Hickok45′s son John does it:

nutnfancy-tactically-constipatedhaha that’s hilarious.  Hickok45 has a video up where he takes a look at the triple threat but I didn’t embed or watch it, because at 40 minutes that’s treading dangerously close to Nutnfancy length for me.

How long until the media starts calling this an “assault shotgun”?  3 barrels have no sporting purpose and this is BASICALLY an AK-47… look at the wood! *eye roll*




Royal Nonesuch and his pipe barreled shotgun:

Cool enough video… the CO2′s seemed like a decent projectile, and by decent I mean I wouldn’t want to be shot with one.

Royal-Nonesuch-YouTubeNothing much else to say about that besides the fact that gun of his is pretty cool, and functional.  Goes to show that firearms will ALWAYS exist.




1st timers who are anti-gun, try shooting for the first time:

Anti-Gun-LiberalsLOL oh wow imagine that, they all actually thought it was cool / exhilarating.  Oh but wait… then the guilt set in.


Hat tip: Keith



Vigilant Spectre gets it done:

haha the Shotgun was a nice touch.  Getting a pail in the head wouldn’t be ideal.

You can tell Spectre watched this video for tips on poppin his shirt off:

Vigilant-Spectre-Tactical-AsThoughts?  I don’t even lift, and BroScienceLife is still priceless.



To mock this journalist haha:

Rubber-Bullet-Ear-Plughaha Jerry is quick with the jokes.

The results aren’t really surprising. I’m glad the experiment at least worked though!



This Manrico Erriu guy checks all the boxes:

GENI AX HECPO.  Oh you don’t know what that means? *smh* rookie.  It stands for GENI-AX (his company) Hostile Environments Close Protection Operations (the course name).  They somehow even have the snazzy very rare url “geniax-close-protection-courses.com” so you know it’s bigtime.

0:07 – Coupled mags.  Shit is about to get real.

0:24 – We meet the man himself “Manrico Erriu”, who is an expert in robotic movements, shuffles, and counter-terrorism. Coincidentally that’s also what his JDate profile says.

0:26 – Whoa.. wtf just happened there?  Charging handle shenanigans?

0:45 – We meet some more operators in training, in the hostile-ist of the environments.

0:53 – LOLOL is this shit for real?  Yell then shuffle like you have a stick up your ass and engage targets.

1:14 – Now I’m convinced I’m actually watching a Dynamic Pie Concepts video for real… like they infiltrated this guy’s channel for shits and giggles just to troll us.

1:46 – Screw “accuracy”, from now on I’m pronouncing it “Ack-coooo-ra-sea”

2:10 – hahha right, I forgot the Israelis carry unloaded.

2:14 – What’s the point of that tactical mag flip if you’re not even going to hit the eject button?  Haley and Costa do that to dump the mag off… you faked it then pulled it out like a newb.

3:01 – I have no idea what’s going on here.

3:14 – Whoa easy there… yea you’ll figure it out don’t worry.

3:36 – Yelling out gunshot sounds and miming real trigger pulls is always a great way to train.

And if you didn’t already know GENI-AX is a WORLD NETWORK guys.  LOL check the buzzword filled promo video below:

Manrico-Erriu-Training-FirearmsI love this shit.  Straight out of an “Operating in operations for business management” textbook.


Hat tip: no uno


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