As soon as I hit play I was like AHHHHHHHH don’t let her do it!:

It’s no secret that Z-Boys Firearms gained 10,000+ subscribers and youtube partnership through the use of girls + guns. A brilliant formula that works every time.

I’m not hating, but a lot of the vids contain pure assholeishness that probably does more to get girls turned off of shooting guns… then it does to make them want to go shooting again. I clicked on a random video in order to try to find another example besides the one in the post, and 53 seconds into THIS video.. i’m sure you can guess what happens after you hit play on it.



It’s a tough call to pick which one I hate more…


Pro-Gun at around 5min:

If you want to hear what slam poetry is supposed to sound like (basically rap accapella) check Talib Kweli, Dead Prez, Common and if you want some laughs a Dave Chappelle one.



This guy showed up today:

I threw my G21 in the mix to keep the post gun related. I took the picture using the rear camera on the xoom.  I resized it though before I uploaded it here because it was about 1MB.

My first impression of the xoom is that Android Honeycomb is VERY slick.  There are a few minor quirks that i’m sure will be ironed out in a software update, but overall it displays webpages and functions basically the same as my desktop computer does.

The wordpress admin screen post typing area is sized too big, so I lose track of words typed on the far right side, so I probably won’t try blogging off of it again until that gets fixed… plus it’s always more awkward using a touch screen if you have a full size computer with a keyboard handy anyway.

My main use for this will probably be checking and replying to emails on the go, and scouring the internet for new blog posts… tasks which I believe it will perform quite well.

If you want a xoom, you can see more info and buy one – HERE

Any of you guys have a xoom or any other Android Honeycomb tablet?  Any must have apps I should get?



At first I was skeptical, but then I watched the video.

The video is made by youtube channel Action Figure Therapy – HERE

The 3 or so other videos I watched were hilarious as well so you should check them out.

The guy’s voice reminds me of Kenny Powers from Eastbound and Down.



Made by artist Phil Noto.

Pretty cool, but i’d have been slightly more impressed if he used a Nike Air Force 1 over some random other shoe.



Go to the mall, wear this and carry an umbrella:

Make sure to say goodbye to everyone you know first. haha

Available for $16 at the NRA Store – HERE