For the girl that likes to keep it tactical, even at the beach:

$25 over at Paraphernalia Gear.  They don’t sell bikini bottoms to go with it.  Weak that they don’t have it on a model in any pics. :/


Hat tip: Reggie



They talk about it in this video starting at 2:00:

These two seem like genuinely nice people, so I was hesitant to write this post… but then I though what the hell… so here goes.  First of all let me start off by saying I wish them the best of luck.   Now my main question is their qualifications… (3:19) Cory says they are going to be offering Defensive Handgun, CCW, Tactical Rifle, Tactical AK, and a Ladies only class which Erika will instruct.  Erika has been shooting for 1 year.  Granted she could out shoot me any day of the week and probably roundhouse the Cheeto dust off my mouth for talking shit about her skillz.  I think most people like to take training courses from people that are ex-military or ex-Law Enforcement… that said, Chris Costa from Costa Lupus (Yea I know it’s “Ludus” but I hate the way the name sounds) is an ex-coast guard and people listen to what he has to say like he’s Jesus.  Maybe Cory is the up-and-coming young Costa that the shooting world wants/needs?  I have to laugh at what Al said to me in email though… “He’s got tattoos and facial hair, isn’t that enough?” (regarding qualifications) haha

They say they are going to bring in other instructors too, like Buck Yeager.  That part sounds like a decent idea… acting as the middle man can likely guarantee a pretty nice cut for them, with very little risk (unless a photographer gets shot, which i’m still surprised hasn’t happened yet).

Thoughts? Good or bad idea to capitalize on their YouTube fame?  Would you take a course from them?

Hat tip: Al



I’m not buying it:

That’s his office?  Heh right… looks like a set somewhere.  I don’t believe anything this guy does anymore.  I find it hard to believe a 26 year old guy with lots of money would have a dingy office with wood paneling, a mainly empty suspicious looking cabinet,  and zero stuff on the walls.  You never know though… I’ve been wrong once or twice before haha. :P

The NY reload holster (holster for two guns) is pretty neat.  The point of the video seems to be advertising for those companies he mentioned.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but why treat your viewers like idiots and pretend that “i’m just showing you comrades around the office”?




Death finds you.  It gets you on its own terms:

Boomer is an experienced war dog at the height of his profession in Afghanistan. But when he is seriously wounded and loses his Marine handler to an IED, his war is not over. Instead, he finds himself assigned to Jimmy, a young Marine struggling with the loss of a brother and finding his own place in life. With Boomer’s leadership and the friendship of a Persian-American surfer girl, Jimmy faces the harsh realities of combat and discovers love in a place you’d never expect.

Working dogs, especially military and LE ones are so awesome.

I have somewhat of a love-hate relationship with indie films such as this.  I’ve seen a lot that were amazing, but others were terrible and I wish I could get those hours of my life back.  This movie looks like it has potential, but the love story part of it I could do without.

The movie is currently still in development, and there is no set release date.


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MrColionNoir keeps calm and carries one:

Out of all his serious videos, in my opinion this is one of the best.  I agree with all his points 100%.

It’s going to be pretty hard for people to get as upset over this video as some people did with his Concealed Carry And Dealing With The Homeless video.

As you can see his wearing the ENDO Keep Calm And Carry One t-shirt… one of my favorites.  If you like it head over to ENDO Apparel and pick one up.  If I don’t have your size, get on the notification list because I have more coming in soon.  The shirt is also available in white.

Thoughts?  Why do you carry a gun?



Marketed as a tribute to American bravery:

Wouldn’t you know, some Nobel Peace Prize laureates condemn the show for “glorifying war”, and want it removed from NBC’s lineup.  *eye roll*

NBC’s response: “This show is not a glorification of war, but a glorification of service”

Ranger from Action Figure therapy goes in:

^^^ hahahahah oh man that’s good.  Dean Cain pushing the limits of DADT, and Nick Lachey’s scarf… priceless.

Thoughts?  Anyone bother to watch the show yesterday?  Do you feel the same way as the Ranger?