Mike from Last Line Of Defense puts on a clinic:

Check out that majestic black / multicam star USA flag *breathtaking* … that Run Guns shirt too tho. Always good advice from Mike. He can shoot like crazy and he’s quick too. I originally know him from throwing up some of the sickest ‘grams the gun world has ever seen.

mericaOne thing Mike is nice about not saying, is that for effective appendix carry with a quick draw you can’t be carrying a lot of extra weight up front. I’m sure big guys who appendix carry have figured out how to incorporate a gut lift / gut sweep into the mix, but I can’t confirm. Not everyone has a 8-pack like our guy Mikey. :P



Royal Nonesuch, the homebrew gun prince:

Royal-Nonesuch-BowmagDamn those things detonate fairly reliably, that’s crazy! The .308 are obviously the best… too bad it ends up being just an expensive novelty.

Eye pro for WHAT?! *smh* Boys will be boys *in best grandma voice*

Anyone do any of this crazy stuff Royal Nonesuch does? Or do you just like to watch from the sidelines like me?



BJ drops a gem on em:

american-flagYea exactly. The founding fathers were smart guys and knew what was up. haha @ “The right of the people to bear muskets shall not be infringed”.


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NOTE: Sorry about no posts on the weekend. I was feeling very under the weather. I still think it might be AIDS from the Google Android Gmail “upgrade”. I’m waiting on the cure to be released. Hopefully not only the Magic Johnson’s of the cellphone world get it.



Mattv2099 (A.K.A. Matthew Valakalashnikov III,  A.K.A.  Money V,  A.K.A. Youtube Trollfessional,  A.K.A. Based Operator) operates hard in the paint:

Mattv2099-Run-Guns-ENDO-ApparelI love the use of multiple camera angles and trolling.

Dogehound shirt from Snakehound, NY Reload hat from ENDO Apparel. Deadly combination.

I told him he should change the game with 720s. We’ll see what happens.



A Polenar Tactical short:

I know from a previous video of theirs, they talk about how obsessed with safety they are, so that’s good.    That would really suck if someone was out picking Slovenian mushrooms and Polenar caught a body.

Polenar-Tactical-LogoGood looking landscape there.   Foliage game on point.

I don’t know if I care for this little short film as much as I care for their funny videos, but it’s cool regardless.



Clint Westwood knocks it out the park with this:

A look at the assembly:

I love the ingenuity and workmanship.

If it didn’t require a manufacturer’s license, I guarantee there is a market for stuff like this.  How awesome would it be to have random guns in your safe built from repurposed hardware store tools?

3:35 – That quad-barrel assembly is MEAN!  I like this guy.  I know he was originally going for a “caulking gun” look, but I’d definitely keep that shroud off so it looks like a mini gatling gun haha.

Staple-Gun-Four-Barreled-410-Handheld-ShotgunAnyone else waiting for the ATF is going to come out with an instructional video on manufacturing one of these?  Maybe even a major news station will pick up the story and freak out.

This would be me at Home Depot staple gun shopping.  LOL “Nah man, you go ahead and handle that for me and keep the rest for your time”.  Snoop was always on some G-shit on the wire.