There’s a lot to take in regarding sponsorship right off the jump: NRATV… NRA NEWS presented by Ruger… NOIR sponsored by Mossberg…. about a Silencerco handgun.

0:12 – HIGH CREDENTIALED RANGE SAFETY OFFICERS are supervising.  I think I’m going to need to see these credentials :P

0:34 – My dude NOIR looking SWOLE.  I need to get on that Dom Raso workout program.

ahhah the vector graphics are on point when he cracking jokes about the look of the Maxim 9.

3:12 – There’s one for his Tinder profile.

4:29 – How long before someone draw a pee hole into that front-most recessed square and posts a picture up on instagram?

Good stuff.  I’m looking forward to the next season of NOIR.




Interesting info.  Well done video as always from Silencerco.  You know a video is good when it actually works as good marketing, but it doesn’t come across as having been made solely for the purpose of marketing.

Brb going to call Silencerco and ask them when the HPA (Hearing Protection Act) is going to pass.  haha just kidding… man I bet suppressor companies get that question a thousand times a day.



I initially skipped past this video until a blog reader put me onto it:

Man, that integrally suppressed Maxim 9 is still basically the coolest thing I’ve seen in years.  I never thought I’d see someone shooting while doing a sport, especially in an advertisement for a product… it was cool though.  Now I want to see more people shooting while doing other sports.  It would really boost my interest in some of the more mundane sports like golf for instance.


Gat tip: Justin


Same dude, different food:

haha why not!  I hope hollywood switches up and uses a twinkie or a pineapple for an assassination in a movie sometime rather than the played out potato or pillow.

This is the same guy who came out with the twinkie silencer for the .22 LR yesterday.

You pipehitters have any thoughts?  Is this guy poking the NFA beehive a little too much for your comfort level?  All good as long as the pineapple isn’t attached?



You just know some neckbeard from Reddit is currently preparing his letter to the ATF to ask for their judgement on this.  Then there will be a letter issued by the ATF… and that letter will be ambiguous.  Just in case though people will start baking their own twinkies, but they won’t call them twinkies and they will be a different color so it will be ok (grey area) to use them as suppressors for the time being.

Yea you laugh at the Twinkie NFA item thing… but the ATF determined a 14″ shoestring was a machine gun so I really wouldn’t put it it past them.


Gat tip: SayUncle


Drake knows that the choice is obvious:

haha remember when that ISIS member looked like Drake?  Priceless.

Gat tip: 803SaladShooter