iPad V.S. Sabot Slug – Extra Footage Shows The Distance The Shot Was Taken At

This is “extra” footage from the iPad V.S. Sabot Slug From Shotgun In Slow Motion video I posted a couple days ago:


It was at around the 1 minute mark where the camera spins around and I noticed this:

As I wrote on the screenshot I took… looks like the shot was taken at no more than 5 yards away. It’s no wonder the wad went through the screen.  I’m glad no one got hurt.  That’s a very close range to be taking a shot at something besides paper (if you ask me).



Linoge September 4, 2010 at 08:11 am

Yup, that answers that question. Considering the amount of glass, plastic, and exciting and interesting chemicals that got sprayed out by this thing, I hope everyone involved was wearing the appropriate PPE.

Somehow doubt it, though.

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