LOL introducing Creepy Cooter into the videos was the best move Matt ever made.  Ahahah him and his buddies have a lot of fun with it too.  Good to see.

Demolition-Ranch-ENDO3:05 – Oh shit now it’s official Cooter is gay.  I’m sure if I had more time to skim the 500+ comments there would be some butthurt about having a gay character, constantly excluding him, then killing his love interest #ItGetsBetter.  Internet controversy is my favorite.

If you’re interested, Matt’s buddy is wearing an ENDO Apparel M16 hat.  Oh and he curved the brim!  I get questions about that all the time… like guys have never curved a brim before.  It’s really not that big of deal just curve it to your liking the first few times you wear it and the curve will stay put.



FPS Russia does it just to do it:

Ehhhh / Meh.  I don’t know, it was cool I guess?  I think I mention this every time now, but FPS Russia really doesn’t have any heart in this game anymore.  His videos still get over a million views though, and several thousand comments so I imagine the money is still coming in all kinds of ways.

FPS-RussiaAt least most of the videos he’s doing are different than “I bought the new _____… watch me shoot it and give my opinion on it” type videos everyone else is doing.  I suppose he might just be annoyed and disappointed he’s running out of cool weapons to make videos about.  The high you’d get from shooting a mini gun from the hip and getting almost 13 Million views / 22 thousand comments is something I can’t even fathom.  1 Million views and a couple thousand comments after that is probably like a why even bother feeling?




A little somethin somethin new:

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Mountain Home, Arkansas is the place. One left to poop out:

The video is way too long, but basically the dog chewed up 23 rounds, and he has chewed and swallowed various other items in the past.  You can read the full story over at the Baxter Bulletin.

hahah man what an awesome breed of dog, but what a nightmare this one is at the same time.  I hate to think what the bill for that type of dog surgery is too.  I’m sure those of you with pets know all too well.  I’ve never met anyone with a pet who hasn’t had to pay thousands for something health related at some point.

Gundog-cop-policeHopefully the guy in the video keeps stuff off the floor / out of reach from now on.  Even better, get to the root of why the dog is eating these random things in the first place.  I did a bit of googling and it seems like some of the reasons such as not getting enough attention, wrong diet, and stress, could be worked on to see if the situation improves.


Gat tip: SayUncle



Meh… company owners taking safety risks to test their stuff used to shock me.  Now I just think it’s dumb:

Nutshellz-Ballistic-TestI hope those weren’t just biking shorts he had on underneath, and rather some sort of bulletproof underwear just incase the shooter missed or the bullet deflected.

Yea sure it was only .22 LR in the video, but it stops much more as shown in other videos on their YouTube channel if you click through.

We all know the main reason for this video is to have websites pick it up and blow it out of proportion, good or bad.  I think doing something kind of stupid on camera isn’t worth as much as it used to be.  Now if you want a big payoff you need to do something exceptionally retarded, for maximum butthurt and viral potential.

The other reason for the video is when people talk about it they will mention and link to the the company Nutshellz, where you can go pick one up if you’re interested.  Haha damn I fell hook, line, and sinker on all points didn’t I?

Is a cup that stops bullets needed for sports?  Probably not, as energy dissipation from something large hitting it I’d assume is the main concern *he postulated as he shoveled more Cheetos into his Mountain Dew hole*.   The Level 2 version for “police and military” I’m sure provides a very real benefit to those guys considering you could actually get shot in that area.  I still don’t know how good of shape you’d be in though if it deflected the bullet in to your femoral artery.  Oh well at least you’d still have your dick if you lived.


Gat tip: Torin, Eagle



Some training footage:

Spongebob-Squarepants-Operator-Rifle-AR-15I don’t really follow what’s going on with the royal family, but from what I see pop up on the internet occasionally; Prince Harry seems like a solid dude with a very laid back personality.  As royalty, his entire life could be spent doing basically nothing, or whatever he wanted… the fact he chooses to dedicate at least some of his time to getting dirty in the Armed Forces is really awesome.  He was an Apache pilot in Afghanistan even.