Grindhouse style! This is so epic:

LOL at the plungers inside is coat at 0:41.

The group that made that trailer did an awesome job.   I can’t wait to see the slingshot in action.



Another one from Joerg Sprave, crazy slingshot guy:

Deadly!  This one actually looks really nice too. He should hit that thing with a dark stain to bring out the grain.



This cannon solved the amateur radioman’s problem of setting up long antenna’s over top of trees. The old method of a slingshot or bow & arrow were too oldschool for the inventor.

One of the coolest features is the augmented reality scope.  The inventor rigged up his HTC Desire Z android smart phone up top, and installed GeoCam (an augmented reality aiming app).

You can check out more information on the build at the inventor’s website – HERE, HERE and HERE

More information on pneumatic antenna launching systems – HERE

I briefly installed the GeoCam app on my Motorola XOOM, and in the limited amount of time I played around with it, it seemed pretty cool.   Maybe if I’m feeling adventurous someday i’ll mount it on a gun and see what kind of groups I can get.



Yes that’s a poppy in the barrel.  What’s the name the artist gave the piece you ask?  “The End Of The Revolution” *insert dry heave here*

And the deep philisophical statement to go along with it?

“To me this piece this breaks a few paradigms. Stained glass, an AK47 and poppy flower together make for a unique effect, with almost religious undertones that are directed towards both war and peace.”

LOL.  Regardless of the predictability of the name and statement, it definitely 1ups the previous stained glass AR-15 I posted about.

Source – Shanti1971 on DeviantArt



Bullet proof up to two shots of .50 caliber:

At 50-60% lighter and thinner than tradition ballistic glass, this looks awesome.

So much for armored car and APC windows needing to be pizza box thick.



Oh my bad, it’s not Obama… it’s Rocky:

Zombie Industries Product page – HERE

Riiiiiight. And the “Terrorist” target isn’t Osama Bin Laden. :roll:

Must be just a coincidence that the Obama target comes in a brown skin tone too.

I don’t draw the line often, but it’s pretty tasteless to put our president (or any of our past presidents for that matter) on a target.