Billy Johnson delivers:

Other gun bloggers can sleep at night, raking in advertising money talking about mass murderers and spree killers.  I’d rather just chill, focus on making fun of the derp, and other things which make me smile.

Those murderers were nobodies when they lived, and should have remained nobodies when they died.  Biggie Smalls said it best “You’re nobody til somebody kills you.”  I suppose the seemingly more true corollary of that in the cases where the murderer lived is “You’re nobody til you murder somebody”.  Name a couple of the victims who were murdered by any of those pieces of shit Billy mentioned in the video.  Oh you don’t know any of the victims?  Me either, and that’s sad.


I’m not looking for a pat the back. I have ragged on Billy a lot lately for whining, but he really expressed exactly how I feel in this one and I thought it deserved a post.



Semi-Auto 1903 Springfield rifle (bolt action converted):

Prototype Automatic AR-10:

Jerry-MiculekHoly that collection is incredible.  Reed Knight is an interesting guy.

Good stuff.  Jerry’s channel is quickly becoming among my favorites on YouTube.



This contains a sassy Raccoon who likes guns.  Enough said:

Guardians-Of-The-GalaxyLooks like it will be entertaining enough.   Special effects are so crazy now.

In theaters July 31st. Are you planning on seeing it?



With an Aimpoint red dot:

haha the best part of this is the way Larry was hovering his sunglasses off his nose at the beginning, and secondly his adlibs.  YEEEEEAAAHHHHH”, “DAMN SKIPPY”, “THAT’S WHAT I’M TALKIN BOUT”,  “YEAAAAAAAH.  GOIN’ TO SIX DAWG”.


I really thought he would shit a brick when he hit at 600 yards, but he didn’t.

Christian-Bale-Pointing-Meme5:24 – “Obviously the LAV can still get it done”. haha this guy.

Thoughts?  Do you run just a red dot, a red dot with flip out magnification, or a low power scope on your battle rifle?



He was feeling lonely so he fabricated a drill

From the YouTube description:

The reel drill is applied under a specific set of conditions where 2 operators must provide continuous fire towards a threat in a narrow/confined space such as a corridor.  The movement allows for one operator to efficiently and clearly remove himself from the line of fire using after his weapon has gone dry while allowing for the rear operator an immediate line of sight towards the threat.  This drill simulates the need to provide continuous fire from 2 operators – alternatively, if both operators fired at the same it could create a delay in continuous fire due to both having to reload.  The drill also provides a shield for the operator who is reloading.  Do not try this advanced drill on your own at home.

Nothing like getting a gun pointed at your head/back too (0:17 pictured below).  Oh right I forgot, these guys are operational pros therefore immune to “accidents”.


Instructor-ZeroWhatever you do guys, heed the warning and don’t attempt it until you have a YouTube channel with at least 27358 subscribers, and a foreign accent.

This guy MUST have an ammo sponsor by now.




Door-Kickers-Video-GameThis looks cool.  Reminds me a lot of Police Quest SWAT 2 which I used to play.  Obviously being 2014, this game is far more advanced and with better graphics though.

More info on the Door Kickers website.  Available on Steam for $15.