Holy this looks INSAAAAAANE:

Like everything on earth now, there is money being raised via crowdfunding.  If you have any extra, burning a hole in your pocket you can throw it their way.  I’m really not mad at using crowdfunding for stuff like this.  Using it to expand a business because you’re lazy AF and impatient though is another thing.

Definitely an interesting way to film, and an interesting point of view.  I felt my stomach getting queasy after a while in the above preview though because of the wacky camera movement.  Hardcore is advertised as “feature length” so to me that means it’s going to be around 1.5 – 2 hours long… whoa.

By the look of the preview trailer they didn’t cut corners on effects, locations, stunts, explosive, after effects or anything else.  That’s awesome to see.

Hardcore-Poster-GoProI wonder if anyone has ever crowd sourced free post production?  Can you imagine how quickly something like this could be finished if hundreds or thousands of people worldwide offered to spend time on it for free?  Sure there would have to be some quality control and redos, but overall it might be surprising how nicely it turns out.

Thoughts?  I hope these guys succeed.



Jon Chaos with some custom Deagle hand loads:

Yea that’s cool.  One of those things you’d see in a movie and roll your eyes… but this one is FOR REAL.



How to:

LOL the comments.  I find it hard to believe that the ATF itself is that worked up about this.  Politicians who don’t care to know any better, sure I can see that… but the ATF?  Surely there are bigger issues facing the F part of their job than people making AR-15 lowers off the books?  If not, I’d really like to see the stats on how many thousand murders happen every year with home machined AR-15 lowers.  The 2010 FBI crime statistic data for murders with weapons shows that rifles really aren’t used all that much in murders.  I look the liberty of totaling the columns from the FBI’s neatly provided Excel file and here’s what we have for the 2010 year:

  • Total Murders With Handguns – 6,009
  • Total Murders With Rifles – 358
  • Total Murders With Shotguns – 373
  • Total Murders With Firearms (type unknown) – 2,035

Total Murders With Firearms – 8,775

  • Total Murders With Knives or Cutting Instruments – 1,704
  • Total Murders With Other weapons – 1,772
  • Total Murders With Hands, Fists, Feet, Etc.. – 745

Total Murders With Weapons other than firearms – 4,221

Grand Total of Murders With Weapons – 12,996

Since we’re talking about rifles here, note that the FBI murder count for the year of 2010 is 358 people.  I’m not really sure why there are 2035 murders where the firearm is “unknown” (poor bookkeeping? poor state agency reporting?) but even if for kicks we say half them are rifles, that still makes rifles statistically less dangerous than knives.  Who knows though, since those stats are from 2010, maybe rifles have become the choice of murderers everywhere?  I doubt it, but maybe the ATF knows something we don’t.

I think it would be really interesting if we could get the numbers on how many of these murders were justifiable homicide.  This is EXTREMELY important.  Additionally, I’d like to know if suicide is included… because if it is I don’t think those numbers should count for obvious reasons.  Lastly, I’d like to know what percentage of the guns were owned legally, and how many were owned and used by already known criminals.

Whenever I see stats like this I can’t help but think to myself “…and people think firearms are the problem?”.  Look at the CDC (Centers for Disease Control & Prevention) Leading Causes Of Death data and tell me there aren’t bigger issues plaguing the country which should be focused on.


Gat tip: Dale




Toilet-seat-AK-47In my head I was going “ANYTHING to stop this terrible Kurdish rave music”…. that anything I didn’t want to be negligent gunfire.  Ugh, I know it’s a custom in a lot of countries to be a dipshit with guns at important events…. but for the love of whatever god figure they worship, can’t there be some safety ground rules laid down beforehand so stuff like this doesn’t happen?  I can’t even imagine how shitty such a celebration would be turned by such an event, not to mention how bad the person who negligently did the shooting must feel.  So easily avoidable too.  Well.. maybe once they have too much of that Kurdish LEAN in their cup who knows what their brain is doing?



I actually didn’t have much confidence the tactical head would be any good, but it sure worked nicely on 9mm.

2:39 – He really T1000’d that chick’s eye with the wax slug.

Pretty cool…seeing the damage the shotgun made though I think I’d stick to handgun rounds.  He says he got the head at a local gun shop.  I can’t seem to find anything on an online one from a reputable looking site.

Rubs-The-Lotion-On-Its-SkinIf they are as cheap as he says, it would be funny to paint them up all creepy and put wigs on them and stuff for his videos.  It rubs the lotion on it’s skin, or else it gets the hose again style!  He could even make up a salmon skin suit for a torso for it, and lower lotion down in a basket… ok maybe that’s taking it a bit too far.  I tend to do that occasionally.





Complete with perfect 20,000 fps slow motion footage:

Zombie-at-Tiffanys-t-shirtLOL Whoa what a mess.

Toward the end of the video the guy said he created those rounds for people to use as spotter rounds, so they could easily see the flash down range then compensate for it.  I don’t really see the benefit of that considering you’re shooting a completely different projectile compared to the regular rounds.  Additionally, I don’t know much about explosive laws but wouldn’t this guy have to be present when the round was being used?

Those zombie heads are actually pretty cool.  At $100 each though I’ll pass.