MrColionNoir on this recent post election debacle we have become accustomed to:

Yea that sums it up nicely.

Thoughts?  Did any of you guys stock up a long time ago, in anticipation of this happening again?




First a demo by YouTube tacticouple Cory & Erika:

Known as the FMS Magazine Pouch.  WTF does FMS mean you ask?  Well kind sir, Bravo Concealment decided it would be cool to bring shame to the sanctity of acronyms by making FMS – FPS Russia Mag-dump System.  *smh*  Sure FPS Russia pimps their products to his tween crowd on the regular, but I don’t think the full grown operator demographic that is spending $135 on this holster are going to be impressed by the fake Russian branding.

I’ve worked with Kydex, and it’s not rocket science.  40-45 calendar days (stated on the website) to ship an order seems excessive.  I’ve heard it has been like that for quite a while with Bravo Concealment, and I fail to understand why companies like this don’t evolve and do something to fix their efficiency problems.  In a market where a majority of purchases would be made on impulse I think they are really shitting the bed.  How many of you ever have said “Damn I need a holster… not now, but in a month and a half”?  

Thoughts?  Are you anticipating a need for one of these double rifle / double pistol holsters in a month and a half?



*facepalm* he even uses his daughter to video-title troll:

Her advice on how to best appendix carry a handgun:

  • She recommends TWO tank-tops underneath a shirt.  Maybe she doesn’t sweat, but I’d die if I had 3 layers of clothing on in summer.  Sounds like a pain in the ass to worry about it when drawing the gun too.
  • Wear a shirt with a pattern on it to break-up the shape of the gun.  Fair enough, although someone needs to tell that family a better place to buy t-shirts *cough* ENDO Apparel *cough*
  • Tuck the handle of the gun into your waistband.  She claims it only adds 0.5 seconds to her draw.  Maybe, but I don’t know if that’s such a great idea under stress, especially with 3 layers worth of shirts on.

Surprisingly enough at the time of writing this Yeager still has comments enabled.  So he can’t take the heat in his own video comments, but will let people troll his daughter?  Nice haha.

I could be wrong but I think he mentioned before that Kayla was his step daughter, which would explain why she didn’t get his token shoulder roll.



Dat metal on metal action sound:

A simple but powerful message.

The video is from the same guy that brought us Tactical Magic and The Future Of California Firearm Control.  Glad to see he’s back.




Swallow your morning coffee before you look at the following pics.  Enter the Metrogun:

As seen above, this 32″ beast screws into the choke tube threads of most 12 gauge shotguns, and according to the FAQ their website it does not considered an NFA item by the ATF so no paperwork is required.

More info and pics over at the Metrogun website.  Price not listed.

Commenter Farm.Dad on WeerdWorld said it best:

 I suspect if you shot down 6 miles of sewer pipe not much report would come out the other end either LOL I cannot imagine adding 32 inches to a normal shotgun barrel and trying to swing it on a target .

hahah yep.

If you end up buying a Metrogun barrel, just make sure you don’t go nuts and mistake an average plane for the Batwing.

I’m gonna stunt on Metrogun and get to work on a 64″ version with a unicycle as a monopod.  Concept mock-up:




Another astute/hilarious review from MrColionNoir.  LOL at the moment for T-dogg, and the “black man quota”. Priceless…

I’m with MrColionNoir on the fact that the compound parts of the show have been boring.

If you’re behind on Walking Dead episodes you can catch up at Amazon.

MrColionNoir is wearing the ever popular Keep Calm And Carry One t-shirt from ENDO Apparel.