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Real talk from therealTrippleB:

TheRealTrippleB-YouTube0:09 – ROFL “The HNIC of all things that go boom…”  *me, chokes on popcorn*

Man this guy drops so much knowledge.  Granted I didn’t look up any of it for myself… but I’m just trusting he’s not misleading because I know if he was you guys would chime in.

The whole idea of SBR / rifle / pistol classifications is just useless in the first place.  A lot of people are pretty mad they have a useless SB15 on their hands now.


Gat tip: All you guys who sent the tip about the SB15 news when it happened. I was just waiting for a summary like this to come out before I made a post.


Carnik Con delivers.  No bullshit, just cool shit:

Carnik-Con-Dugan-Ashley-ENDOI have zero desire to read or watch reviews normally, but this type I can do.

That shitty paint job he did on it is so operator.  Where can I get googly eyed targets?


Hat tip: James



Before someone tells me “THATS NOT DUB STEP, It’s post-progressive fusion electronica” know that I don’t care :P

That carbon fiber on the lower handguard is sexy.  The minimalist side folding stock is cool as hell too.

I don’t really know much about the rifle besides that, and it’s 12:30 AM and I just want to eat some cherries and pass out, so I’m ending the post.  Oh wait… best dubstep comedy vid I’ve seen:



Yea this looks Carnik Con’y:

See what I mean?  Not a very good promo vid in my opinion.  Are we supposed to be impressed his MK25 fell out of the shitty drop leg holster into murky water and still worked?  Yawn… step your game up and add some mud at least Sig.  His AR-15 would have worked fine, but half way through the video he throws a hissy fit and chucks it into the water.  Looking mad creeping backing into the water… oh then he finds the MK25 huRRAH!  At 0:56 it was confirmed he is an actual operator by that “bringing it back into the workspace”, bravo sir.

Justine-Smith-sig-sauer-artMore info on the P226 MK25 on their website.  Dat anchor doe…



And shoots gangsta style doing the V DRILL

Jerry-Miculekhaha wow good stuff.  This guy’s stock continues to rise with me.  At 148,000 subscribers he’s not doing too bad on YouTube either by the look of it.


The Phantom v1610 camera they use yields some nice footage.

Cool video.  They stayed honest when the guy started missing tons of shots back to back though which I was really impressed with.  They could have easily cut that out.

That Sig .50 BMG looks badass.  I don’t know anything about it.  How does it compare to the Barretts?

Sig-Sauer-Barracuda13:40 – a RED camera?! It must have been broken, because otherwise I’m pretty sure those are quite pricey.