sig sauer

ahhaha this is cringy:

0:28 – You’re definitely going to want to display this pistol somewhere in your home

0:30 – You’re going to want to bring it to the range to show it off to your buddies

0:36 – Oh wow SIG is so deep… they based the bronze finish off the bronze of the Spartan warrior shields

0:41 – “Molon Lave” hahah yea I get that it’s “Lave” not “Labe”, but like I said before I’m not greek… I see a B and I’m making a B sound.  And yes I get that it’s not a “B”, it just looks like one.



SIG SAUER’s John Hollister explains:

It all seems plausible regarding material prices going up, excise tax, and wait period increasing due to increased demand.  Plus, they are offering that $200 tax credit so you are essentially not paying for the NFA tax stamp.  There’s really no reason to complain besides about the potential current wait period.  Ya ya some guys will still be like “TAXATION IS THEFT… SO WHAT I GET A DAMN REBATE, THE ATF STILL GOT THEIR MONEY”.  Wow, ok bro go molon some more labe. haha

Yea it would be nice just to pick a silencer up off the shelf at a gun store, and walk out with it some day.  I haven’t been keeping up with all this enough to know if that’s still a remote possibility currently.



They did a nice job on these promo vids, so I figured I’d post them:

Thoughts?  Also, why hasn’t the NFA been repealed yet?  The petition got the required number of signatures months ago.  *that question was sarcasm btw*  I swear most people thought signing that petition would mean they could buy suppressors down at walmart once it it reached the 100k goal.  I’m not holding my breath for that, but I don’t see it as being out of the realm of possibility if ownership of them continues to be normalized… which a lot of the big names are really doing a nice job at promoting in their marketing over the last few years.


Ugggggggg this is so painful.  I’m in actual pain.  Make it stop:

Here’s the entire lineup.  I literally CAN’T EVEN.  To add insult to injury, the price tag on that thing is $1304.

The best part about this line of Molon Labe guns, is knowing that 100% of the people buy them literally Molon 0% of the Labe.

Thoughts?  Are you waiting for the 1911 that says “Pipehitter” on it?  I said on Twitter today, that is definitely my new favorite cringe term.


I was fully prepared to be mad at the kid’s grip, but he actually was pretty damn good:

Come-And-Take-ItDudes be like “What? But they already sell 9mm handguns.”.  Me: *mad*

I’m kind of disappointed that kid didn’t do 30 press checks, a trex snatch back, and a derp scan after every shot.

I had a few CO2 and Air guns before I had real ones.  Definitely a good and inexpensive way to start.

This ad definitely wasn’t as lit as the previous ad where they first introduced the entire airgun line.

Thoughts? You waiting on the Magnum Research or Hi-Point line of air guns?


Oh man, I want to get a SIG ECHO 1 just so I can throw some ill reticle up on the screen for the lulz.

Basically you can go to their reticle maker website (scroll down) and draw anything you want in that web app and then upload it to the sight to use as a reticle hahah.  Here are a couple mockups I made in Photoshop:



Someone should figure out what the .ret file is, so reticles can be designed directly in photoshop.

Front all you want, but don’t even try and convince me that Goatse reticle isn’t hella usable.  I made a mockup below just in case any of you have the AUDACITY to question my genius: