An email I received just before 9pm on Tuesday from VigilantSpectre:

Good day,

I have been featured on your blog (VigilantSpectre) . I think it is hilarious first off. What I am really contacting you about is this: I have undertaken much effort to conceal the identities of myself and those that appear in my videos. This is done because of the controversial nature of the content in my videos. Everything to that respect has been going well until lately. A select group has been trying to expose this sensitive information and distribute it. They are using forums like yours to solicit this information from posts made in discussion. It has gotten to the point where I have begun to receive threats to myself, property, family and friends propagated by your discussion board. It is beginning to feel unsafe. I do not wish to compel you to remove your posts about my channel, I find them constructive, perhaps a little biased and less informed about the actual processes than I would prefer, but constructive none the less. What I would like to request is that you remove the comments about my channel on your post and lock it down to disrupt the aforementioned collective effort.

Thank you

I look forward to your future correspondence.

That was in response to my two recent posts: Weapons Preparedness Training for the DERPocalypse and DERPnamic Secondary Presentation.


Oh where to begin… where to begin.  First of all let me just say that probably the most rewarding thing about blogging is when people get pissed off enough to email me, or forgo that all together and remove their video(s) from YouTube, or other content from a different website that is being criticized.  In my crusade against DERP, I consider that a huge victory, and it generally just makes my day.  It’s even funnier when someone backs up the video (or other content) and can continue to share the laughter with the internet for years to come.

My public reply to VigilantSpectre:

So you think the posts I wrote are hilarious?  Well that’s good I suppose… but it seems to me that your initial goal at least was to provide training to your friends (or as you call them “the wolf pack”) and to educate the internet on how to properly train an prepare.  Am I not correct in assuming that?  Hardly something I think should be taken lightly.

You say you have taken much effort to conceal the identities of you and your friends.  What? How do you figure that? Not only do your videos expose all of your faces but you also run a facebook page plastered with pictures of you and your girlfriend.  You’re hardly some internet greyman.  With < 5 minutes worth of research I was able to pin you down as [REDACTED]. Normally i’d be pretty impressed with myself, but this one was just too easy.  [REDACTED], I know I insulted your intelligence based on what I saw in the videos, but I see you studied (graduated?) Biological Sciences at Ohio University.  It perplexes me even more as to how someone smart enough to graduate high school and get accepted to a post secondary institution, would think that the VigilantSpectre Project is a good idea.

I nearly shit my pants with laughter when I saw your brother (Mr. Tactical Bacon) Kyle Hallstrom “worked at US Navy”.  I’ve never served, and I normally appreciate and support those that have… but if he feels safe training (and I use that term loosely) with you and your “wolf pack” and trying to educate the rest of the internet through the VigilantSpectre Project, it kind of reflects bad on what they may or may not have taught him in the Navy.  I’m sure there are plenty of active duty and Navy veterans following the blog that hopefully will chime in to help maintain my faith in the organization.  Now that I think of it, I’m hoping “worked at US Navy” could even mean he had some administrative job where he didn’t train on weapons… but I’m still assuming he would have still had to go through the same basic training.  Is that correct?

Last of all [REDACTED], in case you’re wondering, i’m not some kind of hacker.  You left all this information sitting around in plain sight on facebook, and I just took a couple minutes to connect the dots.

Best of luck with the VigilantSpectre project, and your future endeavors.  If you’re going to keep coming out with videos, please try not to hurt yourself or anyone else.  If I were you i’d forget firearms ever existed and try and land yourself a good job in the Biology field.  You’ll thank me some day.




A prequel to Ghost Recon Future Soldier:

I had no idea what was going on 99% of the time, but it was very well done.  The video will probably make a lot more sense to you gamers.

Every time I see a quadrocopter I realize how much I need to get one.

Ghost Recon Future Soldier comes out May 22, and can be pre-ordered for 59.99.


Hat tip: Jon H.



This is so awesome, you just have to watch it:

LOL so true… everyone knows someone like that.  I’d even go as far as to say if you claim you don’t know someone like the person he described, then it must be you.  The worst is drinking with guys like that, because it gets multiplied by 10… add another 10x on top of that if there are girls around.  I’m glad even when I was younger I had enough sense to avoid situations rather than roll the dice on my life or well being.

“when they made his gun, they stopped making everybody else guns”
^^^^ Truth

I’m looking forward to the rest of the videos in this series.




I had to post another one by VigilantSpectre:

All their videos are just so bad, I can hardly believe it.  The camera man is ahead of the line of fire most of the time in this one too.

They all appear to be either using Blackhawk Serpa holsters or the kind that have snap closures they could easily go inside a trigger guard on a quick re-holster.  I wouldn’t recommend either type for guys like this.  In fact I would really prefer they weren’t even allowed to handle firearms, because frankly I don’t think they are intelligent enough to handle the responsibility.

Probably the funniest part is that all the guys hang onto every word that comes out of boonie hat derp’s mouth.  At points in this video it’s obvious he gets flustered because he hardly even knows wtf he is saying.  Starting at 11:05 is a real good example.

Bonus Hilariousness seen on their youtube page, and at the end of some of their videos:

Powered By:

East Ohio Firearms Sales LLC.
Contact: (740) 391-3231
Tell them Spectre sent ya!

So you mean to tell me that East Ohio Firearms Sales is sponsoring this train wreck?  I feel like just calling there and laughing at whoever picks up the phone over and over again all day.




It’s amazing these guys lived to be as old as they are:

Throwing someone down on a the ground for a drill, where that person then shoots at a close range steel target? seriously… that’s the drill.

First of all… velcro hat patch derp, is it possible you could take your finger off the trigger every now and then?

1:20 – Oh wow, full muzzle sweep of velcro hat patch derp, when boonie hat derp hit the ground.  Imagine that… I wonder how on earth that happened?

1:57 – Camera man ahead of the line of fire, when boonie hat derp is getting thrown to the ground with a loaded weapon. *shrug* of course… makes perfect sense. *eye roll*

2:20 – Velcro hat patch derp pushing boonie hat derp forward into the ground for a change.  *facepalm* Once again, camera man way ahead of the line of fire.

3:25 – !@*#&!@# That did NOT just happen.

3:59 – Velcro hat derp muzzle sweeps the head of boonie hat derp on the throw down.  Camera still predictably ahead of line of fire.

More of the same… video surprisingly ends with no fatalities.

These derps seriously better enjoy their lives while they last.  Darwin is coming for all of them, I guarantee that.

I was emailed a couple of the other vids featuring these guys off the  channel, and although they were just as derpy and dangerous, I didn’t post them because they were excruciatingly boring to watch… but post your favorites and your comments about them if you want.

They even have a team!  Check out the page that has the details on all 6 members.

Their goal you ask?

The VigilantSpectre Project is aimed at educating our viewers with the tools they will someday need when faced with difficult situations.

Gentlemen… a new bar has been set for DERP… and it’s set HIGH.

Thoughts? Save the vids. My guess is they will disappear fast.

Hat tip: Keith and the others who sent the vids of theirs in that I didn’t post.



Glock’s new ad directed toward Law Enforcement:

Interesting target market… I didn’t think there would be an American Law Enforcement officer that didn’t already know about the benefits of Glock.

Maybe Glock is losing market share to S&W and other polymer pistol manufacturers and they figured this would be a good way to win some of it back? I don’t know where exactly they are showing this commercial…  just YouTube? Maybe it’s on TV as well?

It would have been funnier if the commercial ended with the guy farting on that little ginger’s head. hahah hey? hmmm… what a useless page.  All that’s on there are 10 safety rules!  Why not just put that on the regular Glock site and drive traffic (buyers) there? *shrug*