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A lot shorter than, and not as entertaining as the first Cardboard Warfare… but still pretty decent.



This definitely adds some more excitement to the game:

That’s cool and all… but when does the add-on for the Glock come out? :P

If you want to build your own, the inventor made a 25 minute instructional video – HERE

Now all we need is a Jenga rifle with a red dot sight, and a quad rail full of accessories.



In my younger days, my friends and I talked a lot about grappling hooks and even dabbled with some homemade ones which we tested out on our backyard fences.  I wanted a real one back then, and I realize I still do today:

You can actually launch anything you want out of this gun that manages to fit in its barrel, and it is quite a bit quieter than the conventional rifle add on versions that use cartridge blanks because this one uses compressed air ( pneumatic ).  The grappling hook pictured is titanium, and has enough line to accurately grapple onto something 60 ft. high 100 ft. away.

By the look of the picture, it’s fitted with an AR-15 stock for comfort and adjustability of length of pull.  That system looks heavy enough to break your nose or teeth if you don’t have a proper cheek weld.

I wonder how you properly aim with those? It looks like there is a top rail that would allow the mounting of an aiming device, but that wouldn’t do you much good considering it would be pointing at the sky. I guess it’s probably a combination of practice and “Kentucky elevation”. Talk about blowing your cover if you missed the shot.

You can visit the product page of the Battelle website – HERE

I wonder how far it can fire a potato?



A .44 magnum beats a stupid wand any day of the week. Combined with that invisibility cloak, that would make for a lot more interesting movie.

The shirt is currently on sale for $11 – HERE



Between this episode and the last one, my patience with this show is worn thin.

Mexican gang? Helpful grandma? Gratuitous violence? I really though AMC was above jumping the shark this early.

I’ll probably watch at least one or two more episodes just to see where it goes.. but I definitely can’t take another 9 episodes of garbage like the last two.

If you forgot to set the DVR and you are a sucker for punishment, you can always watch it online for a couple bucks:

Episode 4 – Vatos

  • Standard Definition (SD) – HERE
  • High Definition (HD) – HERE


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