This is amazing:


I’ve posted some Bill Whittle videos before… the guy just makes sense.  Nothing beats proving your point with solid analogies and facts.  His delivery is on point too.

He should have finished that up, dropping the mic on the floor and saying “Checkmate”.


Hat tip: Andy



Mattv2099 back up in this.  Hold the Bananas *pause*:

As Matt says in the comments: Answering questions that real operators have, but are afraid to ask.

So there you have it, you can officially spill chocolate sauce all over your Glock just for shits and giggles when you’re in the buffet dessert line, and STILL use it to defend your life.


haha that autotune is so annoying, I love it though.

I’m not looking forward to the day Matt settles down with one of the groupie girls he no doubt has from doing these epic videos.  She’ll be like “Glock trollture test videos? Ain’t Nobody got time for that!”

Since the NRA picked up MrColionNoir… I’m thinking the next big industry move is that a firearm company picks Matt up to do creative rigorous testing.




A guy asks a bunch of police officers on hidden camera:

No surprise – You’re on your own.  10 minutes?  30 minutes?  The next day? Never?

1:42 – “That’s why have call boxes, that’s why we have safe zones, that’s why we have the whistles”  <—- hahahha

Joe-Biden-Finger-Point4:37 – LOL at taking Biden’s advice and applying for a shotgun permit (*smh* NYC)

Man I love that Milwaukee Sheriff David J. Clarke.  Listen to his radio commercial here.

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Wait, what?! I guess I didn’t get the memo. Watch this vid:

Yea you see those operators “training” to jam the handgun back into the holster robotically while keeping their eyes on the threat.  This raises a number of questions in my mind… primarily, if there is still a “threat” why are you putting your gun away?  Doing it quickly, and blindly, only makes this video and training all that much more ridiculous in my mind.  Why not spin it on your finger, and toss it up in the air too while you’re at it?  You’d have to of course practice that thousands of times though, then it would be perfectly safe according to them.  What’s the hurry to get the gun out of sight?  It’s not like they are all wearing tactical speedos either, so the chance of a piece of fabric ending up in the trigger guard sooner or later is pretty good.

Someone please save the video and upload it to youtube before it disappears?  The derp needs to be saved for posterity… think of the children.

HammerFour-Blind-Re-HolsterThe icing on the cake are the comments on facebook, where the training company HammerFour fully defends that this practice is perfectly safe and necessary.  Frankly I don’t need any more holes in my body to take care of, and a permanent pimp limp just doesn’t fit my character.


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Our buddy MrColionNoir makes MSNBC:

“I don’t know if you’ve seen it congressman, but the NRA is out with a new ad that specifically targets African American youth.”

Hahaha the NRA x MrColionNoir ad targeted African American youth? How?  Because MrColionNoir happens to have more melonin than Conan O’Brien for instance? Oh I get it… before there were just white NRA spokesmen, so it was real easy to say that the NRA was “racist”. *smh*


That New York rep Charlie Rangel rambles on and on, and says a bunch of stupid shit about how the ad is an insult to the American people’s intelligence, and how there’s no reason we have “assault weapons for hunting and other non-criminal purposes”… *eye roll*  whatevs bro.





I knew when MrColionNoir rose to fame, race would become an issue… this article is ridiculous.

It is incredible to witness a Black man champion the sale and distribution of guns to a national community that has been devastated by the epidemic of gun violence, in the age of Trayvon Martin, of Hadiya Pendleton.

Full article over at BET.

Oh wow LOL

Fuck BET anyway.  I stopped watching their bullshit programming once Big Tigger quit hosting Rap City’s “The Basement”, and to top that off they replaced him with that new bozo on 106th and Park.  I get all my rap video and freestyle vid fix off YouTube and mixtapes now, AND I don’t have to deal with commercials.  Win win.  I do miss the days when my sister (now all grown up and busy with work/life) used to yell to me that Freestyle Friday was on, and we would watch it together. :(


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