Yea this should be good:

I’m a sucker for Batman movies.   I actually like Christian bale as Batman too, he plays the part well.

Always a fair amount of gunplay in these movies. The incredible CGI doesn’t hurt either!

Thoughts on this one?  Better than G.I. Joe I assume? haha

Too bad we have to wait until Summer 2012.



This is crazy. Keep in mind someone is also downrange doing the filming:

I assume the shovel is so after they “accidentally” hit the shovel man with an errant shot, they can simply pick up the shovel and dig him a shallow grave.

Dance shovel boy Dance!

In the US we only send photographers down range and say it’s perfectly safe. Sending a photographer AND a guy with a shovel down range is just madness.


Hat tip: Krystian, Lance, and Eric



5 minute video?  This guy is gradually turning into Nutnfancy:

WTF? So the Trijicon ACOG isn’t good enough for you FPS Russia?  The sight on the rifle is not an ACOG apparently anyway, it’s a SUSAT which althouth similar looking, isn’t even made by Trijicon.  Whatever… you shouldn’t need an optic with magnification to hit some Tannerite from 25 yards anyway.

At least he’s wearing sunglasses to protect his eyes most of the time… They don’t look like they would offer any actual ballistic protection but still better than nothing.

Pretty awesome when he shot the hay bales at the end of the vid.



Like you didn’t already know Glocks are the best… screw the rest:

From the same guy that brought us:

Killer to see he got a new camera!  Sounds even better than it did before when you kick it up to 1080p.

The lyrics are top notch in this song as usual.  There’s more than enough Kool-Aid for everyone… drink it up.




On this new track/video “Life is Good”:

I say it all the time, Hickok45 is the man!   Him teaming up with Steve Lee though, is basically comparable to Al Pacino and Pee Wee Herman making a movie together.

Unless you want to hear Steve Lee’s predictably poor lyrics and the same basic song composition he always has, just put the video on mute and enjoy the shooting in HD.



I haven’t seen the first one (The Rise Of Cobra) yet, but I have to say this sequel looks entertaining… Specifically scenes starting at 2:05 and 2:29.

I love that song they remixed for the trailer, White Stripes – 7 Nation Army.  Full remix version – HERE (it’s got a dubstep feel to it)