FXHummel1 is re-recording his songs in better quality:

Having a really good time in the process by the look of it.

When he’s done, all the good quality songs will be up on his Bandcamp website fxhummel1.bandcamp.com.  I still think he should have went the iTunes route and made some money for all his time/trouble.  If Steve Lee can apparently afford a tour bus off his crap songs, FXHummel by that measure should be getting private jet money.

Keep Calm And Carry One 1911Needs more cowbell.  That hawk (aka bird of prey) on his head of his is luxurious.

You can grab the 1911 Keep Calm And Carry One t-shirt he is wearing over at ENDO Apparel. He’s also rocking the Defend Freedom shirt for the 2nd half of the video which is definitely a legit choice.




From Mom’s Demand Action… The same group that demonized the AR-15 in slow motion:




So as you can see the kids got their hands on an M4 not and AR-15 somehow (identifiable by the additional hole in the lower receiver above the fire selector switch).  In addition two out of three of them have terrible trigger discipline, which may or may not have been staged that way on purpose.  Cool looking pictures… weak message.

Since when are “assault weapons” violent on their own?

This might be my imagination… but does anyone else think it looks like magazine wasn’t seated properly in order to make it look longer than it actually is?

The little girl in picture #1 is the most badass.  That thousand yard stare is intense.

Considering no 8-12 year old kid (I’m assuming that’s the age range of these) hasn’t ever shot up a school (as far as I know) then the whole OMG A KID HOLDING AN ASSAULT RIFLE WITH A HIGH CAPACITY ASSAULT CLIP READY TO KILL PEOPLE message they were going to falls really short.


Hat tip: Kevin, Russell



This is regarding the Florida Police officer fired for using Trayvon Martin shooting target.

He bought the targets to use as “no shoot” targets.  Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiight….

Trayvon-Martin-Shooting-TargetI’d like to believe this guy, but I think he’s full of shit.  Is he seriously that dense that he couldn’t grab any other random no shoot target with a hobo or a kid with a toy gun on them?  It’s not like these targets would have been that easy for him to get either.

Troll smarter and harder Ron.




Some of you might find this interesting:

Assault-Rifle-Because-I-Am-BlackAfter I heard the obnoxious word “filibuster” for the 5th time I tuned out.




FPS Russia does a Mattv2099 style trollture test:

FPS-RussiaNot one of FPS Russia’s most interesting videos, but still decent for some laughs.  I hope Matv2099 gets back into trollture testing because he did it better.

FPS Russia today is a far cry from the “go big or go home” FPS Russia from back in the day. An AK-47, although a Russian icon was a pretty basic choice.




Chris “Shark Jump” Costa is back at it with a ridiculous pod shaped backpack…*ahem* sorry “satchel”:


I could barely catch my breath between LOLs when I first saw this thing.  Did April fools day get moved this year?  Astro Boy’s androgynous cousin Robin called, he want’s a piece of the profit for inspiring the design.

The Hive Satchel is $195 over at Blue Force Gear.  It’s funny how they say it’s so “discrete”… like yea sure it won’t look like anything with a gun in it to the untrained eye, but it will definitely draw attention and speculation because everyone that looks at it will be like “wow, that’s a fucking stupid looking backpack, what does he carry in there? Probably the life helmet he should be wearing so he doesn’t hurt himself on the world.” hopefully just to themselves, but if they say it out loud you can reply “IT’S A SATCHEL DAMNIT, and CHRIS COSTA designed it… DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHO CHRIS COSTA IS?!  If not, KILL YOURSELF.”

homer-jump-sharkWho makes up the target market for this? Will it fit a rifle, tactical arm tape, zombie derp dvds, and Haley’s skin care products inside?  In an active shooter scenario I’d think this would be more of a liability than an asset because if the shooter is at all humane, he’d put the guy with the most retarded looking backpack out of his misery to start things off.

I think I may have given Costa way too much credit when he was with Magpul.  The guy is letting me down bigtime now.

Thoughts?   Does this next-level satchel meet your tier 1 requirements as an operator who operates in discreet urban operations?