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Those subterranean levels are WIN.  I want to build a nice house over top of something similar someday. I keep checking for new abandoned missile base properties, but most of them are either too expensive, or in too rough of shape.

Hopefully posting this isn’t a threat to G.I. Joe OPSEC … I’m sure COBRA already has this intel. :P



You can read what’s included at the Costco site – HERE

Knowing how good most of the food tastes from Costco, I say this would probably be better than MREs if you are in the market for purchasing a SHTF type food cache. The price looks reasonable too.

It’s pretty amazing that a person could actually stay alive on $800 worth of food for a whole year.  I’m almost embarrassed to think how much $ worth of food I eat in just one month.

I’d like to see Costco have a Part II to this kit, that came with a few different types of rifles + assorted magazines + and ammunition.



Approximately 340 in total. That would take up a lot of room!  I see a lot of them are out of the boxes… hopefully he had a good time and actually played with them.

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Well the metrosexual part is debatable… It looks like something the cowboy from the Village People would approve of:

If you actually were to go out on a limb and wear one of these, id suggest arming yourself with a knife minimum.

What ever happened to carrying your phone and keys in your pocket?  Or are some of the guy jeans too tight nowadays to do that?

You can check out the designer Dayne Jewell’s website – HERE

The price for the belt and the holster is $219 EUR which converts to $302 USD. I’m not sure if he will ship to the US.



A .45 to the dock connector ought to work to put this thing out of its misery:



How come I was not aware of this earlier? Oh right… I was 3 years old when the movie came out.

The movie is called Top Secret!, and it stars Val Kilmer. It has 7/10 stars on IMDB and it actually sounds pretty funny… I might check it out.

Hopefully no one thinks handling guns like they do in movies like this is actually acceptable. :P