Same dude, different food:

haha why not!  I hope hollywood switches up and uses a twinkie or a pineapple for an assassination in a movie sometime rather than the played out potato or pillow.

This is the same guy who came out with the twinkie silencer for the .22 LR yesterday.

You pipehitters have any thoughts?  Is this guy poking the NFA beehive a little too much for your comfort level?  All good as long as the pineapple isn’t attached?



You just know some neckbeard from Reddit is currently preparing his letter to the ATF to ask for their judgement on this.  Then there will be a letter issued by the ATF… and that letter will be ambiguous.  Just in case though people will start baking their own twinkies, but they won’t call them twinkies and they will be a different color so it will be ok (grey area) to use them as suppressors for the time being.

Yea you laugh at the Twinkie NFA item thing… but the ATF determined a 14″ shoestring was a machine gun so I really wouldn’t put it it past them.


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Drake knows that the choice is obvious:

haha remember when that ISIS member looked like Drake?  Priceless.

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I foresee this being in a lot of movies:


Archie-Comic-Betty-Veronica-Gun-Revolver-SuppressorSo the serialized piece is in the back where it threads on the barrel.  Pretty cool design, and $99 too.

The specs and everything else is on the Rebel Silencers website.



RECOIL put the kid in a box… gave him all types of parameters and shit.  Oh and notice this video I was able to embed below is only a short “preview” *eye roll*:

Firepower-United-Phuc-LongOnce I actually jumped through the hoop by visiting the RECOILTV website and watched the inline unskippable ammunition ad the unembeddable video was alright I guess.  I’d ask the question “Why make content harder for people to consume?”, but at this point we know the answer is money.

The monetization of Phuc Long is a very real concern.  Firepower United was so pure before.


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A cool half million for a paper drawing.  Here’s the description:

I invented this silencer when I was a top physics student in a top engineering school 30 years ago. This design can achieve 22 long rifle ammo sound intensity of 97 db with a 6″ barrel. (Intensity; the lower the better). Till today; even 113 db will cause some manufacturer claiming “Top dog of the hill”. They don’t even believe 107db is possible. Not to mention 97 or 99 db. It is beyond imagination. The size of the can is only 1.2″ x6.6″. The ammo is a 1070f/s standard 40 grain or green tag Minimag by CCI. This involved 3 or 4 principles never been used in silencer technology. This design will make all the silencer designs and products in the world obsolete immediately. I never contact or explose this design to anyone besides myself in the last 30 years. I am only one knows its existence. The automobile and military will be very interested in its existence since silencer uses to be very troublesome and expensive. This is very cheap and good in term of performance and price. I did not even try to improve this design. It may get better if you optimize it components like changing the dimensions of the parts after a series or serious testing, or using steel instead of aluminium. The manufacturing cost is only 1/4 of the regular silencers. In some case, only about 1/10 of others because it is so light it may not need buffler to connected to a Browning design. The buffler connector alone usually cost $50. Once you receive the design paper, you should have your patent lawyer ready and wait no time. The patent will make huge profit for a long time. The world manufactures did not invent this in last 100 years. They wont outsmart me in next 100 years.

Auction unsurprisingly with zero bids, over at GunBroker.

Lil-Wayne-Whoopi-Goldberghaha I don’t know *side eye*, if his design is as good as he says it is how come he sat on it for 30 years and why is he selling it?  I’m sure he has a variety of excuses every time someone asks him that.

The best part of the whole description is “The world manufactures did not invent this in last 100 years. They wont outsmart me in next 100 years.”.   Is he planning on getting 0.5 Million or taking this thing to the grave?  Once one of these “revolutionary” silencers see the light of day, it will take the other silencer companies no time at all to reverse engineer it and make small tweaks to avoid patent infringement.


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