Joseph Decreux quoting a classic Ice Cube track… a match made in heaven.

Good to see the gen2 compact glock making an appearance on Cube’s dresser at 0:29

Funny I was just listening to some Westside Connection (the ‘Bow Down’ album) earlier today. Unless you’re a die hard Cypress Hill groupie, or a hater from the East you’ll probably agree that it’s one of the best collaboration albums of all time.



Google added a new search filter option to their advanced search page called “Reading Level”… Hilarity ensues below:

38% of the content is intermediate… not too bad I guess right?

Hmmm… looks like Steve from TheFirearmBlog has me beat intellectually but not by that much.

Linoge from WallsOfTheCity always has intelligent things to say.  No surprise he ranks high in intermediate… I am surprised he has 0% in Advanced though.  (chalk a win up for my sub 1% hehe)

LOL Apparently Say Uncle writes for the upper crust of the gun blog world. who knew?  He even beats out The New Yorker and Harper’s .. and those are some high-class hoity-toity sites.

In all fairness I assume my low ranking is probably due to my typos and extensive use of colloquialisms (that last word ought to boost me up .001% in Advanced). Lucky my goal was never to mold the minds of the world leaders and scholars of tomorrow.

Sorry if this blog is making you dumber than when you started following it. :P



LOL after seeing that video, I am seriously considering a parrot.

The song is Drowning Pool – Bodies , click link for original song/vid in case you haven’t seen a military movie or youtube video in the past decade that used it. :P



The armored shelter is made from old steel plates recuperated from demolished boats together with other leftover material from our current society.

The material due to its previous life is crooked, damaged and irregular. There is no straight edge to be constructed from these disastrous supplies.

I wouldn’t want that as my primary zombie SHTF shelter but it would make a great entrance to the primary. I’d be pretty anal about the bad welds if it wasn’t for the fact it was made from salvaged material.

Hat Tip: Dezeen



Consists of 42 death shots with 37 edit/cuts:

Oh poorly done CGI blood and muzzle flash… how I hate you.

Hopefully the undead body count in season 2 will be many times that.

Overall I was fairly happy with season 1… I’d recommend it to anyone that wants to kill some time on a show.

  • If you don’t have a way to watch it for free, you can check it out online for a couple bucks per episode:

Season 1 – High Definition (HD) – HERE

Season 1 – Standard Definition (SD) – HERE



Ugh.. slow motion is so epic. I especially like when they speed stuff up for a spit second then go back to slow for dramatic effect.