Very sneaky:

According to the blog of a New York City taxi driver:

These “taxis” are used as undercover cars in general police work. You may see them cruising the streets as you would a regular patrol car or perhaps pulling over a motorist (they’re equipped with flashing lights and sirens) who ran a red light or something. The cops are in plain clothes, not uniforms. I would guess there are about 20 of these cars in the city. I see them every day.

Plain clothes, not uniforms?  Yea for “general” police work I don’t like the idea of that at all.

My personal opinion is that police as a deterrent is in the end more effective then being all sneaky and catching people doing things they definitely wouldn’t have done if they knew police were in the area.

What do you guys think?

Hat tip: Bryan



Oh to have problems like the police chief in Greenwood Indiana:

Greenwood Police Department has six Glock machine pistols and 10,000 rounds of corresponding ammunition, but Chief Rick McQueary says he doesn’t want his officers carrying them.  McQueary is working with city officials to determine what to do with the guns. They may be sold to another police department of destroyed.

Full story – HERE

A part of me died after reading that article.  Worst case scenario I don’t know why the chief doesn’t just tell them to keep the switch flipped to “semi”.  Problem solved.

Most people don’t know that the Law Enforcement price for a Glock 18 is only around $500.  Unfair!



Not a whole lot of gun content in this, but if you’ve ever dreamed of pushing your family sedan to the limits you’ll appreciate what these guys can do:

Races and Airshows, although a great American pastime are inherently dangerous,  proven most recently in Reno NV.  For that reason, although I enjoy both of them, I’d rather observe from a safe distance.

Damn these guys can drive though!

Hat tip: Bryan



After a seven-year relationship and a few days after his 82nd Birthday entrepreneur married Gaston Glock, the 31-year-old Kathrin Veldenerin Tschikof.


Gaston actually looks pretty healthy for 82, hopefully he’s got a decade or more left in him.   If she does one thing, it should be to push him to make a rifle before his time is up.

/end glock fanboy rant.



Good acting, no CGI, and better makeup than The Walking Dead:

Disappointing that no one showed up with a shotgun to put an end to that mess. :/

Epic meal time is so awesome.

Note: Speaking of “The Walking Dead” earlier… the season 2 premiere is scheduled for October 16th!



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