FXHummel1 puts in some 2nd Amendment work on the ivory:

Mic stand and spit guard upgrade FTW!  FX’s songs are always a good listen.

One might say he “assaults” the keys with musical finesse.

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Get your jammies on and grab a drink and some popcorn:

I made it to about 45 seconds and saw enough… so I skipped… and skipped… and then saw it complete.

If you’re not familiar with Defense Distributed’s magazine making 3D printing efforts check that linked post.

In my opinion you’re better off doing what I did above, and then using your spare time to watch this 5 hour Adriana Lima 1080p checkered flag waving video:

Adriana-LimaIf you skip through any of the above video you’re doing an injustice to yourself, and you’ll make my girl Adriana cry. ;)

I know some of your hardcores live by the code “MOB”, where the M stands for magazines.  haha




Come as you are, preferably with cash or a gun you don’t want:

With a gun, all you have to do is walk up to some dude with a cardboard sign under the freeway, hand over the gun for the money, and forget about it. Not only is there no background check, you don’t even have to know the buyer’s name. There’s a gun-sale report you could file with the state. But unlike with cars, it’s voluntary.

Full story – Seattle Times

Hahaha epic, that smells like freedom to me.  I see nothing wrong with a collector or regular guy padding his safe with awesome guns that people found or decided they were scared of, or just didn’t want. I highly doubt criminals are going to venture to gun buybacks, when they could just as easily buy a gun off the streets hours later when they aren’t crawling with cops.

In the spirit of seattle grunge rock, I’ll quote the late great Kurt Cobain even though he was talking about not having a gun:

And I swear that I don’t have a gun
No I don’t have a gun
No I don’t have a gun

Definitely my favorite acoustic album of all time, but I digress…


Hat tip: Phil



A new series the lovely FateOfDestinee is doing:

39 seconds was kind of short… but it guess it was true to the name “Quick hits”.  I’d like to see her go on a bit more of a rant in a future quick hit and really stick it to the recipient.

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New York City mayor Bloomberg descended from his ivory tower to mingle with the peasants at a mayors conference in D.C., then this happened:

LOL *slow clap* —-> “In the spirit of gun control, will you disarm your entire security team?”

Bloomberg’s response:  “Uh, you, we’ll get right back to you.”

The “would you like a sip of my soda?” line was pure gold too.

Side note, that security needs to attend a course on proper necktie length.

Michael-BloombergLike damn, cut a billionaire some slack!  A ~25 x Billionaire actually… mo’ money mo’ problems I guess.  I’d roll with a crew of suits, armed to the teeth if I was caked up like that too…. what I wouldn’t do is shit on peoples rights though.   My “assault weapons” would also make the proper sound, which I prefer not to be a loser and try to type.  They definitely wouldn’t go BrrrrrrrBrrrrBrrrrrp.


Hat tip: Gharrett, Phil



MrColionNoir schools weak ass politicians and the bullshit mainstream media:

hahah President Obama as the “Gang Banger of the United States”… that was gold. Well played.

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