Those crafty Japanese toy inventors are at it again:

I definitely would try and build my own before I’d drop $361 USD (28,350 YEN) on this!  Besides the few custom parts, it looks like you could get most of the kit from Home Depot.

Too bad there’s not a youtube video of this in action.  There are a lot of vids of people shooting bottles into the air using bicycle pump rigged launch pads though so I assume this would be similar.


Hat tip: Raeshawn


Richard Ryan gets it done:

haha pretty neat idea.  He said he got the idea from this David Beckham video.

He should have played Queen – We Will Rock You and sang the lyrics.



Oh wait… never mind, just a couple AR-15s and a 37mm flare launcher *facepalm*:

Source – KING5

Seattle Police said they recovered a grenade launcher and automatic weapons in their Thursday night raid of a house in Eastlake. Officers found two AR-15 assault rifles, one of which was equipped with a military style grenade launcher.

Good work guys… *slow clap* I know i’ll sleep better tonight knowing a recreational firework launcher is off the streets.

Blog reader Sean D. took it upon himself to deliver an email smackdown to reporter Jim Forman from KING5 news.  Here it is:

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Created by Team 254 at Bellarmine College Preparatory in San Jose, CA:


  • 10 Barrels
  • Capable of launching 3 shirts /second
  • Range of 150+ yards
  • Speed of 12 feet/sec+

I wonder how many launched-shirt related injuries there are every year at sporting events? :P


If you get hit with this…

you’ll be digging your own grave.


YouTube Preview Image

Pretty impressive… this guy should build a coil gun using that capacitor bank.

Maybe I’m just a safety nazi, but I don’t think regular eye glasses and a poke stick is adequate for making damn sure you don’t get hurt.

If that were my setup, id be remotely detonating it from around a corner at the very least.  I also wouldn’t have the power all connect up to it while I was in the setup process.

You gotta love the sound the washer makes at around 4:30.  As far as i’m concerned it could have just as easily shot strait into his body rather than going straight up into the air… yep, WAY too risky.


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