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These recipes are all money. MacGyver showed a whole generation the versatility of a paperclip.

I’m afraid that the only reason kids now know about MacGyver is because of the SNL character MacGruber.

They just don’t make shows like this anymore.  You can buy the whole series for $110 – HERE



Ridiculous training videos have been a huge source of entertainment for me lately.

The danger and flamboyance in this particular video is startling. 0:57 to 1:19 seems like it would be better suited for an SNL skit.

It’s amazing no one shot the cameraman, or themselves.



Haters gonna hate.

When I saw 32:58min on the clock I though to myself “Oh god, this guy (hickok45) is turning into Nutnfancy”.



I hated my old washing machine, but I wouldn’t have done this indoors:

St. Lucie County, Florida – Officials are investigating a weekend incident during which a man indicated his wife fired an AR-15 rifle at a target inside a master bedroom closet, missing the target and blasting holes in a washing machine. Investigators found .223 caliber and .45 caliber cartridge casings in the master bedroom and a wood and metal shooting target in the closet.   Bullet holes riddled the washing machine, and bullet exit holes were spotted in the wall across from the washing machine.  A deputy learned they’d been in the bedroom shooting the target in the closet.”They had done this on multiple occasions,” a report states, noting both had been drinking.

Full Story – HERE

The story gets even more bizarre so make sure to read it.

The best part is at the very end where it makes the statement that they were unsure what the husband was grilling on the bbq in the driveway.  Like that has any relevance? LOL



Freddiew could learn a thing or two about awesomeness from these kids:

The video is so epic.  My jaw dropped on more than one occasion.

It’s got a real Scarface feel to it.  I don’t know whether to think these kids have awesome parents, or completely insane ones for letting them do this.  haha

The video is actually a music video for a song called “The Greeks” by the band “Is Tropical”.

Hat tip: Ben H.



12 minutes of “The LAV” beating the living crap out of the Daniel Defense M4:

“The LAV” isn’t quite as obnoxious in this video as in the previous one I got a lot of flack for criticizing.

Yea yea I get it, he’s a former operator who operated in operations. What the hell have I ever done?  Nothing most of you would find interesting, which is why I sit here and make fun of shit, deal with it.

Back to the video though, the explosion at around 7minutes was awesome!

Bottom line, Daniel Defense makes some tough stuff.  You can check out their website – HERE