Mattv2099 is Steph Curry with the shot.  360 with the wrist:

haha at the crank trigger.  That’s legit.  Double feeds are so annoying though.  What if hypothetically you had a mechanical arm (lets say for medical reasons)?  Would you be violating ATF laws by cranking that trigger?

mattv2099-deagle-endoI think that tactical head would be cool if you stuck to small caliber rounds.  That shotgun made too much of a mess.




Some twitter derp for this crisp Friday morning:


*face palm*  it’s no surprise that all these anti-gun types hear is hot-button words and then jump to quick conclusions.  “Assault” “full auto” “high capacity” … all good examples which make their spidey sense tingle.

14 retweets, 3 favorites, and about 100 comments on that little statement of hers though.  I say some pretty profound stuff (no I don’t hahah) on twitter and I never get anywhere close to that and I have a hell of a lot more than 82 followers.

LOL in another tweet of her’s she talks about how in the wake of the Ferguson riots her husband wants to get a gun, but she does not want one because having a gun in the house obviously means her husband will shoot her or her kid accidentally…. or maybe even on purpose because you know how guns “turn” good people evil.  Godspeed Jennifer’s husband… godspeed.


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The equivalent of *grinds his feet on his buddies couch*:

080516-sniper2haha ok that was kind of funny.  The dark part of my sense of humor though was like, “I hope it gets even more hilarious and he quickly butt-strokes that joker and breaks his nose”.

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YouTubers “Dude Perfect“:

Iza-Privezenceva-Archery-Bow-And-ArrowCool, but judging by their celebrations after every shot there must have been soooooooo many takes.  Yea I know it’s cool regardless to see the shots happen, but honestly even with minimal skill it wouldn’t be that difficult to fluke a lot of those if you had a lot of arrows to waste and guys to fetch / throw away your misses.  Dude Perfect might be real deal one shot one take surgeons with the bow… I don’t know.  I’m not about doing research here, I’m just about posting shit.

Maybe it’s just me, but unless archery is involving Katniss Everdeen (or just Jennifer Lawrence as Jennifer Lawrence) I don’t really care about it.

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It’s “free” but currently the actual cost is high:

Full30 is the site.

I really really love when people work hard on something they are passionate about.  What I don’t like when the delivery system increases MY barriers to consumption of their product.  The fact you need a seperate account to comment and can’t embed videos on external websites are just a couple of the major problems with Full30.

This isn’t the first, and likely not going to be the last startup that tries to beat YouTube at their own game.  You might recall a massive failure called YoungGunsTV which made big promises of fame and fortune to almost all of our favorite gun related YouTuber’s a while back.  There’s a rumor that YoungGunsTV is coming back, but I don’t really see why, or what could possibly be different this time.

I get the main motivation for Full30 is that “Google is anti-gun”.  Yea well sure, that’s not a shocker but until they actually ban gun related content why reinvent the wheel and replace it with a shitty less functional wheel?  I don’t know what kind of promises Full30 has with it’s content providers, but I’m guessing it’s along the same lines as what YoungGunsTV did.  Just because there are several million active gun video consumers every day on YouTube, you can’t use that in your forecasting of how many people are going to visit your new competing video website.  That’s the biggest mistake people always make; the “If you build it they will come” delusion.  The reality is that Full30 needs it’s content providers a hell of a lot more than they need Full30.  I was actually surprised to see 22Plinkster, IV8888, MAC, and Forgotten Weapons already on there.  To me it’s not in their best interest to spread different content (I’m assuming) onto an unproven, brand new website, and alienate their loyal YouTube audience in the process… but what do I know? Anyone have one of the contracts or the details so I can see what’s in it for the content providers?

Full-30-Gun-Content-LogoIf you’re going to compete with YouTube or any other high quality globally popular website or service out there, you should at least have a unique value proposition.  Full30 does not appear to have one, from what I can see.  I really do hope they are successful with this, make the site even better and nicer than YouTube, and make their content providers all way more money than YouTube was paying them.  I won’t be holding my breath.




I swear everything nowadays needs a damn app.  Whoever came up with this in today’s gun fearing climate is a genius… I need to think of something which organizations will panic buy.  I have no idea what the cost per school this system is, but I think it’s safe to say it’s expensive (even though they say “low-cost”).  And yes you can put a price on something like this because like it says in the promotional video below “since 1990 over 200 people have died in schools because of active shooters”. So yea it’s not that big of a problem… yes it’s a disgusting problem to have, but not that big. If they would have spent their time and effort developing a “Teenage Smoking Detection System” which slapped the shit out of any kid to tried to light one up, that would literally save MILLIONS of lives, not just a handful per year.

About the Guardian Active Shooter Detection System:

You can check out more info on the shooter detection systems website if you care.

Guardian-Shooter-Detection-SystemUnless the school has on site law enforcement this isn’t as useful… but I suppose the police will know exactly where to go when they show up (if the shooter has fired a shot at his new present location).   And that there is the problem… this type of thing will be leaned on too heavily and end up getting some officers killed.  Just because shots were fired 20 seconds ago in room A on the West side of a building, it doesn’t mean the shooter isn’t on the East side of the building now ready to ambush the entry team.  Also this gets even more confusing and potentially useless if/when there are multiple shooters, timed explosive devices, etc…

Thoughts? Anyone want to bankroll the “Teenage Smoking Detection System” I want to invent? At least help share the cost on the auto-baby-powder on the hand sprinkling add-on? Maybe I should Kickstarter this… :P