Gun safes, SHTF food, and now this.

I feel like we are just one hurdle away from being able to pick up 100,000 round crates of Kirkland 5.56mm at 1990’s equivalent prices.

Check the Shotlock out at Costco – HERE

If you want one, it seems like a decent deal at $130 considering it’s $170 on ShotLock’s own website.



Music to my ears.



Google ChromeOS demo lab has a neat little interactive website up where you can have a simulated “chat” with a lab tech to suggest how they should destroy the Cr48 netbook.

Check it out – HERE

Naturally the first thing I tried was “Shoot”.. that worked. So then “Blow Up” .. that worked too.

It suggested “William Tell” to me as well.. so I typed that in and it was pretty cool too.

Use your imagination, I’m sure there are plenty of other cool videos they have done.

To save you the trouble, I also entered some swear words and it told me to stop a few times, then it opened a new tab and googled “Cleaning Supplies” LOL

Speaking of ChromeOS and the google netbook… that is something I am buying immediately once it is released to the public.



Enter the world of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives with the official ATF app! Learn about the history of the ATF from the early days of prohibition, to its present position at the frontline against violent crime. Users can also explore the various areas of ATF expertise, find the nearest ATF field office, and stay in touch through e-mail subscriptions to the latest ATF news.

Check it out at the Apple app store – HERE

That last button in the screenshot looks suspect… nice try ATF.

Heh, one customer review.



Tip #4: Give your children guns.

hahah nice.



Providence, RI – Malik Hall, a round-eyed second-grader, looked apprehensive as he stood in line with his favorite toy, a thick, blue gun with plastic sword underneath the muzzle. The 8-year-old was furious when his mother, Amanda, told him he would have to give it up. Yesterday morning, he tried to hide it under his pillow, she said.

“I’m worried,’’ she said. “He might cry.’’

But when it was his turn, Malik strode dry-eyed and with quiet dignity to the Bash-O-Matic and fed it the gun. When his mother approached, he said nothing.

Full Story – HERE

That is just cold blooded. How that is even allowed is beyond me…

It will be interesting to see how kids that get everything “dangerous” taken away from them will turn out. My guess is drug use and violence will be at an all time high, which would be pretty ironic.