11 Days, 11 copies of Paul Barrett’s book Glock: The Rise Of America’s Gun were given away.

One of my goals for 2012 is to try and give back more to you blog visitors.  I’m really glad to have had the opportunity to work with Paul Barrett, the author of the book, and Random House to run this giveaway.  At 345 total entries, your odds of winning were pretty good.

I will be forwarding all the addresses for mailing as soon as I get a reply from the latest winner.  I’ve got my copy of the book sitting next to me, and I can hardly wait to read it.

If you were not one of the lucky 11, you can always pick it up on Amazon.

Thanks a lot for entering, and you can expect more giveaways/contests coming up!

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I amuse myself by coming up with things like this:

For those that don’t get the joke, the guy (pictured) that owns the Front Sight training school is named Ignatius Piazza. Speaking of which, his advertising budget must be HUGE. If you’re into guns and haven’t been bombarded by his ads everywhere you go on the internet, then you’re not paying attention.



You be the judge of what “High Risk” means in this case:

I know dynamic situations and 360 degree threats are often how it is in the real world, but this class looks like it has the potential to give someone a few extra holes in their body than what they came with.  That said, it does look like a lot more fun that standing in a straight line on some gravel infront of some stapled up paper.

I’m guessing accidents probably don’t happen often during classes like this, but personally I wouldn’t want to be involved in that advanced of a training scenario if I didn’t already have lots of prior training experience with the guys in my group.

The class is taught by James “I put photographers down range” Yeager if you’re interested.

Hat tip: Jay P.




A boring video:

He basically just picked 25 out of the 40 Reasons To Ban Guns list I posted about a while back.

I really don’t see the point in reading out a list on camera.  The only explanation I can think of is that he probably wanted to show off his sweet feathered bangs.  hahah



From the past DEFCON Hacking Conference in Las Vegas:

Your favorite gun lockbox might be preventing your toddler from having an accidental discharge, but it’s probably not at all likely to repel a criminal or even perhaps a curious teenager. Means of both attacking as well as improving upon the lockboxes you already may own are demonstrated, and audience members were invited to participate in all sorts of attacks… live and on stage.

Like they say, locks only keep honest people out.  The video is very long (40 minutes), but really worth watching if you want to learn a few things and save yourself some money. The guy is funny too so the time goes by fast.  The gist of the video is that many of these lock boxes are more similar to filing cabinets, than they are to safes.




Check out these placemats:

Awesome picture!  I never thought of another use for those mats besides a gigantic mouse pad.  Who uses a mouse pad anymore though?

Glock gunsmith mats are available for ~$12 at amazon – HERE

Hat tip: Eric