Inmates Were Freed Long Enough To Carry Out Revenge Killings In Mexico

Like I needed another reason never to go back to Mexico:

Prison inmates allowed to leave their cells with weapons borrowed from guards carried out last week’s killing of 17 people in northern┬áMexico, federal authorities said Sunday.

Ricardo Najera, spokesman for the federal attorney general’s office, said prison officials in the northern state of Durango lent the inmates weapons and official vehicles to carry out several tit-for-tat killings on behalf of organized crime.

Full Story – HERE

Too dangerous… I’m thankful I made it out alive the first 2 times I was there.

Mexico would be such a safe place if it wasn’t for our damn “gun show loophole”. :roll:



Linoge July 26, 2010 at 08:27 pm

Ain’t that the truth. The Mexican government, either at the upper echelons, or down at the individual representatives, pulls gos-se like this, and we get blamed for daring to allow free commerce to take place between citizens.

*sigh* Screw them. They cannot manage their own country. They cannot manage their own people. They cannot manage their own crime. They cannot manage their own criminals. Screw them, screw their intrusive and invasive bitching and moaning about our non-existant “gun show loophole”, and screw our government for kowtowing to it.



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