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NRA News x Billy Johnson says we dehumanized gun violence and humanized guns:

I agree with what he’s saying for the most part.  I know the more people who are pro-gun the better, but I’m really sick of trying to convince people that guns aren’t bad.  If someone isn’t intelligent and logical enough to be like “You know what… people take other peoples lives with guns but I realize it’s not the gun’s fault” then I really don’t have any time for them.  Sure that person is also going to argue “if there were no guns in the world then no one would die from getting shot by a gun” which is the oldest most retarded statement in the book.  Then the will also likely say how “guns should be made illegal” citing that it would reduce gun violence… sure bro whatever you say.  The government should also pass a law to make criminals have to obey laws…. that would work well in conjunction with your making-guns-illegal law.

2:44 - Telling someone “guns are intimidating or scary” isn’t the right way to go about it in my opinion.  That doesn’t Demystify guns.  People should have a healthy respect for guns and what they can do, just like they should have healthy respect for the damage capability of a 3000 lb. vehicle.  Learn that the gun is an inanimate object, learn how to use it, learn how to be safe with it and confident with its function.

Open-Carry-Most-Interesting-Man-In-The-WorldAs far as open carry goes, I’m still indifferent.  I really wish the state of the country was that the average person wouldn’t freak out when they saw a regular person doing day to day activities with a gun on their hip, but that’s the way it is.  If you think you’re going to be a Leonard Embody and not get any friction from law enforcement and the general public then you’re wrong.  If you don’t care though and you think in your heart that it’s the best thing for you personally, and for gun rights in general then “do you”.



Master firearms troll Leonardy Embody still thinks he’s doing the lord’s work:


For some reason I couldn’t embed the video, but you can view it here.

Troll-FaceROFL open carry trolling a school with a suppressed AR-15 rifle and a bulletproof vest… I’ll give him an A+ for effort on that one.  I’m still not entirely convinced that Bloomberg (or someone similar) isn’t paying this guys bills and legal expenses just go he can continue to get on the news constantly for “scaring” people.

I’ve posted about Embody (kwikrnu as he is known on various internet forums) quite a bit on the blog.  I never even talked about all his “incidents” either. When Leonard started doing this shit he looked a lot younger. The stress of open carry conflict aged him.

I don’t know what he expects to happen, do you?  Is he thinking he’s going to be the cause of some groundbreaking gun rights tide shift and hailed as a hero and praised in history books?



Embarrassing.  This is how you don’t do open carry any favors:

LOL I love how they asked Tracy, an African American woman what she thought.  The best part though was at 1:55 when she postulates that the kids are missing something from their lives….  No Tracy, these are just white trash little shits who are so stupid they thought they would get famous by doing this and putting the video on youtube.

“This is going on YouTube, n*gga, world star,” Deboard says to a passing group of black men.  


DerpIf they can legally do that in Ohio I wasn’t really sure why they got arrested… but according to the article one of the guys was charged with “menacing by stalking and violation of a protection order”.  There are apparently warrants out for the rest of the group, but again I’m not sure what they did wrong besides look like imbeciles.



Jerry Miculek knows his stuff, real talk:

hahah that intro.

Can you image someone tangling with Jerry and trying to draw on / shoot him?  It would be movie style humiliation, Jerry would fill them with like 20 holes before the bad guy could get his finger on the trigger.

Jerry-Miculek3:14 – “I’m just a guy who likes a vest” – LOL nice… I’d say that type of vest normally is the biggest giveaway, although Asian tourists rock them all day long so I suppose you just never know.

I really like what Jerry is doing with his YouTube channel.  I was being such an ageist when he first started with the channel, and now I feel like a dick.  Jerry you give me confidence in more old guys when it comes to technology, videos, guns, and young guy humor.



LOL says one South Carolina pub owner:

Concealed-Carry-Douchebags-LosersTwo tactical moms in the video, right on.  My biggest concern is why does this man have “A BAR FULL OF CHILDREN” (1:14)?!?!

hahaha oh man people are destroying him on Yelp.

Well he definitely has the right to put the sign there… not a great business move though to say the least.

Thoughts?  You jelly of his luscious handlebar mustache?

Hat tip: Mike


Tactical Tunes x Gun Sense.  You might learn something:

Tactical-Tunes-ENDO-California-tshirtThey aren’t going to win an Oscar for acting anytime soon, but the video serves its purpose.  It also put “Gun Sense” on my tactical radar.  Coupled with yesterday’s post on 2A YouTubers I had no idea so many existed I had never heard of.  Granted most don’t put out funny videos by the look of it, so you’re probably not going to see posts from me, but cool to know they exist for other info nevertheless.