Jon Gosselin (Jon and Kate plus 8) exercises his 2nd amendment right

The whole celebrity gossip world, which is apparently VERY anti gun is buzzing about the audacity of one man.

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From the TLC show Jon & Kate plus Eight:


This is going to be shocking to you guys.. but yesterday Jon Gosselin had the gall to go shooting on his own property in Reading Pennsylvania yesterday.

Celebrity bloggers seem the most bent over the fact that he was officially divorced from his wife Kate the very same day.

The pictures are pretty boring, so here is just one of them:


A Pennsylvania judge has ordered that no guns be allowed at Jon Gosselin’s home after the reality television dad was seen shooting a loaded pistol at his Berks County house.

According to MyFoxPhiladelphia, Judge Arthur Tilson issued the order Thursday after photographers snapped the former “Jon and Kate Plus Eight” star carrying the gun and then shooting it on his estate.

Gosselin has also been ordered to register the pistol at a new address within 90 days.

-Source Fox News

So you can shoot guns UNLOADED too? hmmm interesting. Typical Fox News. :lol:

More pictures at Radar Online

Fox News Article – Here

If you search Google you can read about all the anti-gun outrage this caused.



Marcelino February 11, 2010 at 08:22 am

i dont like Jon Gosselin, this guy is a womanizer and he just likes to have some publicity.



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