An interactive movie from Casio brand G-Shock about zombies is very dark:


Play it over at the G-Shock microsite –

Because I don’t mess around, I started off on difficulty level “hell”.  I didn’t make it far before I messed up on too many of the mouse patterns, and the dad (pictured above) revolver’d himself in the head all over the family pictures.  Not really what I was expecting from a company that makes watches.  Will Moms demand action on G-Shock now?  Will they demand action on Google for Chrome supporting HTML5?  With They demand action on all touchscreen and computer mice manufacturers?

I really don’t have the patience to keep playing the game and finding out what happens, but I have to say they definitely did a impressive job on the execution of this.  Product placement is obvious, but mainly because you knew in advance.  If you weren’t explicitly told it was a G-Shock promo, it’s not any more in your face than movies or TV shows are now.

Just when I thought zombies were done with…

Thoughts?  Anyone make it to the end?



Greg Cruz is a man’s man who doesn’t like his Glock looking soft:

“I want my gun to rough and sharp, so if you put your hand on it and I rip it away from you that I take flesh and fingernails and knuckles with it.  And when I stick it on the side of your head because I need to clear a stoppage, and I rack it on the side of your head there’s something there to grab.”

0-100 real quick.  Greg doesn’t GAF.

When is training for the ULTRA WORST CASE SCENARIO and talking about it all the time just too much, that people quit taking you seriously?  I’m not saying you should care if people take you seriously, because you should just do you fam… however this is almost like zombie post apocalypse derp talk.  Greg seems like a really tough guy and all…. is he constantly getting into hand-to-hand shit with Drexel Spivey looking dudes and stealing their suitcases which he THOUGHT were full of his new wife’s clothes (but turned out to be copious amounts of cocaine), or does Greg just live in a I WISH A MOTHERFUCKER WOULD dream world while he transports his kids from ballet to soccer practice on the reg?  Back when Greg had a “soft Glock” he was probably at Whole Foods, when some hipster tripping off peyote flipped over the kombucha display and there was a tense couple moments when they locked eyes.  Out of that was born the necessary Glock we see in the picture below:


Smooth v.s. Rough?  Would operate with Greg?  Would operate with Greg’s Glock?

Gat tip: Matt



Barricading yourself in a room?  Taking “cover” behind drywall?  Hmmmmmmm.  I suppose everyone’s residence is different, but I’m pretty sure most people don’t have much actual cover that’s going to stop a round of any type.  Home invasion confrontations could / would be such a disaster, unless you specifically designed your house with vantage points and armored walls.  Basically almost all home owners have is the element of surprise.  Gotta tip tow up on them while they are stuffing your goods loudly into their burglar sacks and not paying attention.  Even then though who knows… maybe there is a group of them, and one burglar is on lookout?  History shows a lot of those situations go 0 – 100 real quick.

Manca-Polenar-Tactical3 minutes and 51 seconds and they couldn’t include any shots of Manca in a nightie? *smh*   Plus, that flash of her on the bed at 1:29 shattered a billion fragile internet hearts by confirming Ziga is indeed sleeping with her.  You know what though, maybe she’s just his sister giving a helping hand acting, and that is their parent’s house.  Yea… lets go with that.  I know a “parent’s house room” when I see one, and it appears to me that he’s definitely not living that master bedroom life.

That black and white track suit that said “NOTORIOUS” across the shoulders was a great choice for the scumbag home invader.   Straight out of the handbook haha.  I automatically profile everyone that wears tracksuits to be some type of low level criminal.  At the very least they are committing a crime against fashion. *slams gavel*




haha right out of the gate “Press checks. I don’t teach them I think they’re retarded.”:

James-Yeager-Angel-ApprovedI was feeling nostalgic so I used the “Buck Yeager” pic on the left.  James grew the beard out now so his resemblance to Buck is no long that strong.  That said, I didn’t start googling Buck pictures to see if maybe he picked up a beard now too. *shrug* I’m not even sure what side of the gender spectrum Buck falls on right now, and I definitely don’t have enough journalistic (blogalistic?) drive nor the stomach to hit up google images and find that out too.

I wish James did more of these types of videos where he gets up in people’s faces with a strong opinion.  It’s what makes people the most mad, and got him a lot of his subscribers.

I don’t press check.  I sniff check, I’m THAT operator.  Thoughts?



Beyonce-Guide-To-Polymer-PistolsThis is what you’re missing out on if you don’t follow me on Instagram.

If I have to explain these… you haven’t been around those guns or even read about them on the internet long enough. :P




SPEED HOLES.  Relax and take notes:




Yup that’s how it’s done.  Some people *smfh*

Gat tip: SayUncle