ENDO presents, real men of genius…

*Real men of genius*

Today we salute you, Mr. Straw bale backstop shooter

*Mr. Straw bale backstop shooter*

With your Glock 31 chambered in .357 SIG you throw caution to the wind.   Conventional gun safety rules be damned, you know exactly where your rounds are ending up.

*Stopped by the fibers*

You think the police helicopters are out to catch a rogue speeder.  Little do you know, you’ve shot six people in the last 5 minutes.

*Negligent behavior near the interstate*

Your showmanship comes from studying Colby on Top Shot.  Your knowledge of ballistics, from watching Saturday morning cartoons and Sons of Guns.

*nevvaaaaa been done befo’*

So crack open an ice cold Budweiser Mr. Bale-o-truth, because in federal prison only tears and tap water will wet your whistle.

*Mr. Straw bale backstop shooter*

Hat tip: Ryo O. for the vid



Dora The Explorer is so annoying:

This is tolerable though because its got guns in it.



By a lingerie company called Damaris:

Maybe I’m slow this morning, but I really have no idea what the “story” is.   The car scenes?  What do they signify?  Ugh art boggles my mind sometime…

Also, *rant about trigger discipline goes here*

I googled Damaris so I could put a link in here… their actual website is www.damaris.co.uk, but the #1 search result for the name came up with “Damaris: An educational charity with a Christian foundation” hahaha



Neat Idea:

Granny doesn’t play.

You can buy them on Amazon for $5 – HERE



Well not really LEGO, but you get the point:

A portable alternative that won’t degrade as badly as sandbags or concrete under sustained fire.   For cost effectiveness I still don’t think you can beat showing up with some bags or cardboard with wire over it (HESCO) and filling it up with the same stuff you’re walking on.   If this is safer though, doesn’t cost a mint, and they have a way to easily get it to a FOB then why not?

It’s called the 3-Dimensional Interlocking Protection System, and is made by Ballistics Research. Lots of info available in the powerpoint download (fail, I know) on their site.



AFT is awesome.