This guy is in the f**king zone:

I’m so sick of that “my glock gives me confidence to live my life” bullshit tagline.  In my opinion, whoever came up with that should be fired immediately.

Why don’t big companies ever do anything fun just to troll?  It would have been a perfect opportunity at 0:27 to get a million views on this video by next week if dude would have just loaded the last round of his magazine in backwards.   But nooooooooo… i’m sure even if someone over at Glock’s marketing department got over his or her fear of rejection and suggested such an idea it would be laughed at for days considering the potential liability issues.  Sure enough someone would die in a self defense situation and then police would find the first round backwards… the family would sue glock for a kazillion-bajillion^infinity dollars and then the company would go under.

Out of the few ads of theirs I talked about before this one (see: here here and here), if nothing else this ad is at least not as corny.  Thank god they laid off the Adobe After Effects text effects.




This young girl takes the recoil in stride:

When I was first sent this vid I was bracing for the worst.  I was pleasantly surprised.

It’s good to see people showing new shooters a proper hold, shoulder, and stance with such a rifle, rather than letting her shoot it and laughing at her when she ends up on her ass with a black eye from the scope smashing against it.  Sadly, the latter would definitely get more youtube views than this vid though.


Hat tip: Adam



With such nerd topics as how to extinguish the sun with a big water gun:

For those that say “but space has no oxygen so combustion can’t happen!”

As the video states: Modern ammunition contains its own oxidizer so firing in space wouldn’t be a problem


Hat tip: Jared



AKA Spam Cans… a video on how to translate the writing into English:

The video is long, but there are a lot of great examples for anyone that’s into Russian military surplus ammo and wants to know what’s written on the outside.

Hat tip: Peter



A revolver made out of tools that an artist or old school designer would commonly use:

A revolver made out of purely Helvetica Bold characters and symbols:

Both designed by Mark Fitz out of Dublin, Ireland with prints available for purchase.

Hat tip: Lisa



A short stop-motion lego parody of the Bourne Legacy:

Every time I post one of these, I pretty much comment the same thing about how I can’t believe how long stop motion videos must take to make.

If nothing else, this video reminded me that I need to see Bourne Legacy.

Make sure to watch Lego Shootout for another one of Keshen8‘s better gun related lego stop-motion videos.