That would be pretty awesome for concealed carry.

Especially with 33 round mags as backup.



Russia’s Defense Minister, Anatoly Serdyukov, set off a firestorm of debate in Russia after saying that his military’s pride and joy, the Kalashnikov and Dragunov SVDs sniper rifles, are “morally outdated” and that he’s considering a plan to buy foreign-made small arms.

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Yea… I can imagine that didn’t go over too well.



Like the Coolio song goes… ain’t no party like a Kosovo party, cause a Kosovo party don’t stop:

I seriously hope all of those guys are drunk , which would account for the impaired judgement. I don’t know how else you could 30+ guys together in one place that all think it’s perfectly acceptable to lick off rounds randomly into the air right next to other people.  I’m actually surprised none of them committed suicide to escape that terrible music.

I hope some girls come to future parties and talk them out of retarded crap like that. But if they don’t i’ll just have more footage for the “Cheating Death At Sausage Fests” DVD I am putting together.



The baguette must have a “shoulder thing that goes up”… I see him gripping it for some spray and pray action:

No evidence of 30 round “clips”.. but I’m sure he’s probably got a few in those killer socks.

Big Picture delivers with the pictures as usual – HERE



This could be a deal breaker for a lot of people:

The trigger doesn’t reset. If you pull the trigger, and then run the slide while still holding the trigger to the rear like you would on a Remington 870 or a Mossberg, the trigger will simply go dead. We actually tried this on several models and it was the same on each demo gun.

There are a lot of comments over on Caleb’s blog addressing this issue.  Some people suggest a Kel-Tec rep told them this actually only happens on the civilian models, and the LEO ones work as one would expect.  Others have the whole “But but but it’s a prototype!” rhetoric, which I don’t know if I buy either.

I sure hope they fix this issue.



The video has you thinking it’s gonna be something revolutionary and cool… but this is what you get:

LOL whatever Glock… Congrats, Now it looks like a POS airsoft.

At least that new beavertail grip option as seen in the picture is kinda cool. I’m still not a fan of removable backstraps though.