I’m thinking it’s probably good he didn’t attempt to shoulder both of them and fire, because i’m assuming that could end badly if it wasn’t nice and snug when the trigger was pulled.

Is that an actual camera man down range? Or do you think it’s just rolling on a tripod in this case? :P




Known as “Project Titan”.  This thing is a BEAST:

The obvious downside is weight.  According to the project titan website the shroud is built from steel.  Because of the weight, muzzle rise is a non issue, so that makes for quicker followup shots.

I’m not entirely sure this will be hugely popular when it’s released, but it’s definitely a neat idea for long range shooting.


Hat tip: Marc



Watch Chris Costa destroy a course of fire and take notice of the photographer:

I gave Buck Yeager a lot of flack for putting photographers down range, and more recently VigilantSpectre, but it seems that Costa does the same thing.  Granted I wouldn’t consider Costa’s example anywhere near as dangerous.  Both Costa and Yeager are pretty famous in the shooting world, and obviously very skilled.

Is there some new standard of safety I wasn’t let in on, for advanced operators?  I don’t even plan on attaining that status, nor do I ever plan on being a down range photographer, but I would just like to know what’s up.  Even tier 1 operators mess up… a perfect example is when Costa slipped at 0:15.  Sure I’ve seen the Magpul videos, and he does flip it from Fire to Safe like a ninja every time he moves.

It’s impossible to tell where the photographer is after 0:15, but i’m hoping she moved out of the way, as he is shooing across the range from that point on.  Maybe she stuck around to get a good pic though?  Who knows. *shrug*




The gun store guys have a pretty standard gripe:

I’m not against open carry like Barry is.  If you want to open carry I say go for it, every police officer open carries and no one is all butthurt about that.  Why should a law abiding citizen that wants to protect themselves be treated any differently?

The gun store guys “No Loaded Gun” policy, I think is pretty reasonable for a gun store as long as that ONLY covers firearms that are carried in to sell.  The fact that at 7:46 Barry says they chamber check people that are even open carrying is VERY hypocritical if it is in a holster.  Concealed is concealed so obviously they can’t check that.  The stories these guys have about safety violations are insane.  I’m sure that’s pretty standard for all gun store employees.




Re-tweeted by Glock on Twitter:

Normally I avoid poking fun of bad tattoos.  People didn’t want them to look bad, but it is often a gamble and life choice that ends up being difficult to reverse.  I’m making an exception on this one though because of the irony… It contains the word perfection, and yet the whole thing is far from perfect.

Well at least the spelling is correct.  I would have been extra bad if it said “Prefection” or something like that hahha.

Well as long as @Glockstar99 is happy with it, then i’m happy for him.  If you want to check out more Glock tattoos at my post from a while back.

Anyone ever get a tattoo they regretted?  Seems like everyone I’ve ever known with any, ended up regretting at least a few of them after a short amount of time.