This is awesome:

From the same guys who made the Predator hand blades!

1:41 – Whenever I see a torch of any type, even on screen I always have a quick reaction to turn away.  My eyes are very sensitive to light, and I thought I messed them up a few times by accident.

Halo-Gravity-Hammer3:00 – At 5+ feet high, and with all this metal I can already tell this thing is going to be deadly heavy.  Note: toward the end of the video when it’s completed it’s actually 6′ high and 100 lbs haha.

6:40 – Meh.  I liked the way it looked in raw metal too.  Now it looks like plastic, but I guess that’s true to the look in the game.

7:19 – Ok ok it actually does look pretty cool in this shot.

7:23 – These dudes are going to hurt their wrists / backs haha.


Some people’s kids *smh*:


Kile on facebook mentioned that maybe with whatever stupid light he mounts on there, it would fill the gap essentially making a new front to the trigger guard.  I hope so, and that the gun IS NOT EVER used like this without anything protecting the front where the trigger guard used to be.  Facebook Charles mentioned it could be a homage to the FitzGerald Special.  Either way, I’m staying out of range of whoever has one of these. haha

The funniest thing about all of this is there are multiple companies who make lights to fit compact model handguns like this very Springfield XD.


Gat tip: Adam


haha damn, the police are stealing from unlocked cars to prove a point.  Savage:

Dorthy-Wizard-Of-Oz-Police-StateHow is this even legal?  It’s my business If I want to leave something inside my car.  I can see if someone left an unsecured firearm out in plain view on the dash of un unlocked car, ya that would be concerning and irresponsible.  If I leave an ipod out in the open, the police are just going to jack it and make me drive down to get scolded and pick it up?  What the hell?  No chill, I’d be mad.  Seems that “caretaker provision” in state law they mention at 0:35 is why they can do this.  I wonder how many person of interests’ car’s in CT are found “accidentally left unlocked with valuables visible” *big air quotes with fingers there for emphasis*, giving the police a reason to go in and rummage through.

1:25 – This old lawyer at the end keeps it 8 more than 92.

What’s next? You live in New Haven and leave the blinds on your house open and police can see your 55″ LED TV from the road, the sneak up and try the door?  Then when it’s unlocked they tip toe in, pink panther it, and leave you a “pick it up at Police HQ” note?  haha yea I can’t see that ending well.



hahah this guy, always with the jokes:

0:38 – AHHHAHA LOL amazing.  I love the tactical t-rex. “Institutionalized inbreeding mindset of snatching the gun back after they fire without checking their work through their sights”.  It looks sooooo TIER though Pat, I don’t know how you’re going to convince dudes otherwise.  Notice in the title I said “character” not entertainer haha.  We all know that throwing the word “entertainer” around is serious business SHOTS FIRED in this industry.  God forbid anyone have any fun with what they do when it’s gun related.

Here’s a promo Pat did for his training DVD, which I really feel like buying:

Christian-Bale-Pointing-Memehaha nice right?  This guy is so high-speed… I wonder if he’s always hyper like that, or if it’s the result of too many daily redbulls and espressos or something?


I 100% refuse to call these shitty things “hoverboards”:

So many people must get hurt on those things.  Segways look like beacons of safety compared to those little micro-wheeled POS’.  I’ll call something a hoverboard when it functions like the one in Back To The Future. It’s too bad the thumbnail of the video doesn’t represent the actual video. I would have liked to see a gyroscopic toy mounted SAW haha.

Funny how he had to lean the toy into the recoil, but then when it let up he was obviously going forward quickly haha.

Richard-Ryan-ENDO-CaliforniaI tweeted to Richard the other day, that if he wanted a billion views on a video plus death threats he should get some Nike Air Mags and shoot them.  Seriously though… people would lose their minds.  Same with any of the Yeezy shoes or boots.  If this destroying expensive things for money thing is actually more than paying itself (and more) I were him I’d cherry pick all the most hypebeast stuff in every major genre.  I really think the videos need to be taking on a more Larry Vuitton style approach though, containing multiple angles, multiple items, and multiple interesting shots in slow motion etc..

I know I say this quite a bit regarding YouTube videos now, but don’t read the comments if you have any faith whatsoever in humanity and today’s youth.



Holy, wow this is excruciating to watch.  I know I normally exaggerate, but this will cause you real physical pain when you view it trust me:

Graduate from hand gesture academy top of his class.  The shame is I really like this guy’s message if I was reading it on paper, but watching the video makes me want to actually put my head through the monitor just to make him stop talking.  For real though, if I wasn’t “blogging” about this video I would have already shut if off.  I had no idea people like this actually exist in real life.

Oh and here’s a rough draft of a scene… you know, just to WOW you with the production value, acting, and overall quality:

I don’t think I’ve ever been more embarrassed in my entire life for someone else.  Normally I don’t really care what other people do, but I genuinely feel terrible that this even exists.

gun-self-defense-for-womenYou can check out the Indiegogo (naturally *eyeroll* *groan*) campaign here.  As you can see it’s not doing so hot (huge shocker I know).

Thoughts?  Seriously though, did I just get trolled?  I’d actually be relieved if I did, because that would mean this guy is just being this “Derek Savage” character in an attempt to go viral and this is all fake and terrible on purpose. Something tells me this is all genuine though, after looking at Derek Savage’s website and browsing the links at the bottom.

Gat tip: Adam