I like the brick wall in that gun store a lot!    Very classy.  I wish the mounts were a bit classier, but oh well.

FPS-RussiaGood info, probably some stuff people didn’t already know.  I like when guys (like them) make suppressors, and other NFA items seem very accessible… because they are.

hahha OH that ammo!



Ya, warning shots are so loud and scary though!  Why do that either?

Oh these guys… The guy Wolf is talking to (Jeffrey Toobin) was right on some counts but then he derped hard on others.

Anyone who’s taken junior high level human biology knows that smashing a piece of copper/lead at 1000+ fps through a part of anyone’s body is likely going to cause major trauma because there is IMPORTANT STUFF EVERYWHERE.  Not to mention the fact that police officers are not all 22Plinksters / Jerry Miculeks at the best of times (zero stress), never mind when some shit head you’re trying to apprehend or stop from hurting you or someone else is freaking you out. Yea sure, you’re just going to be able to “wing him” *insert eyeroll here*

Gangsta-Shooting-TrendI’ve had to have the “shoot to kill / shoot to wound” conversation with so many people in real life, I’m pretty tired of it.




Shown on Al Jazeera, and Business Insider:


Source – Al Jazeera


Source – Business Insider

An ENDO Apparel customer post selfie, and mid handshake with Highway Patrol Captain Ron Johnson.

People told me they saw the shirt on CNN and Fox too, but I don’t have links to any of those videos or pictures.  There are a lot of cameras and microphones in both those pictures so I wouldn’t be surprised if the shirt was shown more places.

Any of you actual lawyers or armchair lawyers know if I can legally put “As seen on *cnn logo* *aljazeera logo* *business insider logo* *fox logo*” etc… on my sites to boost my ego?  The list is getting quite long, with multiples on lots of them too… or is this considered a NO FLEX ZONE?  Let me know in the comments.

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Xbox Ahoy takes a look:

Mmmmm typography, vector graphics, and that smoooooooooth voice.

Sons-Of-Guns-Beretta-92-M9-Deaglehaha that he touched on the 9mm vs .45 debate at 3:55.

Even if you don’t like videogame, most of this video has to do with function and history.




This Huffington Post “justice reporter ” actually thinks the ear pro pictured might be rubber bullets.  This is why everything gun related gets blown out of proportion by these idiots.  When you don’t have any idea what you’re actually up against and you just work off emotion these are the type of things that happen.

Oh but then when he tweeted that, a ton of people made fun of him so he then tweeted “I retract that suggestion, they are earplugs.  Apologies.”  No big deal bro. Ear plugs… rubber bullets…. assault weapons… sporting rifles… high capacity assault clips…. standard capacity magazines…. it’s all the same right? *smh*

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Tom from Weapons Education tries to rally the troops:

Initially I thought the “purge” threat sounded like it was going to be something racist. We’re good though on the racism thing, he describes the purge threat as “A flash mob of violence” that threatens law enforcement agencies.  I think this guy is probably over embellishing how many “heads of agencies” and sheriffs and all that contacted him to make the video.  This is the first I’ve ever heard of this purge threat, he’s getting pretty worked up about it though.  Frankly I don’t think in general criminals are smart enough to organize this “purge”.  Sure they think they probably are, but if you’re trying to organize thousands of criminals, and even like 5% of them are incredibly intelligent I guarantee the other 95% are going to do an amazing job at fucking up their solid plan.

Is anyone else irritated by the fact this guy is a kazillionaire and yet does videos in that shitty green cloth room that looks like a table at a 1992 gun show?  I am.  I expect that room to be made out of marble, have fountains that run Hoppes #9, and gigantic gold hammer forged barrel pillars.

Oh and since we’re talking about Weapons Education Tom, here is his wife doing bikini modeling.  Also there is no guns in the video just to appease you “EWWW I don’t like mixing girls and guns” weirdos:

In all honesty though if you watch this video, or any of the other videos Tom has done with Tammy she seems like an extremely nice down to earth woman.



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