Oh yeeeeeeeeeah:

A lot of hip shots in this video. If it’s so comfortable to shoot as they say at 1:05, then why don’t we see any real shooting with it?

I want to get one of these and OC through the the hood on some straight Omar shit whistling farmer in the dell and dropping witty lines. I got the shotgun… you got the briefcase. It’s all in the game though right? A double glock, double deagle, and double 1911 are necessary firearms to have in the collection with this one.

What’s the point of 3 different chokes?  Maximum damage and spread?  Sounds kinda derpy.

Despite the fact the shotgun will be apparently available in January 2013, there is no mention of it on the Chiappa website.  Typical.


P.S. The cheese stands alone.

Hat tip: Jay



First an AR-15 slingshot.  Now check out what they call the bag it comes in when you buy one:

The D-Bag hahhahhah “Complete LVOA AR’s will ship in the D-Bag”.  Yea I get it D for “Discrete”, still though.

HSGI actually makes the bag for them.  Looks alright I guess… nothing really special though as far as I can tell.  I think a more discrete way to transport a rifle around would be in a tennis racket bag or a gym bag, as opposed to this high speed looking balistic nylon one.  I suppose people could just assume camera lenses or something were in this bag, but chances are since it looks custom people are going to be inquisitive.

They should have made a gag D-bag out of all EdHardy and Affliction print fabric.  Sadly it seems that companies rarely have a sense of humor.




The List:

  1. Hand Cannon (13th Century)
  2. Gatling Gun (1862)
  3. Colt Peacemaker (1873)
  4. Maxim Gun (1883)
  5. Colt M1911 (1911)
  6. M2 Browning (1933)
  7. M1 Garand (1936)
  8. Uzi (1948)
  9. AK-47 (1949)
  10. Glock 17 (1982) – “A simplified handgun made mainly from plastic, except for the barrel”  “It will not fire unless the trigger is pulled and all safeties are off”  <– can be summed up simply as “DERP” *facepalm*
  11. XM-25 (2010)

You can check out the full article to read their blurbs on each gun over at Popular Mechanics.

I almost had a heart attack that our very own M-16 or M4 didn’t make the list.  Besides that, as far as I’m concerned, most of those have merit except for the XM-25.  Last time I checked that wasn’t even widely in use so I’d hardly call that an important gun in “history”… if you’re going to put that on the list you might as well add the AA-12 shotgun.  Fail for not having the Deagle brand Deagle, Glock 7, and the Hi-Point C-9 on the list.  hahaha Yea I trolled the shit out of you with the post pic. *hi-5s self*

If Popular Mechanics was smart they would have convinced Elisha Cuthbert to sign a life contract when she was just the Popular Mechanics for kids girl.  What’s not to like about her?  I hear she was on 24, but I never got into that.  I get my fix now by watching her on Happy Endings… the show is seriously funny.  PMK 4 LIFE tatted on my forearm.

Thoughts?  If you don’t think Elisha Cuthbert is good looking I really should revoke your ability to read this blog.

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Good Guy Yeager continues:

I don’t carry a gun for self defense.  I don’t carry a gun for protection.  I carry a gun so I can shoot people in their fucking face that are hurting other people.

hahah well said.

He advocates “being the hero” in this video, which I think is good in theory if everything goes right.  Things could go so wrong though.  I’d argue that in addition to “Alive Hero” or “Dead Hero” a third possibility should be “Alive And Being Charged With Murder, Negligence etc. For Your Shot Not Going Where You Hoped It Would”.  In reality not everyone that carries a gun can shoot as well as Yeager.  How much would it suck if there was an active shooter scenario that you probably could have escaped from, but instead you got shot by a person that wanted to be a hero, and now your either dead, in a wheel chair, have a colostomy bag etc.. etc…? That definitely could happen if everyone that has a gun is all of the sudden full of confidence that they can be the hero of the day. Reminds of an Edmund Burke quote – “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” All I’m saying is that being the hero could be a slippery slope if you get in over your head. If you’re a tier1 HSLD operator and you can Mozambique mofos in your sleep then by all means take care of business.




This looks legit:

0:44 – The Curl Throw!   Damn, now if I could only step up my bullet curving skills in order to be able to hit that.

You can pick up a WingOne For $40  Additionally, you can check out the WingOne website for more info.

If I knew I wouldn’t catch a case doing it, I’d like to do the world a favor and go into all gun stores and break the MTM throwers over my knee.  Sure they are 1/4 the price of the WingOne, but you’ll close that gap in broken clays in no time if you decide to try and “save money” and buy an MTM.




AR15.com member / veteran AlexBosco knocks it out of the park with this one:

Mmmmm up close it looks like it’s made out of cake:

About the product:

I have been developing with the Chief Prosthetis at local Veterans Hospital a Stabilizing Brace (SB15) for the ar15 pistol, and a few other pistols that are similar in format, that I think all of us here will appreciate. I haven’t posted anything sooner because I’ve been waiting for the “Patent Pending Approval” from my patent lawyer and the phone call from the ATF giving me the verbal ok. The ATF has finally given me the verbal ok over the phone and I am expecting the Approval letter shortly, which I will post once received. I am a veteran and after 12 years of service and various deployments I have some mobility issues with my shooting hand and arm and the intent of the SB15 is to assist those with limited strength or mobility while shooting from the one-handed pistol precision stance or one handed supported stance.

That’s awesome.  I really hope he doesn’t charge more than $120 for it.  I imagine the market is a lot bigger than he originally might anticipate.  A lot of people with perfectly fine mobility are going to want this thing just to make their AR pistol suck less (those of you that don’t have SBRs know what I mean).  If he tries to charge $150 for instance, people might as well just add another $50 and go the SBR route.  I’ve never worked with foam rubber, but I’m assuming it’s not any more expensive than the usual polymers.  If he keeps to the design pictured, the mold wouldn’t be that complicated either so I don’t anticipate the start-up costs being out of hand.

Alex says the final product will be available in black, tan, and olive drab.

You can read the full post and see more pictures over at AR-15.com


Hat tip: Eugene, Don