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Made by Magpul fanboys obviously. If Magpul didn’t make good products I would make fun of these guys, but since they do I’d have to say it’s perfectly acceptable to buy as much Magpul as you want.

Although you can’t see the targets in the video, the guys in it definitely seem to be pretty good and familiar with their weapons. Not surprising when in the youtube comments the uploader “glin1216″ says that a majority of them in the video are Military and they attended classes occasionally.

As far as the camera they used, the description says “Shot with a Canon 5DMKII + 70-200 f/2.8 IS L”, which for video is quite similar to the Canon 7D or T2i that I perpetually lust over on this blog.

You gotta love the choice of song too.



Sometimes you gotta improvise in order to stay safe:






All three are done by artist Olly Moss for the Alamo Rolling Roadshow.

You can see a bunch more of his neat work on his flickr page – HERE



Smyrna, GA – Residents living adjacent to buildings owned by gun manufacturer Glock Inc. are challenging the company’s request to encroach on the city’s required stream buffer necessary for future expansion.

Under the proposal, Glock would clear out and level 25 acres of heavily wooded land on a portion of its property that lies behind an existing company building on Highlands Parkway. To do that, the company needs to work within the area running around a porter of streams that is usually protected to preserve the environment.

Full Story – HERE

Like I always say… sometimes you gotta bulldoze a few trees and disrespect some streams to get a good pistol made.



When someone not in uniform carries a gun in public, they are in effect saying “I could kill you, if I chose.” Which in turn poses an immediate threat to my own freedom of speech, freedom of action, freedom to congregate and freedom to be in public spaces.

So does driving a car make the same statement then?

Open carry advocates claim they are protecting the public by being a secondary, informal police force. Personally, I prefer the trained, publicly accountable and regulated police force. I know the rules that law enforcement are obligated to protect. I do not know what laws, regulations, whims or prejudices govern the behavior of someone I have never seen before who is carrying a weapon.

Publicly accountable? hahhaha  How often is a police officer held accountable for their actions when they do something wrong?

Also, the last part I put in bold I found especially hilarious.

Full Article at Huffington Post – HERE

It feels like a troll article.. written to get some traffic to the site. If that’s the case I suppose I fell for it, because the author does such a good job of being blatantly ignorant.

What do you guys think?