The title was promising, but this is disappointing:

From a youtube channel called JestComedy with ~32000 subscribers I expected something actually funny.   The attempt at humor is obviously meant to appeal to the anti-gun crowd because none of the stuff anyone said was funny… more to make gun owners look bad.


Hat tip: Sunny



He does this every year for Halloween, this is his 4th:

He’s such a good shot, i’d like to seem him attempt it from further away.

Funny that he ended up with a double sided carved pumpkin.  Most soft and hard targets I’ve shot rarely have the bullet exiting anywhere near where it entered especially where there is crap in between the entry and exit like there is in a pumpkin.



Caption: We can’t let this happen again. We need to build a secure TWO-day-before-retirement safe room.

Hearing of people dying so close to retirement, or before retirement in general always makes me sad.  If it wasn’t for the “two weeks notice” courtesy (sometimes law?) I always thought the best way to retire from any job would be, just to tell your boss you won’t be coming in the next day once you decide the current day is your last.



Herititage luggage manufacturer Globe-Trotter produced this rifle case for the latest James Bond film SKYFALL.

Limited to just 100 editions globally, this case is one of the most exclusive products in Globe-Trotter’s history. This slim line 26″ aluminium suitcase has been formed by hand in England, and features a telescopic sight handle which is a replica of the one used in SKYFALL. Internally, the case is beautifully finished with a diamond quilted Alcantara lining and commemorative internal plaque.

Classy.  Expensive though at £5,000 ($8070 USD)

Globe-Trotter has other items in the James Bond collection as well, but they don’t have any scope in the handle type gimmicks… everything is just black.

Last but not least Adele kills it on the theme:

Yea I like Adele, that’s some real talent right there… deal with it bros. ;)

SKYFALL’s Release date is November 9, 2012 … mark it on your calendars.




The gun store guys have another gripe:

9:15 – “The fellow that shot up the Colorado theater was probably a gamer, and he was obsessed with it and he…” -Barry <-- :roll: sounds like something the antis would say. I should pitch an idea to Discovery channel where I go on a country wide ENDO tour, and just troll people in the firearms industry.  These guys, Yeager, Vigilant Spectre… it would be great.

Thoughts?  Any of you guys work in a gun store and want to beat your head against a wall every time someone asks to see a “Deagle” or an “Assault Rifle”?



The Ninja Glock just wasn’t enough, so they stepped their game up and made it tactical:

Holy, that thing is INTENSE. LOL

haha they added a red dot site on the side just in case they had to hold the gun sideways.

Plastic bullets, nuclear bullets, 1mile range missles! deadly stuff.

The pocket holster really just makes sense because you’re not going to want to open carry this thing.