sig sauer

Oh man, I want to get a SIG ECHO 1 just so I can throw some ill reticle up on the screen for the lulz.

Basically you can go to their reticle maker website (scroll down) and draw anything you want in that web app and then upload it to the sight to use as a reticle hahah.  Here are a couple mockups I made in Photoshop:



Someone should figure out what the .ret file is, so reticles can be designed directly in photoshop.

Front all you want, but don’t even try and convince me that Goatse reticle isn’t hella usable.  I made a mockup below just in case any of you have the AUDACITY to question my genius:





SIG SAUER Academy Instructor Chili Palmer demonstrates the modified prone position, which can be utilized when having to shoot around a vehicle.

That minimized exposure tho. hahah

Sig-Sauer-Modified-Prone-Position2:49 – Puts hole in his “cover”. haha

Sig saw the armchair shit talking coming from a mile away so they hit the video with the standard “Comments are disabled for this video.”



We live in a profitable time where every gun company wants to cover all the bases and make everything:

Hair-Hare-In-Scope-OpticsDo they outsource these, or do they make them in house?  Who knows.  I also have no idea how they will sell, considering there are a handful of other well known companies that have been around for decades who make a wide range of optics for any and every use.

Thoughts?  Do you like the fact you can put a Sig brand optic on your Sig brand Sig?  Me?  I’ll hold my breath for Hi-Point optics.


Sig Sauer talking about practice:

felony-occupational-hazard-signSlice that pie my dude.  Wait… 1:07 “Cut the pie”.  UGH FAIL.  Savages “cut” pie… everyone else “slices” pie.

2:34 – “cutting the pie” again!  Dude is relentless.

3:44 – “cutting the pie” *places fingers on my temples and massages them to relieve stress*

Mmmmmm pie.  I made caramelized pecans yesterday afternoon, which is like the next best thing to pecan pie.   My girlfriend *not forever alone now has a girlfriend flex* and I put them in salads we make.  I got sick of paying $10+ for a handful at Whole Foods. Caramelized pecans and pine nuts are WAY more expensive than ammo FYI. Thoughts?


Oh it’s lit:

Keanu-WoahWhoaaaaaaaaa.  I’ve never wanted a pellet gun as much as I want that MPX we first see at 0:13 in the video.  The MCX one is trying too hard with that dumb fake-ass suppressor… I’m sure it’s because it adds barrel length but seriously GTFO with that.  LOL Keymod handguard… so operational.  Tru operators know.  If you buy the MCX please do me a favor and put like $3k worth of your AR-15 accessories on it.

You can see SIG’s full airgun lineup on their new airgun website.  Oh and if you’re looking to pick one up or see the pricing you can head over to PyramydAir because they appear to have the full lineup.



Funny how people still bitch and moan about the $200 tax stamp, even though they likely spend more than that on eating out, drinking, and cigarettes etc.. combined in a week or less.  Not to give the government / ATF any ideas, but if they really wanted to make it prohibitive they would turn that $200 into $20000… making it again the price of a small car.  Then people would have reason to complain.  OH SHIT I’VE SAID TOO MUCH. haha

First she was like (1:26)… then she was like (1:28) – HOLY HYPEREXTENDED COSTA GRIP Batman.

2:02 – “Sig’s commitment to silencers and everyone should have access to them.  You’re going to see us over time not just focus on the product itself, but to also advance legislation” – Nice!  Good.

Sig-Sauer-SilencersAll in all a good video… some nice visuals and good information.  Monica’s at Sig always put out quality videos and this is no exception.  Dat MCX though right? Mmmmmm.