That rendering is pretty cool, he should have interacted with it more.  Rifle stats pop up, and now he wants them to disappear?  Chuck Norris style roundhouse kick causes and explosion which shatters the e-glass, with sweet CGI shards flying everywhere.  Yea that should have happened.

Assault-Rifle-Because-I-Am-BlackAt least CNN seemed to actually look at the stats for this piece.  Although, rather than simply focusing on the guns used I always like to see who committed the homicides, and whether or not the guns were obtained legally.    It would have made it less of a scare piece, and instead something people could have learned from.




That’s the usual anti-gun / anti “assault rifle” rhetoric right?  Awwwwwww yeah str8 outta Detroit:

Full Story – The Blaze

It continues to astonish me how little value some people put on human life.  Those two useless bottom feeders you see in the video bust into that tax business thinking they were going to wave their pea shooters around and walk away with some cash.  WRONG.  Glad to hear the good guys were not worse for wear except for the wound suffered by the security guard.  It always grinds my gears when the bad guys live.  

I’d like to show this video to someone anti-gun and ask them what they think should have happened, rather than the security guard come out shooting.  If anyone answered “The police should have been called” I’d probably laugh for days.

I don’t really know much about the “tax preparation” business, but are there normally large amounts of cash laying around at places like that?  I figured it would be mostly paperwork.



Hat tip: Mack, Charles



Unfortunate because he killed his girlfriend :/


If you had not heard of him before, Oscar Pistorius is apparently a South African guy famous for being a double below-knee amputee who won a lot of Paralympic medals for running.  To summarize he shot his girlfriend, model Reeva Steenkamp on Valentines day.  He was charged with murder, and of course now the incident is being used as a model for the “guns are too dangerous to have in the home” argument *eye roll*


Hat tip: Les





You’re probably sitting at your desk like a chump thinking stupid shit like “But he operates, and I don’t”,   “He wears makeup on camera”.  Do me a favor and straight up slap yourself.  Let me put you on to a little secret I found out about a few days ago.  Part of the strategy of Travis’ company Haley Strategic is man maintenance through specially formulated skincare products.  Don’t even say “That’s gay”, because I assure you it’s not.  While Travis will continue dropping Zoolander-worthy 1000 yard stares while aging gracefully well into his 60s still making teenage girls swoon, some of you guys that decided to not wear sunscreen your entire lives, and save money by washing your face with bullshit generic bar soap will look 3x your age and probably get the cops called on you when you’re within 100 yards of a school.  Do the world a favor and be more like Travis.

Turo-SkinI haven’t used anything by Turo Skin (yet), but judging by their website guys that are active and have good hair use it, so I’m sure it’s legit.

Zoolander-Travis-HaleyI give Chris Costa and apparently now Travis Haley a rough time about jumping sharks… but let it be known that even though I haven’t met either of them, they are among my favorite people in the industry.

Hat tip: Kevin



Spolier Alert: Yawn.

KingOfShotgunsInteresting enough experiment, but the outcome wasn’t cool at all.  I like this DemolitionRanch guy though… he definitely has some awesome videos from the past you should check out, and I’m sure there are lots more to come in the future.



The first 5 seconds were awesome haha.

iraqveteran8888-youtubeI couldn’t imagine working at a gun store for that reason alone.  Whenever I take someone out shooting for the first time I make sure they know there is absolutely no leeway on the 4 rules of gun safety.

Like they said in the video, it’s just common courtesy.