9mm Spent Casings – Expensive 18k Gold Earphones

This blog is no stranger to sticking spent casings in your ears.  I observed R. Lee Ermey using some for hearing protection, and also found a tutorial on how to accomplish it.

Makes me wish I would have thought of this idea, to deliver sound to the user, rather than mute everything.  According to Gizmodo, the earphones are made by a company called MUNITIO, and will apparently be sold for $250 each. They better sound damn good for that money.

Unless you are a massive company like apple, sony, google etc.. I never understood why you would want to talk about your products and create buzz before they are even available. Anyone that thinks these headphones are an awesome idea, would probably want to purchase them immediately and not have to keep checking the website for an update on the magical date they will be available.  Maybe the average consumer isn’t like me though.  I will have long forgotten about these within a couple of days.



Josh June 11, 2010 at 07:29 pm

Interesting idea, but that’s ridiculously expensive. I went to their website to see what their company was about and there’s nothing there except a counter that counts down the time until these things are available. The company website, http://www.munitio.com is exactly the same as the product website, http://www.teknines.com. Also, no info on Manta or Hoovers. It leaves me thinking that this is the only product this company has ever tried to make. $250 seems like an awful lot for headphones from a company with no history of making great headphones!


Admin (Mike) June 15, 2010 at 01:34 am

Yea definitely suspect. They are probably just trying to make a quick buck by appealing to the “These are limited edition, I’m so hip” crowd. They also may have just fit those shell casings with some cheap sony headphones and bought that silicon insert for the ear from somewhere else.


Jeff June 12, 2010 at 08:10 pm

This has, however given me the idea to build it myself. I dont mind having a pair of federal earbuds =P


Admin (Mike) June 15, 2010 at 01:34 am

heh yea why not!



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