Larry just wanted to call someone bro and use some hand gestures because it was raining all week and his wife was driving him up the wall:

Larry-Vickers-Hover-SunglassesInteresting looking camouflage type targets they are shooting at.  Probably a decent idea since real life targets aren’t perfect black & white silhouettes.

1:32 – Why does LAV bring the gun down, then back up on every shot?  Is that some DELTA operator stuff I wouldn’t understand?

This vid was useless at dispelling any myth considering LAV and him DIDN’T EACH SHOOT BOTH GUNS.  Maybe LAV would have put all 7 rounds in one ragged hole with the WWII 1911?




VICE with another documentary:

The Army Cadet Force has over 46,000 cadets from the ages of 12 to 18, training in 1700 detachments all over the country. The super low-cost club evenings and training camps equip teenagers with discipline and skills in anything from orienteering and military knowledge to weaponry, first aid, and sports.

Training-UK-Cadets-For-CombatNote, I have no witty comments about this documentary because I am waiting until tomorrow to watch it.  Right now I only have one thing to say…. “ooooooh dat camouflage pattern”.

If I shouldn’t waste my time, please let me know in the comments.




*smh* wear full face production if you’re going to play that game:

Airsoft-MemeAs shown in the last vid, that’s basically how they take it out at a hospital anyway, so might as well do it on your own.  Just watch out for infection bros.

Question: “Where did you get your scar?”
Answer: “Airsoft” <-- Is not going to impress girls.

Thoughts? Anyone have this happen to them?



Someone’s grade 6 class project evidently:

Stealth-GunpowderSeriously why even bother? I know nothing more than when I started the video unless I take this person’s (troll’s) word for it.

Something tells me if “Stealth Gunpowder” was actually a thing, one of the huge companies (not to mention DARPA even) would be the ones to make it.  What do I know though?

Thoughts?  Derpiest of the derp troll vids?  Or do they have something real?



Breaking Derp / targets on rounds:

Re-re-re-re-reeeeeeemiiiiiiiix. LOL so perfect.  See the original here if you missed it.

Back-Seat-Operator-Maneuver-Dallas-LloydSigh I miss Breaking Bad *pours out liquor*


Gat tip: Lepanoksa





Kiesler Police Supply had the pics.  I highly doubt this is a “LEAK” as people are calling it.  Allegedly, this will initially come on models: G40, G41, G34, and G35.

*yawn*… wake me up when Glock puts out their perfection polymer rifle at SHOT to trump all rifles.  I do think the slide cutout for the red dot is cool and all, but I could have got that done already at any number of aftermarket companies for years now.  Hopefully the price point on these cutout Glocks will fall below what it would cost you to get a 3rd part to do it.  It actually should be cheaper if you think about it, because they are using a bit less steel and don’t have to include a rear sight (if you’re ordering it without the red dot).  Trijicon sure makes some nice looking stuff.  I really hope they hid bible verses on the bottom of these red dots (or even inside them) just to troll people.

Glock-Diamond-Bedazzled-Pendant-JewelryNow that I think about it… this may help get my targets on round after I do consecutive forward rolls.  Whatever helps!  That’s why I always rock notch hats and derp satchels.

P.S. Guys { *no tactical girls :( *single… no wait, this just in… multiple tears* } keep asking me if I’m going to SHOT.  I do not plan on going this year.  I know I need to check it out sometime… sounds crazy busy though.  Wading through huge crowds has never been my thing.  Wait does SHOT have FASTPASSES like at Disney?  That would rule.