Starts at around 1:50:

It appears that in Russia ties are optional at weddings, but at least one AK is required.

I’m thinking they might be blanks though, considering it’s not that dark out and the camera is picking up more flash then you normally would see. Also the sound doesn’t seem to be that loud (hard to tell though for sure with a little camera mic).

I was waiting for that guy to break into the Arrested Development Gob Chicken Dance, but it never happened. :(

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Notice the left ejecting Glocks:

In case you still don’t see the fuss, Glocks that eject left do not exist.   This is such a telltale sign that whoever designed these decals knows absolutely nothing about firearms.   I’ve seen mistakes such as this done on everything from print ads to t-shirts with all sorts of weapons.

I’m kind of wondering though if these decals are just made to troll.  I say this, because as you can see another hilarious part of these decals is the fact there is a grenade on them (ie. what people call Glocks because the .40s have been known to occasionally explode)

If you have a snowmobile and you want to troll peeps, head over to Gear Junkies on eBay and spend your hard earned $300.   Don’t worry if you don’t have an Arctic Cat F Series (pictured), they make the sticker kits for the Skidoo Rev XP.   If you’re still feeling left out, maybe I could interest you in a Glock troll phone decal, Glock troll guitar hero decal, Glock troll Wiimote decal… I could go on and on.

All their sad Glock troll items listed – HERE




Veteran owned:

You can check out the LockNLoad Java website – HERE

With such awesomely named blends as:

  • Smooth Operator
  • Warrior Select
  • Double Barrel Black
  • Double Tap Special Reserve
  • Charlie Don’t Surf
  • Sniper’s Choice Decaf
  • Armory Select

If you drink coffee it would probably be worth a try.   If I worked at an office I’d get it just to get a rise out of the hippies.   “Is the smell of my Smooth Operator black coffee overpowering your patchouli incense Heath? … That’s how I roll bro, I make no apologies”

The company donates $1 out of each order to military charities which is always nice too.   You can even send coffee directly to troops if you want.

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This is so awesome:

Reference material:

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I’m a big fan kinetic animation:

The company is Setpoint Ammunition.

I just checked, and lucky there are safeguards on the recipes. I’d hate for someone to think they know what they are doing, and ask for 200 grains of powder etc.. in a .308.

Do I have a use for such a service?  Not at all… but I think the idea is awesome.  Although I do have a feeling a lot of people that require such custom ammo, either compete and have it made for them, or else they make it themselves.  I could be wrong though.

What do you guys think?



Gives a new meaning to spray and pray:

Apparently shooting guns off in celebration is common practice at weddings in the Middle East. Try using both hands next time dumbass.

After he finishes shooting, what he’s says is roughly translated as “My bad guys… my bad!”

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