Remember when the Scholastic catalogs used to get passed out at school and you’d salivate over the new Goosebumps book you’d get your parents to buy you?  Those days were always awesome.  I used to convince myself I needed so many books.  I’d always look at the page count too, and sell it as “a good value” to my parents if it was long.  The next best school day was when the books magically showed up.  Sometimes I remember the teacher being an asshole though, letting the Scholastic box marinate on the countertop all day.  Like said teachers didn’t power flex enough already on all of us Grade 6’ers.  I digress, this video has nothing to do with Scholastic books.  From the video description:

More and more young athletes are looking for opportunities to be able to compete in the sport of action shooting on steel targets and be able to compete with their own local team as well as teams across the country.
As an educational-athletic organization, we are able to provide opportunities for school-age and college-age students to the shooting sports by providing, promoting, and perpetuating opportunities to safely and enjoyably participate and compete in a high-quality, team-based sport that is led by trained adult volunteers focused on enhancing the personal growth and development of their athletes.

Scholastic-Action-ShootingScholastic Shooting Sports has a website you can check out.  Looks like IPSC for the youth.

Besides Slappy Mc Slapperson at 0:38, the video is pretty good.  I actually wasn’t a fan of the “lets paint the edges of the steel” kid at 0:23 if we’re getting picky.  SPRAY PAINT IS EXPENSIVE MARCUS. HOW ABOUT WE DOCK YOUR ALLOWANCE IF YOU WANT TO KEEP THAT SHIT UP? *smfh*


Oh it’s lit:

Keanu-WoahWhoaaaaaaaaa.  I’ve never wanted a pellet gun as much as I want that MPX we first see at 0:13 in the video.  The MCX one is trying too hard with that dumb fake-ass suppressor… I’m sure it’s because it adds barrel length but seriously GTFO with that.  LOL Keymod handguard… so operational.  Tru operators know.  If you buy the MCX please do me a favor and put like $3k worth of your AR-15 accessories on it.

You can see SIG’s full airgun lineup on their new airgun website.  Oh and if you’re looking to pick one up or see the pricing you can head over to PyramydAir because they appear to have the full lineup.



They don’t want you to have paper.  The black powder paper cannon:

birdman-hand-rubOh you thought the “paperless office” you always hear about is a push to being more environmental and saving the planet?  WRONG.  It’s sneaky gun control, stay woke.

I’m looking the cool filter and music in this video.  Had me shaking my head “no no no” with a look on my face like I smelled something nasty, but my brain was saying “yes yes yes”.

6:26 – Obvious product placement / sponsorship is obvious.  haha

Ok now I’m looking at Royal Nonesuch to make a paper .50 BMG barrel.  This has to be done.  Richie are you reading this?


oprah-derp-faceI’m not going to SHOT again this year.  Nice to hear from so many of you wanting to meet up though.  Maybe some year I’ll check it out!

To all of you going, I hope you have a blast.


Ryan Hoover from Funker Tactical:

You can skip to 1:06 if you don’t want to listen to GN talk.

Note: GN says not to take this “out of context” because the entire DVD video on pistol disarms is 2 hours. haha OH I’LL TAKE IT OUT OF CONTEXT GN, DON’T TRY AND BOSS ME AROUND. :P

Worth watching I guess, but I still think it’s pointless with a “cooperative scumbag” in the scenario, who also isn’t actually given the opportunity shoot anything.  If you’re trying to prove something works, then prove it properly.

Funker-Tactical-Handgun-DisarmingWhat do I know about disarms?  Absolutely nothing, but this looks like the type of thing that could POSSIBLY work… but it also possibly might not work.

Thoughts?  Are you going to try your luck and buy the 2 hour dvd and attempt to transform into a pistol snatching professional?


*Larry Turns It Awwwwwwwwwwf*:

Larry-Fierihaha legit.  As you can tell I’m still getting caught up with the best videos I missed blogging about over the Christmas break.

1:18 – Holy that Raufoss rocked him.

That rotating gopro is the truth, and Larry’s reactions are always pure gold (1:23) LOL.