Real talk from HickOK45:

Hickok45-YoutubeYea open bolt definitely has drawbacks.  Good demo.

Damn that guy gets all the fun toys to play with.



Reinventing the wheel to make it more cumbersome and prone to failure:

I don’t care for the idea of having to carry around the magazine PLUS the clips and the caps and even that speed loader tray (video on the speed loader tray here) to make things quicker.  Having to load 2 clips in each magazine + 5 rounds manually to get the full 45 round capacity isn’t ideal.  Even looks less like a good idea when you realize that the loading process is prone to error as shown in the company’s own promotional video I posted above.  There are so many inexpensive 10/22 speed loaders on the market right now for regular 10/22 mags;  you could save your thumb, save money, save transporting extra items, and probably not waste that much extra time (if any at all) loading the rounds the old fashioned way, one-by-one.

If these mags look like a good idea to you, they are available for purchase or you can get more information over at the company’s website HC Mags.  Keep in mine the cost of one 45 round magazine with one 20 round clip from HC Mags is $43.  Compare that with the reliable highly praised Ruger BX-25 magazines which go for around $25.

The idea seems like a decidedly more complicated version of the Cammenga AR-15 magazines, where you can just slide the spine down and drop the rounds in.

HC-Mags-1022-Magazine-Clip-AmmunitionNow when people talk about their “.22 clips” I’ll be like “Oh you use those HC MAGS?  They are the only ones I know which take clips”.


Hat tip: Jay



Mattv2099 looks into the age old question:

This is the luxury that is Mattv2099’s life… this shit is nothing to him.  After the video was over he wiped his hands off on $100 bills before he re-applied diamond & elephant tusk dust to prevent aging.

The magazine insertion is always the best part.

I missed these videos so much, you have no idea.  I know some of you guys hate Matt, but I love the dude.

Caviar-Glock-Mattv2099I saw some guy in the comments wrote that he should RHMB (Red Hot Muzzle Brake) the caviar.  haha that would be gross.




Demolition Ranch rigs up 6 guns to fire at once:

Six-Triggers-Six-Barrels-Gunhaha pretty good.  I was surprised that he didn’t fix the rig down to the table, and additionally attach all 6 wires to one pull wire which he could yank hard.  I think that would have worked better than looping his fingers through 6 individually, because as you can see  initially only 4/6 fired.

LOL that pumpkin at the end.  I’m so glad he did the semi-autos only too.. that was trill.




Starring Bradley Cooper as Chris Kyle:

American-Sniper-Movie-Bradley-CooperHoly he sure looks the part, his accent is on point too.

Interesting clip they picked for the trailer.  I bet so many people that see it are like “Ew he shot kids?  Why didn’t he just shoot the grenade out of the kid’s hand?” *face palm*

I’m curious if the timeline of this movie will cover right up to his death.  Anyone know?

Clint Eastwood is the director of the movie too, so hopefully the quality and authenticity will be there.

I don’t know if Chris Kyle had a sense of humor or not, but if he did that would be so awesome if Zach Galifianakis was in the movie in a supporting role.




Pixelated faces all around.  That real operator shit:

Intense Special Operations Training with Instructor Zero in Poland with including FORMOZA, GROM, A.B.W. (Polish FBI), C.B.A. (Anti-Corruption Bureau), J.W.K. (Commando Unit), BOA (Counter Terrorism), MOSG (Naval Border Security) and CSWL (Land Force Training Group).

In 2014 SF Unit FORMOZA in Poland invited Instructor Zero for a joint SF training course in an intense 5 day program which included elements of the HOST program and I.C.T.S. – Intelligently Controlled Targeting System that was created and developed by Instructor Zero.

They are doing a lot of those “roll-off to reload while the other guy shoots” maneuvers.  The general consensus on the post I made about Zero’s one video about that, is that it’s pretty derpy.   Yea I haven’t operated on the special forces level or anything, but it would seem to me that if there is an actual threat which would require shooting, both guys would shoot… one wouldn’t just roll off and be all tactically chilled out AF while guy #1 emptied his magazine.

Instructor-Zero-Cock-EverywhereOnly Instructor Zero would have such angelic music in his videos haha.  I bet Zero hangs upside down naked at home field stripping guns in the dark with Ave Maria blasting through his speakers

3:26 – 3:41 contains mad tactical daps.