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Specifically the ever popular Russian relic:

Ahahah so true… i’ve been saying that for years.

Just like people that recommend full grown adults start out shooting with a .22LR, High Point etc…  Sure it’s economical, and if you decide you don’t like shooting then you really won’t lose money.  But lets be honest shooting .22LR is not as fun (nor as cool) as shooting an AR-15 for example.  Seeing how an AR-15 has basically no recoil, a few thousand rounds through one of those you’ll have the fundamentals down just as well as you would have on a .22LR but will have made more noise in the process.

I believe guns should be recommended based on budget, not some ridiculous notion that it’s actually “better” to start out on a <$200 handgun/rifle.

Shooting is a humbling experience though.  Beginners that jump straight to a $8000 rifle/scope combo will most likely be irritated when they find they can’t shoot dime sized groups at even close distances.


Hat tip: Danny



Straight out of North Pole skunkworks:

Part of the C3 “Candy Cane Carbine” family of candy cane-based weapons, the C3C is a special ultra compact application suitable for close gifting and close protection operations by Santa’s special forces (SPS and SPECGIFT.)

The Mk12 Tenenbaum Launcher fires 75mm High Cheer Ballistic Christmas trees up to 500 meters for an area cheer effect.

Part of the C3 “Candy Cane Carbine” family of candy cane-based weapons, the Donner & Blitzen Accurized Candy Cane Carbine can reliably put a candy projectile on a 25mm diamater target at 300 meters. Featuring Rudolph 4-12×50 optics.

Source – Santa’s Little Secret Service

Hahha the descriptions are the best part.  For those that don’t know, Santa’s Little Secret Service is a highly trained group of operators that have been keeping Santa safe since Christmas of 2006.

Hat tip: Matt



Yep, they accidentally shot a cannonball 700 yards into a residential neighborhood:

Yikes… someone should get fired for that one.   Lucky no one died.

Chances are since no one got hurt, and they are famous, my guess is they’ll just laugh it off and it will be business as usual.




Some recommended options by the gun store guys:

Some good advice for sure.  I hope a bunch of parents see this video before Christmas.

I was surprised to hear that some of the first guns that were talked about came with stock spacers, so the gun could grow with you.  Pretty neat idea.

What was your first gun?  Do you still have it?

If I ever have kids, they are going straight to a Glock 19. :P I’m Kidding of course…



and attempt to drive them out of their home town with witty Robin Hood references:

Lots more pictures and info over at the artist/poster bomber’s website – HERE

Probably one of the best songs from a disney movie.  I immediately grabbed my guitar and looked up the tab before posting this… classic stuff.

I guess the tables turned on HK, civilians are normally used to being on the receiving end of hate from that company. :P