Demolition Ranch does a test:

Demolition-Ranch-ENDO-Selector-SwitchNeither barrels have any choke.  Interesting results.  I suppose the explantation is the centrifugal force is spinning the shot inside the barrel, then when it gets out it has all that momentum and spins out of the wad.  Rather than in a smooth bore the only force is pushing it forward… no spin.  Too unpredictable for home defense if you ask me.




Top shot season 3 winner Dustin Ellermann does it:

Yup that’ll do.  Check out this cool 3D printed suppressor below, which his CLASS 2 SOT buddies made.

3D-Printed-SuppressorWow ahhaha.  I should have assumed that could be easily done.  Better ban plastic and 3d printers ASAP.  Or at least in states where the criminals can’t start their own businesses, get manufacturing licenses and print these.  Criminals love being above board with everything.

I expected more baffles.  That said, I don’t know anything about suppressor design. I just assumed if the length wasn’t needed for baffles they would just make it shorter rather than have an area for gas pressure to build up.  *shrug*

How long until they 3D print a suppressor out of bacon fat and eagle spit as the ‘merica bonding agent? Sign me up for the pre-order.




Mattv2099 cheats death:

I know he’s still alive after this because he Instagrammed a pic since then.

Mattv2099-Run-Guns-ENDO-ApparelIf you have to constantly clear dangerous feeds, deal with surprise single shot mode, and hammer your gun with a KA-Bar to get it to work again… it’s probably best getting rid of and let it be someone else’s novelty problem.

Zip probably hates Matt so much.  Either that or they live by the “Any press is good press” motto.  I don’t see how terrible press 100% of the time could be good, but what do I know.

Like I said in the comments on his video just now – “You have the patience of an operational saint.”




FPS is back from hiatus by the look of it:

The video almost looked like tilt-shift photography at the beginning to me.  Even though FPS has not been known for sparing expenses, I thought there was a possibility I was being trolled up until 0:37 anyway haha.

FPS-RussiaHoly that tank is in pristine looking condition – Life goals.   Team Defiant guys tank track chair is badass too.

“He’s not really Russian!” , “The Sherman is a piece of shit” , “OMG Sherman <3″ …. just a sample of what awaits you in the comments if you decide to click through LOL

FPS definitely brings something different to the table than any other YouTuber out there.  Thoughts?



Making Mattv2099 and Stitches proud:

Mattv2099-High-Capacity-Assault-Magazine-GlockAhaha, the guy who made that is a game animator.  Apparently that gun is the “Kimono” from Battlefield: Hardline.  God, when people talk about video games I feel like a 95 year old.  Same with SnapChat, although I’m a buying into snapchat a bit more after today.  Went to my barber today to get my fade right and she was explaining snap chat and was like “I’ll show you”… so she pulls it up and is like “Ok, so my friend just sent me this one and if you click it it brings up the video”… she clicks it and it’s her friend shaking her bare boobs around.  “I was like Uhhhh cool, well I’m sold!… What’s her ID on there tho? :D”

Speaking of Stitches and extendos… he dropped a new vid last week called “Dan Bilzerian”, which is completely ridiculous and terrible.  It has some clips in there of Dan and I was thinking there is just no way he endorsed this trainwreck.  Sure enough, he must not have because the video dropped off the channel shortly after.  Well thankfully someone saved it, and you can check it out here if you need your blood pressure raised, and your faith in humanity knocked down a few notches.


Gat tip: Matthew



This is hilarious:

I’m pretty sure it’s supposed to piss us off because “it’s so accurate” and we are supposed to hate facts.  I thought this vid was a riot though… did watch twice.

I really hope this is a sign that the Brady Campaign got better writers, or decided to partner with FunnyOrDie (the makers of this video) permanently.  I’d rather be entertained by them failing to make a difference, than continue to watch their videos and be disappointed at the production value, humor, and content as I was prior to the above video.

0:06 seconds in we already have this gem – “How would a criminal like me, know which states permit me to carry loaded guns in their Amusement parks, golf courses, or beaches?”

CrimAdvisor-Brady-CampaignAs shown in the example above, the funny part is the entire joke is on them because it’s built off the classic premise that criminals care what the laws are.  Which we see time and time again, they don’t.  If they did care, California would be one of the safest states (Spoiler Alert: It Isn’t)

The CrimAdvisor site is a riot too… it’s set up like TripAdvisor obviously, and has a bunch of made up reviews depending on how easy it is to get guns in a state.  Even the logo is on point… the double barrel shotgun rather than the trip advisor owl.