I hope I never run out of videos like this:

This video has it all!  Tactical break dancing, tactical muzzle control on a crowded street simulation, tactical beam overturning!  

– I don’t lift heavy beams on the reg, but i’m pretty sure the deflating tire “pssssssssssssssssssshhhhtttt” sound isn’t necessary.  They are all doing it though.

– What’s with the spray painting of the guys back at 3:53?  Some sort of hazing?  haha that would be a pain to remove.

– Forward roll at 4:54!  OH NO HE DIDN’T! ahahha

The training school is called Trident Fitness, you can check out their website – HERE

According to the about page, the instructor (Rick Graham) is a former Navy Seal. *shrug* who knows… I’m pretty sure he didn’t learn a lot of this stuff during his SEAL training.

I’ll never be that high speed low drag. :(  Save the video quick guys, these things have a bad habit of disappearing once we make fun of them.

What are your thoughts?



Seen at a gun show:

Banned in California because they hold weapons with deadly shoulder things that go up, .50 caliber rifles that can shoot down airplanes, and other weapons with high capacity assault clips.

This must be the “gun show loophole” we used to hear so much about.

Hat tip: Tommyboy180



Looks like tough work being a photographer:

Although I have zero use for a non-online calendar, I approve this one if your needs differ.

The calendars are around $28 with shipping – HERE

50% of the proceeds go to UK based charity Help For Heroes



Really Marine Corps…. Really?

From the Crosman press release:

According to Crosman Vice President of Marketing, Roy Stefanko, “Saying that we’re excited about this agreement is an understatement. It is truly an honor to be chosen by the U.S. Marine Corps in facilitating a project of this magnitude. By introducing a complete line of airsoft products branded “Marines Airsoft,” we recognize a strategic business opportunity that will benefit a revered organization, as well as contribute to our continued growth in the airsoft category,” said Stefanko.

Chosen by the U.S. Marine Corps?  So the USMC was actively looking for a company to produce some shitty airsoft guns for kids?  Wow.. nice… :roll:

Also, explain to me how having the eagle, globe and anchor logo plastered all over some Chinese made plastic guns is going to help the USMC?

You can check out Crosman’s current lineup of crap – HERE



A new series, covering the history, design and development of the weapons featured in the Call of Duty series.  This one in particular is on the FN FAL:

Wow, the production value and detail is very nice!

I can hardly wait to see the videos on the rest of the weapons used in the game.

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This is awesome:

Reminds me of the Tyco Fast Traxx my buddy Karan had we were growing up.  The iRobot 110 is everything I hoped it would be, but wasn’t.  The Fast Traxx was fragile, hard to control, had a terrible battery life, and was easy to lose once it got more than a few feet away from you.

The iRobot 110 would have brought our childhood spy missions to another level.  I hoping this will be available to the civilan market for less than a couple thousand, and i’ll pick one up for sure.  Just give me the ability to control it from my Motorola Xoom Android tablet.

The only thing the iRobot 110 seems to be missing is a weapon of some type.  Because as is, if you toss that thing into a building with a bunch of bad guys, they are just going to pick it up and throw it back at you or else put a bullet through it.

iRobot 110 product page – HERE