SIG SAUER’s John Hollister explains:

It all seems plausible regarding material prices going up, excise tax, and wait period increasing due to increased demand.  Plus, they are offering that $200 tax credit so you are essentially not paying for the NFA tax stamp.  There’s really no reason to complain besides about the potential current wait period.  Ya ya some guys will still be like “TAXATION IS THEFT… SO WHAT I GET A DAMN REBATE, THE ATF STILL GOT THEIR MONEY”.  Wow, ok bro go molon some more labe. haha

Yea it would be nice just to pick a silencer up off the shelf at a gun store, and walk out with it some day.  I haven’t been keeping up with all this enough to know if that’s still a remote possibility currently.



Ryan Gosling is bae:

Yea I’ll go see this just for the Gosling / Leto duo alone.

0:41 – Damn smart guns

1:45 – Cool, Dave Bautista is in the movie.  He wears ENDO shirts, here’s one of the pics I could find that I reposted.

It must be difficult to film and act in movies like this, where basically everything looks like it’s probably green screen.

In theaters October 6, 2017

Thoughts?  Are you going to see this in theaters?  I always say I’m going to see something in the theaters, but to keep it real when it comes down to it I really would rather watch something at home where I can drink all the craft beer I want, and pee without missing anything.  Also, home snacks while watching movies are key.  Every once and a while it’s nice to see a movie in the theater though.  If you’ve followed this blog for any period of time though you’ll know I’m very much against forced advertising… the pre roll ads in the theater are so painful I can barely even.


Whoa innovative as heck:

This is amazing, habitual presscheckers rejoice.  I can’t believer no one has ever done this befo.  I wonder if they will ever do some sort of frame cut to easily allow downward pressure to control the savage beast that is muzzle rise?

Thoughts?  You like the OG smooth frame because it reduces drag tho?



1:03 – Says that he has given ownership of the channel (with 318,000 subscribers) to Mark Serbu.  Ugh.  Well I hope Royal at least got a pile of money out of this, but I doubt it.  I don’t dislike Mark Serbu, but I also don’t find him particularly likable either.  I’d rather shit just stayed the same, and Royal Nonesuch kept being Royal Nonesuch.  Actually a Peter Pan type scenario would be best LOL… never grow up Royal.

3:00 – Oh, yup this snuck up on me but naturally here it is… standard complaints of demonetization.  I’m really tired of hearing about that from gun YouTubers.  I miss the days when people did stuff for the sport of it, rather than just for money.  I like Royal Nonesuch a lot, but if it’s past being “fun” for him then why bother doing it at all?  I highly doubt when he started his channel back on Mar 6, 2014 he ever in a million years dreamed that 318,000 people would subscribe to his channel, yet he still made funny/interesting videos for fun and his subscriber count grew and grew.

I don’t know guys… I’m not optimistic regarding this change.  You?


Interesting idea.  Lets people practice dry firing without having to rack the slide every time to reset the trigger:

This guy doesn’t like it much.  He talks about how it’s not identical to an actual trigger pull:

$99 on their website.  Seems kind of $teep to me.  I’m really surprised that someone (or Glock) hasn’t been able to develop some drop in solution that exactly mimics the stock trigger.  I’m not a huge fan of dry-fire-then-slide-racking, but I’m also not a fan of not having the exact same trigger pull… more because I’d be annoyed more than anything else.  I’m aware you can get “trigger reset kits”, but those aren’t exactly a easy fix because they require swapping of parts.



Is there actually a big enough market for these things?

I swear this is like the 3rd or 4th product I’ve seen to accomplish this task of racking the slide if you need help.  At least this one is small, inexpensive at $25 and looks “alright”.  This funniest shit ever is this $30 SLIDEFORCE one, which looks like a damn plastic novelty hotdog bun:

LOL I’m deceased.

Thoughts?  Would get assistance racking your slide from either?

Gat tip: Issac