sig sauer

First the “pistol brace” (AKA THE GREATEST SBR LOOPHOLE known to mankind) now this “muzzle device”:

Probably talking to the ATF like “I’m Sig Sauer bitch… enjoy yo’ self“.

Dave-Chappelle-Rick-JamesHow long until that gets approved and some other company or Sig even, sells the convenient (1:56) “slip on cover” for it, which miraculously attenuates the report of fired rounds.  Priceless…  When that happens it will be a celebration. I’ll bring the cake.  Anyway they are suing the ATF right now because they say it was inaccurately deemed a silencer. Imagine that.

Damn short stroke gas pistons are ill.  DAT BUTTSTOCK amirite?



Highjak86 spits hot fyaaaahhhh out of their AR Pistol:

Pretty mean.

Someone please answer this question for me… I call this an AR pistol, not an SBR because I notice the use one of those Sig Arm Brace stocks on it.  In hindsight I guess that’s why they have ARP (an acronym I’ve never seen used before but I’m assuming stands for AR Pistol) in the title.  Is it legal to not use it like a pistol at all and put the brace up against your shoulder like they are?  Seems like a pretty glaring loophole to the SBR / pistol retardedness.



FXhummel1 claims this is a “Zombie” themed 226… uh… no he went full Ninja Turtle with this one:

FXHummel1-ENDO-Defend-Freedomhahaha YouTube user snoopycomputer wrote “1992 called, they want their super soaker back.”  <— haha also a good one.  I definitely had a Super Soaker in that color scheme.

Thoughts?  Would operate with Ninja Turtle / Super Soaker Sig?


FXhummel1 with a tragic song:

A Glock would have taken that silt, laughed and spit it out like it was nothing.  

FXhummel is wearing the new Oatmeal colored AR-15 Builders Club t-shirt from ENDO Apparel.

Thoughts? Did FX get what he deserved with that Sig?


Making guns for the mass market is so lame.  Regular people are boring and buy boring stuff.  SIG doesn’t have time for that shit, hence:




In order of the pics, you’re looking at: The Barracuda, The Zeus, The King Tut, and The Alexander The Great.

As a pimp or cartel member whats your first choice?  In theory I like the barracuda, but I feel that without those 4 sharp teeth people would just think you had a Northern pike on your gun.  That mistake would hardly would strike fear into the hearts of the hundreds of people you need to execute as a cartel member, or the people you have to pistol whip being a pimp.  I suppose my choice would be the King Tut, partially because I also like the badass sarcophagus it comes with.

Hat tip: TFB


The guys from Highjak86 really are Tactical As _ _ _ _:

That is what I call problem solving… the two handed malfunction related slide racking turned into one handed.  Freeing up the other hand to do something for America like punch a terrorist, google “ammo that doesn’t suck”, or load MOAR magazines.


Proof that it is possible to operate with a two-tone pink .22 LR and still look cool. LOL at around 1:30 when you can see the Glock starting to creep out of the holster on each tactical thrust.

If you like the Tactical As _ _ _ _ shirt he is wearing you can get one over at ENDO Apparel.