Behold the 1911 Carry Nightmare in all it’s glory:

I know you guys probably think since it’s April 1st this is some sort of Sig or ENDO troll.. but I assure you it’s not.  You can check out the Carry Nightmare product page any time after today on the Sig Sauer website and it will still be there.

My worst nightmare is hardly a harmless 1911, it’s an 8 year old with a badge.   Just kidding.. but I just wanted to have an excuse to quote that and also “When you’re a cop people don’t sass you.”  When you carry a 1911 instead of a Glock though, prepare to get sassed.

The double deagle, double barrel 1911, and double glock… now those are carry nightmares worth talking about.

I wonder if any lawyers would try to play the name of a gun against someone if it was ever used in a self defense shooting?  Your honor he was carrying a gun called the “Nightmare”.  It was obvious he was looking to shoot someone.




Some good lines in this one:

I can’t take watching more than 3 videos back to back with that voice.  I just broke that rule and I think my ears are going to start bleeding…



Wow.. this is what I call love:

I guess that’s what 8 months without seeing him will do.  Almost makes me wish I had a dog.  Once they learn to poop in toilets and wipe their asses i’ll be the first one in line.

The same guy from the video taught his dog to play Osama (dead)!  Epic.



Even big time executives like him have to take a few hours off:

The comments on the video aren’t locked……. yet.  LOL

The video is very much as waste of time as expected, I just thought it was funny that he plays with toy guns but has such a problem with real guns and gun owners.  It’s pretty obvious he wants to have YouTuber Richard Ryan‘s baby.  He swoons over him multiple times.

If you’re wondering who the hell Seth Hendrix is, first watch this video.  And then if you still care, scan the comments on my Walmart Sells Machine Guns post, and Remember When Walmart Sold Machine Guns?.

If you only read one thing on the internet today, make sure you check out the hilarious How To Fail Like Seth Hendrix guide over at Jeremy’s House Of Funny. It’s priceless.

Oh and Seth… you’re welcome.   Maybe the views from my blog will generate you another $2.32 in advertising revenue so you can eat off the Wendy’s value menu tomorrow rather than having noodles and lukewarm water salted by your own tears again.




I had a post up for 24 hours yesterday taking entries on a giveaway for a Contour Picatinny Camera Mount from Strikemark.

Almost all you guys read the directions properly, and the comments were hilarious which was a bonus.

And the winner is….

#53358 – TB

Congrats TB.  Remember bros.. don’t hate, congratulate.

I didn’t lie when I said i’d try to do lots of giveaways did I?  :P



A comfortable way to carry an injured person to safety:

Skip to 40 seconds to see it in action.

Basically it looks like a regular safety harness with arm loops on it for the person doing the carrying.  I could have sworn these things have existed for years.

The manufacturer Agilite is selling them for $80 – HERE

Maximum tensile strength: 5000 lbs.   Narrowly within Rosie O’Donnell carrying range.


Hat tip: Elvis, Kevin