This is awesome:

TIME-Special-Ops-Glock-GrenadeThe pitch is at 1:25 for you impatient operators out there.

<– haha remember when TIME epic-trolled with that GLOCK grenade?  That will go down in history.

Hat tip: Gear Whores Anon



Or “MEAN tweets” as they like to call them… Jimmy Kimmel style:

Coalition-To-Stop-Gun-Violencehaha well.  I’m surprised they actually have a sense of humor about the tweets. I thought gun control was such serious business?  Aren’t they saving millions of lives annually? *eye roll*

If I would have known they would make a video, I would have talked shit on twitter at them every now and then to get on it.  Live and learn.




A look at morale patches, and a community that ITS Tactical just started:

Cool stuff.  This interests me because I recently started getting ENDO Apparel into morale patches, after many people have been bugging me for them.  I really was naive to the popularity of morale patches until recently… guys are pretty obsessed with them.

hook-and-loop-societyVisit the Hook & Loop Society website for instructions on how to join.

I’ll be talking about my first morale patch here on the blog quite soon, so stay tuned.

Are a lot of you guys into morale patches?



Real talk from HickOK45:

Hickok45-YoutubeYea open bolt definitely has drawbacks.  Good demo.

Damn that guy gets all the fun toys to play with.



Reinventing the wheel to make it more cumbersome and prone to failure:

I don’t care for the idea of having to carry around the magazine PLUS the clips and the caps and even that speed loader tray (video on the speed loader tray here) to make things quicker.  Having to load 2 clips in each magazine + 5 rounds manually to get the full 45 round capacity isn’t ideal.  Even looks less like a good idea when you realize that the loading process is prone to error as shown in the company’s own promotional video I posted above.  There are so many inexpensive 10/22 speed loaders on the market right now for regular 10/22 mags;  you could save your thumb, save money, save transporting extra items, and probably not waste that much extra time (if any at all) loading the rounds the old fashioned way, one-by-one.

If these mags look like a good idea to you, they are available for purchase or you can get more information over at the company’s website HC Mags.  Keep in mine the cost of one 45 round magazine with one 20 round clip from HC Mags is $43.  Compare that with the reliable highly praised Ruger BX-25 magazines which go for around $25.

The idea seems like a decidedly more complicated version of the Cammenga AR-15 magazines, where you can just slide the spine down and drop the rounds in.

HC-Mags-1022-Magazine-Clip-AmmunitionNow when people talk about their “.22 clips” I’ll be like “Oh you use those HC MAGS?  They are the only ones I know which take clips”.


Hat tip: Jay



Mattv2099 looks into the age old question:

This is the luxury that is Mattv2099’s life… this shit is nothing to him.  After the video was over he wiped his hands off on $100 bills before he re-applied diamond & elephant tusk dust to prevent aging.

The magazine insertion is always the best part.

I missed these videos so much, you have no idea.  I know some of you guys hate Matt, but I love the dude.

Caviar-Glock-Mattv2099I saw some guy in the comments wrote that he should RHMB (Red Hot Muzzle Brake) the caviar.  haha that would be gross.